wohnzimmer tapezieren bilder

wohnzimmer tapezieren bilder

put it up up put me down put me down. i don't like it. i don't like it can't wait to decorate there's so much we could make how will it turn out? omg, we're coming over! open up. we're here. okay. you're yelling like so loud pool time literally, there's a pool behind us because we are at alisha marie's house

uhohh alisha marie's house i'm screaming because you guys have been screaming for this collab. like emoji screaming on comments like emoji screaming like good, like do it, because she moved and she needs your help and it would just be so fun because she's fun, and we like to think that we're fun. today's like a palm springs meets florida chic alicia loves palm springs, retro, pastel anyways, we'll get into it. let's go swimming oh wait, but thumbs up the video oh my gosh thumbs up the video and subscribe. thumbs up the video joey you're gonna be wet the whole time. hey guys

my name is alicia marie and i have a channel on youtube where i do lots of lifestyle sometimes comedy sometimes make up and fashion videos, and i recently moved my room kind of doesn't make sense right now it...uh..umm mm um imean ah so you guys know we usually paint spaces and that takes one day we get in there we tape etc. we paint the walls. we remove the tape wham bam move the furniture. i mean i say wham bam it's a lot of work guys, but wallpaper is even more work. so yesterday

we actually came over here because we had to do a little prep for the space. alright so we're on our way to alicia's house. it is our wallpaper day and photography day right joey? yep, just general just general prep day wall paper obviously takes a while to cut and glue etc. so we need this extra day ahead of time to get that done also we're going to take a picture of alicia by her pool that we can blow up and put above her fireplace mantel in her bedroom and we have our line up of hats and our model! just don't fall into the water. well, obviously. i love - you love that? like love. love. yay! thank you so much! thank you!

you're the best mermaid ever so i edited it really quickly on the computer, and we sent it off to get printed we're doing something really cool in her room. so we're going to take these darker grey walls and make them really cool by putting on a marble mural wallpaper. so this is like one wall worth of the wallpaper because obviously we have this moulding here and it's going to go above the moulding. we've got like these charts, it's very technical which is why we need an entire day to do this. oh my gosh here is our first panel up. it looks so good

scraper - air bubbles - no more! oh, kinda matches. yesterday went great. we have the wall prepped we're going to show alisha the first of her two reveals. this is our starting place. this is our starting place for today. we're doing a bookend reveal. can i look? you can look up now.we're going to now just show her what the wallpaper looks like, give her a little taste no! stop! oh, my freaking god! i love! i got excited. i got really excited. i am excited. i'm excited. you can tell me you hand did this and i'd be like "oh, my god!" well, what's funny is that i hand did this.

we're going to do the artwork, right? your photograph, your vibe, it's like palm springs yeah, super retro pastel is what i tell people. yeah. but then you have like this house that has sort of classic elements. yeah. like the wainscoting, so the challenge is going to be to sort of embrace like classic meets mid-century palm springs vibes. i feel like we need the center because i feel like we're tired because yesterday was a very long day getting all this wallpaper up, getting the walls painted, getting everything prepped for today. we're about to pick up the energy we're going to do awesome things! joey's into sports. i'm into sports! oh, she's a cheerleader! you're a cheerleader. i was! let's all do one of those cheerleader kicks on the count of three and it'll kick us off into the project! ready? one, two three!

let's go do some diyin with alisha. you take shop class? no. no? but now you can show, you know? this is shop class! welcome to woodworking. we need a mirror for her, but it's touch because the vanity is right in front of her window and we didn't want to get one of those vanities with like the mirror attached so what we're doing is we're actually going to make a custom stand for a free-floating mirror that we bought. think like like urban outfitters. i can see that table saw which is kind of dangerous i think i'll probably do the sawing

but can you trace that on a piece of wood? i sure can. do we have a pencil or a pen or something? yeah! there's a pen over there. we're going to take some wood. we're going to measure some triangles and then put some angular slits in them so that the mirror can just fit down in that. so obviously the trick with this is just making sure that the angle's right and that the pieces of wood weigh enough to like hold down the base of the mirror. how's the sanding going, guys? it's going! good! are you guys sanding with this? yeah. that's for drywall. but it's working fine, joey no, it's not. yeah, it is! joey, do you feel how smooth this is?

feel how smooth that is! run your very rough face on that and feel it. it's great. oh, my gosh oh, my god, we made that! we made that! just now! i love this! it's so much better. because, like, like, it always frustrates me that those makeup mirrors are so small. yeah! it's so annoying! you've been great. thank you are you excited to see it? so excited! it's time to kick alisha out and go into hyper-gear and finish this room. no pressure, guys, but i'm really excited. can i get a cheer off? a cheer off? like cheer your way off? oh, um...

i didn't make up cheers. i just did them , so... g-o, going to edit goodbye, guys and have... i don't even know. they kicked me out, but i have some editing to you, so it's okay so the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna switch out all of her switches and plugs she is a tech girl so we're gonna give her all usb plugs because in today's world, like,if you don't have a usb outlet on your plug what are you doing? we're putting these awesome legrande usb plugs which are super easy to switch out i love these! and you don't have to have the big butt of the charger. obviously, the first thing you want to do is you want to make sure your breaker's off so there's no power going to the switches and then you want to double check that with your voltage checker

you're going to notice which wires are hot, which wires are neutral, and which wires are ground you're going to snip those and then you're going to take the back of the new usb plug and look at your strip gauge your hots going to go in the hole marked hot your neutral or your white wire is going to go in the hole marked white. you're going to just screw those tight you're just going to make sure your wires are all tucked back into the outlet box and then screw the outlet into the wall beautiful! now, we just got to put the front on we can put wallpaper on the covers. oh, so they blend in! yeah. oh, my gosh, thats' gonna be great. basically you're going to find your pattern and put your wallpaper paste on it alright, so i'm gonna go install these. so we're using the legrange switches where you can actually take this little piece

that comes with it and either paint it or wallpaper it which is so cool because it blends in so much better, and it becomes an art piece. alright, are you done? yeah, quick and easy. i finished this one you put the pattern on there. i picked a little bit of pink because that's going over there where there's a little bit of pink. no, finish it first with the scissors and then finish. you are micromanaging me. so i'm just cutting out the wallpaper roughly to size okay, okay. i got a beautiful wall-plate take the adhesive paper off of the wall-plate put your wallpaper square on it,

boom! beautiful custom wall-plates all around! what can you do? uh, fill this entire room with furniture! starting with a rug! no biggie! thank you! it's rug cuddle time, i've got my dancing shoes on. you guys know how many rugs unrolls we've done. we now can do it backwards i'm basically just like one of those dogs, you know after they, like, poop and they're trying to cover it up with their back feet. have you seen when dogs do that? i don't feel it joey's mounting the tv on the wall. there's a nice little spot that we're going to put it. we're going to put a dresser underneath. we're going to put the tv

a little off-center, but we're going to hook her up with a really heavy-duty tv mount so she can tilt and pull it out and telescope so it's a swivel mount, that way when she's laying in her bed, which is just a little bit off-center from the tv, she'll be able to tilt the tv and have a nice angle to view it. who wants to hang some curtains? i love linen curtains. there's something so dreamy about linen and don't worry guys, linen is supposed to be a little bit wrinkled it's just a beautiful texture. alright, so we're going to bring in a bunch of furniture now. joey! where is he? so we've taken that alex drawer set, that tall tower that just didn't fit the space and given her this beautiful dresser where she can store all of that excess makeup because after all she's a beauty guru. in the corner i'm placing this, like, rattan chair. it's beautiful

it's actually similar to a chair that alisha has hanging in her living room this one is natural tone and so i like the repetition of elements throughout the space because if someone comes over they see her living room they walk upstairs they see a similar style. on the chair i'm placing some furry pillows and a little throw to just make it more cozy and at the foot i'm using a pouf! you guys know i love my poofs, and this one is a beautiful pale pink. alright, so we're going to bring in her vanity piece which is just a really cool wood, kind of mid-century piece. it's going here beautiful, beautiful. it's going to be her vanity in front of her window that we're then going to put our diy mirror on top of. i'm so excited about this! oh, sun!

pouf chair. it's so cute. it's very cute. the great thing is because she uses this vanity to film, like, like her vlogs because she puts her makeup on on her vlogs, so she can now move this around. whoa, i'm so sweaty. this very white room is making me realize i need to whiten my teeth. that's for you to pat me down. what? thank you, thank you. are we getting vain in front of the vanity? thank you. why can't you do this all the time for me? i do! you just don't see it like the fourth quarter of the game, i'm coming to the sidelines

why are you so stooped down? like, i'm not two feet tall! on the vanity i'm placing this elbow, very minimal, kind of industrial lamp with a bare ball, but this bulb is faceted this mint cord! joey! what? have you seen this mint cord? what? having elements like that paired with the more minimalist, industrial, or mid-century things we have going on in this space make them a happy family! also on the vanity, i'm placing a cactus. alisha specifically said she loves cactuses and this one is faux, which is great because it doesn't poke you and also it won't die so now we've got to get the bed in place. this bed is amazing

it's a beautiful pleated, very sixties inspired, a kind of taupey beige velvet. the pleats are gorgeous, it's got brass legs. it's a king size bed, which is perfect for this room. when alisha said retro, i immediately thought about neon. i wanted to get her a neon-type feel but with something very peaceful, so i was like, this could be a really fun diy, so i found this neon led lighting, so it's basically a long cord that where the led is encased in this tubing so when you turn it on it's so bright it looks like neon. alright, so we want to go 80 inches up on the wall, right? so it's like above the bed and then have it be kind of like a squiggle line, like a wave like pattern

or if you think about like you know sort of like a drifting off to sleep. supposedly we can cut this with a scissor well, we're going to try when it's unplugged. yeah? this is like a squid and an octopus! it's never been easier to just make your own neon creations. this stuff is low power, easy to manipulate and you can get it in like huge quantity. it's a neon soundwave. so, you got your general area, right? so i'm gonna unplug it. okay, unplug it. oh yeah, look there's a little scissor mark. okay, ready? oh my gosh, i feel like you're cutting an alien's tail. i know, and it feels kinda fleshy too. i feel like i am doing alien surgery. oh, it just farted. you need me to do it? did you hear that? it, like, released air. did you see a flash?

ah, it still works! but, so, obviously, we need to cap the end yeah, okay, so we have a silicon. silicon. will you plug in the blowdryer, actually? blowdryer. so we're putting silicon piece in the cap and i'm squishing it on and then it also came with this vacuum sealer thing. joey, i need the blowdryer over here. joey! i'm utilizing our new mirror! on the cold setting, it feels pretty good great. wait, i need that. oh, we're about to shrink wrap. oh, it's going, it's going! it's shrinking, it's shrinking! it's just, like, curling up, and it's actually really satisfying. it's alive! ew, it's so creepy! and that's just going to seal that end and now we have to get it on the wall!

alright, so we're just using some basic mounting brackets that we got at a hardware store that we spray-painted white and sort of put it in place where we want it. right there? yeah. this is so cool, this is so custom i love that it's led. it's not going to get hot. it's just like glowing and so retro and really kind of highlights the movement that's going on on the marble it's rad. on top of the bed, we are bringing in a brand new king mattress. alright kate, get that side. what? i cannot believe this is a king size mattress in here? this is the most amazing scientific

development i've ever careful oh gosh, well the bed's dirty. i don't understand how this gonna turn into a king but we're about to find out. our friends at sapira mattress came through, they're hooking alisha up with this awesome king-size bed like that scoop and you just slice open the package and it takes the biggest breath of air woo! the king breathes i don't understand how this works. oh it's making noise and transforms into a king mattress. it's truly magic

oh girl i kinda want one of these for myself what about me? am i invited? hmm the bedding for this bed. we're going really simple. i want to do all white so we're doing nice soft sheets and then a linen duvet cover with of course duvet insert some king-size pillows you want to make sure you get king-size pillows for your king-size bed because they spread the width of the bed, and then one throw pillow. i know one and this throw pillow is really cool it has the same braided texture as the rug, but it's a nice pastel kind of mabi pink and

it looks great on the bed the finishing touch in this space has to be the picture that we took yesterday which came back from the printers hot off the press guys literally hot off the press and it looks so good we had it blown up overnight and then we're just going to make our own acrylic standoff. alright so here is the acrylic. great you drilled those holes nice that picture turned out amazing in order for to frame this photo i wanted to keep that minimalist look so the perfect thing for that also diy is to use two pieces of acrylic you can get these cut at any

frame store or any glass store or any place they carry acrylic and then you want to use a plastic or acrylic drill bit and drill the holes for your standoff. so this is the back piece so let's sandwich it with another piece yeah, we need to get this centered. so joey and i are just placing the photograph on the back piece of acrylic and we're using some acid free mounting tape just to make sure it's nice and secure on the back. which is just going to make it way easier to hang this on the wall using these beautiful stand offs and we're going to sandwich that between the two pieces of acrylic putting it all up on the wall simple minimalist effective brings in the vibe. so the standoffs just create a nice depth and it just does exactly what it says it stands the acrylic off the wall a little bit and ta-da

photograph. kate's is going to finish off with some final decorating touches, so the light storage boxes are great she can put labels on the side she can write in cute cursive whatever is inside of them, and i'm accenting around the white storage boxes with just some beautiful ceramics of course in our pastel accents at the foot of the bed i love placing a bench which is a really nice area to have an extra seating moment opportunity we have the really composed furniture of the bed and the dresser contrasted very nicely texturally with the chair and the bench, we're having another natural-fiber moment with this awesome square floor pillow

i'm putting in a new light fixture of course she had this sort of kind of you know right on a really cool industrial looking chandelier and some filament bulbs just complete the look i totally put some finishing touches in this space some small accessories some side tables some lamps let's bring her into our new chic hotel inside her house alicia pad. it's time to reveal to alicia. i'm so excited. i always get like nervous, but excited but nervous i'm closing my eyes i'm kind of nervous because i know i'm gonna love it but i didn't know how i was going to react. we have a nice long hallway here.

we're live blogging and we're going to stop right about here. so the first thing i do before the reveal is grab my vlog camera cuz i have a vlog channel and you guys have been wanting this collab to happen for the longest time so we had to include you and we're gonna count to three one....two...three the first thing i notice is the neon sign above the bed. i've always wanted a neon sign, and i finally have one oh my god, it's drifting off to sleep. i've always wanted. i'm gonna cry omg, no this looks like a hotel. right?

it's beautiful. i'm in love wow you guys and of course there's the beautiful portrait above the fireplace. i love. you love right? i love. i know she was like a little alarmed when i told her i'd love to take a custom photo of you to put in the room she was like uh i don't want to look like you know a narcissist with like a big picture of myself i was like no no no we want to just not show your face so that it's just like the vibe right this is the vibe of the room it's better than how i thought it would look too. that was just yesterday you guys that's me. and i finally have curtains . i know aren't these pretty? so my neighbors can't oh my god

i left them a little linen wrinkly because i just think it's so dreamy oh my god the bed. right? the bed is just so good. i'm so obsessed with this the brass legs, yes so gorgeous. oh, i feel like it ties the whole room together this does not feel like my bedroom. it feels so big right? yeah, so most people know this i have way too much makeup but and i always had the alex drawer-set but i felt like it looked really bulky next to that desk which was just a desk i've had for years, but now it actually looks like a vanity with our diy mirror so you now have for like immediate access makeup in those drawers, and you have obviously all these drawers

so you can do organizers or whatever and then i did some white little boxes in there so like for all that excess like the stuff you're gifted or whatever put it in there, and then like a cute little label or something or write it on the side oh my gosh this literally looks like a hotel room, and it feels bigger. it does feel bigger weird weird, i could never come up with this room i love decorating, but this is not what i would have made my room. yet it's everything i would have wanted i love the mirror i love the sanding on the mirror. the sanding on the mirror is everything oh my god

yes!! kate and joey. thank you so much for coming over i don't even i just you know how i feel because i don't even know how to say how i feel but i'm just so excited and you know and i have a few other rooms if you were bored ever you know come over anytime. did we do it? you definitely killed it yay! passed my expectations i'm so glad it was a thrill it was a thrill. we couldn't have done it without your sanding. clearly, it was all me oh my gosh! guys that was so fun. she loves it her reaction was so sweet she had tears in her eyes. she's so sweet. she's very sweet. that was a lot of fun that room was amazing

yeah, thank you guys so much for suggesting this and making this happen it's one of my favorite rooms we've ever done i just think it's so magical and glowy. i love the color palette. i love the retro vibes. i love that neon you're so fun, and glowy. i love your retro vibes. i love your neon you just described yourself awwww so anyways guys also go check out alicia's channel obviously subscribe if you haven't i mean come on and get on it get on it and subscribe to our channel. yeah and she's gonna do a collab over on her channel super fun join our creative weirdo family hit that subscribe button. yesss and stick around for some more fun and crazy and inspiring content

yeah, guys just so you know this is our last omg w.a.c.o for a little bit but that's because we have other really fun videos that we're going to do coming at you, so stay tuned to the channel because we have more room transformations they're just going to be packaged a little bit differently. ready? okay ready?! okay! retro pastel, palm springs hotel! ayyy! i'm just gonna like sit here in happiness, just sit all night. i'll just be here

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