wohnzimmer wand streichen modern

wohnzimmer wand streichen modern

repainting the furniture can be the most effective and affordable way to update your living room. but that's not all. keep playing this video because you are going to learn 5 affordable living room decorating ideas you can try for your own property by simphome.com 1. change the wall changing the wall does not mean that you have to destroy your old wall and build a new one; it is a waste of time and money. do you have any pallet wood? you will need a lot of them then.

what you must do is to take the pallets and put them on the wall. but before that, paint the wall black so when there are gaps between the pallets, they won’t stand out. 2. repaint the furniture repainting the furniture is also a great and cheap way to update your furniture. you need to buy the paint indeed, but you will spend thousand dollars to replace the entire furniture. first of all, take all the remaining paint then sand the surface. after that, add primer to the furniture.

when it’s dried, paint the furniture and add clear coat. 3. organize the books and magazines books and especially magazines are usually messy. this is why you need to organize them. does it mean you have to buy a new book organizer? well of course not; you can use things you already have. for example if you have fruit crates, turn them 90 degrees and stack them. you might need to repaint them to make it look neater. when the stack is done

you’ll see that you have just made a book organizer. simply put the books and magazines there so they won’t get messy anymore. 4. give new fragrance make some incense sticks will be great to add some new fragrance that will relax your mind. first, you need to prepare wire sticks. the, sand charcoal until it has powdery shape. after that, grind the herbs (lavender, rosemary, etc)

and mix it with the coal. add arabic gum and 2 drops of vegetable oil to make it sticky. put it on the stick and it is ready to be burned. 5. refinish the floor have you ever thought to refinish your floor? you can mop it every day and keep it clean. but for long lasting new look, simply recoat your floor to refinish it. recoating your floor will make it look newer. the coating itself needs to be bought of course,

but it is a lot cheaper than installing new flooring. first, sand the previous floor coating. then, fill the gaps between the wood planks with wood filler. finally, add new coat to the floor. that's it. you just learned view affordable living room decorating ideas. it's time to check your book and magazine collecting dust in your living room. come back again next time with more home, kitchen makeover and decorating ideas. like this video, comment it, or better yet share it with everyone in your social circle. don't forget to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you.

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