wohnzimmer stilvoll dekorieren

wohnzimmer stilvoll dekorieren

hello. my name is julia sheveleva. i'm an interior designer. now we are in italy. i have a lot of projects related to classical interiors. my clients often ask for elements of a classic style in their interiors. therefore, in this video, i want to tell you, on the example of a real villa, made in a classic italian style, what are the methods and features characteristic of this direction. so, the living room.

this is the largest room in the whole house. there is a sofa group consisting of a small and large sofa. tv, fireplace and various decorative items. the room is made in the classic italian style, like the whole interior. the floor is made of stone. the material is the same, but depending on the room, tiles of different sizes are used. although the tiles are the same color, but due to the fact that the carefully laid out laying pattern, the floor looks quite rich and interesting. on the contour of the whole room was used a wooden, painted, high plinth. this is a characteristic detail for classical interiors, which is very often used.

paintings are used as decorative interior decoration. we can see them before us. a poster is a panorama of ancient rome. such posters can be bought in rome in special bookstores. there are a lot of them around the city, in the historical part of rome. there are small and large photos with different views of rome or some individual buildings. it looks very stylish and beautiful. now this is also a trend theme, use images of architecture in the interior. for small money they can be bought in a store, decorate your interior and give him a special charm and mood.

in the center there is a table. furniture here mostly used ikea, but it does not spoil the overall impression of the interior. as an add-on, antiquarian furniture is used here. there are some details: vases, figurines, consoles. and in combination with ikeya furniture, create the atmosphere of the italian house and in general the whole atmosphere of the interior. as a decoration, italians are very fond of various items made from porcelain. visiting italian houses, i see that they are collecting something, collecting something. something is passed on to them by inheritance. and they select these objects with special care and trembling and arrange them in the rooms.

here, too, such elements are used. here are presented, something like a faberge egg and a porcelain vase, with a very beautiful lid. these are details that are characteristic of the italian classic interior. suppose we have a simple console from ikea. they placed on her two antique floor lamps, a beautiful mirror and quite a console on the other played. in the interior it is not necessary to always use some original, interesting things. you can combine items from different styles and eras. and they already create some kind of charm and atmosphere. italians are very fond of combining different things among themselves and thereby creating a unique spirit and atmosphere of italian style.

kitchen-living room. the dining area is divided into two parts. this is the dining room itself and behind the partition the technical part of the kitchen is hidden. this is also a technique that is often found in classical interiors. when we have a kitchen is separated from the reception area. so that you can not show all this household part. and already prepare the dishes and take them out to the dining room. now often this solution is used to design private interiors. separately, i want to say about the electrician.

italians have their own standard of outlets and switches. this is such a narrow podrozetnik, in which either sockets or switches are inserted. this italian standard, if you like it and you want to use it in your interior, you can order. when you design an electrician in your home and want to make narrow switches and sockets, like the italians. you can apply to a large company that supplies electrical equipment and pre-order their products. they have a box that is inserted inside the wall, its standard. this is possible in russia. some projects i have implemented in this scheme, when the customer wanted switches of this design. at the stage of the electrical installation, when an electrician was supposed to enter the facility, all these wiring products were ordered in advance.

cases came. the electrician made holes for the italian boxes and everything was safely mounted. so such solutions are also possible in russia. bedroom. here, light colors and light cream shades are used. the emphasis is here is the furniture. forged furniture. in the same decision, a part of the decorative lamps is made. and brass decor for table lamps was used.

the bedside tables are made of dark wood. and together with the bed, they create a certain ensemble. to my left is an archway. this is a characteristic reception for the old italian villas. which create some enfilade, when we have one room flowing into another. and thus creating a certain space and the feeling of a country estate. textiles in the bedroom are used very gentle, light colors. used for decorating such wonderful pillows made of cotton. they are decorated with braid and tassels.

the coverlet is made in the style of patchwork. curtains at us light with easy pickings and brushes. bathroom. the most interesting thing here is ergonomics. a very small shower was made here. its size is 85, and its depth is only 60 centimeters. it's just some kind of unreal size. i always carry a roulette with me. often in the rented housing come across some non-standard solutions.

and i always wonder what size a person is. there are standard rules of ergonomics, which we always adhere to when designing interiors. and we always try to make the booth at least 90 by 90 centimeters so that the person is comfortable. and here only 60 centimeters deep. here, the sliding curtain, which is maximally retracted. that's all we have for the shower. here really washing, we used. but if you do it for yourself, live constantly, use it, it's not very convenient. although the space allowed to make the cabin a little more.

when designing bathrooms, i always use ergonomics, literature, books, my knowledge gained in the institute. because it is an integral part of the interior. especially in the bathrooms. we will analyze what is designed here. in addition, that we had a story with a shower there is still a story with toilets. here they placed the toilet near the window. it's good that it's still possible to open the lid normally. it is worth to pay tribute to the italians, that they have very coolly brought out all communications. here everything is hidden in the walls and in the floor and you can not see any pipes.

the flush button they brought to the wall. now the technical solutions allow to display the flush button in any place. if it is not possible to remove the flush tank next to the toilet, you can withdraw it to any other place, so that it is convenient to use and do not interfere. what is not used here is very convenient? the door that we open hits straight into the bidet. the door does not open fully and strikes the sanitary faã§ade. and this is not very good, both for sanitary faience and for the door. here the floor, like in the whole house, is finished with a stone. the walls are painted.

only the shower is made in the tile, everything else is painted. decorative moldings are used. the plinth is completely made of wood. and this is not very good, because it is a premise with high humidity. yes, beautiful, but we must not forget that it's still a bathroom and there is moisture. and it's not always good that such materials behave in the bathroom. here you can see that there are already some cracks and chips. i would not recommend the use of such materials for the decoration of bathrooms not always italians use textiles to decorate windows.

in this case, they decided to use the shutters. there are shutters that are closed from the inside and out. also very beautiful accessories for windows and elements which give the style and a charm are used. used here stone sills, made of natural stone. it emphasizes the window, highlights it and of course they look very rich in the interior and decorate it. so, here are the basic classical techniques for the italian interior. use them in your interiors. create beautiful interiors yourself or with us. subscribe to our channel.

all bye-bye. until new reviews.

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