wohnzimmer loft bilder

wohnzimmer loft bilder

can't wait to decorate! there's so much we can make! how will it turn out? omg, we're coming over! open up, we're here ok,ay you're yelling, like so loud hey, everyone! hello, everyone! oh my gosh, so so excited about today cause we are at manny mua, beauty guru.

at 25 years old, he's a guru. for those of you who don't know us. hello...i'm joey i'm mr.kate i go by mr.kate because i like to redefine normal things.today is a perfect day for that because manny is not normalhe's a boy who wears makeup he challenges norms which i love he boughta house in la his is a living room slash office so that's kind of a two-in-one..."two-fer"and then i'm gonna collab with him over on his channel, which you have to checkout the video and do his beauty room. before we get startedsubscribe to our channel. yes we are doing a challenge where if we reach amillion subscribers one of you lucky

subscribers will win a $10,000 roomtransformation. let's go! let's go! alright i mean this is....i mean you have a house! you're ayoutuber and this place is awesome.thank you so much honestly it's like it's a blessing 100%. i'm actually fromsan diego, moved up here have a freaking house i need help decorating so me and mr.kate kind of linked up because of people were tweeting us like yo you guysneed to meet manny moving up, kate you're an interior designer let's do itand i'm like okay. it's huge...it's huge. and you and your dad have been working on stuffhere obviously like you did the floors. yeah i did about like 90% of the work mydad did about 10...so today's gonna be easy. so since we were here

last you obviously put up the tv, looks amazing. yes the tvlooks pretty sick. living room living room office. yeah. he wants to be able tolounge, watch tv but he also wanted an office area in the sort of annex i thinkthat we can make it work to have both a living room and office happen in thatspace. i'm very like glam okay i'm not saying that i'm glam. you are glam. i'm kind of glam, but um i woulddefinitely say i like a more glamorous space i like it to be like cleancrescent moons which, that's like my thing. are you a realwitch? no, in spirit, i'm a witch in spirit i'm not like doing no voodoo dolland stabbing no eyes or anything like that. can we do like a kick off spell? powerof the moon, cozy glam space

cozy glam space... vamonos...vamonos. that's perfect! he mentioned neutrals creams, whites allof that but because he is a walking duality himself we got to also bring inthe dark. are you are you a big painter? i'm not a painter i'm not a painter at allactually. have you painted before? one time i think i've painted once. like walls? yeah yeah i have... i think i painted like the bottom of thing andi was just like i can't do this. act like you're both gonna be like dad i can't do this. like joey...daddy...we can't do this they ended like saying like manny we'regonna open some paint right now let's do

it and i'm like okay i'm thinking it'sgonna be blush cream so i'm opening it and it's a dark grey. what? he seems shockedand his shock face is so funny. his lashes just like. like i died, i didnot expect that to happen, but i thought it was genius like it's cool contrastbetween the lighter and the dark in the room it's juxtaposition i guess it iscalled, kate says it all the time. the color is called cover of night. oh my god you knowi was gonna love that...yeah okay so i just go go for it do a w make aw or an m....make an m! would you have ever guessed that this is thecolor we would be coming with? no 100% not like i swear to you i thought it was gonna belike pink. my arms are getting tired.

all right well that's fine because iactually have a less physically strenuous diy. i knew this was going to happen!oh my god joey, you're so great to us. i don't want to be called daddy this whole time. joey took over i'm likethank you daddy because i was not going to do this i was sweating like a frigginbullet i'm wearing a full-face here this is a mask. classic kate, they're gonna goout and do fun arts and crafts and leave joey in here to sweat and paint the walls.hey guys i'm here mr.kate and we are about to start the diy project. oh my god i'mhere! oh did i interrupt your snap? this is so cute! that's going in the room why did you give me thesketchbook earlier? okay so this is like mmm, there really isn't a ton of wallarea in manny's room for art there's

just one little patch so we are gonna dosome diy art. i can't draw. alright well we are gonna do a little bit of drawingbut it's super super simple. okay cool! like a hand? oh my god! you're psychic!are you serious? okay you're a witch psychic. get out of myhead what? "la mano de manny" yes! la manito de manny. when i was thinkingabout mysticism i thought about palm reading and i thought it would be reallycool to create a custom diy piece of artwork that is manny's hand. hands andfate and magic and all that stuff come together in this diy project. the righthand is more career and kind of like what you do and the left hand is kind ofmore what like the universe like brings

to you so like marriage line likerelationship. that line must be so short. how do you read a palm? uh-huh so a hard line that begins belowthe middle finger indicates a person who is selfish when it comes to love. why arewe doing this again? it's between the two fingers so you have both people in mind.great so i'm doing this with pencil first and then i'll fill in with penright it's more permanent if the headline begins at the lifeline yeahyeah starts there oh my god it starts very strongly right this means that thisperson is strong-willed the life line curves around the base of the thumb thisline does not actually indicate how long

you will live but rather strengthvitality and prosperity. the fate line runs vertically from the base of thepalm you have a real strong line. a deep line means that thisperson's life will be strongly controlled by fate, if it breaks and changesdirection well actually that's kind of funny. that has like a little mini break.that one actually started really early yeah. i wonder if that's like your likeyour decision to follow this path. right yeah. come out like all that stuff. so we're gonna do heart here? yeah, so iwould maybe just write it like along there so i'm thinking like it meansheart but should i do like a word that

captures like what my heart said in thereading. yes! this is why i love personalized art, you just havingthat idea is so much better than just writing heart on it. like true love.... oh i love that! i love this! me encanta! me encanta mucho!finally! took you guys long enough. yes, we were out there for a while decipheringmanny's future. in that time, joey finished painting the room. how was thehand project? it's stunning! what's mine say? calluses with weird paint color on them. he has like 3 lines. we have a lot to do and i don't want manny to see anythingelse but before we kick him out there is a special present that we have to showhim. accessories are very important right?

so we need some stunning, stunning jewelry for this room. it's christmas in july but it's not even july. i knew thati wanted a moon scheme in this room but then when i was looking up moon items.what? wait what?! i came across this 3d printed moon it's cool! it's a littlemoon! so i open the box and i'm like is this like gift-wrapped cottage cheese i didn'tknow what was going on. once it's dark it glows looks so so so so cool andi was like it's not cottage cheese? and she's like no it's not. sinceyou guys took so long on the hand project. you gotta go bye bye. i haveto leave? yeah cuz we have to finish.. aw but i love him! i'm gonna go down like this. see you soon, have fun! you guys are not gonna miss

each other that much. that's how he stays so pretty, he naps all the time. we have so much to put in this room. wow this is beautiful.isn't it pretty? he loves like mirrored furniture. by the stairs it's kind of anangled wall which is sort of awkward to style but a console table is the perfectthing. your crystals sir, did you order aplatter of crystals? we got these gorgeous sconces to put up on the wallshe doesn't have a lot of built-in lighting in this room so the lightingthat he does have we want to make sure it's really glam i know he wanted achandelier it's a process to put in a chandelier because they're actuallypretty delicate ceilings so we are

taking the chandelier to the wall withthese beautiful sconces. joey what are you doing? it's like an adultgrab toy. all right so we got these really cool vintage fire irons i don'treally know what they're called you know it's a little set that everyone has thatyou don't actually know what to do with them. it's like an ancient tooth pullerwhen giants roamed the earth. or it's like a really dainty pooper scooper it'slike for a really small turd. definitely needed some polishing..no no no..i'm notdone with it it's so cool it's so regal it's very oh oh it's very regal...joey's accent...i will wipe the fireplace for you ma'am.oh thank you. i will sweep the streets and

scoop your poops. excuse me sir i do not poop onthe streets. excuse me ma'am. oh my god now you're scottish? kate's notas good as me with the accents though you know? i didn't want to go printit on the rug i knew i wanted to go printed in the pillows and so thiscream rug with a pattern that's in the same tone is perfect. okay seanceif you hold hands....no no no no. if you kiss my hand aw i got two. i'm gonnasummon a power full spirit. yeah i'm right there with.... to govern this space tokeep it protected and happy and productive what do you want to add? joey?normally i do the smaller artsy diy projects and joey does the biggerbuilding stuff. do we have to make anything else? we have

the diy crescent moon medallion for thewindow to be made. i can make that. you want to make the diy project? i want to do it. why do you always get to make the diy projects. because ah that... kate neverwants to do the hard stuff kate you're building the bookshelves i'm making themoon. listen baby, let me do that diy listen baby i want to build that moon.too bad. alright so i'm laying out the parts for the bookshelf and joey is overin the office area starting the moon project which is giving me so muchanxiety. all right i'm cutting. we only have onesheet of metal like if it doesn't go right then i'm not gonna have thatstatement it's literally the crown of the

room no joey. can i? can we just trade? no. please? no i can't i can't take this anymore. kate, kate, kate. i love you can i have this? look how good i'm doing. i love you joey thebookshelf was calling your name. i bet you i can build that bookshelf beforeyou finish this. deal. just give me the shears. this moon project is basically a largerversion of the phases of the moon pendant check out the diy on mrkate.comit's basically just taking metal shears and cutting out a moon shape. now that i've got the crescent-shapedcut i'm going to use some sandpaper to refine the points of the crescentbecause those things are very sharp and

i don't want anyone getting skewered bythe moon i'm also using the sandpaper to create more of a brushed finish on thesurface of the metal because it does look a little too industrial and iwanted to have a more aged pretty brushed look. we got to add some blingand that is as easy as a hot glue gun and some flat back gems. hey kate! doneoh me too! oh cool by the time you took to cut out a piece of thin metal i builtan entire bookshelf the operative word was cut metal soyes i did that. alright so we're bringing in a really big couch to put into thisreally big living room we got a sectional. disclaimer about sectionals iknow people love them because they're

really comfortable they are not theeasiest to design around it just kind of throws the room off balance of itbut manny really wanted one. i want this our living room isn't this big we can't haveit. why isn't our living room this big? get your feet off the couch. in the far corner we'regiving him a high back chair which is great because it's really elegant andglamorous. oh joey where's the poof? kate! poof!it's okay i'm fine. this coffee table is epic it's big it's sturdy it's gold it'sluxe looking man. oh my gosh wow this is a block can definitely see that it wasleafed on because it has that subtle texturehow cool is that? yeah it's like a future

piece for sure. we got a really niceglass gold leaf credenza. it's a console table whatever you call it i don't knowit's like a bar table to just put things but to look good it's one of thosedecorating things it looks great. so to prep the office area, we're gonna addsome rugs on the floor and i love these faux cowhide rugs. oh look i'm jon snowwinter is coming joey where's the white walkersah you took my coat! nobody takes jon snow's coat! okay let's bring in the desk. okayoriginally when we met with manny he talked about putting some desks upagainst the windows i just didn't love that idea cuz those windows are reallyamazing and i love the idea of making

these desks more substantial which meansbringing them off the wall it's gonna be really nice to walk in and see the backof the computer screens as opposed to the front it's just gonna keep it moreclean looking. joey we were a tight a tight deadline on the smoky eye with the cutcrease. i don't do those. joey you're my cut crease guy. i don't even know whatthat means oh my gosh you're a beauty video editorand you don't know what a cut crease means? a cut grease? a cut crease a cutcrease a cut crease when you cut a crease in it? wow genius over there. idon't want to work here anymore you're fired, but before you leavehang the curtains please okay great love you. bye!

don't forget to pick up my dry-cleaning. i'm looking at my feet those are really cuteadidas. are you excited? are you nervous? on the count of three it's gonna come to the....the magic of the space all up in your face one two three.....oh my gosh! not counting feel my heart i'm having heart palpis i'm having heart palpis. his heart is literally palpitating as i'm touching it. seriously the room is more than i couldever imagine it's so perfect. look at my freaking pillows. your black room literally looks phenomenal. so the two desk with my cute littleowls. i'm so glad he loves it i mean it

really does just scream him it's areally complex design for a complex human beings. oh my godyes i'm executive oh my god the little moon! oh my.....an original piece made by kate.. i'm like amoon fanatic so i'm like this is so me. oh my god! my art work! la mano de manny! la manito de manny! it's like cozy too like the fact thatthis is a sectional you can chill here yes. it's a conversation area thesechairs. yes... that's a fun little reading spot over there and then there's alsomore gold moments but like it all plays together how amazing is that coffee table? neverthink to get a gold coffee table but it

goes so well yeah it's like a champagne i'm shook i'm not gonna lie. it's justso cute and perfect that i really couldn't have asked for anything more. the hope of the space is your setup tochill make a lot of money you can reflect on your love life and yourspiritual life with your moon. bring in the good vibes. our work here is done.hand hug? can we do a 3 hand hug? the wrap around..that's a little weird he's been hanging out with manny he wants to get his face on. you need some lashes yep oh my god next videothat was awesome that was so good oh my

gosh manny loves it!you did such a good job! i love you thank you. you did such a good job.thanks um guys make sure and go over and subscribe to manny's channel of courseand make sure you subscribe to us as well if you haven't yet and enter in ourbig giveaway. one person yes a $10,000 room transformation hashtag mrkatewonderland. go! i think i want a sectional. whoa that is not what i thought you were going to say. no, you can't have a sectional you can have a sectional. that's what i said a sectional okay bye bye okay guys so the setup is happening andwe're thinking we're gonna get artsy with these three frames we're gonnainsert our own art do some shade right here

yes, we got a blank pad of paper here. and she can draw. and you can....advise me. exactly!

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