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wohnzimmer vorhänge bilder

i'm so nervous guys okay, okay we are here to surprise the $10,000 room transformation giveaway. i cant even talk. we gotta be sly. we're gonna surprise her we're just gonna like go i'm so nervous. what if she's not there it's in this building, it's in this building surprise! oh my god

can't wait to decorate. there's so much we can make, how will it turn out? omg we're coming over! open up we're here. okay you're yelling like so loud. oh my gosh guys. hello! we're here. it's happening the 10k giveaway. i can't believe it we have obviously been on such a long road with you guys to get this moment. but we're still as good as ever ready to go it was one of the hardest decisions we've ever had to make ever to pick a winner cuz we had to narrow all of you wonderful people down to just one winner so we chose a lovely human who we feel like represents so many of you because she's pursuing her dreams but she's just

stuck in a situation that hopefully our transformation will help her out a little bit i'm shaking too jaset barradas, the winner of the 10k giveaway she's in arizona it's like a hundred and 40 degrees hundred and like 10. we're so thrilled that were finally able to do this and we have to thank our sponsor forrent.com for making this all possible getting our entire crew and everyone here so thank you forrent.com if you guys are in the market for a rental that is your source. make sure and check our forrent.com, the ultimate destination and they're perfect for this because jaset is actually a renter. she's actually a renter yes. all we gotta do now is implement an entire bedroom in a day. subscribe

subscribers, why not we might end up having to do another giveaway at two million.well if we get to a hundred thousand thumbs up on this video maybe we will let's make something magical for jaset i know...she's so cute we took the whole circus on the road the whole crew went to arizona we're going to award her at her front door she has no idea we're coming we're ambushing her this is like ambush giveaway. we knock on the door and she doesn't answer. we're like oh my gosh she's not home. i'm thinking she's a 50 year old dude and she's like

crap they're actually here now they're gonna find out i'm a 50 year old dude i can't open the door. we watch catfish too many times. i knocked like three times no one answers . i'm thinking maybe i'm not knocking hard enough surprise!! i'm shaking so now she's shaking and i'm shaking and we're all shaking. we're here are you ready for this? hi my name is jaset barradas i am 21 years old and i am an aspiring youtuber , aspiring girl boss, aspiring entrepreneur multi potential i am a little bit of everything. i quit my call center job about six months ago mainly because i'm such a creative person and felt like i wasn't growing where i was working at i felt like i hit rock bottom everybody would tell me you can't do photography editing youtube, create a business. i can do all of those things

ohh okay, wow its a good size. this is your bedroom? it's my bedroom slash girls boss-room. ooh i like that okay oh i'm confused where's your bed. it's right there sometimes i sleep on the floor. did you just move in here. six months ago sometimes you sleep on the floor? yeah they say it's good to sleep it's good for your back my fell in to depression i was having negative thoughts about not being on this earth and very negative thoughts and and it wasn't until recently that i kind of understood that life or the universe or whatever you want to call it

was trying to do something for me wasn't trying to make it easy for me was trying to push me so that i could you know understand what was essential what i needed spiritually and so it kind of pushed me and it made me embrace the struggle. so you sleep on the floor what is this? when i first moved in here i was going for like a girl-boss like i wanted a big table. that is the biggest table that i've ever seen. i wanted people to come in have chairs there. you like prioritized the business side over sleeping .yeah. she is just starting from the beginning. she quit her job and she decided to spend her money on

camera equipment a desk for herself editing stuff. that is commitment. it didn't come out like how i wanted it so that's why i needed mr.kate what's going on on that wall? i wanted to get creative so one day i wanted to make like a little cloud in a sense and pin all my ideas ok well now that your saying it was a cloud i can see it. tell me about those pinatas. did you make those? yes so i wanted to invite all of like girls over here like my friends because i'm very about like empowering women specially. i was going to do like mainly like diy stuff and that was going to be part of it. you just need a space that you can feel inspired by and that can be functional for you to work but then also so you can get a good nights sleep yes. she's been through a lot. she's made the plunge to pursue her dreams it's a big deal.

and we're here to help her out. girl bosses! girl boss yess you were both girl bosses. would you pound me? come on let's finish that. we're gonna head back to our hotel we're gonna to check, we're staying at the ws in scottsdale. they put up the entire team which was awesome of them. game plan do some last minute shopping. start bright and early tomorrow team dinner in action we're a proud team and now we're going to go to the pool can i just say wow such an amazing day

tomorrow is gonna be crazy alright today is a day install day at jasets. i am so ready for this. that room needs so much help. this is a big giveaway time guys so we are going to spare no expense we have beige walls. they're very brown it's just not the most inspiring color. beautiful white and then we're going to have our gorgeous inspiring accent wall. paint, of course we gotta paint over that beige. jaset kinda likes that minimalist look. this is a

textured wall here huh? this is gonna be so great for filming for her too you know? she needs cool backdrops for her videos my bet is we can get this wall done in five minutes oh why does everything have to be like a competition? keeps you achieving. it keeps you achieving and it keeps me stressed. i think i might just have to take over this painting project. kate's going to tackle the painting job. go kate you got this i'm going to go hang curtains. i'm going to do my own version of kate two rolls, prrrrrr kates trying to joey two rolls. the art of double rolling your walls

it's an art guys it's not something you can just pick up. she thinks she can just pick it up. but i have two rollers and i'm kicking butt two rolls kate two rolls rollls you have to pronounce the l. kate two rollss lots of times you'll go in to rentals and they'll have vertical blinds. one thing i like to do is just take the vertical blinds down and you can put them in your closet. just remove them keep them under your bed or in a closet and then put them back up when you move easy-peasy and it looks so much better it's a really cool really high quality double rod

it's like a faux wood finish on metal we got 96 inch curtains. much higher than the window which is great because we wanted to bring the room up more. the sheers are linen it's like a loose weave linen it's actually kind of a unique choice to have a slightly darker shear than the outer curtain. this is a really cool look, which i've never done before in a space. usually the sheers are lighter and the curtains are darker, but this is just a beautiful textured look. really help if were like seven foot tall. i love the sheer with the velvet we are so loving up this room right now! so she has kind of a basic white ceiling fan. there's no light on it so i'm just going to swap that out we'll take the old blades off and put it in her closet so that way when she moves out she can have an electrician come out and put it back up alright so i'm just putting up this new sleek black fan that has a light as well so now it's like

multifunctional. art, really important to bring in some art i wrote out minimalism in cursive just all across the page which i know is something that she really identifies with and then we printed it nice and big and then we're just putting it up with these command strip clips so again not really damaging the wall. the other print i'm hanging on the wall is a photograph that i took in joshua tree. i just love that i could give her a photograph that i took during a moment of inspiration this is going to be the feature of the room obviously and this is removable wallpaper. so on her accent wall where she previously had this weird cloud we're gonna make it an awesome full with full height mural. we want to go like 2 inches at a time peeling the backing off

so that we're not trying to peel the entire back off ooh this is gonna be interesting great idea for a rental an adhesive wallpaper that whenever you want you can just take it off the wall line it up so that you're going level and then you take the backing off and then with a squeegee you're going to go ahead and press the removable wallpaper against the wall - so you don't get air bubbles. and then the next panel overlaps a couple inches. they actually print it that way so that you could overlap rather than trying to line it up straight on the edge it was a trial and error process you guys. we trialed we errored we succeeded. we are bringing her convertible luxury. so we have a day bed with a trundle. so she now has two places mmmm

a daybed has three sides to it essentially they're like couches so joey and i are placing this day bed in against the mural it's a nice dark charcoal color i didn't want it to stand out i really wanted the mural to be the star the trundle below is awesome we got some really comfy mattresses for both areas of sleeping. beautiful linen duvet cover duvet insert sheets underneath. the quilt that i'm placing on top which is a beautiful amber colored quilt throw pillows galore. this is going like centered. this is desk is so beautiful it's modern it has a beautiful lacquer top it slides open so you can store all the cables and stuff underneath so it just has a really clean look we're hooking her up

it's a nice silver 27-inch monitor for our boss girl obviously this desk is smaller than the desk that she had before so we're bringing in another table on the other side of the room. this piece is awesome because it's on wheels so she can even move this to the other side of the room if she wants to combine the two desk space or she could sit at her bed and put it in front of her there's a lot of options and we're also giving her these three beautiful filing cabinets that fit perfectly under this movable desk this is a fairtrade hand made rug. in the middle space we're going to give her a nice area rug. this is another great tip especially

for renters because you know you can't pull out your carpets and put in hardwood floors. speaking of the rug must do a rug cuddle oh my gosh, guys this is going to be the most celebratory rug cuddle ever ever ever. for our rug cuddle joey i'm gonna say something okay great. i just want us to take a moment and appreciate that we reached our goal of a million subscribers and that we were able to have this experience and treat jaset, whose a very special person, i know that this has been a quick process and that we've only been dating for nine weeks are you on the bachelorette right now? i really think that love can be found so quickly

joey that's jaset's rose kate's been binging the bachelorette and i saw this rose that jaset had out in her kitchen you wont take my rose? thank you for accepting my rose. oh a minimalist vibe would not be complete without a hanging bulb. this bulb is just like jaset's future dunked in gold plants, we gotta bring in a plant. you know i don't like to leave a room, stance plant in the corner a beautiful turned leg mid-century modern plant stance

i'm thrilled with the space but but it doesn't matter what ithink because this is jaset's room so we gotta bring her in here. ready? don't open your eyes until we say ok? so i'm walking in i can almost smell the color of the paint. keep your eyes closed and picture what your room looked like before now on the count of three open your eyes one two three oh my god i'm shaking honestly and just so excited, no way. the shaking is back she's shaking. i feel like she hasn't stopped shaking this whole weekend. i'm like gonna cry. it's okay you can cry i feel like i traveled through time to a different place because this is a girl boss room. we have some minimalism going on and some storage these are all on wheels so you can move them around.

for all your shooting and then this is a daybed it's amazing now i have a place to sleep. so you can leave the top dress as a couch or you could use the top as a bed. yeah and how epic is your new mural wall? this is amazing. we took your cloud as inspiration and then did a full wall. we got you a new monitor. we got you a new fan which has a light on it cuz your previous fan didn't have a light on it. it was kind of like just a generic fan these are like luxurious velvet curtains and linen shears we didn't hold back on getting you the nicest of the nice obviously because you're our giveaway winner i got to hang on one second one second so let's remember this right? so this was your top down

machine right? she figured out a way to make top downs work it was very crafty she took a clothes rack and a tripod and like taped them together. so this is how you do a proper top down so you got your stand then you got your top down and then this is the mount for your camera and then you can swivel it. you're legit. and then when you need to you know a beautiful ring light every beautiful youtuber person needs a beautiful ring light and then of course we couldn't not bring you some mr.kate so we brought you this necklace to celebrate your

and a hand-drawn art print right? yeah so i drew that and then that is a photo i took in joshua tree and i just love the like way that those trees grow it's very boss girl. you can sleep you can work this is what you needed right? exactly. i want to cry cuz i'm so happy they went above and beyond. thank you for being a subscriber you represent like all of our subscribers you know thank you for giving your best in this world and trying to make your dream come true. your dreams in the business world and your dreams at night this means a lot that we can do this for her you guys were part of this we all did this together. it feels so good that we were able to do this for her so thank you guys for getting us to this point. i also want to give you guys mr.kate

just a little sweaty i wrote kate and joey and the whole team a card because i'm so glad that they came over here and of course congratulate them because they reached over 1 million subscribers so yay we're gonna have a team dinner and celebrate because this is like a big deal for us too because like we've been working up to this and like it was a group effort yeah from the mr.kate team and family to you and to everyone out there. all of you. go enjoy your bed oh my god yes

guys, was that not such an amazing chaos. she's amazing yes you're amazing you all are amazing. our teams amazing. yeah. this whole thing is just amazing. thank you guys for making this possible and thank you guys for watching giving this video a thumbs up, comment let us know what you think of the room because jaset is so happy with it which of course is the main goal but we want you guys to like it too. and i just wish her so much love and luck in that space and and beyond. guys this may feel like it's like the end of a run but guess what? we might be doing an omg we're coming over with liza koshy whoaaaa so if you're not subscribed you better be subscribed

thanks again forrent.com for being an awesome sponsor and guys jaset is so amazing you have to go subscribe to her channel she makes and is going to make in that room amazing content so go subscribe go show her support her channel link will be down below. we love you all. we thank you all. do you know how much i love you? do you? yes actually i think i think do. do you know how much i love you? why would not accept my rose? bye everybody go enjoy your evening or morning whatever it is hey guys so it's been about a week since mr. kate

came and worked her magic here and honestly i feel like i haven't left the room since i mean i finally have a bed! and look at this wall i mean it's all so crazy. i just walk in here and it just feels so surreal and i'm so so grateful because now i'm able to sit in front of my computer feel super inspired. get a good night's rest and i'm just super excited for what's to come so thanks again mr.kate

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