wohnzimmerlampen bilder

wohnzimmerlampen bilder

hey guys, and welcome to my new video. today i want to show you how you can create a beautiful lamp with little effort and little tools from driftwood and old bottles. have fun watching! tools you need are a cordless screwdriver, a drill, glass cutter und a blow torch, wet sandpaper and a container for water, knife, lighter and best combination pliers, wire stripper and voltage tester. stuff you need is old drift wood, old bottles, an old rope, lihgt bulbs, a bulb fitting, a baldachin for the lamp as well as wago clamps and very important screw anchors, screws and hooks. first you need to cut of the bottom of the bottle. i will upload a tutorial on here just showing how to do it and put it in the video description at the end. here you see a little sequence how the bottom is scratched a little with the glass cutter.

then you need to heat up the scratch with the bunsen burner and cool it down shortly in the water. repeating this process the scratch will loosen and the bottom will break off slowly. it's not that easy and i broke a lot of bottles before i really got it so i would recommend trying this technique with old bottles you don't want to use for the lamp until you internalize the technique for the bottles you really want to use for the lamp. here you see a good and straight cut. it should look like this but it doesn't always work as good. next step is to sand the bottom, that you don't cut yourself. i started sanding on the floor because in the beginning the edges are sharp, then i went in with my hand to sand and in the end i removed any curvature with my fingers. but first sand on the floor to prevent splinters or glass fibers going into your fingers.

if it really was sanded well you can go over it with your naked finger without any harm and like this it should be. i didn't only take the monkey bottles because it's my absolute favorite gin but also because the cork is useful for the cables to fit through later plus it looks a lot better, then the cable just coming out of the plain bottle. to drill through the cork you can just use a normal wood drill because it's a very smooth substance. if you have the hole you can then just fit the cables from the fitting through. it's easier to always twist the wires so that they don't stick to the left or right side in the cork when you pull them through. then you put the bulb fitting from below into the bottle and put the cork on top. the cork holds the cable up and then it looks like this. the wood which i'm using now is another driftwood from the ardã¨che. first i drilled three holes in it.

i want to use it for hanging it directly under the ceiling in order to be able to hide the cables on top of it. these things i screw on top right now are also part of the bulb holder of the lamp and i can later also screw on the baldachin from below that looks better. you should really work carefully with the little screws because the driftwood is very soft so don't tighten them too much. then we go on with the installation of the lamp. it should be self-explanatory because in the same way that you loosened it the same way it needs to fit again later but i also needed more than 10 trys until i got it right and had to do it over again. difficult to explain but see for yourself. and i'm pretty sure you will also sometimes choose the wrong composition ;) so now pull the cable through the bottle and the cork and screw it from below the screwing is important so that the whole weight doesn't only have to be carried by the cable or the lamp or slides out of the wago clamp.

as baldachin for the top i chose this black box that i screw on the drift wood from behind and in which i can hide all the cables. it's isolated and safe and you can't see it from below which was important for me. the wholes you put in those places where you later want to pull your cables through that might be different with your individual lamps. and again don't tighten the screws too much and then here you can see how i pull the cables through the holes. so one cable from below the other ones from the left side and the right side. i wanted to hang the lamp on a rope and because of that i drilled two big holes into the driftwood. this time i did it in the living room because i was too lazy to go out but then you end up cleaning everything. then i took the rope and pulled it through the holes. i always drill my holes a little too narrow so you i had to push the rope hard to pull it through,

so i'd advise you to make a bigger hole because as you can see you have a knot a the bottom later anyway and that will hold it together. after that cut it with a knife, flame it with a lighter and push it together with your pliers, to keep it from feazing. here in this picutre you can see the cap from above with the black box and the three cables meeting there. the cable of the power source might not be directly over the table which will be the case for most of you so it's best to install a distribution box at the place where the cable comes out of the ceiling and then fiddle it to the hook where the lamp should sit in the end. then you need to connect by wire. for this process i will also prepare a tutorial but in short: a cable normally has three different wires. the neutral conductor, phase and protective conductor. in the best case you can connect all these cables with a luster terminal.

normally it's color on color but that might not always be the case so having a clue about it could be advantageous. a little more difficult but the case with our lamp is having one cable but three light bulbs. in this case you take the so called wago-clamp which is very useful because you just put the power cable in from one side and the three phases of the light bulb cables from the other side connecting everything. it's not too difficult but if you need it to be a little more detailed just watch the tutorial. right and now i can hide all the cables and wago clamps in the black box you can see here. then i close it and everything is safe inside. it's important to be careful all the time when working with electricity but in my opinion it's not that complicated how people often put it but still it's important to have an idea of what one is doing. then you screw on the cap and you can hang it.

i started at the outside because of the curved driftwood, another wood from the ardã¨che, and just hung the cables around it. which way you hang it is as individual as you and your lamp. you can hang it how you prefer it depending also on the shape of your driftwood. you can change it whenever you wish. with the corks i am now able to turn the bottles exactly in the position i want them to be. and then you turn the light and enjoy your beautiful lamp. right, i hope you enjoyed this video. if so i appreciate a thumbs up. if you have any further questions or comments just use the platform's commenting function and if you want to be informed about new videos just subscribe to my channel. i now give this project my official „made by myself“ quality mark. if you wish you can watch the other tutorials, especially the one about connecting by wire or how to cut glas and then go out and do your own project. i am looking forward to your pictures and messages. all right, ciao guys.

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