wohnzimmer renovieren ideen bilder

wohnzimmer renovieren ideen bilder

hello, i’m inke. and i’m kai, and today we’re building ... ... a doll’s house. three floors, five rooms. let’s go! we’ve downloaded the construction plan from the internet and hung it up here, so that we can have a look whenever we want to see if we’re doing everything right. and whether we’ve marked everything right. our panels are pre-cut – you can have that done at a diy store, carpenter, or you can do it yourself. first we’re going to do the faã§ade. we’re fitting the windows and the roof. to ensure that all windows are the same size, you have to work very precisely with the set square. inke is doing it perfectly.

now we have to saw out the windows, which we’ll do with the multifunction tool. you can do that if you want. yes, but to make sure we don’t saw into the table... ... let’s put these strips under here. a good idea. glasses … and ear protectors. it’s a bit loud. now let’s do the two side sections. we’re going to do the portholes now. i’ve clamped it, so that it’s nice and stable, put an extra panel underneath and slid it to the side a bit, so that i have more space for my forstner drill bit. and now i can just ...

the portholes are now finished. you can sand that down a bit if you want. to make it look nice. if you haven’t got a bench drill, you can do it with the forstner drill bit and a normal drill, can’t you? easily. all the individual parts are now finished. the two sides with the door and the portholes, the rectangular windows – we’ve sawn that all out. what’s special about this is that we sawed the roof at a mitre. and the side sections that the roof will rest on later. here you can see that really well. 45 degrees.

and now we’ll give you a little tip: we’re going to glue the roof. but first we’ll fix it from the back with adhesive tape. now we can stand it up. we’ll simply wipe away the excess that oozes out. the main thing is to not use too little. now we have another little trick: to generate a bit of tension … … we’ll glue the sides and stabilise it a bit. and to see whether it is still at a right angle or needs to be corrected, you put this against it. it should now dry for about 20 minutes and then the roof is finished. yes. then it is stable and dry.

now we’ve finished all the parts we’ll start screwing them together. now we’ll fit the side sections. we’ll drill through here to screw that together. we have to mark the holes for drilling and to do that you take half … … of the material thickness … i measured that before. the material thickness is 15 mm, so we’ll take 7.5 mm. and now you can mark the four holes. this is a special drill bit because it is a drill bit and a countersink in one. that saves us a step because we can countersink the head of the screw at the same time. now we have our two side sections – one with a door, one without. there you go.

is it the right way round? please note that the material we’re screwing into should be pre-drilled, so that it doesn’t split. but our screws are so thin and small that we don’t have to in this case. you can just put the screw on and drive it in. we’ll do that on the other side as well. great. stand it up. look, you can go in through there. but you could still get wet. our house is growing slowly.

we’ve already got one floor in. two floors, actually. partition walls. yes, we’ve got those too. at the back there are still one or two screws that we have to ... ... countersink in the faã§ade. and then we’ll do the roof. and the we’re nearly finished. great! let’s turn it round. now we’ll show you something special: the roof we’re going to put on in a minute is screwed in from below. so we’re going to drill four holes here, in the loft side. that way, we can drill through from below.

at a right angle. okay, done. fix that here. that has to be on top there. and now i’ll do this at the back as well to strengthen it. once in the middle. great. it’s stable.

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