wohnzimmer günstig einrichten

wohnzimmer günstig einrichten

i havenâ´t filmed anything yet, but i cuttet the vlog from yesterday and he really went epic! if you didnâ´t see that, i really recommend it. you can click also on the "i" up there. i hope i dont forget it this time. it is almost 6pm and i really havenâ´t filmed yet but i think iâ´ll hang up the ledâ´s. ok ã¤hm yes, i dinâ´t do anything today, i was just home and chilled my life.

and because i think i have not done anything else, i will hang my led strips somwhere now. but today was a really nice day, nice weather and yea, im actually quite happy. where i am also happy about it is about the feedback or the whole ideas which you write down in the comments. now, how does a can opener work? i have no idea. nah, i think like this a can opener doesnâ´t work. so, i think i leave it at my bed first, because

i need a little more light. the only thing i have not noticed, where can i place the things? no! yes! ha! phew! itâ´s so hot in here, omg! nice! guys! i beleve me

im swetting so hard. so, im actually on an attic floor and itâ´s so hot! how can i sleep here? im such an idiot! i should have done it the other way round. i just not read the instuction i just did not check that i had to make this the other way round. and now i have to do it the other way.

yay oh, how good there are instructions. whick i not read, im an idiot. ooooh! and now please just function, please! noo! it stilll doesnâ´t function. yes!! finally, man. ahaa!

ok, so, this construction. i finally made it. omg that was so difficult! but it functions finaly, finaly this heat! the down side is, ive got still 1.5 m or so and canâ´t use it anymore. you can cut these led things

but you have to connect them with these things. and i canâ´t connect to everywhere from here. i'm curious about how it looks, especially when it's dark. iâ´ll show you to and now i'm just thinking about what to do with the rest of the stuff. this is how it loocks in the dark. its so extremly hot. ehm, im gonna go sleep. until the next vlog i would say.

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