wohnzimmer günstig dekorieren

wohnzimmer günstig dekorieren

if you ever wanted a creative memo board, then you can follow a diy magnetic memo board i am going to present you soon . before that, this is 5 dollar store home decorating initiative by simphome.com 1. paneled mirror when you take a look at this paneled mirror, the first thought that shows up in your mind

is it must be expensive. but, you got that wrong! this paneled mirror is actually homemade and even better, there is no need of special tools required to make it. what you need to prepare is glue and duct tape. then, assemble the mirrors you can grab at the dollar store, tape and glue them to secure. 2.

gold leaf vase speaking of dining table decoration, you can actually make a pretty and unique vase using gold leaf vase idea. this pretty vase will totally enhance the look of your dining table as well as saving a lot of money. head to the dollar store and grab any type of glass vase or candle holder. then prepare duct tape and paint.

tape off the glass vase with the duct tape in circular pattern then paint the duct tape. fill the vase with some beautiful flowers and place it on your dining table. 3. magnetic memo board then you can try this magnetic memo board. can you believe that this memo board is actually made of a metal burner cover?

yes, of course. you can purchase this at the dollar store for a cheap price. don’t forget to buy colorful patterned paper and spray paint as well. glue together the patterned paper and the metal burner cover then spray it to make it looks more dazzling. 4. dollar store spices

do you ever need any decorative spice rack or container? well, if you are looking for a creative spice rack, you can try making dollar store spices. first of all, you will need to head to the dollar store and purchase some spice containers. don’t worry, they are affordable! then, make some label names of the spices and put them on each container.

finally, you can fill the containers using the spices or herb according to the container’s label. 5. cake stand sink organizer when you are tired of looking at your sink organization, then it means you need to replace the old one with cake stand sink organization. all you need to do is purchasing a cake stand in the dollar store or use one of the unused cake stands.

also, you should prepare a small plastic plate and small mat. glue the small plate and the cake stand, and then cover it with a small mat. enjoy your new decorative sink organizer! that's it. you just learn view home decorating initiative from dollar store you can try before this month ends. come back again next time with more home, apartment makeover, and decorating ideas

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