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n the win inaudible on bottom of the part is to beefficient and one jump ahead of the law breakers is essential that they beequipped with and mickey was all of all the newest scientific equipment zappacoupled with the discovery of prime identification of the criminal and hisarrest let the public is willing to end doesspend the money necessary in this division of law enforcement will resultin handicapping essential police work

not only that but it will give the criminal anadvantage over the authorities the chattering results to society naal the true story all the batman here the golden or flight you're pretty young to be in a placelike this never mind the horatio alger step and then we don't tolerate anattitude like yours in this institution

you will obey the rules of the peopleand school and conduct yourself in such a manner will make your stay in as briefas possible every year to do all right out to a year according to your commitment you werefound guilty of petty theft and impersonating an officer realize that you're starting the wrongway don't you so i have to stay in the eighteenth and i think he's talking toyou yet one might expect i'm not in didn't which uh... thank god

taking up landlord iraq stop shopping we've got to do something about theflight kit now i think i'm not practically everything you ship money economic apply work up at the national guard when thekids are having breakfast implied that was recipe a picture which is getting all the attention he'sdoctoral actually i'd recommend stomach now nowthat the contract and principles and

that at comment on and we get rid of him todo we expect the line beginning particulate federal penitentiary in leavenworthkansas two years later william edward at age twenty one served one year forpetty theft impersonation liquor abuser and that that invite you think indexing specterwe'll do that you've been personally a federal officeragain so what

so we'll be with us for three years atyour story look good we might as well on the stand each othernow i don't think smart talk from prisoners were don't know why dont to make up your mind behave yourselfwhen you're here if certain rules are not particularlyhard but we insist upon the main update uh... you can do to flee hugo theydidn't get along with us or you can follow the same court you'lldefinitely been in the habit of doing in that case we have our old method ofdealing with lot method well if you're interested it's easy enough to find outto maybe only with wouldn't tap into

your flight ok captain st as is the third week in solitary forfraud captain pretty good well expressed personally idon't think it will be what we call good how much longer to get to go six-monthmy coworker with the land antenna ended void in court the virus olympus and nowthey have an exhibition is now let's get 'em out here

opioids get it out the atheist that isaid get off your texas into the young men wanting this prison doesnt toleratedozens of population ever but you put it up mugs in thisplace but they stay in line around our house what try getting out of line andyou'll soon find out that this joining sub-type that remains to be seen knocked up if you are not just in case you decide to startsomething reminder of the discipline is onspecialty

we're not interested in what you didbefore you came here why you're here you i'll give you achance we enough interested chances are your opinion about methods it would be rules or suffer theconsequences in moscow thanks paddle exterior getting rid of you today freud and get pretending need just said

we're getting rid of your ideal youdon't feel uh... wouldn't good riddance of bedrock issues that we had to pay make it above i suppose i should ask what you're goingto do now i'd suppose you should do which i would be quiet too many ofbusiness but your way remember though next time we'll be priyapreview you won't come back here you've got out the transaction take it

was hoping to stay out of my sightthanks wouldn't immediate didn't trying word earnings a large gap and this time you're an architect that'swhat it says donut serial ata baghdad and don't start the usual line aboutrules and regulations state interested me how you treatprisoners along i gotta stay here and what or saint occurred

right around it everybody going on tranny rest up and we're going to havethis alive but don't worry about me would not do exactly site gender built incentive that too according to your education they haven'tgotten back so late may dot obc in you know what you know that's what i'mafraid of gin and tonic though floyd will react and naal ok and don't gettough about it

just making and recession well save you know those at six weeks to go ratherpresentation words that i was played pretend and iwas an army officer right now have a lot like pipe down it makes him here conduct going in so what unisom houston in san diego still select

yourselves communique became to let you know mom consider season aweek from monday which is to make it we can't make it we've got this name in one of them see that you can't see you won't lose nothing by okay

sapir and just go to the old record clinton st and strong women room floor it didn't turn out so tupac from which you conclude i've learned alesson and then maybe is right and congratulate yourself warden justnot interested in this joint already breaking my heart take it easy wouldn'tmaybe back into the lord forbid ella

tell me how you wouldn't welcome florida do you ever come back toalcatraz images when they could be a man to spend the rest of your life byyourself ever come back here it'll be solitaryfrom then on double or a capital they won't be back i wish i could be surethat take my word for it i won't be back just outside the city of walla walla amotorist give the young man a lift it an hardware and yet walking yet acute world word dad

on large ideal i'll tell you what itried decided right we'd want to go beers services radio on everything at bc what we can get it meanwhile about visible but but but butthe police alters citizens i want to be on the topof that but i come back to that license number and the to hold true tosay that james at the moment all of thatpacking slip of the lapd administrators of the beating the motorist thatdescribed as being six feet two inches dot that they have been

why i didn't get that guided once reflect his ego is hot if you have to get a transfer lloyd abandon the gothic another whichabound on the parking lot i_t_t_ stages he traveled south holding knowledge among others a other times of the demand final in an auto caught me as an easygirl lloyd and his quest here wanted it

yeah folio son sent me where you see tom thesame place will be for the next ten years alcatraz go outside and i wanted to hear whoskates line weakens his might sparked speculation it mind you get an the small about thrillerbut usually well away from walla walla and right

where'd you get my promoted it from aguide from texas unfortunately his license plates were alittle conspicuous sciatic changed uh... hot and you might call it then what's the plan that status againstcitizen right money and and black writing and i will make a hotair regarding but the uh... in but they canrun into the city see what we can play that watching kathleen going down hereit's happened yet bag indicate one internet radio at least nine extend

that sort of black what's going on the bedding compounded sometime there'salways that political one hostage orbit n_t_b_n_t_s_b_ now and broadcastedregarding still automobile nineteen thirty seven bottle license in the night column line the nine walked at age six nine victor water late six this license not registered to thiscarpet stolen from another vehicle

is copied but by then described asmiddle americans speed walking but two which is width one hundred seventy twocollins rest karne documents so wild ride on the debt right candidatebelated happy was on my lunch time going into court gangtok anywhere onplace got blasted that's and we blacks made become monogram at least maybe xbox god i think i had a we'll expediency look orinaccurate with all the time to get some

medicine persecute harry pottercharacteristic ambition contact if you're architect the capital hill activist i cannot hummus hotdogs password action kings has heck can't revealed and and and and

mike and i don't know how many ninehundred background on my mind that i had there the development dot blot get out but did not go down uh... jeff non justice and i didn't get to adouble whammy after you they'd and i'm trying to do it as long as i can walk ongeorge okay guy and i sat biological my money that did the sacraments too hotwe'll have to get another one and aparthotel club good

motorcycle of about shop kidnapped by aband of the problems i think it's up to light by column i'm the sidewalk the prop don't look out for this call occupant that is dangerous or within twenty minutes every road leadingfrom the county was located now the cop cookbook dot proper but thenin a world without being stopped drive a question

released recover the highway patrolmanan immigration official joined in the dyg antic manhunt cross the border mexican off of theweighted eleven on the watch for the finger minute spending two hours on theman and woman looted elite and immigration offices by london'sincluding along the roads by the ban gaya affect our heart but had that bit can decade negation

dot money and and and dot com argumentand road and and and down that's what packing up my conrad right at and you moment later pre-op riding on thehighway near the border alone man walking along the road mailedin somalia again my i did i not get it istime and i am right industry might grab them on my way home

expect that the belly of adventurebeginning to get made but the gunman italian taylormade permanently off dawn broke off of that would ban on dutyon my part and home with a big needed rest other officers with and picked up withit relentlessly the manhunt went on annette growing tiger about the planegunman

sometime during the night lloyd made contact with friend jainsingles the ethnic day at the home just outsidethe along ordered yet look do you mind if i rest awhile anekshed out back in the house i said the online the police state andthat's it anything in your local panel

within the one i think we are not the knots what white their over there you know that's not bad for you vicky que emial or a beer thanks i'll try that spt

but i want to aryeh yeah i was looking for one monthtennis channel what did he do ilmo lisa postal archaic macgregor hadthe wrong play we don't know we're yet i guess so maybe at some of the placedid you try and that is why i thought that the other corner maybe work thatuh... maybe so attire that sahi faded it

what i think that basically our contract program done whitney alice data one and they want tobe an ekg and that your do u that's what you think i'll hang around here as longas i want something you wait a minute you've tried that guys are having a hardtime be able or what no you're not quite a bit in the paperthis morning acute shuttle delivered to

one or two you can't get me i'm going toquietly make another crack high-technology bracket combines side about mexico dedicate stakeout legislative actionamicably mhm investment on cap without being kingthat came out cannot ac magnitude underclass unifying orchid

regarded by broadcasting what you meanbroadcast look we've got a microphone line arepermitted we'd like to broadcast reported by watch he'd if you can get a mere from properlyin ladies and gentlemen this is one of the most thrillingbroadcast we've been able to bring you from the station cape cod here that the one that meanthaving limited mimic a shot engineer protected the opportunity inquirymeaningful unit but the big box groups that you're going to do it

yes he's about to make it all quite at what might be a pet shop the what that mirror the officer wasusing i'd keep packing a change in japan tobacco we'll try to catch instructionplease netbackup echoed fine peak-to-peak right pocket apart coffee and after i got up at the topcame up on that glove beginning if you can't get expecting what i think the crowded every minute there must beat least pre-op one thousand people here emigration popular hypertension how todo that then joining the fight what i do

know if you get that all oppositionother countries to bring onto do medical he steers and san diego dot their thathave been telling and able-bodied part of a budget that self-confessed uh... cape cod is getting ready to begetting the route we thought we would do much but they'll looked like the part of the white house added the cattle prod extremely that they're not act medical

if i get into the bank like seems to be everything looked atthe time coca coca-cola it webinarsecond-guessing project idea technically they can'tgetting hit flight booking by these people have a pretty at a time became fifty fukada well content an interventional erodedwhite woman companion but he's going to comply with unitedthen we can pick it up to crank up again elementary

day big if i could get there beside alright plane out thank you out part-time way dot serrano now can right either after that

without that might explode giving yes wouldn't happen a whole about how much can split and oppositesaid that i'm not getting that in smoke document by wait a minute keypad is going to fight again what intellect and and and and everything good w d mining town my home town

i'm going to walk through the dot if youif you agree you we'd be keen i mean if you can and then who will be treated kit kat at what time is done walking up to the belt what is not coming everyone attends when you can see the desperado what did you got it

or that you have to take but then you would think met with thecuban link that dont it it didn't help he's picking apart again coming connie pick-up in just a moment to him as a nation ofour story pl pal

and real and and on perot on the ingi gold mhm mhm green dl

there's no question that it was the gasbombs was routed out the young men example of the application of scientificmethod in the apprehension of criminals resulted in the surrender of thecriminal without by the sacrifice of human life well it was combined in the mexicancousin three apprehended by united statesauthorities and is now serving a sentence than the federal prison i am does not say meinhold

madeline bond and bond and was made and it's not known to man and claire the and and calling low-carb copyrighted program created byreal bandi muscling legally allowed by the nationalguard dog is doing in the millions jane rooney but his grand male american by theeleven in time

weighed about one hundred seventy brown mcmanus gave no longer while hollywoodlaws and within days of the agony and had been mountain where the dangers of mental rodent i know you will all agree that it stop warman who does not giving them theright kind of to to work with has no right to complain that they turn outfourteen in perfect working likewise you are the bulk of your car and if youprovided with an inferior or every catalina you've no one to blameornamentation motor but yourself but

pollitt with we'll run the fact that imean and you have every right to expect and you will get a of plain pastagetaway steadier burying exoneration longer mileage greater reserve power andmaximum speed which the driver the police problems in other words you canget by always coming up with real bandit cracked company because they demand all of the potentialqualities the officials of thirty meetings citiesand counties identify real than the fact that the gasoline used exclusively tofather emergency public service call would be a good bargain give your carthe best governing that his work with

drop in at the red ant bites taken aview of that may be a bandit either tomorrow morning and give you a call themeans of delivering police comparable almonds by taking a border kind one ofthe old man the cotton level highly recommended deafening in the west tonight we again take pleasure inpresenting teeth james e david's of the los angelespolice department keep dates good evening friends there seems to be a general there areonly a study of that so-called society crooks

part of a higher title criminal this is not true it is of course foregone conclusion that any person isgoing to fail at any game outside the law he may get by for months or even years but eventually is going to wind upbehind bars that is certain but they are not many criminals who willadmit this only fifty percent of the society cooksintake source for transportation and

hotel bills he was keep on the move continuously and uh... the usual rounds of the nightclubs and parties political quiz poses a big shot show me a man who spent a lifetimeoutside the law that i'll show you a man who died apauper i'm not moralizing in making thisstatement it is a fact a story that you will your tonightdefinitely shows that crime does not pay in the hotel in downtown multi-mode

a man or woman are dancing were very good dancer her journey i've been around they're not that gets out living in downtown not only how many people not many them um... mending

in many at present what do you need i'm thinking of not going back likening add outline here at work tomorrow where highs over here

an awful came together up and i don't know and work tomorrow that mr i would have trouble getting a key andlet me try it they are now for a little drink rain gear alwayshave a full class with me iraq a proper tonight he felt a little kid here's a picture of your arm on theirhome yet

there that day you stand up and i think doctor thatthey are nine we did not a bad looking hombre gotta get the nation like a bear really could everyone and i'm not around that's my goodness thank them sure i do communion name wait a minute

implant worker and are respected lieutenant take it easycompared plaque and even though your name necessary online get tired of paying hey you you want to call me won't be far said health plan

i have to be yet grant ferret julie kavner eisenhower that'll be our right i found that will be all without bond ice and i know monitoring it when out

and here you are used to his look to us himansu down that's a tiny can't take it down we'll see it's a nice ring a ring engagement lives yeah

animation mississippi will man that's a prettypenny ali standard you've got plenty of me and again used to you hw men are getting somewhere uh... sleeping

intelligent coupon for a building had cellblock on this all well ite a few nights later at another hotel inthe downtown district beg your pardon i didn't see youstanding there that died

i said to be watching or kaplan who his words carefully i don't believe i understand it raxle and exports do you mind if i join in the world g_m_ a stranger here in and you know how it is handball i do however i am not taking a walk i kept going to have a copy of the fileinto my room

and so was i_ your army eyes showed me baguio thank you i think the rotor reservoir tapi yet say actors registered room on the floor how hide my views onthe eight q to get better acquainted yet we we'lleverywhere observatory on the beach old-fashioned financing

guru minimum visit here reasoning haha exam rather happy about han square and then somebody along that line hereyour honor thank you sir well cannot you're young yet maybe i can make something out

cerebral into camp you know i've been losing too much sleepliving that what you felt we'll be living advice it yet year former reagan circles in my etc night leading the having records over your marks of aboard youngwomanhood movement embassy lapping at

the start i do i think the weather's mine maybethese apparent i've noticed unity among removes whom i don't think that thiscame to town within our product you are not the case here very probably if you let the dcm i'll consider it katie i think that about the contact

now goodnight well see you safely tuckedin aware of it species door at that ensign armenia bapak doctor has talkedabout how do nothing but for all of your shoe will however you have academic candy just is what causedmoderate w u_s_ companies

chemical hours later the bruised and batteredyou're recovering bodies leveling with the stereo issued by the way to thetelephone some of the hotel manager and notqualified official called the police and effective date you models of therobberies one working alone responded to the call uh... there's going to try to cutyourself tell me what happened and looked at me and i don't give them accompanied by the clinton the lobbyingyou don't deal with it

i didn't think anything up but at thetime probably delivered everywhere in had a drink at the blind if they do that on the floor of thedimensional or before seven ido impacted ltd well we came up in the elevator thegathering he picked up a about document with any other proposition one hundrednegative attitude ability in defensive landmark fidel or when i do you open the door willstill be into the room except that i've been doing it struck me

any athlete meirink negativism nobodyproblem i've just been checked my watch all an equilibrium ice cream for helpingeach other do you toria fingerprint of the than it given to get to a doctor that fix them allen has not been in the description ofthis man contacting clinton not attempting to send when hehit me the first time a i thought a filter once i denied that these his coatpocket the breast pocket it had a continentwhen i'd told the pocket up held onto

the card he grabbed a lot of it away from me butbut here the other people who see them the are evidently the last part of the news and had it with this man's name will nothave a standard for might be anything from them firmly ingested through an edge to them f_d_r_ i want my ring back i don't care about anything else i don'twant the ring back

knock at the borders must begin theinterminable top trying to find a man who was your name and developers f_d_r_ however we are the portable recordbarbara the market always hoping against hope but he'll find a named handlingthere the bar balkan bosses diversion walsall

linkedin among dream on record the neil sanderson he didn't headed shitter here too needed view staging area

that we are true at a time when shifted charles b fiveeight eleven weight one hundred seventeen blonde hair blue eyessuspicion robbery nineteen twenty six nineteen twentyseven that's lemon remember operations in description programs digital areappreciated will be addressed even on the recordpart of the past but okay for speed detective mark yair pharmacy seventy mister taylor marksome more sample is robert the chairman

project name shaker lives a rather than walking around inthe history of the remaining houston removed at least or no removed two but none of my business under the coversroom duck pond and of adopting at this point i think that these trees wipinglet a little over the number of mine a game motherhood to clean the place and wherei want to leave the game opening up in a painted out so it'suh... living in the plot to blow up but israeli upto

remotely when he and i think that the templeimportant numbers written on the wall made america but not really restrictedyou know a thorough going to be sure that you know that they can you bringyour liver you know anything about the fellowship in not never paid attentionto biggest coming when they're going to get ready nobody ran around them you get people into a dozen yetindependently ronningen you know anything about his girlfriend neff militant union were

you know anything about any phone calleach other and he made system that part of what you placeddon't know that the other i don't the you know that i just returned here whydon't you and i can find no hempstead almost one delivering them to bother with about the roar of approval i didn'tknow the problem you wouldn't mind that when the barbersomewhere in that room with a will be working for the overlook the up but the the return of the balconytime recruitment but then one day almost a week everybirthday

made the final who the uh... the again i'd like to thatwere worded with and invented crazy though with that andhave a group of women room right landing look i think you have blamed if youwanna you know what i like about you lose your spirit of cooperation yetlengthened to help them well-intentioned letting the will leadto it the then isn't bad but in the there rather than martin

with a reporter for the feel likethere's a lot of income randomly mondale woman written that'd be the but alot of the beaver them too record number the ran or for mine

but the problem i've got mr shared her write what iwanted but they've had ordered by detectivemark employees not private plan for the cap finally began calling the number sixnine four five within every possible alternative in uh... mister schaffer then remember mom at work out which should read

uh... what are lower i want charlie shavers action really are operable about battle uponthem with all the more they are it but not normal them in desperation market the numberand also the album federal investigators bob either through the telephone company other than the militant phone number

i've tried everything that was an doesnot want to be a long distance calls within one hour that number is youhaven't done anything about their montana than then another million to one them on the trip is called problem but you want to know six monthsof luck with the gain surround the parliament get out of the report where we're going to with with theproblem with that they will not or go far enough

admitted that the pure worker work as long as you're wonderful onquitting that what no with a look at that wellman their demand six nine four five medford oregon to seven or template working outside i think i can rightthrough the content of charlie shape people believe liberal these are the two two seven org andplease

where people charles b shoot meant one of the rather than a lot andincluded notify more rabbit forty five minuteslater the late maybe at different that uh... limit that that given by you thatthat position paul remembered buildup of the mostarmed with with the but that isn't what bobby caper in net but are looking into the lead andone day at the railway station in that

book right annual market collected by thename paper uh... that it will return habitat birdback for trial but what if something happens that you'll be able to defenditself would do anything to keep that get tough rajitha nanum yes but you'vealready spent two days in the hospital were not well enough to be a no plazawithout the day the perspective of the of the or k_ hair coating understandableit had along to your incomplete but doesn'tthat mean that in my life while at the mild line like into cattleuh... what we know

and back in the butt of panic button ontop of a political beliefs at allied attorney excitement market oh off but not meant you realize that thismight be next or every one of the right now handcuff and not a completely lawful areplica lip often there helpless other major remove mahalbookclub bookclub notifier happily places in the public by thecredit from top companies article could

be pardoned field that might get landed eat the scene atthe battle reflects paper prize pickup little by little didn't include that upholding prison about his hand up we cautiouslyhypothetical about his ankle difficult kind of a pledge to the end of thekingsport and on and off then no big deal fingers of dawn pushedback the curtain at the white knight thing they would open up the gradepopping island at the carter he predicted with the president opened thefront door t_v_ dead and that can help

our political upon the brief thing beginelmwood wiped out the fugitive takes bargains around out being shipped salt of the office of the sort of aprintout highway patrolman william snail reportfor duty uh... in england and i might then they get away from a famous loversare going up but they had to be great and avoid a man if and when i still intown bo

that they don't know tomorrow and forthat the cut description for the n_p_f_ right here let me let let the customer that thereare likening yeah getting these dead not to them and we get started please have a small again uh... because i have a credit card withan eleventh-hour mailing regular epidemic resident determined that the other thingthat did the lead normal lives have been on the web and moving in the mid levelin the living room the job

rather than by the road and that isgoing to do that in there that that word we're going on at that time online require held up a little while ago drpoint com visit my aunt world events but they wouldn't find a mile a little aveyou can get ok it laying around worker lead right now well again i thought i know that when weget over that i had that way

ear yet but in the telephone offices elected last but people adam a command and i think that it let me get if you have to be that waywallet was stolen cousin suspects if they like it was just up with thatthat that was that way camping at the license number that uh... cut jobyeah right here dot check on that

about this paper the description and atthat nobody can occur again in a manner their there erythromycin may be contacted bakit located so i can became a description of that but nevergot a little more five eleven well i think we've got you waiting totake me back or bedtime get compiler let that get youback with the atlanta

difficulty of it but found that uh... you know copper uh... though well i think level by the description define what that we got it man and that the coroner rambo was sentiment is happily

some brands of what you might call fairweather friend but we'll ban the practice of kind of friend up never letsyou down no matter how hard the growing after theother demands of unforeseen emergencies regardless of weather conditions riogrande iquest gives you more than the maximum performance of with his people the drivers of your emergency publicserving cause discovered that backed by testing all brands of motor fuel then they rolled up fifty five millionmiles of the hottest fastest kind of driving over california highway usingreal democrat exclusively

if you want that kind of a friend giving your more than more efficientoperation and save you money in the bargain left a man of the red and white riogrande decision in two days riding tomorrow morning fill up with real round the clockgasoline that and that the police car performanceof your neighbors cost that police caught efficiency in yourown with real vanderkloet a favorite gasoline of those who died below

and those who think the most of their proper now again we hear he faced desperation of the manchester and his determination to escapepunishment for his crime caused him to pay the supreme penaltyfor is the no stigma attached to be the detectivemorris who lost the fugitive lecture rentals who's gonna chairperson actually is everto gain freedom

in most cases the sadness the attackpenitent help us to defend himself at all events shavers crime failed at thatthank you keep davis bd little legal adviser told by the end ofradio broadcast to deny would manage a window werner the the a letter subject lindley reading of thenight coriolan

all part of the copyrighted programscreated by real branding networking returns on the bottom of thereligion card will get to argue that we're going to bed button needed in atlanta with world no wound off a third of the law conduct many ofthe with investigating but it is no speed record for what it takes fromtheir own brings them back but maximum be safety an economy every one of the difficult knows butthis time but it was real bandit back got believed that there will be on thewall three cards and into the fire

engine and other public service called whereverhe told than any other brand yes most of the private limited arenewsreel bambi practical blueprint but they are not the only one all the problems of motrin although notwith government is really superior governing stockport delivers who therecovery and more miles with great arether power and speak unique envy your neighbor if you want police proper format foryour call although that may bring to the

nearest red and white rio grande daytontomorrow morning and getting take on the paint will be open to crack and you will understand private minormode if you will of the most highly recommended governing in the west or pull measure more complete motoringlater dot rio grande decrypted kapiti do it is our pleasure to present a method onthe telephone bamberger legal copy allocate

thank you doctor in peru evening ladiesand humbled today's so are planned parenthoodwriters telephone there's not a single outpost of the lawwork out of the lee the envelope today that i'm going to be no sheriff'soffice which i have the honor to be the head is in common with every other lawenforcement office in the city equipped in a minute beneath the best of the worst incriminal element crimes today are of course the thingthat they were years ago

where there is still there but no longer that the share of helpfulhead of a prostitute second man through the practice that's it that scientific method to imply to bringthe criminal to death better there and patients an intelligentdeduction coupled with expert analysis contributed to the solution of the casewe are about to get asia product that it at that wilder a coupla get right on topof all pop records by contemporary

little while ago that are bad light backat the back the butcher dot both the line for twelve hope have tried chicas just a few hours ago all clout heartbreak that great but the quiet fell back already about no i'm not for a couple of monthsnorvasc dorm data

right but what about date he's arava right or that the off about the crime of accounting almostafter five p m hire a state of new york that update under the command offered over historic alcohol the top overturned a woman had been the bobtalked into the purple san fernando valley pops picturesque pictorial beepingdefied the meandering mojave

and out into a dusty road that leads tolangford twelve megan right over probably or wait a minute to go to vote looks like the man was killed here onthe road and ride over their yet at the field made those marks near thebig batch of blood looks like the killer as to the whilehere bennett fairly small man how do you knowwell i looked at the body this morning

in the following bright they can sellwell anyway we know the two men going to carry the body after than just one man and i woulduh... that's what i think it old worth about it now what that is left of it no dental work for the persian influence brigade whereby um... certified by a wouldn't do them justabout cannot go

about bringing everywhere let me have always been the writtenabout over historical out about a hundred yards andon the senate that part you've got a ride on the list of theseclothes and things follow-up i go ahead there is a suit knitted sweater ananth i gotta like it ochoa notepad

concept and two any labels on the quote allah uh... or there habit a man was killed my commentdragged over here blood whether in fact the game planning a puppet nothing their retirement

and for the last part the civil that looks like this tobritain on the other side looks like there she'd off of a memo pad yes uh... that's just what it isoracle's if they don't know if it were reflect the and notes and some figures on that uh... i can't make 'em out though i'd like you know the them it so that they could backwhatever little bit magnifying glass

yes that's the best now let's get busy and their this fellaa lot of taken in march after them losing any other identification thatmight be here realizing that what the month that wayin the dark but people to come over one thousand one set up a independent boardwhatever the identity of the victim but by the on the part of a blueprintfor repair uh... paper well that's not a lot of figures i can'tbelieve that seems to be a complete set right there on the back website

eighty seven seventeen that might mean anything that's right them to the bank memo i figure theymeant that much money moats and natural assumption head of the total opening aresolution of the case and we were before and i'm not so sure about thatblaming and going up to a demonstrate what i canfind out in the security state that at in building about a recognized this memoshe maybe not but that i got my my gems

this is the only clearly havegrammatical ekata and no i'm not going to pass it up uh... which a lot that banks and even iamthings when i'm gone good morning they are helping rarely hasa i'm looking for the president of thisthat played out here right now we're going to lunch probably will be back burner to also maybe i could help me will maybe animal overstate shipments and then havebeen accounted on a couple of tornado

chip i'm george dot cashier the bank well maybe you can help me of that you see we have a little killing downour neck of the woods sometime back found out about it just after christmas well we have in got hide nor hair others a clue as to who committed the murder anything we found that this little pieceof paper uh... with that but faceted

ever see a piece of paper like that and uh... yes of course at one of our memos we keep them right here on the counterfor the customer to use actually kept the same kind of that so that means i a man was originally adozen of the damage in the best we got the less chip into these beds but you'veever the first time that we do this particular time as a set of

figures on the back right here eighty seven and seven m act no analyst at standard life but is there a possibility that thosefigures mean anything to you the city at lead i don't know about the other writing butmister stevens the bank president of the world grows bigger down to one of thecustomers and i've got to know which

customer figures look familiar let me think it would be the one c right judge i do remember somethingabout that seems to me i remember transactioninvolving that amount uh... right around the holiday lemme think

as he there was christmas with what iwas thanksgiving and back close armistice day right around the early part of the web ado you remember the customer was well he wasn't exactly a customer you see thisman came in and mister stevens creek area i recall the at a bank account beckysomewhere and the weather transfers funds out here image of passing through here said he'dbecome strand there's a telegraphic transfer if iremember rightly do you happen to

remember the name the laptop and but i could check up on it but it was built recall telegraph officeand asked them to go through their piled up a couple months ago and maybe we canget a double check up kurdish state bank today speaking ox and at that just you will please

is that the name all right x heading out and let them know all right thanks a lot and a man's name rupert hate cv should have received for the money inthis trial right here anna's anderson the him

it is will today received a security state bank of thenew till eighty seven dollars and seventy nine cents in telegraphictransfer of funds at request of peoples state bank detroitmichigan happen to remember what this fellowlooked like little yes uh... you see this business with a lot of the ordinaryand i noticed the man rather closely had reddish brown hair as i recall it but the way the around eleven thirty ahundred forty rather slight

at long taping fingers seemed ratherrefined and i'm a blizzard should i believe saywhat his business was yes i uh... i believe he said he was aprinter going west look for a job that sounds like the man we found our life you're a member of the was alone or idon't think so it seems there was another fellow within i didn't have anyconversation that you have been though so president they particularly tensions are seems like he was smooth shaven seemsort of quiet and reserved

i noticed that needed to be pretty closeattention with a major some british war bonds yield you don't happen to knowwhere they lived well he was here they are really gave us the address the grandhotel volume i talked to japan he might have a line item well thank you i'm water straightens and ended incalifornia and checking up on a couple of barsagain to hear about the first and last month domain a_d_m_ another bombing walks thelevity

at at at at the moment the dayton andthat they were in that that few weeks indicate uh... epip irritant any brennan bout thirty but but but but one weapons with them the dramatic i was broken down headed out of roses verizon whitehead theater at the record

and characters their pinnacle new yorkit and checking up on the cat named in oneof the named well a member of the double booking so thatthat would be it for look them up but the panic roaming isn'tthe right there november ninth state for uh... the u_n_ and part of the mca if itis the money to buy food for work and baby is a good don't have any record ofa woman in this case the one twenty th at work that he did it makes the from wyominglet him have biven started on the or

what kind of car was it more thanthrough and go whatever that was the germany getting a bit too because therecall how this man walks look with there was five nine attendances songnifty way around hundred inflicted on bomb minimal as muslim yet legal led aduck dot it bracket athletic build a slight burst out of that and i thinki'll start looking for that young man therapy return to resolve a dumbartonyou know of any of the compact adaption of effective edward baca of the poetasking here that the clinton breaking the movement of the day in law

all with thirteen point big time me one phone at the bottom information and then dobusiness with them intimidate noting about in their kids abig deal we receive them unless you have to and felt quite a large quantity of wallbond in some time ago you know here for about twenty dollars that often got the money from thebarnesandnoble savings account

according to our records you talkedabout a hundred dollars another counter left for california anything more aboutamerica that yeah actually i think that several programs about his accountantfinally transfer the balance of eighty seven seventy nine too often with yourrecords show he lived well it was the vendors to give us respectingsixty-eight ferries g the thing going over there as they were the landladymight know uh... you with a buddy yet they arelooking for information in a cat named heba i haven't been that he think thatlike me like even talked about filter what sortof public

yun quiet dot boy english nine eateninfo to do in the warrant thank you how long did it moving evening about the fact that youlive in you need to know that that would be anactive sometime around the middle of the report card september donna d'amico walked in with a one nightin told me he'd be gaining new robot it did what they any of the remotecontrol i got the impression that the plotbarnwell i didn't see him it any eighty-eightembankment there

and uh... wanted to do that doubts about the lack of october let nick i would have meant a lot uh... avenue apartment adeptly e and v are taking all yet at world

well america that with that the publicthat they according i've got an idea about this case anywhere developer that right bank itwould have done it from quote by the bank frontier and but for the telegraph ofwealthy ready replete dot with randu telegram wethink might have been sent from here on november the twenty ninth last year you see if you've got a record of it

complete right for them we're going to come from if not move upon them for peoples statebank detroit michigan sent by a fellow named pain we are transfer of power and accountantbirthday activity seven adult laughlin frankness that helps a lot that name they didn't have to have said

elected sold on december fifth one ofour customers into the the mister fadely opened an account for transferring somefunds from a bank in detroit that's the one how much money what the standardizedwrote judge it was rejected one of the students from london one minimum wage when wouldbe in the last uh... a nineteen no i don't know the nine hundred dollar withdrawal ofthe family that the last time for a political nicely uh... and all is detected on the twelfththrough the date of december night

endorsed by a manicure others not herewell that would indicate that they would eleven december ninth emma systems i don't believe it neverthelessabout even out there for at least amount that we found that will discuss ruin agood for you minimal white at w watch sent us a statewide san what that this what's on the flight five-feet nine of ten digit tong

way to get around a hundred and sixtytwo sixty five pounds lieutenant reflective around please other athletic building well i thinki'll go over to that leaking state address bubble jobs back on the late in the bestnow the dome of the information that a man for the name of what might be abetter but it left sometime in december bubble viable dot lovely lama beingabout directing that mail a deadly we probably won't like

involving but that doesn't mean that that the bestfor the blind repeated on the theory that the fed over brothers indicatedthat the really did made by hand wake up ever lots of other and there were no right thinking here yes there's estimate the square the murdercomplete set a date works for the murder of a perfect similar to the chief of police and bookwhat has been particularly at that the

other one at the bank at the front of a policeinvestigating their report and i asked them to uh... to the post officeanything out yes delaware up to the motor vehicleapartment aspen the check up on that overall length of the other stateregistration but i got a letter of the character ofthe president to asking to find out my thoughts on thesupport others about that check tickets for the and their promise to stardom andcommunication accomplishing

at about a beloved by that giving a complete description of what'sfrom the mouth all the places up another coach pat within the special supplied tosan francisco there just to put a well i guess that are keeping busy for a while pad hundreds of cooperative at the pump inearnest detective sergeant carmarthen richard onaccount takeout for making the rounds for help elaine

sunblock one day they confirm whether there was akind of making a big mcdonald in every window when for if he already you transcript it one left hectare settle legal turkey okay what's the idea that iwould let alone whether individual in

making a big mistake mister ever neverbeen in san bernardino well maybe not repudiate what waiting to happen in sanbernardino but we are gone mob will return the family nobody andlegal machinery began to turn covering the trial although he admitted his name and thathe knew well today slightly he's got the main thing to them on april ten people talking trial district attorney george johnson cabinetavailable parade of witnesses kilometers

fellas escort challenger an expert devotinghandwriting m actually assembled and ready to defendand walked to the victim over today i would like to have you examined theuh... and what your butt eleven running the man at the same asthat but on the hotel register log on the telegram sent them on there's no way some of the better watchis the handwriting you walked into that part of the check marked exhibit beingkept in corona california on december ninth

the signature objects i'd in sanfrancisco reading the navy added autocrat is that the signage or whoever they iwas not as identical with the handwriting atjake's watch at all this is all the way facilitator you're employed by the western union tolet government yes and i live in seven muhammed you'llrecognize the defendant what yet here's a man who sent a telegram detroitband beckett at all

but the government your may expect a graphic in microscopictests and taken the scene where the body rupert he was found and did you make similar analysis ofcentered in the clothing of the defendant walked i didn't end with asimilar they were identical thank you that they had a will you tell the courtand jury does what happened in relation to the defendant now on trial on the evening of november twenty fourblasts

well i was on the way the law's biggestlook at the money property i have a prayer a car broke down on the road but whenteam up with the biggest eyes dot blot silver lake friend of mine that that runs a garage took care of his garage for that nightdid you see the depended on that night issit added that he walked into the garageinto the woods other jessa lee sold on the roadways

alot for the way down the road with thevienna companion in the government yes it so man in the car that had to bedescription the officers gave this mandate that will say anything aboutthis man really fit i'm riding with the dead if any reason for this remark note for george sure at the defendant was inthe copy of a man who went to date description on the night of novembertwenty fourth i thought this was a symbolic gesture thank you another loss

assaults is the kind of jayesh what's really todo you he's my brother if you would anytime introduce yourbrother to any official of the bank of italy in los angeles but some of my brother came to losangeles said he was driving drunk on or thecapsule that some of them seconds produced some of the bank guaranteed a signature

what needed to use it opened it up use google pretty what reason did hegive for using that name incident at some probably used much couple on the use of the bombing but what's what is your address at this time some crippled and what is the reason for you beingthere

i was convicted los angeles grand lux connection with my brother spectacleregular stores that as well attache euro altercation per cent of thedemocratic ab if you see the body of the manidentified as we are pretty i'd have upon what you'll be cured identificationof this bit by a comparison of the handwriting on the sheet of memorandumpeople from the victim's body with special needs of the normally whatother meats comparison of the victims descriptionfurnished by witnesses of your

with that of the dead man then you cansay project that the man whose body was part of thedesert near langford well wildblue pretty like that at all side of the people case really generated by the defendant baking parts guilty of murder in the russian duringthe uh... always secure the standards of thebook

people anything you'd like to say at the built on the crack is not a special privilege gasoline is the specified choice of the officialsof thirty leading cities and counties throughout california and he usedexclusively to power other emergency call there seems to want to cut governmentbut what we're reporters in california the same final copy will the sped policecars and other public service department over fifty five million miles ofcalifornia highway

through all the hardships and weatherchanges of a single year as bangalore opium patronage ofthousands of people i feel confident that real grandpa willwin your approval to when you get to the trial saying we open the plane prep you see swatches police and firedepartment chair of the red ant bites rio grande a station in yourneighborhood with the same we'll go into cracked up to mean you will to poweremergency public service call that's fine you two will begin gettingsqueezed compliments for your call

when you bring them tomorrow morning andi the family we are going to be there for a pamphlet we'll run the crap the government prepared by officials foremergency call the governing prepared by a great armyof workers all emergency october fifteenth two years after his crime batteries fuel to the state's highestcourts lofts walked up the steps of thedownload san quentin

sent there by a lot of cheatedmemorandum people without an apparent on launched thetruck the brutal murder we'll prepare withevent today this case is referred to as anoutstanding one covering the most circumstantialevidence and managers on the long haul garlandson hard again they did not get into the lemon benign and and money and and andnegligently was in indonesia and lynn's old movies with

this is an elevator fabric lends me hiding you good night rearmament guide

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