wohnzimmer regal dekorieren

wohnzimmer regal dekorieren

bedroom should be a relaxing place for the end of the day. however, if you are too busy, these ideas work to improve bedroom look! this is 5 improvement ideas for more organized bedroom you can follow soon after you like this video by simphome.com 1. maximize the empty corner corners are part of bedroom which often gets less of attention since many people think they are not important. to maximize bedroom space filling empty corner can be great idea!. you can place diy storage where you can use it to store your books or collections.

through these tricks, bedroom corners which often left empty can be more functional. whether it is just magazine holder, corner table, or floating shelves, they serve as great option to fill empty corner in the bedroom 2. the power of walk-in-closet some people perhaps are fine to not having walk-in-closet in their bedroom. but, this furniture actually pretty effective to avoid clutter in the bedroom. by having this furniture, you can store your clothes and other stuffs in good order so that it can be found easily. if you don’t have enough budgets to buy it,

perhaps making your own walk-in closet can be a great solution. there are tips of creating simple diy walk-in-closet that you can try. 3. apply unique storage there are a lot of interesting ways to store your stuff in the bedroom. if the bedroom space is limited you should not always focus using a common storage like cupboard or cabinet. unusual types of storage also can be used as long as it has similar function. for instance, you can use bunk bed with stairs which also can be functioned as a drawers. another idea that you can is vintage suitcase

because it does not only serve as functional storage but also decoration in the bedroom. 4. organize wall decorations how you arrange the decorations in the wall also bring significance impact to the overall look. if your bedroom walls are completely empty, hanging the poster or artworks you have bought from the exhibitions will make it look interesting. picture collages or other displays which are hung on the wall above the bed make the bedroom have a gallery feel. 5. use floating shelves single bulky storage unit in a bedroom will make it feel really full especially if the space is small.

a great alternative that you can try is by installing floating shelves in the bedroom. it will save much space in the bedroom. as it doesn’t use too much space, you can use an empty space underneath the shelves to place other furniture. besides making the bedroom space more functional, floating shelves also give modern and sophisticated look. done come back again next time with more home, kitchen makeover and decorating ideas. like this video, comment it, or better yet share it with everyone in your social circle. don't forget to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you.

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