wohnzimmer ideen klassisch modern

wohnzimmer ideen klassisch modern

previously on "omg we're coming over"...wow my queendom! you got a king bed! i know... i sleep on the floor what time are we starting tomorrow morning? oh. that's the wake-up alarm. i need to sleep for at least 3 hours! can't wait to decorate! there's so much we can make! how will it turn out? omg! we're coming over! open up we're here! okay, you're yelling like so loud

oh my gosh guys we are back. it's the morning and we have been doing a lot of work here at lilly's and we are back and at it again. yesterday was very tiring but very worth it oh my gosh she's so much fun to work with. she's so positive, she loved her bedroom, she's in the groove, she's trusting us today we're doing the in-home office. where she has her editors... just her boss lady. her b a w s e. she's gotta be creative, really representative of her brand but also functional and we have to fit 4 people in a very petite room. challenge accepted! before we do, make sure to go over to lilly's channel but also, hey all you people from lilly's channel

yes if you are from lilly's channel, nice to meet you. i'm kate, this is joey. we are giving one subscriber a $10 000 room transformation once we hit a million subscribers. we might come over to your place and do what we are about to do in lilly's office we are also giving $1,000 to charity for every 100,000 subscriber we add i'm ready to get super bawse with this. oh my god i'm so ready. oh i love you. let's do this! oh i have lipstick on. today is a monumental moment. kate is going to be decorating my office which is on the main level of my house. probably the room i spend the majority of my life in. so crucial that it has good vibes, is a good environment, a creative space. you said co-star color. i like it i like it i like it! so we've got these blue painted walls now. this wall is a co-star if you will, because we have something really bold planned for one feature wall. did you guys even leave? when did you do this?

so i walk in like really early in the morning, and a wall is painted. it's this beautiful blue color and i'm like are you wizards? last night before we left we just put on a coat of this really cool blue paint. the main goal with this room is to keep it clean and simple but still fun. we're going to go on fumes today. okay okay. but lots of times magic happens on fumes i feel like. smaller room than your bedroom. yeah. yeah it's a very small room. almost got to fit more in here. yes. cause we have to fit more bodies in here. well it depends on how many bodies she wants in her bedroom. joey don't judge. okay. not very many, not very many.

sometimes it's three, sometimes it's four etc. but she wants the ability to be able to invite friends into work if there visiting from turano etc. my house is kind of like that everyone gets together and brainstorms ideas and works and gets things done. we will have like a as organized and functional of a space in here while still representing your brand. i don't want to give lilly like unicorn wallpaper, and a unicorn chair and a unicorn lamp and a unicorn.... because she gets all that stuff as gifts anyways and she has so much unicorn paraphernalia everywhere which we will we will store in her closet. this is more so a room that speaks to her personal style. she's bold, she's colorful but she's also kind of tomboyish and has just a real casual fun vibe about her, so we really want this office to be clean, chic, colorful and functional. this is probably the room i spend most amount of timein the entire house no pressure no pressureorganization is key yes i also write a lot of scripts and a lot of creativework so i need to be in space that's

like okay motivating to be creative.just went 50 percent right so now we're kind of tired so we're going to go outwe're going to crush the second half just like huddle. we are halfwaythrough this game. we have half left we already did anamazing job in the first half we are going to do an even better job on thesecond half and we are going to win the super bowlof lilly super woman singh i love how i'm so into this and i'm doing any of the workreally. let's get start! one...two...three..superwoman! alright! we're back with the laser so now it's time to reveal to herthe statement wall paint. i'm freakin out i'm freakin out

can i start opening them? so i see various paint cans, and already my brain is like various paint cans means various colors score. color number one is.... what's in color number one? pink! i think i know what's happening here! so i open the first can and it was this beautiful pink i'm like clearly i love pink and then therewas blue and yellow and purple. oh my god i'm a geniuskate is remaking my logo and my animation from the beginning of my videos. what does your videos have in your office? i don't think so! i went a littlebit more muted slightly there's something too aggressive about neon on a wall. these are things i would never know

see i would go into the store and be like can you give me the brightest color of everything please? and then i'd walk into this office and go blindlike literally that's what happens. we have to prep this wall because we got to get nice even stripesand we also want a nice clean line of paint we don't want any bleeding intoother stripes. that's why we got the laser level. so joey is prepping the stripes we want toevenly space them on that wall but we're not going all the way down because wehave a counter desk lamp which lilly doesn't know yet. nice! good job! thank you...we're gonna line up right there. when lilly and i were brainstorming she loves text on the wallyou guys saw that obviously in her bedroom where we went more cursive withit but in the office we needed to go nice

bold lock letters. this is what i think. whydon't you just do it? this is what i think based on my limit experienceyeah i think we gotta peel one side off. we're doing this decal i have noidea how to do it but we figured out we diy it. yes! of course i had to ask lillybefore i ordered the decal i was like okay what word or combination of wordsmean something to you, so she was like how about hustle harder because i usethat all the time that's like my hashtag it's what i tell myself can make me workharder. now we know the place and everything you waiting on that, so i'lldo hustle when you're sleeping. you mean work? oh no but we should do the paint first.

i'm going to go do a special thing. allright so while the girls paint this accent wall, i'm going to take off because i gottacheck in on her sign. you guys we are here at sign makers. signmakers is probably my favorite sign making place in the world because they're the ones i go to make all my signs with. we are building lilly her logo with lightsglowing on it so i'm gonna head over sign makers check in with them and pick up the sign the process that we are undertaking topaint these wall stripes is pretty involved because we do not want anybleeding so the way to do this is to measure out your stripe and tape thesestripes that you're going to paint first

so right when you have to tape them off you have to tape in to one of the stripes so you have to paintalternating stripes first. what you want to do is you want to paint the tape line withthe other color first so that way when it bleeds through its bleeding throughthe color that will actually be on that stripe as opposed to the other color. nomatter what type of paint or tape you use it will always bleed a little bitespecially when your wall is textured so you want to make sure that those bleedsthat first seep through are the color of the stripe then that will seal any otherbleeds and then you can go over it with the other stripe color. so we have thealuminum, aluminum box sign right that's three

inches deep right this is going to be onthe wall with stand off you're looking at about three quarters of an inch to standoff from the wall and it'll have a clear acrylic sheet on the back of it. it's gonna shine from behind right? yes, it's called a halo lid. alright so basically for the sign we're taking apiece of aluminum we're going to route it out on their big machine where they cancut out the logo using the designs we sent them. but you've already startedright? yes we have. okay because you know i'm leaving with this today right? yes,you are. you sure? positive. i want to see where we're at. okay let's go back and take alook at it. this is the aluminum material we're using to route out the box this is justa raw piece of material that we use.

so basically what it is here is this themachine's going to route out that s shape yeah in the middle of the box yeah andthat's where the acrylic will come through so basically we have to routeout the face and the edges. do you wanna see how this works? yeah start it up, let's go!i think i'm done here, how's yours? looks so good already! now we want to let these drybecause we then are going to retape. so i think it's a good time for you toshoo-shoo. i shoo-shoo? so i start painting the purple and it looksbeautiful already the colors are so vivid they're so wonderful my soul washaving a party inside my body and they kick me out. i don't know if you've seen my bedroom

i'm so excited oh my god! alright, bye bye bye! one girl three stripes. there we go lilly superwoman sign here we come! so we'recutting out like the inner s right now? exactly so basically this is the clear acrylic piecethat gets routed out right this would be pushed through the box that we're makingthat we just watched. they're going to use the same machine to route out athick clear piece of acrylic that's going to be s that's going to go insidethe aluminum can and then that's going to pop out in front of aluminum can andthen the top all that off we're going to fill it with led lights and then makesme stand offs so that it's going to pop off the

wall lights are gonna spill out from the sidesand out the s and it is gonna be supah! i got to get back there and install thatthing. you ready for your sign? yeah all right sounds good thanks man no problemall right i got the sign i'm gonna head back to the office.kate kicked lilly while i was gone, now is the time for us to just crush this whole place. onthe wall above where lilly's desk is going we're doing a really cool minimalistshelf. oh my gosh you brought the desk basis. joey and i are setting up this amazingdesk, it has solid brass sawhorse legs which you know a sawhorse have kind ofthat like industrial look but these are like glam sawhorses it is such a bossdesk.

joey never style me. oh joey did you just rip your meniscus? ihope not, i heard a pop. on top a really thick beautiful piece of glass that has theselittle silver discs that go right over the sawhorses and is just so cool. i'm going to do a diy piece of art forabove lilly's desk i wanted to give her something that said bawse because she has herbook coming out this year. that's her, she's the boss. this is her boss station and so i amtaking a piece of this ombre paper i have like a turquoise to yellowy greenombre and then i have a pink to yellow ombre and i was going to use the blue togreen but i liked the pink to yellow

it's a little bit more the pink of thecolor of her room after all she did say it's the color of her soul. so i'm usingthese stencils that are just cardboard stencils and i'm laying them out inbawse that's how she spells it. i'm taping them underneath to the center of this pieceof paper because i want to use spray paint to spray it on because i want itto look kind of like graffiti like. i'm so excited about this. oh my goshwhen you hold this up to the rainbow behind you. so joey and i are working onthe window film now this is really essential for this room because thisroom is on the ground level so any of lilly's neighbors who walk by they can seeinto her office because it's an arched

window putting a curtain there wouldhave been just so sad, so the window film is the perfect solution oh both sides?so kate found these really cool window decals that basically are like a prismeffect still let all the light in but you totally cannot see in from theoutside. so once we lay the film down on the window you use a little squeegee toolto kind of get out the air bubbles get out excess water. would you please be a doll and read the next step of instruction. oh you have grey hair. oh so do you. oh this is in spanish. "corte la pelicula". trim film,there is a little tool that comes with the kit that you get with the windowfilm that just has the tiniest little

blade on it and just trim off the excessand then ta-da. if this isn't a unicorn window film i don't know what is.okay so we got our awesome sign it's time to get it on the wall we are going torun the cables down through the wall so they're hidden they're going to come out into aplug below the desk then all we do is screw our standoff intosome studs get that front plate on. this sign looks so cool you guys, shecan walk into her office and switch on all the lights including her logo withjust the switch panel by the door so cool feel like it's lined up? yeah. lilly needs a calendar she is very busy and her

and her team have a hard time keepingtrack of where and what she's doing all the time so this white board decalcalendar is the coolest thing it's gigantic once we get it on it's going tobe really cool. alright so now that we got the sign on the wall it's time to put up the desk that her team's going to work on we're going to three spaceshere we're going to keep it really sleek minimalist instant diy tabletops. i wentall white with the chairs because there was so much color going on i got lowerback chairs for the wall where the stripes are i didn't want them to go uptoo high and block stripes and i also wanted to make sure that lilly's chair wasa little bit different a little more

boss - two blue lamps are really cool they're justthe elbow lamps you know very office looking. we're placing some really coollike aluminum cups the markers and the erasers easily accessible in this cupthey can just pluck them out. that white board calendar is huge i would need astepladder and lilly's only three inches taller than i am i think so iam giving a girl a stepladder and is a cute little pale blue stepladderso she can get up and write on the top line. on the other wall in front ofwhere lilly's desk is going we painted the whole wall with white board paint, so it means shecan actually use white board markers. she can get creative on the wall easy to erasedraw on the walls lilly.

thankfully this room does have a giant closet that hasbuilt-in shelves and everything so that is where she will be able to store a lotof her scripts and books and papers and office supplies so that we can keep therest of the office space really clean i found a leaf vases we're justbringing the color that's happening over on the wall in the paint andaccessories on lily's wall phone holder, oh my gosh. i'm also leavingher some little gold magnets on hand because the magazine holder the littleplanter with the succulent those are magnetic so if she wants to she couldmagnetize some little notes or some little cards around. two bookends that are arrowsi love them because they kind of look

like cursor arrows and i'm just puttinga sample of her book that's my final sample guys and we're putting it sandwichright between those book ends but when her book does come out and she just like put like three to five of them. a little side table a nice wood top with yellow legs thiscan act as a stool or a side table you know in an office you like to have it bekind of convertible. in the wall behind her door to the office i'm throwing upher 1 million plaque, it's the plaque that youtube gave her when she got to a millionsubscribers on top of that we have her 10 millions of subscribers plaque thatwe're putting on the shelf above her desk. okay lilly. so i'm writing my script and i

hear the magical words they are readyfor you in five and i'm like oh my gosh they're ready for me in five. here we come....i'm freakin stressed. my heart can't handle these things! i'm like emotional i don't know why it'slike my first home my first office that's decorated and it's such a big i don't know milestone so representative to me about just like a lot of things. one....two....no no no. i'm not ready. hustler harder on three. one....two..three oh my god!! yay! it's so good! this is your bawse station. holy crap that is the coolestthing i've ever seen in my life that makes me look so much more important ohmy god. that would also be a cool background for videos. oh this glorious wall with this colorful cut out pretty much

magical sign that glows andit's not made up of glue and paper. there's this like basically harry potter spell on thewindows that makes it look crystalized unicorn portal oh my god this makes mefeel safe because when i've been working here before i'm like someone's gonna jump in. i know there was a sheet. you made that? yeah. i love you, oh my god the play button is soheavy i never knew. and this is whiteboard. it's a whiteboard? so this will come off? yeah! i love my desk! this is a little phone holder those are little magnets and so that'smagnetic this is magnetic so you can put up.everyone shut up for a second, explain to me how

this is colorful here how is what is this? i found them on etsy. so if i sharpen it. yup it's still going shut up! you're going to tell me this stays a rainbow?! yes.oh my gosh i just saw my chair right. you have to highest back chair and thenall those are matching lower back. previously my schedules a hot mess mywhole team was like what's happening when? now we have the giantcalendar! modern-day sundial i love this so much i'm like a professionals. this is so good!i just pulled your hair. it's okay it's so good it's not even like where i'm pretending because there's cameras it's good like us in my heart it's good. so this is the new office everyone. oh it'sbeautiful. rain stormy we'll just have a

meeting like this sure exit the meeting just like this. i'm so excited that like my team members get to work in that spacewith me the whole morale of the team and how productive we are. everyone is just going to feelso good to get so much work done and then just wheel our chairs and hug eachother you guys are welcome back anytime i havethree more rooms she loves it! that was so rewarding! she is such a special person and yeah i feel so honored that she allowed us into her newhome her first home to do two super important rooms with her. i feel like everyepisode is just getting more and more exciting like that sign that we hadbuilt it's awesome so profesh.

your decorating was on another level with thatawesome boss diy thing you did and the whole like window. oh my gosh thewindow film like the portal to another unicorn universe yeah your skills of installing and heavy lifting that counter desk! i mean we fit four peoplein that very petite room and it feels huge and there's still room in the middlefor them to have like rolling chair ring-around-the-rosie parties. yeahlilly thanks for having us. thanks for having us and please subscribe guys if you haven'tand welcome if you're from lilly's channel, hello. we're giving one of our luckysubscribers a ten thousand dollar room transformation when we hit a millionsubscribers. yes! go check out lilly's channel

see her awesome video that she did yeah forthis collab a rabid dabba dabba. yeah and just her awesome videos in generaland her vlog channel. go subscribe to vlog channel too because she vlogsevery day and you can see snipets of her room and how she's actually living andusing the space. okay we love you guys we'll see you next time i love you...i love you too.good jobs as always go home asleep now. yes now we can have a weekend even though tomorrow is monday. before i cover my eyes and walk into the room i told katei was like even if i love it i'm not a screamer. don't look okay don't peek.well guess what happened when i walked in? at your leisure...one..two...three.

she literally shrieked. i think i screameda couple times actually oh

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