wohnzimmer weihnachten bilder

wohnzimmer weihnachten bilder

watch it! those are preparedin the kitchen that also makes nuts. and you have a bad allergy. troops of the boneyard,it's clashmas time! this means we have a special visitorã– ...santa claus! ho, ho, ho! youã­ve all been good,so iã­ve brought my gift cannon. merry clashmas! sorry, that was the wrong cannon.

a cannonball? i didnã­t know what else to get you. for the entire red army,i have a special, super magical, one-time-only, only available here,never before seen... clashmas chest! theyã­re so easy to please. itã­s snowing! snow day! awesome!

game on! ooh! did i do that? hey, everybody, look!itã­s snowing again. itã­s beautiful! maybe we havea chance for peace. or not! i love snow days! glad you do. i present this special chest,with holiday gifts for each one of you. for a friend thatã­s little screwy,give the gift that goes kablooey!

- candy! hot, hot!- it burns, but it tastes good! and what would the holidays bewithout awkward kissing? jeez! four days to upgrade this thing,and one hour to demolish it. ew, cobwebs! is there a spider on me?kill me, but get it off! oh, santa surprise!it was outlawed for being too powerful. a spell that rare could fetcha lotta gems on the black market. - weã­re gonna be rich!- no more building... we can upgrade everything immediately! - just imagine it!- hey, whaddaya think iã­m doing?

weã­d have so many gems,we wouldnã­t know what to do with them. like my upgraded haircut? what about my level 20 teeth? we wonã­t just upgrade,weã­ll innovate. ladies and gentlemen, weã­re pleasedto present the x-bow level 40-s. now, with fingerprint recognition! with all our upgrading, no onewill ever have to work or battle again. we can just be fat and happy. hooog siiitter.

but then,who will take care of the village? oh, we have to! the trees in my neighborhoodare out of control. they block my view of the water. why my tower isnã­t as nice as harryã­s? - could you sweep this?- mow the lawn! whoã­s taking out the trash? - can somebody wipe me?- whoã­s planning my birthday party? my soup is cold.

oh, no! what have we done? we havenã­t done anything yet. we have to get rid ofthat santa surprise. uh, buzz? i drank it!whatã­s gonna happen to me now? i had a cousinwho liked to play dress-up. ho, ho, ho! on flamer,on burner, on blazer, on spitzen. i donã­t knowwhether to be happy for him or what. he tipped five percent. some santa.

and now, the only wayto end the perfect nightã– the perfect knight! thank you! thank you!what a crowd, and what an evening, huh? you know, this time of the yeari canã­t help but think of others. as a matter of fact,i canã­t help singing about them. on the first day of clashmas,my true love gave to me a wizard in a deep freeze... i covered my mouth to sneezeã–and then this! i like my powers.i donã­t love my powers.

on the second day of clashmas,my true love gave to meã– hey! two archer warriors... this couldnã­t be more humiliatingã–i was wrong! ...and the wizard in a deep freeze... enough singing.can someone get me out? ...on the third day of clashmas,my true love... wait! we have to speed this up. ...on the twelfth day of clashmas,my true love gave to me twelve barrelled goblins...

again! again! ...eleven clashers clashing... ...ten wizards flaming... hey, fire slingers!guy in ice cube. over here! me! ...nine bombs a-dropping... ...eight miners mining... someone, please, help! i have an itch, in exactlythe place you donã­t wanna have one. ...seven princes lancing...

...six minions hording... ...five golems... a-golem-ing?... ...four boney fighters... excuse me! ...three musketeers... ...two archer warriors.... yeah, we burnt the antlers.weã­ll keep the noses. we like the noses. ...and a wizard in a deep freeze

thank you. thank you. darn it. whatã­s the matter, boss? i was just hoping someone would get mesomething this year. we did! look! oh! itã­s a clashmas miracle! i would not do that!most of it is poison spell. ho! ho! ho!merry clashmas, gang! merry clashmas to all.and to all a good fight!

that may not be good!

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