wohnzimmer maritim dekorieren

wohnzimmer maritim dekorieren

i'm claustrophobic. i'm -- joey i'm claustrophobic, stop! got it? no! just use that one hand you got there.-joey! can't wait to decorate there's so much we can make how will it turn out? omg, we're coming over! open up. we're here. okay. you're yelling like so loud hi guys, hi, everybody welcome welcome welcome welcome. today, we are doing something very... fashionable?

yes, very couture because we are at cloecouture's apartment in la so we have like a unique episode today you guys because this is our strictest color palette ever gasp -yes joey's very buttoned up -i don't even know what that means because cloe loves gray, silver, white we're calling it the 50 shades of grey episode you guys. oh, we are? yeah

i am you're welcome i've never seen the movie or read the book i read the books she is going to submit herself to our design wait hang on, what is that? i need it. are you going? i need it when you come back, please trying to do an intro here for whoa so perfect i'm pulling her style organic glam so it's 50 shades of grey, but it's organic glam she likes like glam look with the furniture, but then like she also like kind of organic looking artwork so a stick like kate, i've been looking for a stick like this. it's perfect. okay, you hold it thank you all right so we're gonna get up into cloe's apartment and start decorating because we lots to do but first

subscribe to our channel subscribe to cloe's channel cloecouture, subscribe to our channel go check out our collab with cloe on her channel when we get to two million subscribers one subscribers gonna win a $10,000 room transformation pretty cool. we'll come over to your house so like a norm core one not like an s&m one okay norm core no, we don't do normal things. i'm mr. kate let the creative weirdness begin yeah hi, i'm cloe also known as cloecouture on youtube but i actually have a alter ego that i'm ready to introduce you guys to

okay guys, it's patricia here, and if you didn't know i'm the real cloecouture so i started off doing beauty videos but now i've kind of ventured into comedy lifestyle and more scripted content and i just moved to la this year, so i have a brand new apartment and i wanted kate to come over and decorate it wow oh my gosh, it is an empty room. yeah, very empty, and it's been like this for a long time. lots of light lots of opportunity a lot of space it's been like a month where i've just been living with this giant empty space. she used to live with a roommate who has some furniture

but then her roommate out. moved out so took her couch with her. so you know nothing nothing. all i have is a bed um everything here came with the apartment. oh the chairs. that's a odd choice. they like got like a really fancy chandelier. let's go with the plastic chair okay, so it's living room dining room, and then there's a printer on the floor yeah, that's my one item i like to do all my work here and i end up like sitting on my dining room table for so many hours of the day just doing work, right there's like an office need in here, too so we have so much to do because this room is gigantic and we are working on a college girls budget

but we will do great things. i am assuming we do go team! one two three! go team! that worked smooth we are working on a college girl's budget here in a really big room so we're gonna be really smart and also get her a glam look which is high class cloecouture look well we have something to discuss let's step over to your only seating area over here we have something to present to you sounds ominous when cloe told me that she likes gray. i was like okay i'm gonna give her so many shades of gray

this is gonna be like 50 shades of grey, so of course we just had to run with that and recreate the movie welcome we have something to present to you we want to make sure that you fully accept and submit yourself to fifty shades of gray the color i've never done this before you're looking flush so we've drawn up this contract here. we would like you to sign we will sign first. there's three signature lines for people okay so let's just sign it first. we're all gonna sign it okay

and it says one thing gray. gray are you ready for that? i'm ready so you are prepared to submit yourself to this mutually agreed upon color palette fifty shades of gray i am. as the lead dominant designer. you may sign on the second line. i'm going to sign on the top line oh, that's you. now we are bound together indesign checks out okay let's do it! not sexual guys. this is this is design dominance. okay? let's open up that paint can

oh, i get to do the honor? okay, wait. how do i do it? you don't know how to do it? joey don't shame her we'll actually shame her. okay i've never painted before. you've never painted ever ever well obviously i'm already struggling. you need my help? oh my god! so pretty this is like the color of my room back home oh really, so it's really nice because it kind of gives me that like back home feel i love this color i like painted every room this color, but i love it. oh good okay, now i stir with this flip it first. so you really look like you know what you're doing what flip it, oh flip it like it drum stick like a pro. there you now stir

okay okay, okay. i'm getting the hang of it. i've never done this before remember? well. we talked about it in the meeting! for some reason they expect that i know how to paint but i don't so i kind of just went with it here sure, wherever. yes! do you like it? wait, i enjoy this. look how beautiful it is. i know, i really like it. i'm calling it organic glam so like vegan kind of no, he's not being dominant, he's being lazy and bossy that's not dominant

we're taking a stand, let's take a stand. we left joey with the paintbrushes and we decided to go do our own little project joey two rolls let's hit it. i got it. i got it. i got it joey to two rolls. no joey. this is remember when you did this last time and you literally gave yourself such whiplash joey two rolls not even close. okay bye yeah. bye paint the wall so we'll let joey two rolls take over this painting and cloe and i have a fun art project to work on

let's head to the bedroom you have big giant walls mm-hmm. and they're great and they need big giant arch. yes, they need some love like because there's nothing more depressing than seeing a big giant wall was like a tiny piece of art it's a little bit of a challenge to bring her some large-scale art that is going to really suit the size of the space so we are budget saving on this large-scale art by using a piece of finished plywood we primed it with just like a white coat of paint. how many shades of gray do you think are here? it's about 50 maybe 15. yeah this is 15 shades of gray and then we have this thing that's a scraper okay, and then these are so cool these are called stand off and what you do is you mount them on the wall

and then this goes behind the art gets sandwiched in between these two little things so it's gonna kind of stand off the wall a little bit. okay i'm so excited to do an art project like i feel like i'm in art class, it's fun. why don't you come over here and help me start dolloping, okay girl so we're taking this piece of wood and we are placing dollops of paint all along the side that's so pretty. they're all beautiful and then we take a scraper tool, and just scrape it along and squiggle it a little and that's it literally drag the paint across the wood piece and it looks so cool awesome! it looks cool! it's like a waterfall gray. yeah, i'm gonna go across i'm gonna hand it to you the friendship stroke friendship stroke

yes and just run all the way off the board beautiful. it looks like sedimentary rock right like rocks that kind of layer themselves over millions of years. we're doing it in 15 minutes, i love how this looks yes, let's add some of our glitter the art looks amazing we are finishing it off with some glitter which cloe is so excited about i feel like i'm such a glittery girl and like for the longest time i haven't been letting my glitter shine through because i would like everyone likes the like nude and like that kind of look, but i'm letting it shine through okay let your essence shine through girl, we are also using some silver leaf and it's these beautiful really lightweight leaves, and we're just tearing off pieces and patting them down with our finger

i've always wanted to try that leaf method and it's so z gallerie which is the vibe i want to go for this little submissive is doing really great at this project i won't have to take her to the red room of pain which is good for both of us because it's not in our color palette. the art turns out so cool i'm so happy about it it's really big which is great because normally a giant piece of art like that would cost a lot of money hey guys we made art. how'd you do that? isn't it cool? just talent you're born with it. we don't give away our secrets um cloe? yes? when all your furniture went away, did your tv go away?

yes, it did i thought you guys were getting me a tv is that not happening is that not part of the deal here. you don't have a tv? no, you're gonna get to go get the tv can you go buy a tv right now? i have to go buy a tv. oh my god, okay can you do that? i think i can handle it. sorry thank you. i had a tv before when they first came over and now i don't have a tv but i think they thought i had a tv so today, i'm going to get a tv let's move on we got a lot to do

pretend we're on vacation. we're having a romantic dinner out. what would you like for dinner? what are you cooking? um filet mignon ew a i don't eat steak second what is filet mignon because it sounds real gross filet mignon. okay now your turn. pretend okay? you're in a african drum circle what's under this blanket? don't you want to know? i know what's under this blanket. well. what is it? i think it's do i have you stumped? she thinks i don't know what this was who do you think carried this big-ass stump up here? joey two rolls

how old do you think this tree was? oh i don't know 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45. 46. wait what? i'm only this far in i'm only on 46 years i think i skipped some diy to the rescue

we found this amazing wood stump and we're gonna paint it silver. it came from a reclaim wood place where she like treats everything that comes in so if there were critters in here. they are dead so the process with painting the stump is really easy we're just standing it down first creating a smooth surface. we've removed any bark and then we're going to seal it with a primer and a stain blocker, and then we're going to cover that with some awesome silver oil paint so that when you walk in you, just see this massive piece of silver wood. oh my gosh. can i do the first swipe you can do all the swipes which wow it's pretty good coverage though. oh my gosh

this is gonna be so pretty. you know how i do everything in my long nails and never break them. i broke one. oh my god did you break a nail? i did break a nail, and it bled. oh my god. joey sympathy! let me see no, i taped it up. oh that's smart. hard core. you can go do something else i got this i got this yeah you got this so joey's got the stumo project. i am going to head out and spray-paint lebranch we need that organic glam look so this is perfect. it's the right size it's large in scale so i am just sanding down this branch and then spray painting it white with a primer and then going in with you guessed it silver, and it looks so cool

it's really just coming alive and this with some l.e.d twinkle light is just going to become its own sculptural element so while i'm out here spray painting i'm also spray painting the base of this lamp that i found which is a tree branch like looks so cool it's so in line with our theme and i'm going to put it on the opposite side of the room of the tree stumps and we have that wood playing throughout yo, we're not ready for you.oh wait someone is trying to get out of the garage. i got it you leave circle the city ok. bye cloe got the tv, but we are not done with the room yet so thank you cloe be on your way to a coffee shop

we will text you when we're ready alright guys our favorite time of the week it's rug time alright. guess what color? it's kind of a silvery huh? oh i love it lay down lay down and submit yourself to the rug cuddle. kate's trying to break me into submission with me while i'm the dominator you're suppose to submit give me your wrists. i'll play you're game. i am going to dominate this rug cuddle. don't do it what? i'm just gonna try it. no no ow, i've been growing that happy trail for years.

oh i got like five hairs are you enjoying your cuddle? no, can you give me a kiss? no, we have another rug to do i took like five hairs off you have like five million. you know how painful those five hairs were? shut up what do you think it is couch? i love it. it's not gray joey its flesh tone the room is so coming together so we placed the couch and we are placing these accent chairs are really cool like charcoal gray kind of tweed

fabric the couch and the chairs and the dining chairs are all from urban home. they look amazing. what's so great is that they're beautiful really nice quality, but they do not break the bank we need a coffee table here complete the conversation area. yes white with silver coffee table ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show what up everybody. you are here in the 50 shades of grey room no no no it is not a painful place. it is a beautiful multi-tone place and cut this film lamp it's kind of one of those tripod style like old film lights and of course it came brass but we painted it silver because no warm metal allowed. lift and carry and put the desk in

this chair is awesome that's so cool! it's like fabric slash plastic. thank you right there, please thank you. can you bring me more things, please? and look flesh. so for the art they painted on a really lightweight piece of finished plywood the way we're going to mount it is we're going to use standoffs which are little metal? tubes that basically prop the art piece off on the wall gives it a little dimension so we're just going to drill in six standoffs put it right next to the dining table it's going to be an amazing feature piece of art super luxe and totally diy

oh m g. m g. no, like legit the art looks so amazing you guys on the wall. oh my gosh. i am blown away this looks so expensive legit skis if i saw that in like a z gallery or something like i would easily believe that it was close to a thousand if not more, i'm just going to put a mirror up on the wall add some reflection space yeah, i think this dining room area is pretty much good to go. wow slick and sleek. christian grey would be proud i'm also doing a sketch of like a couture girl like just something really simple and an

evocative of just kind of her. you know glam makeup stuff. curtain time, i didn't bring a ladder because i'm an idiot so i'm gonna get these up here. oh there's a better way to do this joey please curtains are done um something's not right we got a flooding problem kate. no why are they like that the measurements were correct what's going on? did you put them upside down? put what upside down? the brackets

oh. yes you did. maybe. you did. please do over. did you see how hard it was for me to get those up there, okay well do over and please stand on a chair apparently i was using the wrong curtain rod and current brackets i'm gonna rehang the curtains because it's my favorite thing in the world to do to get complexity and design you know those spaces that you see and you go. oh my gosh this looks like a magazine you really do want to challenge yourself to play with tones so rather than being so strict with yourself to stick to like one shade of grey if you decide that grey and silver are your

color palette do every single shade possible because that is what's gonna give you that really layered beautiful look you can also set your table so that it sort of lives set which looks really welcoming and very like magazine i'm using a silver velvet table runner. a vase candle holders and a long tray that i found at the goodwill you guys yeah it's important to reuse and also to stay on budget and ta-da you have a glamorous table the branch looks so cool. i'm just twisting these twinkle lights around and it's just such a beautiful sculptural element i'm just accessorizing the top of the console table with some beautiful items a candle holder and this big chrome pitcher that is just so glam and i could not pass up

but i found it in the clearance section so yay! behind the couch. we are hanging some prints and these are really beautiful black-and-white prints they just look really crisp and glamorous and then on the couch we have some charcoal gray pillows, and then a beautiful beaded pillow it's kind of a velvet and it just looks so glamorous the stump looks so cool you guys oh my gosh we're placing in the room it looks so amazing. it's such a showpiece i'm just placing a core geometric, orb the stone marbley piece, but they complement each other on the coffee table i'm placing this plate tray. which is so cool it has a sketch of a rose on it a long glass tray with three decorative

beaded balls if this was a planet. i would live on this planet and then visit the other two furry white pillows essential i'm just placing a framed mr.kate quote the room looks amazing i'm so thrilled with it we definitely have 50 shades of grey in here like i feel like we have like 100 shades of grey. let's get cloe in here alright, we're walking cloe down the hallway. she's wearing a blindfold of course she's our submissive it's a beautifully padded satin blindfold very appropriate and she's also shaking she's so nervous! she's like i'm clammy my hands are sweaty

one......two......three oh my god!! it's so good! oh my god! i love it! and then and then oh my god oh my god, i feel like i'm in like a magazine. yeah i'm like shaking! you guys treated me well. it's so pretty. isn't it pretty? look at the beautiful black-and-white photos we have scenes of nature, right? organic glam oh my god the wood. i know the stump!

we painted that doesn't it look good? it looks so good and then you got a fancy table i didn't even think of like replacing the plastic chairs but now seeing that like that cool artwork you guys made that looks like expensive it looks so expensive like i want that everything looks so good. yay, you have work area now yeah, your little desk area. this is like insane. this is insane i can't believe it and the little like light up i want to say a different word that's why we call it omg we're coming over i guess shiny balls

wow, and food. i know i actually ran into your kind bars. oh my god, it's everything so pretty and it's so like a homey, i know with the shag carpet and like the furry pillows everything's so comfortable. it has that like sleek modern look, but it's still like cozy. oh yeah, you can totally cozy up in here. get some work done over there. that's like a full-on computer desk it has a little hole for the cable. so you can like put your laptop up there and have it be like i love that it's like by the window too because then like the light coming in and i'll just sit there and edit ya know it's so nice in here like so many shades of gray. i mean there's definitely 50 shades of gray for sure yeah

we love it! thanks for having us! i'm glad you love it! i love it so much. i can't wait it. just like live in a house now yeah you have a home now guys this is insane like this is so cool i'm so glad that you love it that was of course the goal. cloe raps at the end of her videos. oh, yeah do you want me to rap? dude let's rap. okay. can someone give me a beat. oh. god. this is chlo with with the flow and that was the video i know that you a mo but now it's time to go ay ay ay okay, it's so much love

so much love she loves it. i'm so happy that fifty shades of grey like there's definitely fifty shades in there it is a very chic complete yes sophisticated. we lived up to the contract she submitted herself she did she was a very good client. make sure and go over to her channel she's doing something fun behind the scenes kind of stuff of this whole experience so yeah, go check that out for sure and subscribe to her channel too and subscribe to us. yes subscribe to us guys we are so close to a million subscribers yeah we need you! like it's gonna happen soon it's gonna soon with your help

so thank you so much, and if you're coming from cloe welcome to our creative weirdo family we're so happy to have you we will be doing more of these videos for you don't forget one lucky subscriber once we hit that 1 million mark is gonna get a ten thousand dollar room transformation. yes, we all come into your home and make you sign a contract and be nice to you. we'll be nice to you we'll be nice to you. alright that is our cue to leave we will see you next time. love you lots bye okay, i just got to my apartment

i'm about to go inside. oh my god. i'm so nervous i don't know why i think it's because like it's really hard to just like hand over the control to someone else i know. it's kind of silly because it's just an apartment, but like i really hope that kate created the image i was going for. i trust her so yeah, i guess let's go see

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