wohnzimmer professionell dekorieren

wohnzimmer professionell dekorieren

and over on the right... you have the wall of desks oooooh look at those beautiful lines and over on the left we have the beautiful speaking living room area type thing are those butts? can't wait to decorate there's so much we can make how will it turn out?

omg we're coming over! open up, we're here! okay, you're yelling like so loud oh my gosh this is gonna be a fun one. guys i'm so excited we we call omg we're coming over omg w.a.c.o and we are about to get sowakko today we are at the boss girl's office aka the holy trinity gracehelbig, mamrie hart and hannah hart i mean like youtube royalty queensqueens i'm so excited i'm such a fan of

all of them i respect all of them somuch they're all such hard workers so for them to entrust us with their officespace is just it's big it's a big deal really big, guys if you haven't seen ourother omg w.a.c.os make sure and check them out and also subscribe cuz there'sso much more awesome stuff coming your way yeah make sure to check out their channels but first let's get into thisvideo. i mean we have so much to do it's so crazy oh my gosh oh my gosh.hi my name is mamrie hart i have a youtube channel called you deserve adrink. my name is hannah hart and i have a show called my drunk kitchen

hi i'm grace helbig and i've got a youtube channel called its grace together we're best friends who share an office that needsa little work our office is not for a lack of a better wordcute yeah it's for lack of many words a giant trash can. it's not the mostinspiring space. we actually avoid it it's kind of like a physicalrepresentation of a hangover. wow what is this place? well we liked it because we allspent time in new york and it feels kind of new york loft yeah it has the potentialto be a really cool hip office space but right now i've kind of used it just moreof its like a storage facility yeah it's just a glorified closet we shoot a tonof stuff in our own homes and i think we

all had like the mutual concern ofwanting to be able to separate our houses from where we do most of ourproduction so this was supposed to be office slash production space slashanother reason for us to spend time in the same physical space together oh itotally get it when you're an entrepreneur it's hard to like havethose designated lines i really like all of you so much and i'm having to channelthree personalities usually it's just one personality that i'm kind of trying tovibe with and like decorate but the fact that you guys each have to shoot yourown individual videos in here and work in here i'm telling you it's been achallenge

we have such low expectations that you guys can just take out our garbage we'd be like thank you so much. goals are office space shooting space meeting space basically like take us seriously as business womenspace while still a little storage yeah i have a giant inflatable penisthat i have just dying to get out of my house do you guys have a name for this space?we were calling it vanity farts for a minute. vanity farts on three yeah sothe first project we're gonna do with the girls is painting we have all theplastic laid out oh my god can only mean one thing mud wrestling. there's one wall that we can pretty much paint in this entire room because everything else is brick. we're not going to be painting brick

because once you paint brick it's prettyhard to get it back to its natural state okay so we are gonna paint threedifferent shapes on this wall. i have this idea to do these geometric shapes behind white boards but i don't want to tell them that the white boards are gonna goover these are gonna be those cool glass stand off white boards cause it's kindof good for them to have low expectations cuz then it'll bebetter when they see it trust me it's gonna be cool the shapesare just a baby that's gonna develop into an adult. guys i was notprepped to make babies this is morning. it's a baby they're only scheming this project tolike age four but by the time it's all

said and done this is gonna be afull-grown adult it's gonna feel like an adult space i actually don't really knowwhat i'm saying. my mom never had the sex talk with me and i'm so confused. now i'm thinking you probably shouldn't have the sex talk with yourkids. so we're gonna make three shapes the center one's going to be bigger thetwo side shapes are gonna be a little bit smaller our three colors are herethey're nice muted tones. so we're looking at three paint colorsa very very flattering pink a blue and like a gray white yeah it's avery muted sophisticated americana theme oh yeahi find them pleasant but not intrusive i

would never ever have chosen colors likethis. neither would i. are you guys hacking from here. yeah this has been like a bigproblem since we actually moved in so we're gonna do a straight line at thebottom when you use painters tape it doesn't always give you a clean cut linethe trick is painting first with the original wall color wow, it fills in anybleeds that could potentially happen with the other color and then you'll goover with other and then you'll have a crisp line thankfully you guys have thewhite wall color. so we are taping off these shapes now. what's really cool iswe're just using the laser level to get a nice straight line at the bottom andthen we're going up on right angles on

the side but then on the side pieces weare just going a little creative weirdos cockeyed hannah and grace are givingeach other paint tape jerseys. oh are you getting wings? yeah yeah she's getting aversion of wings i don't know what she's doing but i've heard a lot of ripping i gave her a number one i'm just inspired by these abstract shapes. so we're painting over the tape line it's going intowhatever areas would bleed and sealing up those bleed areas so we can go overwith our beautiful muted tones and we're gonna get nice crisp geometric shapes. so here's the big decision what color where i kind of like the white pink blue let'sdo it okay and then it like leads you

into the room. you know what mamrie? that made perfect sense to me. i'm having a hard time conceptualizingwhat the end product of these geometric shapes is going to be and it's a realtrust exercise because some. we just painted a bunch of shapes on our wall all right the next project we're doingwith the girls i'm so excited about this is hilarious you guys. kate kind ofwarned us that there would be a hands-on diy project inevitably in our future turns out not our hands. not our hands so don't worrythere's fun stuff going but on behind here don't look! we just gotta thought that you guys would like a nice blue tarp wall

like for a shooting background orsomething yeah i think it looks great i always love to do personalized art in aspace because well multiple reasons one, you don't have to get clearance you may be yourself we get to individualize and have it be something original and alsosomething that you can work on together the question is is are youdown? we're down no really guys yeah well i was think of something that could represent their senses of humor because they're all so hilarious and they also just laughso much when they're together so we thought a funny piece of art and what'sfunnier than butts? yeah that is so true we all have them andthere are all unpredictable. wait a minute

are we actually gonna dip our butts in some paint and then put them on this canvas we were trying to figure out somethingfun and quirky to do on a big canvas and kate had the genius idea of making themdo butt prints i can't believe that we're painting withour butts. yeah and this is coming from three people that have done some of thedumbest things on the internet to date in the last seven or eight years of uscreating content and still today somehow kate and joey were able to make us feeluncomfortable i personally expect you all to just gobare if you're if you're too much of a wuss. we have these beautifullegging, we can go bare butt or we have these disposable

leggings. if you bare butt how do you getthe paint off your butt? you got we have towels and water. i'm ready to put on the most flattering leg wear of all time white leggings. oh my gosh they're game hallelujah yes thank you i'm so excited this is so weird and so fun. i wouldpersonally go full butt to the canvas but then that would be pretty gross andyou might have some butt hair on the canvas. if they don't want to put painton their bare asses which i totally understand we have some you know verycheap leggings on hand they can wear. so this is like a charcoal gray so not ablack black i love. when you're painting with your butt you want to be subtle. yeahi think we roll everyone's butt

which i feel like will be a nice bondingexperience. let's do it lift up your shirt. and now i would go on the cheeks and avoid the crack. exactly. mamrie is painting my butt and it's so cold and wet and i have to say inever thought that this would be something that we shared as anexperience as friends. the crevices! let me see. i don't hate it i know it's not the worst. i never went totheater camp but i feel like this is a trust exercise and we're in. oh no! this is such a confusing sensation. why is it this way? we paint each others butts with paint andthen in a synchronized dance stick our butts onto a canvas one two three andlet's see the masterpiece. oh that's good! mine looks like a square butt. it's beautiful!

it's like a scandinavian inspired minimalist buttprint i think three is good i think negative space is good i think have somuch brick this is our nice patch of like clean white here yeah actually ithink. we should kick them out, with paint on their butts? yeah yeah let's go scrub our butts. so now this is the time when they make us leave and we don't get to see anything until it's completelydone which is really nerve-racking yeah i'm gonna be hiding in the bushes forthe next couple hours so best of luck kate it's a big space and you've onlygot one afternoon you're a little person all right so all right lots to do lots to do. i think we should. dinosaur? mm-hmm what's that for? no kateall right we have to move oh this is a

long room i know no it's it's no joke ithink we should divide and conquer i agree so i'm gonna deal with finishingthis wall okay so whiteboards on here the glass whiteboards on here thesconces sconces right mamrie's bar slagging light over it floating shelf abovewe got rub couch butt art side chairs etc i'm not doing all of that right now.you want me to do all that while you're spray painting one dinosaur?i mean it's there's lots of uh contours it'll take a while. alright go at least have the white boards and the lights up by the time you get back. i thought it would be reallyfun to spray-paint brontosaurus gold don'tworry i got mamrie's permission and so i'm

priming it with white primer and thenspringing it over with gold look at those haunches oh you look gorgeous and i'm doing the same thing to the basketball hoop. hannah pinned abasketball hoop when they were sending me there like inspo images and i waslike okay of course i love the idea of having little moments of fun and humorthroughout the space. what we're doing on this wall is we have three differentsized whiteboard we have one that's really big that's going to go in themiddle you have two smaller ones and we're going to mount them to the wallwith standoffs screw em on boom done they have thesesort of just basic commercial light

bulbs where the sconces are so we'regoing to get rid of those and put a new really cool sconces that just bring in alittle bit of personal flair they're going to continue to dress up this wallit's going to be a really cool space got it yeah all right so to finish this piece of artwork we're just going to make thatwood frame trim it's just a really simple way of cleaning up these canvases. i've never seen such minimalist butts. in the room we are moving in this amazing rug. wow lookat this rug. i know this rug is so gorgeous okay i love the muted toneswe're really playing with muted tones in here again trying to kind of pull awayfrom that really saturated brick color

hand-made wool rug. wow must've beenexpensive. why do you have to say that? because i want to know if i'm gonna have an expensive rug cuddle or not i'll take you on a date. i mean it's a nice rug okaygot it for a great price let me take you on a nice but it's a nice rug. let me take you on a nice rug date. here we go. wait. i wasn't mentallyprepared for this i wanted to see the rug but i always forget that we have arug cuddle don't resist ah we cuddle on the rug hmm you can smell the natural the sheep. the natural wool? shut up it doesn't smell like sheep. let's go we've way too much to do. i'm giving you love eyes we have this really cool pink couchthat is both funky and fun looking but

also really nice quality reallycomfortable oh wow i mean this has to be my dream couch ijust have to say it this is my dream couch it's so soft and it has tufting onthe bottom but clean lines. it's like mid-century dreams come true the coffeetable is a marble slab coffee table with brass legs very minimalist but reallyheavy just a nice piece to anchor this conversation area. i am so excited aboutthese accent chairs. ready? 1 2 3 oh my gosh these accent chairs they look like kisses like lips but they're blue and they're velvet and they are pleated and theyhave brass legs and they're just dream clouds brass legs. yes! i love how these shapes turned out

yeah don't you love that? amazing whoever hung those whiteboards did a really good job they look very straight. thanks. good job good job all right so let's bring in the desk yeah so we have the countertopsthat are gonna be desks and then the file cabinets drawers storage theyrequested storage. let's do it, let's do it okay so. oh wait what i don't want to the dry wall to fall apart. all right so we're bringing the countertop desk and the waythat we are anchoring these is with drawer yunus they're just a really lightgray and it's really easy to put in these counter top desk we're just gonnalay them over the top tada they are stabilized and then you're putting trashcans in between. yeah i have like little

cute little trash cans to go in between these chairs are awesome they're socool-looking they are comfortable and functional theywanted more comfortable office chairs so this is the perfect blend of mixedmodern. styling these desk is really easy i'm just placing a few personal itemslike their books they all have like books it's so cool some really cool dry erasemarkers and erasers and of course some personal touches a picture of the threeof them on hannah's desk and a feather pen and then i have one final touch planfor brontosaurus when i was looking at her i was very inspired by her very longneck and i thought a rhinestone choker

just put really flatter her assets. allright so i'm mounting a three roll paper on the ceiling and basically it'sgoing to give them options for different colors you know when you see peopledoing videos and they're sort of in front of just like a solid backgroundcolor a lot of times what they're doing is using one of these they can changeout the colors as they go if they want to try something else and it's just gota really cool like pulley system on so you can raise and lower these sykes itkeeps it all organized very pro very cool i think it'll be really functionalfor them. over in the corner we are placing the round marble table. what wastheir sort of conference room table all

right. got it? yep so center under thelight yeah? yeah i know it's really nice it was that grace's house i think. whatwe're gonna do is we're gonna make this corner the area where they can like eatmore as like a dining area because it's next to the kitchen so over this diningtable i'm gonna swag this awesome gigantic chandelier gold long industriallooking it's just perfect it's gonna also put a lot of light in this cornerbecause this is a dark corner because there's no windows over here. kate? wait hang on i'm like placing this chair it's really heavy, but it's so cool. oh my gosh grace actually requested a barber chair.we scoured craigslist we found this one it was yellow it had like slash marks init. it's vintage, we got it reupholstered

and now it is just this beautiful pieceshe asked for a barber chair here it is customary upholstered so that is goingto go on the white. on a free round rug side table plant zebra mugs oh yeszebra mugs and i want to style this with the white rolled down. i'm just gonnahand paint a hanging plant on the white i just love the idea the paperbackdrop. grace can do whatever she wants she can paint on that andestablish like a cool scene and then what's so great is they just cut it offroll down a fresh new piece. this is about where we want the eyes to startright yeah yeah so like cascading down yeah. on the wall we're gonna put areally cool neon sign we're just gonna

mount that to the brick and now we haveour dining area. i see you. it just looks so cool in that corner now like thatcorner has just taken on an entirely new life. in mamrie's corner we're buildingher bar set up because she does all these videos with her bar setup which isreally great. this piece is just epic okay it's glass on the front so shecould like write on the front with a whiteboard marker if she wanted to likelist her menus and this can become her desk with this really awesome stool omg this stool is so pretty if she can sit here work on her laptop and thenobviously also have her videos shot here as well. i am accenting the bar withvintage glassware of course with like a nice

little ice chest and thenbehind the bar we have a floating shelf that joey put up thank you into thebrick not easy and then on top of that i'm putting a handwritten you deserve adrink that of course is mamrie's booktitle and i think just also a good sentiment to welcome people in and thenof course brontosaurus has to make an appearance here on the shelf with herchoker. fabulous so this office space came with like sortof a little bit of a kitchenette setup they had like a counter top with somebase cabinet. this kitchen needed to be pulled together it was just kind of like a crapcollector kitchen. and you know hannah

does a lot of cooking videos and so whatwe're gonna do is we're gonna sort of build this out for her to be her set.look joey i wrote out this quote "shout out to the tryers" this is something thathannah said. we got this really cool kitchen island it's got a stainlesssteel countertop. it's on wheels so it can move around for ease of filming and then it alsohas a butcher block that you can put up so that it can become like a countertable so she can pull up stools or just have extra surface area. look at thisvintage copper saucepan isn't it cool? the heck are these balls? oh oh my god i'm obsessed with these joey. what are they? they're those grapes they're on driftwood and they're the like acrylic

grapesi have been wanting to use this for so long and now i can because we are in thekitchen so i'm just styling that with some other pots and stuff like that. yeahthis part is looking pretty awesome. no chef station is complete withouther super cool cutting board and sharp knife. so probably my favorite part ofthis room is actually not in the main room they have this side room that theywere using as their like conference room / dining area this adjacent room is theperfect place for a dressing room they have those two armois which arechock-full of costumes we're going to lay down a nice furry rug put in adresser we brought in a little vanity

stool we have a beautiful roundminimalist mirror above. there's a storage bench in the middle it justmakes it feel more like a closet when there's like a little ottoman, a floatingshelf which of course we're going to style with some of their cute weirdthings and then just some other little accessories i also drew this otherlittle champagne glass so i drew that little thing and we framed it and yeahthis quote i love this is from mamrie which is if i can pop a birth controlpill you can pop an allergy pill but i just love that there's little elementsof humor throughout a beautiful space the last element we're doing in thisroom which is kind of the most epic

element in my opinion is the goldenbasketball hoop they call me mr. golden boy baller withthis kiwi lover this may be the coolest thing we've done to date. you walk in andyou see a freaking gold basketball hoop in the middle of room. i know i love that.come show me your basketballs skills i'm air dribbling. she's great at airdribbling fourth quarter nine seconds ago kate brings down the ball down thecourt she better shoot. alley oop! it's time to reveal to the girls i'm so excited. this was a really tough room, i know kate's been super stressed about

this room she's been waking up at nightfreaking out but i think she did an amazing job. eyes are closed oh my god oh my god. they make us close our eyes to walk into the room which first of all with ourtrust issues already this is insanity yeahi'm so nervous but also not that nervous i'm just nervous that i'm gonna mess itup diane's walking into cuz she wants tosee the space she's gonna be working in the space with them. oh my god oh my god. okay. one...two....three welcome to the boss girl's office

oh oh my god. why did you do this so nicely? i'm so confused! look at those light fixtures! look at this bar! oh my god this is so cute i gotta try sitting in one of these oh yeah this is a chair i love it directly under the sunlightalso did you see that this plant is beautiful plant is fake. yeah! we don't have to take care of it. you got a barber shop chair! re-upholstered. this is so cool! this is so cool. come back here likeyou're sitting and look how cute our whole offices is we look like actual adult.wow my god we are so professional oh my god oh my god, first of all i'm obsessed with these 70s glass grapes and there's a little arm the holds it up. look at all this storage. and when you guys need to get ready for your videos. this is insane. oh no! look at those lights! is this mtv cribs?

oh my god did you draw this? yes. did you write all this? they're so precious yeah i love ityour words my hand this exceeds expectations. oh i'm so glad you guys are such a joy and all so inspiring. every area you're in feels likeyou're in a different space as the gold basketball hoop in the center of theoffice yeah the crown design was a slam-dunk.here we go what did we say this place was called again? vanity farts. ready?good job vanity farts on three one two three vanity farts! oh good job! we did it! how great is the holy trinity. they're so fun. vanity farts, i love it.

they just make me laugh so much it. this was such a high-pressure space for me just because there's three peoplejoey had to like drill into all that brick like we we worked our mental andphysical muscles like whoa on this space and i couldn't be happier that they loveit so much. subscribe, because we have more omg w.a.c.os coming your way plus some otherawesome new interior design series and other things we have two new series slash second seasons of series that we are gearing up to do that we're both soexcited about the whole team of mr. kate's really excited about it so you guysplease check those out when they come out. if you guys if we get to 100,000 likeskate will go on a roller coaster that

goes upside down. nope, joey i don't like those. guys, joey can just flip me upside-down how about that? perfect okay great and guys go check out all of what hannah hart'schannel mamrie's hart's channel and grace helbig's channel and subscribe to them duh.thanks for joining us. thank you see you on the next w.a.c.o turn around let me just see that you'reall with nicely saturated. the firing squad. this is the most vulnerable position i've everbeen in on the internet and that's saying a lot yeah exactlywow you want me to go in the middle because mine might be the full butterfly. that's fine that's okay.

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