wohnzimmerwand modern ikea

wohnzimmerwand modern ikea

your living room is where you typically greet your guests so organizing it is imperative for a superb first impression. there are always challenges, however, with small living rooms and where to fit all your furniture without making everything looks cramped. better check out this list of 5 creative wall storage ideas for your small living room by simphome.com we have for you. 5.hanging mantel will be swell a mantel shelf will add a lot of interest to your plain living room and you can nail one without having to buy them at ikea.

you will only need three 8 feet 1” x 12” oak boards, dark walnut stain and wood glue. cut all your boards in half to create six 4 feet boards and sand them to smooth any rough edges. stain each board with a sponge brush and stack them with a 2” overhang on each side after they are dry. apply wood glue once stacked as needed and use clamps to secure them. this creative wall storage idea for small living room will surely add so much personality and warmth. 4.simple rustic floating shelf if you don’t have old pallets lying around at home,

you can always pick up materials at home depot. make sure your shelves are 43 inches long, 10 inches deep and 2 inches tall to fit your wall without having to worry if they might look too big for the room. create a template to make sure you will drill into the center of the boards. attach the side pieces at 90â—¦ with a screw so that they would make a square and then lay your front board in place and pre drill a hole through both the front and the side piece.

insert the hex bolt with a washer to hold the two pieces together and finally put the underlayment flat on top. you can opt to stain your shelves for beauty purposes. 3.recessed shelving this type of wall storage won’t take space in your living room per se because the shelving is cut into the wall. you can go for completely blend-into-the-wall shelves or opt for a feature of them.

however, you might want to paint them in a contrasting color so they stand out. additionally, because this recessed shelving doesn’t intrude on a room, you can take the entire wall for your storage space. 2.kill two birds with one stone get an overpowering look in your teeny-tiny living room with an open shelf surrounded by cupboards and drawers. while simple cupboards or drawers taking an entire wall of units might look intense and give off an overcrowded feel,

you might opt for open shelves in the center to place your tv or display your antique collection. so, not only will you have drawers and cupboards as storage but also the open shelves provide more room to hoard your stuff. the shelves will surely give a captivating twist to the expanse of units and turn your wall storage into a one-of-a-kind chic design. before we get to number 1, i invite you to check subscribe button under this video. if you never press it, click it, include bell icon beside it. your support means mood booster to us and that means a lot.

thank you for that... 1.old dresses drawers repurpose old drawers into shelves. mount the bottom of the drawer into the wall bracket or fasten each side with a strong bolt. paint them in soft hues and arrange them in a specific pattern for an aesthetic look in your living room. you can make them as your bookshelves or display your collection there. these creative wall storage ideas for small living room will obviously furnish your home.

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