wohnzimmertisch dekorieren

wohnzimmertisch dekorieren

can't wait to decorate there's so much we can make how will it turn out? omg, we're coming over open up. we're here. okay. you're yelling like so loud hey guys, hi everybody oh my gosh. we are so excited because we are back with omg, but not at our house no, we are coming over to other people's houses, the homes of the digitally famous youtube stars instagramers and today we are at shameless maya's apartment you know maya, she's has an amazing youtube channel super cool has really fun style, but her place doesn't have that style well her place was where she used to live and work now she got her own office space

so now she's turning it into her just straight up living pad yeah, it's her straight up living pad. but she also still wants to be able to shoot some lifestyle content there she still wants to be able to use her apartment for her own inspiration and for her vlogs and stuff like that so we need to introduce her amazing personality into her space. you get it too much talking let's get into it. okay omg, i am shameless maya and mr.kate aka kate and joey are here, and they're gonna turn my house out and i'm so excited oh my gosh, take it in. you moved out so much stuff, so maya basically lives in a loft apartment so we have to deal with really high ceilings, and we have to also deal with giving her areas within one big space

so the goal is like now. this is just like living space right? yes i want to be a mature adult who loves you know fun outside the box things, but i want my home back. and this is like a loft, so we need living dining solution. yeah clearly i have no dining. where do you eat right now? on the couch or on the floor. on the floor? on the cushions. i love that couch by the way this was my little personal project that i did i reupholstered it myself. wait you reupholster that? i reupholstered it it's so amazing that you did that i don't even know why we're here cuz clearly she knows how to diy, but whatever we're already here, so let's just do it welcome to the drag pad. cuz you like drag queen is that why we're calling it drag pad? i love drag queens

she has wigs over there. look at the wigs joey take it in. what i really would love is to transform it into a place that expresses me drag queen palace meets bohemian. i love juxtaposition that's like my thing but this is a new challenge we'll dress joey as a woman the entire time he's decorating this space. tuck it joey tuck it so the first project that we're tackling in this space is something that is really important to maya which is disco balls i think this is the last. are we doing one each? yeah. yasss joey you've got this. okay wait wait wait i have to film this, i'm vlogging. you wanna vlog oh yea for sure oh, you got it on a tripod. i have it on a tripod. wait, so we're making a video

she's doing a vlog. it's called a collab. you guys are doing a video for my channel as a collab we're making giant disco balls. yess you guessed it! this is the universal symbol for drag queen. yes we're gonna use these giant chinese lanterns, and they're amazing because they're large and inexpensive. a 30-inch actual disco ball hundreds of dollars. like $500? yes. we want to do like a cluster so i was like this is a perfect opportunity to do a rad diy project. i'm excited i have them all over my house sprinkled throughout, but the fact that i actually get to have a real-life disco ball and not just one i get three. the technique for these diy disco balls is really easy

and i wanted to give maya a variety of disco balls because who knew there could be a variety of disco balls. if you imagine bohemian meets disco ball it would have sort of a deconstructed element to it. this is like an art installment on your ceiling right because. this is the budget ball so the first ball we are glittering using some spray adhesive first and then sprinkling the glitter over it, like a nice oregano on piece of pizza i'm gonna go work on some other stuff. you guys can finish these balls. look at joey with glitter all over his hands. they do call it the herpes of the makeup world. glitter? yeah, cuz it never goes away this looks like a drag planet on glitter. this is there all the drag queens live

these are some gorgeous vintage cane chairs they have that sort of old vintage look to them, but we wanted to look fun and modern and boho i'm taking off the pieces and i'm spraying them pink glitter and a pink that's my life. this next disco ball is metallic tissue paper and we're just cutting strips of it to go around the ball using hot glue and we're just cutting fringe in it. yeah girl....look at this so what we'll do is. we'll glue little dots so that this lower layer of french will hang. i have to go. you do? oh yeah

but i'll be back in an hour cuz i just have to take your business. okay oh, yeah, you go girl. you business. i'll be here. okay decorating your place. i'm leaving kate and joey to handle business inhale exhale you guys, please do me right. joey! what? oh there you are so maya just left that's good though because we can start the mural i thought you were doing the mural? yeah i am doing the mural, but can you help me set up? when i first came over to maya's apartment this wall was the first thing she pointed out to me she was like. i don't know what to do on it. we finally settled on a watercolor mural which i am so excited about however watercolor is usually done on paper

it will be my challenge to try to get the paint to be manipulated the way that watercolor acts on paper. will you marry me? what? mmm, sure we're already married though alright thanks for reminding me so the couch is gonna be here and then all these colors spreading across glaze to mix in with all the colors because the glaze will thin the colors so that they're a little more translucent are you worried at all doesn't it look super girly. excuse me? are you worried about?

joey. i'm slightly worried that's the big project that kate is nervous that maya is not gonna like i'm nervous about it too first of all i'm nervous already. i need you to be supportive right now okay, here goes nothing. so i'm practicing my technique down at the base of the wall using this dark blue color which is really perfect because it ties in the couch and then i'm going to get lighter as i go up the wall once it's on the wall i'm moving quickly with a spray bottle to keep the paint moving so it doesn't dry and any clumps. it's a free-flowing process it's a bohemian process let me tell you all right

so we're putting this amazing samsung tv in to maya's place the response for today's video they're hooking us up and it came in this giant crate, i got to get it out of this thing oh wow did you put this on here? that's what it's for right? you can stand on this? well you have about twice as high to go. oh, no yeah, don't sass me i've got a spray bottle i am going to go ahead and tackle this hutch that we're gonna put under this awesome tv fastest furniture assembly go you know obviously you like surprises? no, i don't like surprises maya's back from visiting her office, and we may as well just show her the mural cuz it's done

and i'm gonna have to greet her since we're sort of halfway there so maya check out your mural it's not that big of a surprise. it's just a touch. check out your new wall ohh funnn it goes so well with your couch. i washed your wall with some color you did! i used the couch as sort of like a inspiration of color like a watercolor couch. yeahhh it's super diy arts and crafts which i kind of really like because it's as if i let my five-year-old in herself just go nuts on the wall. you need to hide yourself. i'm going to edit. i have a noise cancelling headphones don't ruin it for yourself. i'm excited. yeah, so ya know what i'll get the balls

you get the ladder i get the balls. i'll get the ladder the time has come to use the biggest ladder i have ever seen in my life we have done a lot of interior design and we have never used a ladder this big guys wait watch my abdomen it's too tall no i'm falling its falling. no it's not. i want to know what they're doing, and have my hands like this. i can't cuz they're editing and like that it's gonna hit the ceiling. no that's not gonna the ceiling. it's hitting the ceiling joey bring it down. is it hitting the ceiling? trust me i can see it. i'm pretty sure it might actually hit the ceiling let's bring it down

so the big one can you go kind of centered? maybe a little more to the we want these to be staggered joey. so this one's the lowest then this one just measure the distance. yeah, the height doesn't matter twenty..seven. perfect 29 30 ish. hope this ladder can handle both of us. shut up joey. that's not a fat joke that's.... i didn't think it was a fat joke i was asking for my life not for vanity mofo. let's get these balls on the ceiling otherwise i'll crush your balls in my hand we don't need these disco balls to spin around or light up or anything because they are dressed bedazzled enough on their own with the sun coming through those amazing high windows. yes, ball. do you like this? yeah

it's like a waistband. what? it's like a fringe dress. would you wear this? i wouldn't no no no you would wear it like here. we're like making gypsy skirts it's gonna be macrame, macrame and ryan luis i feel like if you look up bohemian in the dictionary you will see a picture of a macrame curtain i'm sorry to rethink having you be a part of this project. untie this cuz i'm so tired i'm helping. i am using this glittery string curtain that i found super inexpensive it was like ten dollars and then i got some

inexpensive white fabric that i'm just cutting strips and i'm tearing the strips so they have that sort of torn edge look very bohemian and rustic looking and i'm gluing the two together so it's now a double paneled curtain i'm gonna get them up underneath this overhang of the loft and then i'm going to create a macrame lattice pattern using some wooden beads i'm just kind of combining different strips of the fabric and the glittery string to create a beautiful cascading lattice that really looks like macrame this is the coolest chandelier i've seen in a while it's got these cool tentacles coming off almost like mercury dipped glass bulbs oh, man it's looking good. this table we found vintage as well

it's such a beautiful gray tone aloft itself is warmwood the table is a cool wood see how many balls i can fit in here i want to give maya some more disco balls and since we didn't put actual disco balls on her ceiling i want to give her some cute little mini ones in a clear base since maya is the tech princess i want to give her some fairy lights, so i'm just burying the battery pack down in the base of the vase she doesn't even have to worry about flowers because she got flair. okay, set it on there okay, okay dang. curvy now for this tv, it's amazing. it's the samsung suhd tv. this is a 65-inch 4k screen it's also their 360 design so it's curved. it's got this really cool base

that makes it look like it's floating. it has a really clean minimalist design which i think can fit into any interior design style i think i might just take it home with me. she hasn't seen it yet. we could still take it no, are you kidding? this is what anchors this entire wall. well can i tell you why it's so cool what? tech tip it's bezel free normally tvs have like a mark. oh like a frame? cool. i think i'm gonna take it home. no joey we are giving maya an egg chair because maya is so cool she deserves the coolest chair ever and i can totally see little jackie the dog just perched in there. that's cozy right? yeah, can i just direct from here? kate. they're throw pillows that's where they're going. it's like thread from the moon. jackie's gonna love that. no it's not a shag rug. it's not where you shag, just lay down

and look up at the moon. i'm sorry if i want to lay down in the shag rug hug my baby. wow these looks so cool from all angles. i know they're disco balls, but it's all very solar system, see the planets. that's like the bringing in maya's existing coffee table it's nice clean lines with a marble top accenting the top with some accessories we found the most amazing pair of vintage chairs ever the pattern is very drag birds with feathers of many different colors maya's has these really cool built-in shelves right next to the dining area so i'm just styling it with a variety of items record player and of course her amazing mannequin heads with these wigs yes, hello, the wigs are in our color palette

i aidn't plan that or did i? and then with those pink chairs sly hello darling are you ready? please maya do you like it? it's so colorful and cool. i love it. if you don't like it. i'll take it i cannot believe what has been done to my home. oh my gosh, she loves it she's so clean the pink yeah with the tables the mature bohemian drag queen just in you know in her loft. i mean that lights pretty awesome hey, we wanted some classic items, you know. i had these growing up. really?

oh my god. i had these growing up theres a carpet! i know there's two the two rugs. what? i wouldn't think about doing anything like that. how amazing is that i haven't owned a tv in forever. it's curvy like you. oh. yeah. this is like a living room. it is a living room your grande dress. this is like my fun like imagination like in my mind i was kind of apprehensive about was that wall, but i really like it because it's just kind of like freedom of expression blahh i'm obsessed obviously with the disco balls, it's cuz my ceilings are so high. it fills up the space so well. don't pee on the carpet

this is like what you see in the magazines you deserve that though you work so hard and now this is like no longer your work space this is just your home. which is great. i've never had a place that embodied me and my energy, and i think kate and joey did an amazing job this piece is so amazing. i'm so glad you like it, but you know we need to do now? we got to get fabulous we have to get fabulous. yeah, we gotta get...you ready joey? for what? are you ready? we have to like christen this wall. what are our drag names? princess with the tiara. princess tiara? what about me? strawberry, oh yes, strawberry maybe frizzay strawberry frizzay. yesss

you look so good in that hair um. you look so shameless your neon dion. i will take it we did it with that wig. what? oh princess tiara you look great new alter ego okay, i'm so happy that we're back with omg omg we came over we conquered it so fun to be able to do what we did for ourselves in our house and other people's homes and i think maya really loves it which is the whole point

you guys have to check out maya's channel like she's such a cool person does so much cool stuff shameless maya speaking of subscribing yes, if you aren't subscribed to our channel. what are you waiting for? what are you waiting for? we really want to do more of these omg we're coming over videos because there's so many personalities out there and so much uniqueness that needs to be manifested into the physical form. wow yeah. bye. where are you going? wait no me coming with you oh yeah. this way oh yeah, we live together

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