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wohnzimmer wandbilder

i don't think i've ever set up furniture with like deflated balloons rolling around before ahhhhhhhh joey! like that legit really damaged my drums can't wait to decorate! there's so much we can make how will it turn out? omg we're coming over!

open up we're here ok you're yelling like so loud ohhhhh hi guys hi everyone hello everybody do you like rainbows, and unicorns and, mermaids? well you're in luck cuz today we're doing jessie paege's

place! and she's a unicorn she's a unicorn mermaid she loves rainbows and so i'm so excited yeah you're like channeling her i know i'm iiterally channeling her you guys she has pink hair and now

i have pink hair and i have rainbow eyelids by the way subscribe yes! subscribe! we love doing these omg we're coming overs we have a couple more after this so you will want to tune in and then we also have a couple more series

so much epic-ness so come join the creative weirdo family yeah, hit that subscribe button and this is going to be a pretty creative weirdo episode this is going to be so inspo, creative weirdo oh, i'm so excited! i love it! i never get to play with, like, rainbow color palettes, it's so fun! okay, alright. we're falling over?

hi, i'm jessie paege. i'm 18 years old and i make youtube videos about everything? they're kinda - they're all over the place, but that's cool. it's fun. i got this apartment, literally there was no color i just feel like it just doesn't fit my personality and it's hard to film there and it just doesn't feel like home yet, you know? i am truly inspired by just jessie's essence. i mean, she just turned eighteen. she moved to la. she lives by herself. this is her first, like, apartment out on her own. so this room is really, really important. this is literally where she spends all of her time. she's going to be filming videos in this apartment. that is her livelihood. she's a young professional and makes money by doing her videos, so obviously the backgrounds of her videos all really need to reflect her fun, fun vibe.

okay. wow. okay, one big empty room. i am so excited about this room because it is so rare that someone sends me inspiration pictures that are literally just rainbow, mermaid, unicorn explosions. it's just this big, empty, white space and i'm hoping that the room ends up being super colorful, lots of personality, anything that's weird is a 'yes' in my book. and that's just the way i want to live my life. i want to live a very colorful life all around! basically, like, if you think it's too crazy, it's not. people watch my videos and they expect my apartment to literally be this, like this aesthetic, like the rainbow nails and everything and i'm like, i feel like i'm disappointing myself i'm like big, little sister. you guys kinda look like a band.

yeah, yeah, yeah. what, the pinks? pinky and the pop? she's pinky, i'm pop. pop! i just pop out from behind her because i can basically just hide behind her. pop! cool, i'm your manager. okay, so. this is obviously supposed to be your living room, kitchen, dining room. you're gonna shoot in here. so, when i moved to la, i didn't just want to have a white background so basically, i had just a little, little patch of tie-dye with a ton of fairy lights. it looked horrible, but it looked so good on video. so i would love to have that aesthetic throughout my whole apartment because that would make filming a lot easier.

i would be able to film all around my apartment. pinky and the pop, we're going to the top of the charts! today, we are gonna make some hits! you're listening to kiss mr. kate fm. number one on the dial tonight is pinky and the pops! let's go! well, we gotta get all of the supplies. paint and stuff. are you excited? yeah, can i make food? first, you know, gotta spray it with some perfume. gordon ramsay, where you at? jessie's cooking her lunch.

but she's not really cooking her lunch. she's cooking a piece of paper. this is gonna be a bizarre episode, guys. alright, here. now, mr. kate and i have, um, addressed that this is fairy pee. put some of that in here, you know. be quiet. uh, maple syrup from the same branches that were used in beyonce's pregnancy photoshoot. pieces of unicorn poop. throw that in there.

a little bit of sweetness with a hint of, uh, edginess. you know, gotta start my morning with that. so, here i have some diy meme toast, no clickbait, with live footage. great quality content. so original. i hope you're not scared of needles! we have an experiment we want to do on you- with you. with you. um, will you take this as a peace offering? leave me alone. come with us right now. follow us patient zero. come, patient!

i'm filling up these buckets with one part water and two parts paint and then using a stir stick to nicely mix them up. i didn't go with, like, bright primary rainbow colors just because i wanted it to be a little pastel, kind of like the adult version of a mermaid, unicorn palace. i am filling all these syringes - they're basically the largest syringe i could find online, they've got a nice, thick nozzle which is important because the paint, we don't want it to clog up in the nozzle. i have so much paint planned for these walls. we're going to start the first project with jessie. okay, so we have before us, as you can see, an array of these giant syringes with rainbow colors! so jessie's room has some interesting architectural elements. she has a soffit and a column of wall that sort of creates an l space dividing her living room area and her dining room area. and i really like that this l-shape creates a rectangle that is the perfect place to do some cool mural art.

what do you think we're doing? are we splatter painting or-- paint fight! we're going to use these syringes and basically create a drip wall. what? yeah! she's crazy, we're crazy, it's a crazy world, get crazy on your own walls, that's what we're doing. so, you get to start with one color, i'll start with one color. what color would you like to start with? what do i get to do?

you're gonna hand us the colors. what kind of deal is that? a great deal. why do i got this suit on? because you might get dripped on, you know. this is gonna be our first hit - the drip drip song. okay, you're gonna do blue, you're gonna do yellow. okay. alright. see how i just managed that situation? no, i don't want to do yellow, i'm gonna do green. you do blue, i'll do green.

you go on the tall ladder because you're a small, you go on the small ladder because you're a tall. alright, so this technique is super simple, you guys. this is so much fun. you basically just tape off your area. of course, you want to have a nice line of painter's tape up at the top so you're not getting any of the drips up on the ceiling. let me do the first drip. are you ready? just point the syringe there at the tape line and just slowly - drip- watch your drip. you got this girl! ready? yes! drip on. good, yeah, you got it, jessie! great!

we're just letting it drip, literally, we're just putting a teensy bit on paint and letting it drip, putting some paint so that we have some lines, like dripping parallel lines. that requires a lot of precision. kate is just over there, she's looking like a queen and i feel like the peasant. like, you know, in comparison. should i do it right here? just random is good. don't overthink it. we're making this a rainbow explosion. alright, anyone wanna switch? i got a good solid four. please, please don't mess up. i like that we're starting the drips all at the same point. it kind of gives it a more uniform look. wait, look at how good this looks. oh, my gosh. the drips just take on their own lives. just live drip, live!

this drip wall is just, like, so amazing, you guys. like, i'm so excited about this. i want to do this everywhere. we just finished the wall and it already just added so much color to my apartment. i don't even know what to expect. i'm so excited. today, joey two-rolls, he had to go, you know, paint somewhere else, but his cousin, joey one-roll-and-a-paintbrush joey roll-brush is here. joey is starting the painting, which is great because there's a lot of wall space in this apartment and jessie and i are heading to the alley to spray paint. i have two wooden crates here, i actually have, like, eight more of these. okay. so, apparently this is a happening alley. it's really loud and really hard to talk to jessie.

we're gonna do an installation of these in your room. so, we have eight more to paint, but i want you to be part of this project. i thought you could paint one, i'll paint one with you. and then i'll paint the rest when you're, like, filming videos or whatever. awesome. after you're banished. we've primed them, so, let's just get a nice coverage with these colors. alright. i used to be glam with jessie on youtube. oh! which is not me at all now. i'm literally not even wearing lip color. no glam. yeah, but you have pink hair, so that, like, is instant glam when you wake up.

this is my arm workout for the day. i know, this is my, like, pointer-finger workout. pointer-finger workout, yeah! you know, you gotta work up those finger muscles. everything i say rainbow-- now there's two guys! he just looked at me and was like, like, yeah, we know we're being annoying. alright, mine's looking pretty good on all sides. how are you always so fast and then there's me?

oh, your's looks good! yes, pinky! this is a good moment for me to- you have stuff to do today, right? i'll figure something out. you have videos to edit or -- yeah, cool. because, um, i'll probably say goodbye to you here. you're banishing me in the alley? you're gonna throw me in the trash? maybe just stand guard on these while they're drying.

okay. cool, just text me when they're dry. just stand by the trash? yeah. alright. love you, bye! where do i go? i can't go home. i mean, she's already outside, like, it's a beautiful day. go for a walk. bond with a dumpster. joey two-rolls, man. he just bangs out those sherbet colors. just boom, boom on the wall and i'm obsessed with these colors. i haven't been this excited about a color palette in a while.

this isn't even a color palette. this is the color wheel. so, this patch of wall between these two columns is another great space that can be designated for a wall mural. i wanna put this arch rainbow emerging from the back of her couch. what i love about this, you guys, is that it looks like the rainbow arch is going over and then, like, becoming just liquid rainbow rain on the other side with the drip wall. it's like - it's just an explosion, a rainbow explosion! it's so fun! okay, walls are painted. time to bring in the furniture. we are taking all of these multicolor crates and we are placing them on this wall. it's gonna feature her guitar. we're deconstructing the rainbow in this room, right? we've got it dripping down over on the drip wall and then, of course, we need the clouds because as the clouds part, the rainbow comes out.

okay, you get it. science. hashtag science. we have this beautiful arch lamp. yeah. you know, kind of retro vibes. so, the plan is, i wanna make, like, a cloud lamp, you know? like hanging around the bulb since we have the grid already built in here, tie them on and they're already hanging down from the shade. which, might look more finished. yeah. wait, what is this? it's just cotton? no, it's cloud. these clouds are really easy to make. we're using pillow stuffing and this is just, you know, polyester pillow stuffing you can get at the craft store. fabric store, it's super inexpensive, and then monofilament, which is just clear thread.

look what i'm doing. i'm basically, like, sewing it together. with the monofilament. is this what it's hanging with too? yeah. okay, so i'm gonna do a longer piece then. see, look! it's staying together nicely. i'm creating the shape that i like then i'm taking the monofilament and kind of threading it through the clouds. oh, gosh.

kate, you know, just let me do my thing. just give me a minute. i don't know. guys, it's diy. i don't typically do the diys because, you know, i'm just, like, the truck around here. i just kind of move things and hang things, but today, i'm gonna create with kate, so create with kate time. bing! come on, cloud! your's looks clumpy! your's looks like a raincloud! i'm pretty sure my cloud's the best. it doesn't matter, every cloud is unique. look, i can do anything with this and it doesn't even come apart. leave it long because i wanna see, like, how long. you might want to adjust, but i'm gonna leave it long, just in case you want to adjust.

it's like a puppet show. then the storm came in! just tie a secure knot, trim off the excess, and ta-da! you have a beautiful arch lamp and some clouds hanging from it! beautiful. you know what we need in order have rainbows? the sun! a very important ingredient in the makings of a rainbow. see how we have that really ugly double plug situation over there? we need to cover it. we have so much going on, let's do, like, minimalist art.

so, just like, a shape cut-out sun in a frame. alright, so, the artwork i'm doing is a sun. it's a super, super complicated piece of art, guys. i want you to pay very close attention. because there's a lot of steps to this, i don't want you to mess this up. we want to try to get a perfect circle cut out of this construction paper. so, what we're gonna do is you're gonna have to find a plate. and you're gonna put that plate on the construction paper. here's the trick - you're gonna trace the plate. then we are gonna use scissors. you know what scissors are? okay. now, amazingly, you have a circle of the paper. what we're gonna do, is we're gonna cut out small triangles. those are gonna go around the circle. and guess what we got? a sun. oh, my gosh, joey is signing his art. that is so cute!

okay, so more diy art. i was watching one of jessie's recent videos. she just turned 18 and she was talking about how she had a 'finsta' which is a fake instagram, it's basically the one you have with your friends. but jessie made a joke about her finsta. she said that because she loves mermaids, it would be a "fin"-sta. so, i got totally inspired by that and i was like, we need to make a piece of art over the sideboard that's going over in that corner. i painted the background the pink color that is over on the opposite side of the room and it's just bringing that color over there on to the sherbet wall. and then, down at the base, i'm using the pale blue that was used in the drip wall and the rainbow mural. and then, i'm just sketching out a mermaid tail, like she's diving into the ocean, into the cool blue water. and then i'm painting this the mint green that is also from our drip and rainbow murals.

once the fin is dry, i am now hot glueing some gemstones because it is not complete without some giant jewels. so just hot glue those on in whatever formation you desire and ta-da, it's art! kate's helping me put together the couch, sort of. she doesn't understand the way screws thread. this isn't working, brah! then you're not doing it right. you're screwing into the receptacle. well, it goes both ways-- no, it doesn't go both ways. think about it. joey, that's my outlook on life. your outlook is to go both ways? don't knock it til you try it.

do you understand that? why you can't do it the other way? no, i don't. it was working the other way. cause there's no threads on that side. joey is, like, trying to school me on, like, which way to put the bolt, but, you know, i'm an outside the box thinker. so, does it make sense now? joey, don't quiz me. she understands a lot more, so it's okay if she doesn't get that one little piece. so, let's flip it over. oh, wait.

where does this one go? to go along with our two accent walls, we have two rugs. these rugs are really cool. they're the over-dyed rugs. they're sort of that classic design of rug, but then they just, like, dumped a bunch of pigment on top of them. so, i love that. it's kind of like a play on, like, an old school look. wow, mine looks so good. mine looks so good! you wanna come check out my rug? well, i think i'm gonna try my own cuddle. what? kate?

i'm gonna do an independent woman cuddle. it's real good, you sure you don't wanna cuddle? independent woman cuddle and lounge. i'm good. it's just so freeing and spacious. i could do the breaststroke. my lighting's great over here by the door. i can do the backstroke. oh, gosh! a whale! this is me stopping us from drowning. what? you're preventing me from even doggy paddling right now. you take the piece of wood.

we're hanging this massive mirror with, like, gold paint and these prongs that come off it. so, i'm just gonna make sure it's secure in wall. i'm using a really heavy duty wall anchor and yeah, it looks really cool. we needed a sideboard for the dining room and it was actually a really big piece of wall, so to get a sideboard that is that long would be really, really expensive. so, a nice budget-saving tip for you guys is to get two inexpensive sideboards and put them next to each other. again, just another pop of color in the space. functional, she can keep props for her videos in there. a dining room is not a dining room without a dining table. we are bringing in this beautiful table. it's just a rectangular wood table. really simple, you guys, but because there is so much going on in this room, i didn't want to have a big block of color. how amazing are these?

the chairs around the dining table, they are purple pleather, but it's like this matte, and it's taught and they're just modern beautiful chairs. is there a more colorful room than this in the entire universe? i don't think so. i haven't seen it. more cloud themes! so, this will be the light fixture. this is perfect right here. okay, yeah, centered. i need to get the piã±atas! oh! joey, i'm so excited about this project!

did i tell you about this yet? i'm gonna cut a little bit bigger of an opening and then stick in some of these awesome flowers. is this a sturdy enough table for me? is this the stupidest idea ever? you're not even reacting to me having a gold, glitter protrusion out of my forehead. it's beautiful! i'm gonna hang a new light fixture for her. right now she just has a semi-flush, little nondescript light and we're going to swag a cool cloud chandelier thing that's going to go over her dining table. i might need some rocks. whoa, kate! i didn't know it was open.

okay guys, you know i don't like to pick favorites, but i have to say that these piã±ata planters are maybe one of my favorite things ever. so the trick here with these piã±atas is actually anchoring them because of course they're really lightweight, they're not meant to be, like, sculptural planters. so, i have some rocks, which is the perfect thing to weight these down since especially the popsicle isn't normally resting how i want it to with the stick kind of going down. i'm also using some tissue paper to stuff into the piã±atas because that kind of fills up the cavernous space below. and then allows the flowers to stick out farther as opposed to them just sinking all the way down to the bottom. joey and i are placing sideboard, which is really cool, there's definitely a lot of mid-century modern furniture that's going on in this space. i kind of mixed both modern and mid-century modern designs. well, if she wants, she can put a tv here, like eventually. right. but she requested no tv. she just wants a tv in her bedroom.

wow. good. beautiful. this is going to be her, like, sit and play guitar spot. so, the ottoman really just anchors this corner and now makes this someplace she can chill. so, do you want equal margins above and below? i mean, i want people to be able to, like, sign it, you know? so, like, split the difference. i got it. on top of the sideboard, i am styling a slinky. it is a giant slinky, you guys.

okay, i saw this online. i was like i can't not get a giant slinky. and then some beautiful pottery. the sofa dance! careful of the leg. we're placing the couch, it looks really cool. next to the couch, we are placing two yellow side tables. i like using matching side tables when it's a symmetrical space. the coffee table is awesome. it's just this glass u. i wanted to go with just something, like, airy since we have, like, so much color going on. i wanted a moment of... it's nice when you look around the room to have some negative space moments or some simple moments that just of rest the eye before you - ah! i'm just placing this kind of lacquer teal tray and some nice flowers and a candle.

pink chairs! i love these chairs, they're really cool. they're definitely, like, mid-century modern vibes. instead of a flower bouquet, how about a rock candy bouquet? gumballs! gumballs in a vase because why not? the throw pillows on the couch are so cute, you guys. they're definitely a little bit more geometric. the styling in this crate-shelf is just really fun. i just kind of got her some bits and bobs and doodads and she actually had some stuff already. now she has this, like, custom shelving unit. it looks awesome right now and she can add in her records or her books or whatever else inspires her. hello! this bench is, like, iridescent silver! and, of course, above the bench, a unicorn bust. now, i love how connected jessie is to her star sign. she just had her birthday, she is a pisces.

and, of course, those are very mermaid-like, so i wanted to give her a little moment of twinkle lights. and so, i am just tacking them up onto the wall in the shape of the pisces constellation and then wrapping the starry lights around in the formation. her kitchen is a long, one-walled kitchen. it's just kind of part of this big space. so, in order to designate that area, we're bringing in a counter-height table which can kind of function as a kitchen island. and then we found these stools which are banana yellow and delicious and have chrome bases and just look really cool. i'm bringing in a lava lamp because every kitchen should have a lava lamp. oh, and a nice fuzzy pink rug completes the kitchen. alright, guys, i think this room is done. let's bring jessie in. i'm so excited!

we're gonna bring you into position. kate and joey are walking me over to see my apartment and i literally did not know if it was a drill or if we were actually going to be showing me the apartment. one - we'll say one, two three, rainbow. okay, open them on rainbow. i have no idea what to expect. one, two, three, rainbow! what! wait, no way! wait, this is not my apartment. it's just crazy. what! how? what even? this is---

what?! do you love it? yes! oh, my god! i open my eyes and i see everything i could ever imagine. i'm like, do i deserve this? wait, the clouds! yes! this is the coolest thing ever! do you love that? the rainbow across the wall, i have never seen that anywhere. all i can say is i hope i never move because i'm not giving that wall to anyone else. it's mine. custom piece of artwork made by me.

yeah, joey made that! that's amazing - very hard to make. how about that wall? this is everything! and you can, like, come and lay on your pouf and just be like - you inspired this art. this is your "fin"-sta wall art. so i hand-- where did you get a giant slinky? that's amazing.

i know, i know. huge slinky? you can bet i'm never going to be productive again in my life. so, i figured your friends, since you have such an amazing squad, like, they could come and sign in. everyone could sign in on this. you could polaroid, you could pin up, you know. like i literally started youtube with a blank wall. this isn't my apartment. like, this is insane. how great did your drip wall turn out? come over here! oh, my god, i'm crying!

this is so cool! what? i don't deserve this! yes, you do! this is insane! that is the coolest idea in the world. isn't it so - i was so excited about this. who else ever would have the creative idea to put, like, flowers inside of a piã±ata? you got the aesthetic down to like the perfect, like it's perfect. it's amazing.

i feel like it's still my age, but it's also colorful and fun. this is the pisces constellation. cause i'm a pisces? oh, my gosh, thank you! this is so cool! this looks like a studio, like, oh, my gosh. i'm hoping that the room ends up being super colorful, lots of personality, anything that's weird is a yes in my book. now i finally have a space that really reflects who i am and it really means the absolute world to me. alright, you gotta write a song. i can play the slinky!

like an accordion! ready? one, two- one, two, three! she loves it, you guys! i'm so happy she loves it. like, she's gonna do so many videos in this space. did you guys like it? thumbs up if you liked it! thumbs up the video if you like it! let's get the video to a million likes. wait, no, that's too many. let's get this video to 40,000 likes.

if we only get to three thousand likes, it's gonna be pretty embarrassing, but we're okay. but 40,000 likes would be really awesome. i'm giving you five likes right now. just for being you. whoa, that was aggressive. thank you. also, guys, go check out jessie's channel. she has really fun, funny, cute, quirky videos. i think you guys will love, so go watch it. alright, guys, love you. subscribe, comment, thumbs up. oh yeah, and follow us on social media too! we'll put our instagram and snapchat info down below because if you can't get enough of us i'm all over that stuff too. and so is joey.

we'll see you on the next omg we're coming over! it's just crazy person poppy, that's what she is. she's crazy person poppy. boom, boom, poppy. crazy person poppy. yeah, but like, crazy in a good way. crazy cool. crazy cool poppy, poppy, poppy, poppy, poppy. i just repeat things.

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