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agency we interrupt this program tobring you a news bulletin from washington special report verdict sparksviolence national guard local governments almost have to go with theirhat in hand we don't answer to the tax peers or two-year congress man and wedon't take no from anyone we just want to take your land like to talk about that barn you plan to build on your backyard we have a special building p just give us 40 acres free

we don't answer to the taxpayers are twoyear congress man and we don't take no from anyone you know we have ways to change yourlife will do almost anything to get our way so just sign it's for the good and now scheduled coming up in about 15minutes we're going to have walter burien on to talk about the biggest gamein town one of the biggest scams in the worldnot just in this country and frankly

you're not going to hear this anywhereelse we're going to be talking about the comprehensive annual financial reports iactually have the comprehensive annual financial report from 1999 and this isfrom the comptroller's office karen carol keaton rhinelander texascop-killer public accounts and this is a scaled-down comprehensive financialreports only 295 pages long phonebook size though compared to whatit was in 1998 and you've seen us on the air with the 1998 comprehensive annualfinancial report i tore apart the file room at my office today dug through 20boxes and couldn't find it but later shows will have that and you can i go tothe state free of charge and get 99 98

97 96 going back 20 plus years free ofcharge now they will give those to you but never in the media never in thepress will you hear about the comprehensive annual financial report 992000 out yet comes out a few months after the fiscal year ends up back inoctober but still not out yet they have the capital and a nice you know fireworks going off above it here beforethat it has the guadalupe mountains and cactuses and you know pretty shot no expense is spared this conference ofa financial report is not as lavish as the previous comprehensive financialreports and it does not give all of the

numbers and that is because of thepressure of myself and hundreds of other americans in the media and thealternative press access tv syndicated talk radio that's not yet control manycases reporting on this you're saying alex you're talking about acomprehensive annual financial report i'm about tochange the channel boring taxes we know government is corrupt we know they'repulling all kinds of scams on us what are you talking about why should wecare about this because it's the biggest game in town folks this is why yourpolice are now wearing black ski mask this is why they're getting armoredpersonnel carriers this is why cameras

are going up this is why they put upmicrophones all over austin texas too little or no fanfare this is what beingwired for sound this wire driver's license have adigital thumbprint on this is why we're losing national sovereignty becauseladies and gentlemen the comprehensive annual financial reports and state'scounty city's water district school districts especially all have these andif you type in caf are cafr or type all the way out $year comprehensive annualfinancial report into a search engine and you will see thousands of links tocounties to cities to states and the federal government bragging going backover years stepping back to probably

1990s on the web the federal governmentas a whole website on this openly admitting this this galactic sighs fraudwe're about to expose yet again here on the air now hold on to your hat ladiesand gentlemen strap yourselves in for all about totell you mrs. a hundred percent proven from the state's own numbers the countythe city the feds you name it let me give you an analogy to bring thisdown to earth let's say hypothetically i make a hundred dollars a week alex jonesmakes a hundred dollars a week hypothetically but i tell my family mywife and children which i don't have against hypothetical example i tell mywife and children that our budget we've

got to stay on budget that i only have$money on budget two dollars a week now i talk to my family they see me doingbills i put out a report on our finances every month my wife now reads it and ilooks at it absolutely amazing she is thinking that we are we have two dollars a week to operate onand i go over in a week i spent three dollars for a dollar on our budget in adeficit for a dollar in the hole what are we gonna do about it how can westop we're in deep trouble honey you're gonna have to get a second job i'm goingto get a second job to pay for this now i could use a thousand dollars a weekand said it was you know you know i told

my family that i have about fiftydollars you are using a hundred archers it's easy number to understand that'swhat government does i didn't tell her about the 98 she doesn't know where i'mbanking it where i'm investing it where i'm blowing it what i'm doing with it all she knowsabout is my budget that is two dollars a week and then i've gone over nomineedeficit and to pay off that extra dollar a week we're spending because our budgetdollars we spend three dollars because she doesn't know about the other $98that i really made that week she's gonna have to go out and get another job topay off that debt

this is what the state of texas traviscounty that austin texas does in 1998 the comprehensive annual financialreport the state of texas had a 435 billion dollar surplus a 435 billiondollar surplus it was right there on page 8 on page 7 on page six just like the 1999 version right therein their own report ladies and gentleman right there intheir own report for the whole world to see every major media outlets a copy ofthis they print up hundreds of thousands of them in the state of texas you payfor it it goes out to all the major bond houses all the major mutual funds allthe major companies like xerox and ford

and you name it monsanto so they all get it this is thestuff that city managers and i county manager's and the financial directorstalk about this stuff they live the stuff they breathethey had 435 billion billion dollars in texas in surplus in my surplus i meanthe roman empire had a you know had a million slaves at one time but did theyhave a surplus know they always wanted more of winos got two bottles of whiskeybut is that a surplus know he always wants more the point is these aren't even surplusesto they want more

so back in 98 remember bush was having abig fight with democrats on the surface over the six point nine billion dollarsurplus we have this huge surplus bush was bragging look how conservative 50concerned we've been we have the surplus and there was this big phony five-eighthi decided to give back texans 2.2 billion dollars in sales taxcuts ok this is what they did i mean folksthis is so simple it's hard to explain so they were telling you about a sixpoint nine billion dollar surplus extra money and then had a big fight overwhere it should be spent or it should be given back to you when they really had435 billion dollars that was profits on

investments we have our very own littlebit later we're going to great detail on this is one of the biggest secretsaround like the federal reserve big private having private stockholders andbeing run for profit there are no reserves you can't audit it's justthey're putting the money ordering the federal treasury to do so this is thescan this is the biggest game in town this is how they're running the wholeball of wax this is how the ruling over and the big news is get ready for thisthat they owned over half the stock market that is state county city in thefederal government i that they own 70 plus percent of xeroxusing an example

eighty percent plus afford this is$operand years old numbers they own the majority of every publicly tradedcompany of any size they own almost all of the stock in the dowel industrial 30the top 30 stocks they own most of the nasdaq they own a large portion ofprivately-held companies like dell they own a large portion of the stock gateshas it turned loose sub in microsoft and intel motorola is almost completelyowned by the government this is the definition of organizedcrime but yet they sell you at the city level when the city of austin hasbillions of dollars billions of dollars billions of dollars a surplus capitalmetro does they're pulling in billions

every year they tell you you got to havea tax increase or the schools are going to close we got to have a tax increaseof the potholes won't get filled we got to have a tax increase or there won't beemergency radios in the fire trucks and ems in the ambulances a patent erroneouslie now you understand why government is so-called privatizing utilities andprivatizing hospitals and privatizing roads and privatizing everything becausethey already own it all any sector they start privatizing meansthey owned over half of it but when you hear out in california the big powercrunch whether it's because of privatization the cities and counties inthe state owned eighty percent that was

even in the associated press today ofthose power plants now wait a minute before so-called privatization it wasactually privately-held predominantly up is down down is up black is white white is black i want youto think about the magnitude of this because when they tell you that yougotta pay more taxes because of the deficit on the budget that's like if imade a hundred dollars a week and i told my wife our budget is $money to dollars andthat's all she knew about she didn't know about the other $98 are making aweek

all she knew about was the two dollarswe go over that budget of $money to dollars she's gonna have to get a second jobbecause she believes that we're in the hole when in truth i'm investing and savingor blowing ninety-eight dollars a week and she doesn't even know about itbecause in the economic world today everything is budgets take the federalgovernment 34 trillion dollar surplus you count state and local and waterdistricts and schools in surpluses that is in liquid cash each year profit offof investments profit off of investments

60-plus trillion dollars federal statelocal because the budget is the money they have coming in to pay the actualservices will take a state like new jersey and i hey 9 17 billion dollars inbills and services and lighting and power for the government buildings forthe road for everything they made 80 plus billion dollars in profits oninvestments so you have 60 + billion dollars being reinvested it it's anendless cycle within another five years the government will own all of the stockthat you do not probably hell and what the people hold is going to be suchincredible peanuts compared to it it won't even count how many of you knewthat big companies when they have

stockholders meetings have city managersand portfolio managers and folks from the national association of counties andcities and governors there as the top people in that hall with that ceo upthere how many of you knew that that people from travis county top officialstravel the country weekly to new york and boston and los angeles and even herein austin to go to the stockholder meetings and see how their stock isdoing how many of you knew that and here's thereally big bombshell how many of you knew that with the60-plus trillion dollar surplus that is going on right now

now with state federal and local thatyou can have all the government services that are here expand them according topopulation expand them taking inflation into account you have to understandladies and gentlemen but we would never have to pay taxes again never pay taxesagain and that we would get a yearly or monthly depending on how we wanted it annuity check in the tens of thousandsof dollars yearly now you don't believe that alaska does it alaska has a system closer what we'retalking about and their people this year got three thousand dollars and that'sjust a small bit of what the oil and gas

revenue is that the state takes in andthe people don't even pay taxes in alaska a million people in alaska andthey're not even paying taxes and they're getting paid by the governmentand that's not welfare folks that's not you can't have a man in the house andwe're going to break up your family you gotta put your kids on ritalin andprozac and then we'll give you enough to barely live in a run-down rattled thegovernment operates we're talking about money coming directly to you we're talking about never paying taxesagain facing taxation out in three years what is the alternative the alternativeis to allow state local and federal

governments school districts waterdistricts of the lcra building their giant complexes everywhere to continueto take your tax money and invest in the stock market by actual companies starttheir own businesses i mean think about this and they'll runeverything they already basically do think about the magnitude of thatthey're telling you you gotta dig deep and tighten your belt to pay off thedeficit of the federal deficit when the feds have third plus trillion dollars in absolute creamoff global investments forget the bills things that they're slightly they haveto pay off in the future all that's on

the budget they put all the losses allthe expenses on budget and then tell you about the budget never talk about thecomprehensive annual financial reports and what their actual cash gross annualreceipts are from turnpike's and sales taxes and fines and fees and regulatorypayments and all of this and port authorities the list goes on and on walter burien i was at the highestlevels running a large company in the world trade center doing all of thisstuff 10 years ago when he found out about it when he found out he shouldtell you the story and i didn't believe what for . two years ago and i found outabout this he's on the air saying texas

in 98 let's use your state alex becausei'm on the computer right now the government's own websites you can allcheck it out yourself was 435 building and i'm like walter that's not true so what happens max who's in the controlroom right now goes down where'd you go the the state attorneygeneral's office and he gets the 98 comprehensive annual financial reportthis is the 99 and there it is on page six 435 you have the comptroller'soffice 435 billion dollar surplus and we're reading in the newspaper everysingle day we're seeing in the paper every day that there was a 6.9 billiondollar surplus and there was a big fight

over it we're going to get any of itback we got two billion back so we got two billion back they told us it was 6.9million surplus when it was really 435 billion the city of manhattan the cityof manhattan ladies and gentlemen in 1989 with their own numbers and i'veseen him had 1.2 trillion dollars in cream surplusoff the top not the stuff that had to stay and investments not the pain forthe schools of the buildings or leases or fines or fees or new equipment orpaying employees that's a little bitty budget over heretens of billions of dollars from manhattan but trillions of just queen

no wonder the cops are wearing black skimask no wonder those armored personnel carriers driving around one of thegolden prisons everywhere we are basically their slaves ladies andgentlemen trying to inform people were talking about the biggest game in townwith the man that did the equivalent of proving the world was round like galileoit's something so huge so monolithic documented by the states by the countyby the city's but no one in the press know in the media will talk about itgovernments are running a gigantic surpluses they're buying up everything most of the industry's we are theseexample of xerox and ford it's a total

takeover they're building their ownlittle empires i give you walter burien and a lot of folks are out there copyingis work that's great former guided all the accounting for theair force in their investigations and accounting is now out there callinghimself captain man captain man . com a lot of folks are coming forward on thisbut this is the person that did it needed two hours of me on the radiotoday and now he's joining us again for this access television show and iappreciate to walter . doing this is the only place you'll see this kind ofinformation ladies and gentlemen walter going to talk to you didn't alex can youhear me

yeah joining us from your home out inarizona i want you to take a couple minutes out and just tell folks aboutwhat criterion how walter burien found out about the biggest game in town andwho really runs this planet and what then later solutions to stop it it'spretty exciting stuff re going back about ten years ago istumbled across the comprehensive annual financial report i was a commoditytrading advisor one of the first sentence of the world trade center backin 1978 international news live coast-to-coaston commodities back in 1994 the governor got elected by the name of jim florio innew jersey and he got elected on a new

tax platform soon as you got an office2.8 billion dollar tax increase largest in the state's history of the public wasnot pleased and one of the local radio stations 11.5 mm to djs john and canstart doing rabble-rousing taking calls from listeners on examples of wastedmisspending i was listening on the first two days i heard people calling in onexamples of 5,000 15,000 the highest figure i heard was 85,000 and i pulledout the budget report looked at the billions of dollars of the state wasdealing with called into the radio program and i said come on guys you'remissing the whole point the state is dealing with billions ofdollars if their fraud waste and

spending taking place is taking place ontune of tens of millions of hundreds of millions of dollars and that was usingthe budget when they try to give us tunnel vision to just look at the budgetthat's what brought you into the comprehensive annual financial reportyou started doing a little bit of your own rabble-rousing out when john canchallenge you didn't name correctly challenges us to start an organizationto repeal the tax increase none of us got together incorporated agroup called hands across new jersey with the help of john and ken rebelrising rabble-rousing 24 hours around the clock

we had our first rally down in trentonnew jersey people converge from all the shore points in new jersey we hadcaravans heading the trend hundred 15,000 people converged on trend andshut the city down but and the inter myself better start looking at therevenue budget and finance being as a commodity trading advisor large numbersdid not bother me one dollar in a billion that's just a number and istarted looking at the budget report and i noticed that all of the cash cowgenerators of state government new jersey turnpike on the state parkwayport authority of new york new jersey no revenue shown on the buzzer report ididn't see any large return

from investment funds on the budgetreport and i said they have to have a two-tier accounting structure becausei'm not seeing the complete picture now the director of the budget his name wasrichard keavy he was on vacation till the following tuesday of that week icalled his lower assistant and the conversation went just like this highthis fall . i'm working on a report for richard have to have it done by tuesdaywhen he gets back from vacation and have all the figures on the autonomous agencyaccounts interest accounts investment accounts he goes hope you want thecomprehensive annual financial report being first time ever that beforebecause yeah can i htc me a copy because

well i don't know you better speak tomark the next one down richard called markup hi marcus water beer and i just spokegym i'm working on reports richard have to have done by tuesday when he getsback any the comprehensive annual financial report since me right away gotthat friday being a bottom line to a person i wanted to see what the totalswere now on liquid assets investment assets for the state in thecomprehensive annual financial report was standing at about a hundred andeighty eight billion dollars and i start looking for the total cash grossreceipts the number one question irs

astronaut it found on page 170 for under$money cash editions all agencies all departments all sources here's a state with a declared servicebudget 17 billion that was bringing in 86 billion 799 million in cash for theyear i learned the definition of syndicated organized crime right thereon the spot and the principle of operation the principle of operation wasanything that was a cost in an expense they left under the budgetary basis andthe public putting a hundred percent of the bill four hundred percent of theservices anything that was a profit center had the ability of being a profitcenter large investment fund that

generated essential revenue totallyrestricted by statute or no tie or inclusion whatsoever with the budgetarybasis and in new jersey's case they were bringing in 69 billion dollars a yearover what they're bringing in on the budgetary basis through taxation finesand fees and for the layperson out there boilthat down for them the difference between the budget and the real set ofbooks the comprehensive annual financial reports often for this point and makingthis discovery i always thought i was hurt budget report budget report budgetwe have a shortfall of budgetary revenue we have to increase taxes

our budget is you know for the schoolfor the police we have to increase taxes and the budgetreport is strictly the annual operating costs for that year what they're bringing in what they'resupposed to be spending it does not mention the total investments it doesn'tmention the total income and it doesn't mention the total network just asyourself alex if you're banking on ur thousand dollars a year and your budgetfor operating your house was thirty thousand dollars a year you could audityour thirty thousand dollar budgets a hundred times over counter nickel dimepenny you spend twenty nine thousand

dollars this year on your budget youhave a thousand dollar surplus you spent thirty one thousand dollars on yourbudget for operating your house you have a thousand dollar deficit under yourbudget and there's no discussion of the other 70,000 correct and also nodiscussion of your 1.5 million dollar network even building up over thedecades never mentioned there are three words that a politician or the newsmedia will not mention basic words or expressions the first one is what is thetotal income gross receipts number two what are the total investments numberthree what is the net work and i there's actually a fourth which is veryimportant what is the growth

what is the growth in five years 10years 15 years 25 years arizona is a good example if you look at the 1984comprehensive annual financial report the state service budget is 1.8 billiondollars and shows total gross receipts of 2.1 billion about 30 million dollardifference 15 years later going into the year 2000 aservice budget reaching 14 billion dollars and total gross receipts of 22billion dollars so in the course of 15 years a 1000 percent increase in therevenue taken from the populace that type of increase is unjustifiable by anymeans in a free society if it wishes to

remain free and the sound bites arethrown out to the populace always short full ribbon for school district lookcrime little ladies on whatever the politicians are using whatever soundbites taken for out they keep the public from looking at basic comprehension what are the total cast grocer seats allwhat are the total investments what's the total network never mentionednever discussed they always refer to the budgetary bases as they excuse my frenchlaughs their butts off all the way down to the bank every single day we'veallowed the vault door to stay wide open for the last 50 years and by leaving thevault door open

in fact with most people saying of allfootball sharp little crackers ones running this show ok on composite government well in theupper echelon not dealing with the joe sixpack route getting five bucks on downease on the sharpest crackers on the face of the planet who were quiteruthless that have worked extra gently to build their little empires withincomposite government and by use of the investment funds and they know exactlywhat they're doing they knew that they needed the cooperation of the syndicatedmedia and education the comprehensive annual financial report was created in1946 same years the united nations by

the same people correct it was the planand implemented plan to take over the world and it's not a conspiracy it'sright here in texas for 99 98 435 million dollar surplus right there in iton page six but they were telling us that we had to increase taxes for thechildren my point is look at all the thingsthey've done the homes they've stolen walter name of property taxes from old peoplethat couldn't pay the families that have been ready or do a reality check alexyou don't hold on people busting down doors rating people's houses supposedlyhaven't paid taxes bank accounts being

seized all of this in the name of wegotta run the government you know we got a deficit on our budget meanwhile you have the 60-plus trilliondollars a day with state federal and local monies and earlier on the radiotoday we talked about how he took that money invested it with even a small rateof return for five percent we can phase out all force taxation within threeyears and that's real map real numbers instead they're buying up everythingwe're taking control the big question is walter where are they putting all ofthis money the state's the county's the water districts the school districts thefeds where they investing all this all

this so-called surplus money about thelist is too long to go through and the sample and interoperable bringing no oneseeing so they have carte blanche to do what they want the example of xeroxcorporation i'm going to repeat a conversation i had with a heavy weightfrom california about two weeks ago i he i i briefed him on the aspect ofsetting up an annuity pension fund for the resident property owners andtaxpayers by by which the surplus revenues are deposited into this accountventure and enterprise projects which the government owns which the way theyshould own like golf courses are real estate venture projects are sold backinto the private sector and that money

is consolidated into the annuity pensionpond and we're overgrowth took place downsizing where appropriate i give the example of arizona and theroof all three areas create a phenomenal amount of revenue and that annuitypension fund is written in stone having the the set principle of operation ofsupplementing that city or counties budgetary basis until canceled in otherwords you can phase out all force taxation and in fact with good prudentfinancial management you'll have a surplus occur where you can issue adividend return back to the resident property owners on top of no taxationnow the heavy weight

$operand centimeters over that isperfect that's what should have been done a long time ago but it's such amassive structure how do you ever possibly plan on implementing such astructure my response to him was i said it's already been done i said composite government pensionfunds are standing at 28 trillion dollars they generated four point threetrillion dollars last year total taxation in this country federal 1.8trillion take all local taxation about 1.6 trillion you're standing right nowat about three and a half trillion in total force taxation in the entirecountry the government pension funds

generated substantially more than alltaxation in this country through administrative action you can establishthe exact same program for elimination of all taxation in this country andimplemented within three years in most cases things out all for taxation onthis country now alter the point man on the radio today as people are addictedto their poultry little government paychecks to the chicken feet were giventhe money they're using a break up the families can mount home if you'd donearound the home will pay you will put you on ice lom will ship in drugs we putyour sons and daughters in prison this police state system people want theirchicken feet they they want it even at

the current numbers with a 60 trilliondollar surplus with state local federal government's telling us they're actuallyrunning deficits when their own documents they circulate amongstthemselves brag that they basically rule the entire country and almost everythingwe have to make the point people that even if nothing was downsized even ofthings were expanded for inflation that this money was invested even at a lowyield return we can phase out all force taxation in three years now they're soldoff the golf course the hotels and motels and made the government dumpthese stocks and the rest of it then what you would have is have money liketo do in alaska last year people alaska

got three thousand dollars apiece fromthe government a poultry part of their all and gasrevenues that the state government is getting now i need for people tounderstand what we're saying that we boil it down to your folks one more timein 1998 now the county the city the feds water districts the school districts arecountless other government agencies health care groups all the stuff thatthey're supposedly public government they're telling us that they have toincrease our taxes because we're running deficits then you read their own lavishreports and all of them put them out because they trade these amongstthemselves in this big empire-building

they're all bragging to each otherthey've got the biggest empires texas doesn't right here in this year's reportfrom the comptroller not a word of the budget here folks it's like me make a hundred dollars aweek but i tell my wife i make two dollars and i tell my budget is $moneyto dollars she never hears about the ninety-eight dollars i spent more thantwo dollars i spent three dollars i say honey we're over-budget a dollar you're gonna have to get a job and shegoes you know what we got to tighten our belts we will get a job

meanwhile i'm investing that $98 i'msaving that $98 every single week and she never does anything about it and i'mtaking her money and doing it well we're the woman in the relationship thegovernment's the mean man here he's popular nomenclature and we're gettingscrewed and the same folks that run the federal reserve run this system and itis abominable walter it's on radio today we have abunch of callers call and they still couldn't get over the fact up that wehave a deficit i explain why they wipe that up the deficit pertaining to thebudget compared to real i gross cash receipts government's bringing in evenremember the example i gave you on the

phone we're talking privately of youhaving to neighbors yeah i give that example go ahead ok sayfor example you have two neighbors bob on your right side to him on your leftside bob comes knocking on your door alexlost my job gotta pay the rent kind of over 500 are you there you're nice breaking okay here jim onyour left side action or goes the alex we're going down the bombers as weekendthe big mai tais on the beach you want to come flying out my private citizenyou there sure what's going on can squeeze in and you get back

bob comes knocking on your door againhey alex my wife's in the hospital she's certainneeds an operation i need twenty-five hundred dollars or she's gonna die thereare okay in 2,500 ours gym on your left side knocks on your door again hey alex for flying over dessert for theweekend when i breakfast the you want to come you know they're sure i can squeezeit in we're gonna watch gym on your left sidecloser than a hawk waiting for what's going to happen next bob you cringe you think he's gonnaknock on your door you don't want to

think about government constantly keepstaking more and more and more and they have the public cringing i don't want tothink about it i don't want to talk about it i don't want anything to dowith it i'll pay my debbie and forget about ituntil next year and they kept perpetuating their game over and overagain and the tens of thousands of people involved within the syndicate andit is a syndicate a corporate syndicate sat there smiling and laughing everysingle day all the way down to the bank now remember folks this is notspeculation altar is we're building a website there are dozens of otherwebsites of people have copied walters

expose which water is actually happyabout you type of cfr into the net conference event finance reportthousands of leaks will pop up ninety percent of them are government bragginghere's rcf here's our conference of a finance report county city's waterdistricts the feds bragging about how they own 70 + % xerox how they own mostafford how they almost adele how they almost coca-cola all of these publiclytraded companies it's a sick joke so when you see that i want to let folksshall be aware of exactly what that means so that they'll be able to goright back when microsoft was having problems with the court the headof the new york state retirement pension

fund for the state employees cameforward saying we think microsoft is a good company and we're not going to selloff our 78 million shares of microsoft you know and i texas i think was aaustin or houston board of education i last year about two years ago disney animated an objectionable filmaustin austin and the board of education around to divest ourselves of ourmultimillion dollar holding in disney and the public saying what are you doingwith 40 35 million dollars in disney how much do you have another sox you knowthe bottom line is we left the vault door open and a runaway free train tostart building more steam more steam

momentum momentum and the law of physicsthan an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an equal andformidable force to slow down and the good point here alex implement thisprogram in 1945 it took off steam full force 1980 and in that time periodyou'll see the growth within government probably four five six seven eighthundred percent in some cases and they built a phenomenal i ladies andgentlemen were back live we've got walter burien on the line with us we'regoing to recap who altered marion is how he got involved in this exactly whatwe're talking about and then launching some case . examples of this biggestgame in town i would suggest that

everybody out there tape this show spread the word this is real news on thetop ten stories of the century we just keep bringing it to you over and overagain and boil it down for you simply the government is running giganticsurpluses but like walter . says when is there really a surplus in the romanempire a million slaves they always use a million more winos got two bottles ofripple on a surplus he wants more they can't stop the state of texas hashundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of billions ofdollars in syrup us total and complete surplus this isthe 1999 comprehensive annual financial

report the 1998 one it clearly shows 435million dollar surplus also shows numbers around that in the 99 version ianybody can get this from the comptroller if they try to refuse walter. i'll tell you places where you can it's free of charge everybody shouldknow go to the library they'll have these but you never hear about it thepress never hear about in the media you never learned about it in economics incollege did you you heard about the budget the budgetthe budget going back to an analogy i make a thousand dollars a week i tell mywife i'm only making a hundred dollars a week she sees me on the personalcomputer doing my budget on quicken and

quickbooks whatever i tell her honey youhave to get a second job we spend $150 this week we're fifty dollars overbudget oh dear we'll lose the house oh dear ohdear we'll lose the new car oh dear we won't be able to go see you know thefamily at this christmas back in chicago meanwhile i'm the one google hahabecause i've got 900 extra week i'm socking away and that number goes up imade a million a week we told you about a hundred thousand i would be the sameif i made a billion a week and i only told you about a couple of million of itit would be the same if i made a trillion a week and i only told youabout a couple billion of it and we have

these huge discussions and media debatesand the was in the states but a few days ago but texas rainy day fund only has afew million in it 80-something million we need tax increases of a recession iscoming it's all about control when the state oftexas in their own books public record with the media so control are running agigantic surpluses the state of texas all the 50 states every county everycity every water district school district's they're all in businessladies and gentlemen we're talking to walter here in walter one cap just saidthere i just thought of the perfect story from the

ass back 10 years ago jim florio when hegot elected on this new tax platform and then add a 2.8 billion dollar taxincrease he decided to go on a two-week tour ofthe state everyday stopping at a new location talking to the public as theincorporators fans across new jersey the largest tax protest group in the state ii managed to get down to his first location was pete's delhi and hamiltontownship now they had arranged for the entire syndicated media to be there abcwas there cbs nbc cnn hundred and fifty reporters and i sat down with a gymflorio and his wife at the table to have lunch for 45 minutes we talked everynetwork camera was covered in over our

heads hundred and fifty reporters withthe handheld recorder is going shoved in all around the table and you were a topsecurity exchange ah commodity trading advisor the commodity trading you knowbig company up their international deal you took the challenge local talk showhost talk about abuse found out the budget isn't one tenth of the storyyou've had this big rally 115,000 people downtown you're starting to learn aboutthis stuff and you're sitting there talking to the two to the governorgovernor's wife myself with every single reporter and every single camera trainedon and i use this one example i said governor florio myself as a financialadvisor if i had a stock issuance and i

sold a hundred percent of the stock inmy company and i made a 10 million dollar profit this year and i disclosedto my shareholders i made a one-million-dollar profit number onethat's misrepresentation number two is fraud number 3 i'd be in jail i said the state of new jersey isconducting business as usual doing the exact same thing and they've enactedstatutes to allow them to do what would be totally illegal for publiccorporation to do i thought he'd try to skate around that response to that andgo off in a different area all the reporters are sitting up on on theirtoes man who and florio's response i did

not believe it he looked back at me andsaid i know i've been trying to do something about that they never let himout in public again they cancelled his entire tour and not one word in themedia now i've called around the media gets the county the city the state thefederal that the newspaper the statesman here in town every year it's a stack ofthese from around the country they have for 25 years why would the major networks the majornewspapers why do they want these why do they get these but don't tell us aboutthem because they are in one hundred percent partnership with the game theyat night when i learned this 10 years

ago that was my question i was acommodity trading advisor international news line right in the middle of newyork and the of things i never once heard of the comprehensive annualfinancial report i said to myself why did i not hear it on a tv show theevening news a talk show zilch nothing and here is the holy grailthe bible of accounting for government my first step was i call the mailroom ofthe department of treasury to find out who was sent to i found out of a senseyou every dean of every college it was sent to every editor up and down theeast coast it was sent to the ceo and every one of the directors from abc cbsnbc now i'm starting to get mad i then

found out who sent you for abc and nbc icalled their departments and the conversation was just like this hi this ball bearing calling from theformer treasury in new jersey we've been sending you our comprehensive annualfinancial report for the last 40 years how many other states are sending youthe report and abc was getting from 38 states nbc was getting it for 30 from 36states now i'm getting mad i'm starting to see a cooperative effort fornon-disclosure i then asked myself the next logical question how much is thesyndicated media making from composite government sources you know upfront youwould think of you know federal grants

you know public education grants formedia broadcasting service commercial city county state federal that was a substantial portion of thesyndicated media's income but then realizing that composite governmentfunds own the primary shares of major fortune 500 companies such as xerox overseventy eight percent motorola in the sixties i ibm at&t they own that stockand through the proxy votes through the investment managers and they canexercise demands / those corporations on who to use on the marketing campaignsand the advertising so they can direct more money to the syndicated media andthis is while we watch abc cbs nbc they

have the same story with the sametalking head looking the same with the same advertisers in the exact same orderevery night because they give us three different brands of the same slavery ladies and gentlemen this is notspeculation i have in my hot little hands the comprehensive annual financialreport for texts for 1999 now walter you almost a year ago and first talked tohim live on the radio and you've talked about 40 million people since you'vegotten your disclosure i'm gonna go through all of that you bring all thisforward you said get comprehensive annual financial report from 98 andbefore because you said that now because

of your disclosure they are starting toeven try to water those down my 98 one clearly says 430 5 billion dollarsurplus that is just the cream off the profits of their investments uneven alltheir investments and now it's only got 60 something million now i would checkthat what you said you said a year ago you said today on the radio you said the 99 reports that were comingout take a look at 96 well the point is they're on to what you're doing there onthe fact that you're onto them and people are waking up what how are theymanipulated the reports and they said we have a little surplus now attaches fourbillion they said it was a 6.9 backing

out but still it's you know 67 at 96 reportand you'll see they listed the transactions they handle for localgovernment that's my point this book has got smaller this book is in his lavish and you'vebeen talking about that how are they manipulating the conferenceevent your financial reports because the news is starting to get out how are theynow cooking these will actually help with disclosure originally 99 and priorit was required to show all investment revenue all income coming in from allsources in the combined financial

columns as of 99 they changed it toshowing all investments revenue all income all revenue coming in necessaryto meet obligations the big difference so that's like saying again back to abudgetary manipulation i need five hundred dollars a week to run myhousehold so i make my budget 500 and everybody focus on the five hundreddollars i really making 2000 week hypothetically and then people get wisemy wife gets wise i'm really making all these thousands of dollars in my tonerabout so it's all right honey here are those books see and then i onlyshow enough of the money and out of the surplus to say oh i just had this inreserve in case i needed i'll give you a

kick i'll give you a key example from 10years ago as i mentioned education is included in this game now in the newjersey's comprehensive annual financial report it showed consolidation of thestate universities and colleges under one financial column i noticed right offthe bat they had eight points uh five billion dollars in liquid investmentfunds it showed that they made a 1.1 billion dollar profits on theirinvestment funds ok for the year bringing up their totals9.6 billion dollars a woman yes my next question in logical progression was iwonder what the total tuitions are paid by all students attending college anduniversities in new jersey that was

listed also 644 million dollars so right off the bat i said tomyself they made a 1.1 billion dollar profit ontheir investment funds the total tuition base for all students was a 644 milliondollars i said that the kids could have gone toschool for free for the oregon paid to go to college now what actually happenedthat year was they cited a shortfall of budgetary revenue and had a 7-percenttuition increase his back in 1989 now that's just with the universityrunning a scam let's talk about some of the smallerexamples you use the case in a small

county out where you live in arizona nowgive us tell us about that example regarding a healthcare oh that was intucson arizona pima county couple years back the healthcare program setting ashortfall of operating funds said that they're going to have to cut back onservices and turn away people unless they had a six million dollar taxincrease that were supposedly six million dollar short so they presented to the public for asix million dollar tax increase now you know they forgot to mentiontheir shorts explain for the air and the six million dollars would be every yearthereafter but the public saying we

can't turn away the second the olderlate voted on the six million dollar tax increase for federal auditor retired of30 years he looked at the healthcare programs financial statement he calledme back immediately and water they invested in one shot 35 million dollarsin the local government investment pool by investing 35 million dollars in thelocal government investment pool that's what created the six-million dollarshortfall in their operating funds if they had not invested 35 million dollarswith the local government investment pool they would have had a 29 milliondollar surplus for the year so again the classic thing we hear on the local newsin austin gotta have a massive you know

300 million dollar tax increase our bondproposal with the schools or they'll be shut down gotta spend all the tax moneyfor capital metro if you a million extra year that will be shutdown we gotta spend a few extra hundred million other won't be bottles gettingfilled an emergency radios and the ambulances and firetrucks this is thesame thing all over the country have seen the stories the people go you knowi panel of taxes have i'm in the hole and have to sell my bass boat and haveto get into the college tuition is all these property taxes sales taxes and allthese other five fees but damn it will do it for the kids for the old peopleyou know for the education for the

potholes when they had money to pay thestreet literally in gold and they laughed all the way down to the bank andthey laughed all the way down the bank so boiling it down for the simple mindsout there i'm not being sardonic i'm not being up advertising to you arecondescending but i have to be honest with some of the viewers they're goingto we got a huge deficit federal government's got four five trillion 500billion dollar deficit i heard it on the news walter the numbers add crunch robgovernment's own sites on the conference and financial report anybody can gothere on the web federal government they don't hide this stuff that is no mediumcoverage that you won't listen out there

they've got this 30-plus trillion-dollarcream at the top 30 plus trillion-dollar cream just with the federal governmentyou know the state's the county the cities have more i mean this racket iseverywhere you talk about pima county in tucson that was just with the hospitalfun from the city where they spend you know investors 30-plus million have abudgetary shortfalls six million don't tell you about that with the federalgovernment i mean we hear all the time what we havethis deficit so we gotta tighten our belts we have a tax increase we can'teven have a tax cut i that's really what's driving this faras people thinking we're in financial

trouble when there's really giantsurpluses was driving the fraud is the easy ability to build phenomenal empiresjust by structuring in and implementing it with the public sitting there sayingis there's something going on not having the fog is clue and being that the public left the vaultdoor open for the last 45 50 years phenomenal empires have been built largeand small well i want to explain something that weclose the radio program today with we've got plenty of time now moves for either40 minutes or so as we take this program but the point i want to make here iswalter aah i didn't believe in two years

ago when i check this stuff out yourconservative guy you're in there about the numbers the fax you a financialplanner model recruiting other yeah commodity trading advisor you're sittingthere looking at this it's so big it's like an elephant the living room it'shard to even discuss it like the simplest things a lot of people can'teven grasp it but you said it and you know it's funny i have the ceo taurusfirearms on the fourth largest gun manufacturer will say i'll say mr.morris area where the united nations is taking over the gun manufacturers andthis un that this attack on the 2nd amendment from the un he goes yes i'vebeen state department meetings i thought

he would laugh at me this is a major ceo of a hundred millionbillion dollar company he says alex he says he says i it's absolutely amazing he said they're coming in and the eventtables of the us state department other ceos and they say we're shutting downthe gun manufacturers you join us sell out to us or your business is gone it'sall over for you andrew cuomo of hud threatening himthreatening all these other ceos you said it was organized crime he said hethought he was in nazi germany then you talk about how in 1946 1945 same yearthe un is set up in this country this

country runs the new world order notcoming after us that we are it where the slaves right inside rome that they setthe 1313 patch of chicago same years except the un to formalize andstandardized the national association of counties the national association ofcities the national association of governors and 46 they created thecomprehensive annual financial report and then they created the conference ofa finance report so it looks new normal it looks standard hey everybody'sdoing it then they go and buy up all the corporation's with our tax money andbuild their own empires and control it i you know you have a communism andsocialism publicly being funded by the

rockefeller consolidate power overseaswhere they couldn't take people down there monarchies wouldn't play ball withthem i mean it's the same thing over and overand over and over and over and over again and now it's all now it's allcoming together it's all coming down you talked about how you crunch thenumbers of the states with the highest tax rates the biggest government's thebiggest surpluses with gun laws tell the look tell the viewers about that about four years ago a little chartcomparison i looked at the states with the least the strength and gun laws andlook at the states with the most

impressive gun laws and made a chartleast at one end most impressive on the other end and then looked at the stateswith the most taxes fines and fees levied / populace and the state with theleast taxes fines and fees levied put an order made a chart well guess what you put the chartsbackpack exact parallel the more taxes fines and fees excerpt from the populacethe most impressive gun laws possible the least amount of taxes fines and feesextorted from the populace in a state though the most lakhs on the gun lawsexact parallel elaborate on that well if you go into a seat

we're like vermonster montana very lowtaxation least impressive even other catching up with everybody else every lacks cotton balls go into a statelike new jersey where the public is being extorted from any which angle andshape and form from all areas of government city county and state and thepolice in the judicial maximum find you have the most stringent gun lawspossible in this country so it's simple with financial slaverywith total governmental / private fraud in basic fascist collusion with thistype of development you're going to have this our populationhints hitler was for gun-control stalin

was for gun-control now they disarm theslaves against the united nations is for gun control because it was founded bythe very banking interests that now run this nation that run this world openlyfunded by the same people that setup patch 13 13 in chicago to start thenational association of counties the national association of cities ofgovernors of mayors and county commissioners to standardize thepolicies here's a very dangerous . alex beingthat they have already accomplished control and ownership of the wealth ofthis country from the public the public now becomes a liability so it is intheir interest right now to eliminate a

good chunk of the public eye becausethey now own the well they control the wealth of this country i was on some ofthe financial sites morgan stanley dean witter and others this weekend doingresearch on that and they have composite indexes on there with thefastest-growing part of the economy is until a month and a half ago was stilltext talks the internet i number two had always been prison industry walter it'snow number one they're building prisons everywhere militarizing the police thisroute prison industry and the court system it is the most profitablecorporation in this country the court system in the prison system generatesmore money than 10 of the largest

fortune 500 companies in this countryput together and and that's another public number i mean folks the fact isthey have convinced you that the government's in trouble state the local water district they needmore money than any more regulations they need more taxes because they'rebankrupt when in truth they on seventy percent of xerox 6% motorola every major traded company all of thedown 30 you look at the doubt 30 what percentage of the down 30 i in theaggregate do state and and city and federal agencies own you're talking tolook on an individual basis not buy

stock by the government wealth right nowis the market we're talking probably about an excess of seventy percent ofthe ownership is controlled by composite government funds and is insignificant inthe marketplace and you looked yeah and it is a case for example the city ofmanhattan you got those numbers they're needed today on the radio and i'll afterthe show when actually checked it out right there they brag about this in 19891990 you look at manhattan not just states with hundreds of billions what did manhattan have the city amountof progression after looking at the state of new jersey look at the state ofnew york and the state of new york at

approximately 500 35 billion and then igot the city of manhattan's report which covered the borough's bronx brooklynqueens and so forth they had 1.2 trillion more than the entire state aton their books and that's in cream that's in private investments and also acouple years later manhattan with crying poverty and a tax increase and then lookat the bailed out by the feds supposedly and you look at the so-called let's useanother example proposed to throw it on their face orange county are scanninghad a couple slap-happy investment managers who were playing around withderivatives and got their fingers burnt they lost 1.3 billion dollars of themoney for allah county just with

derivatives the most speculative torydangerous thing in the market just 1.3 billion just a county the derivativemarket has said by alex green man several months back he said he wasconcerned being that the derivative market was up to 80 trillion dollars andthe government is the primary player in the derivative market but orange countyattracted all this attention now one person happen to stumble across orangecounty's comprehensive annual financial report and looking so that they hadsixteen billion dollars and profitable invest they were only talking about theirlosing transaction but but it it they

couldn't control the media on that itwas out for a lot of they lost 1.3 billion in a very speculative area themarket but they had to have a tax increase will almost went bankrupt sothe people had to pay more almost like that was done on purpose when theyreally had tens of billions of extra that was probable in the market there'san economist by name and he owns a bank anthony argus out in california he looksa comprehensive annual financial reports determines that local governments cashposition and determines how long they operate existing from their existingcash without charging one nickel in taxes fines or fees now in orangecounty's case when they're crying

bankruptcy they could have gone on foranother 11.9 years performing the exact same services without taxing one nickelbefore they ran out of cash and that's not taking into account and theyinvested the tens of billions of surplus dollars in that one county and then tookout the surplus of that and reinvested and they didn't do that they could havetaken it and pay dividends that's checks to the property owners of the bottomline to cut to the chase is if the public at this point in time unifieswith basic comprehension if you capture ten percent of the population with basiccomprehension you can administrative leary structure government at this pointin time to phase out all forest taxation

and this country walter i'm gonna stop you want to get alittle bit later because for people that have just joined us the audience getsmuch larger as the show progresses over two-and-a-half hours i want to recap whoyou are what we're talking about what's happening and why this is so importantfolks know when you hear about budget our money our taxes you tune out you'resick of it it's been designed that way you think government is bankrupt introuble in true they are the most opulent lee rich and controlling classaround they are merged with private industry and that's why the mainstreammedia won't even begin to talk about it

i want to briefly recap walter exactlywhat we're dealing with here and then i want to talk about the ma pink solutions that you have others hadand it will actually work for the bottom line is your listeners now know why / 121 democratic haha people think they're freaking has put a lot more weight onthe back more money more control and you talkedabout the american people were a gerbil what are we doing right now oh used to give the expression i the waythe system works is they keep the chipmunk running on the treadmillchasing the carrot asked to trickle down

economics they provide just enoughrevenue department picnic running at optimum efficiency as they tap offeighty percent of the energy produced and job i also have my own littleanalogy and i think i'm gonna put a tutorial on the website or maybe maket-shirts up of it i'm talking about the massive government how big it is whatcontrols seventy percent of the market seventy percent of the company's notmuch for conversation i noticed forty-five percent of the revenue isinvested internationally they get there but some of the best rates return on theinternational companies i went shopping for christmas every item i picked upsaid made in china we now know the

reason for map data gaps the whole nineyards the government funds are investing with the international corporationsproducing the product at ten cents on the dollar and selling it back at fortycents on the dollar here in the states accentuating their profits and we'retalking about water districts county cities the state's the feds texas with a435 million dollar surplus every year that keeps getting invested into thetrillions and they're telling you that they're broke ladies and gentlemen iwant to talk about how china and its $money billion a quarter slaves fitsinto all this china you're talking about theinvestments over there through the

company's owned by the government andbroken down to solve the the composite government funds in their notes sectionthey usually authorized about ten percent of the revenue invested with agroup called the asian development authority and ten percent of the revenueinvested with the african that development authority and if youlook at a comprehensive annual financial report especially one of the investmentpools for one of the large government pension funds it breaks down exactlywhere the money is invested who's holding what and the dollar amounteveryone should get a copy of their state retirement fund for the stateemployees it breaks down where the money

is invested and they'll see the majorityin international stocks versus u.s. sucks at this point i'm the growthfactor is more for international and frag lot of retirees and folks out theresaying hey leave it alone the system may be corrupt it's my pension explain thatyou have giant surpluses out of the pitches that are being invested thatthey'll never see arizona the total actuarial liability for all stateretirees and participants in the plan for being one hundred percent funded allactive employees and retired required 14 and a half billion dollars the currentfund balance is verging on over can access to 32 million dollars theemployees will never see that money and

never benefit from the arizonalegislature a couple years ago being that the employers the city's the countyis a school districts and the employees were contributing to something where noway they should be contributing one diamond in fact they should be gettingcentral refunds back they passed around internal statutes to make the pensionfund strictly participant story we're requiring a minimum of two point oneeight percent contribution from the employee and the employer so thegovernment employees are getting shafted many cases also so recapping walteragain using the example of the comprehensive annual financial reportfor me close shot guys thanks i want to

the cruise in a great job for 1999 andyou look at 98 435 billion dollar surplus karen heating islanders kalki islandersown report right here and you count all the counties what is it a hundred of them in texasget your hands on 1996 in the notes section shows the transaction the stategovernment made for local governments they show 1.8 trillion dollars intransactions for local government and that's nation wine that was state oftexas state of texas 1.8 trillion why i've got some of the past year this isthe last one that's out a nine yr the

reports getting smaller and smaller nowthat you've been exposing them and how do we get that other information for nowcutting out of them you have to look at a prior year's comprehensive annualfinancial report and see where certain areas all of a sudden get clipped ordisappear in their entirety and then you have a lead lists to say what happenedto these funds work and i see the accounting and that's all because ofsuccessful i commodities trader uh and financial advisor in new jersey foundout that the whole thing is a giant stinking fraud 10 years ago and startedtalking about it three years ago made a documentary film has been hundreds ofradio interviews now suddenly remember

years ago water you can call and get oneof these pretty quick sometimes we'll give you the runaroundyou've had a massive effect and others by talking about this happy to keeppushing viewers we're talking about budgets we're talking aboutcomprehensive annual financial reports you're saying boring walter recappingbefore we talk about the solutions people who have just joined us explainthe difference between budget budget budget how that's drilled into our headand the comprehensive annual financial report with the view of the beautifulexplain the prod to people why this is the biggest game in town

the beautiful point here is that beingthat the government for the last $month the $day 1945 created the structurestake over the world and they were successful they have done it so we'retalking 60 trillion dollars and composites liquid investment world heldby federal and local governments that's a phenomenal increase in 30 years now onthe composite government pension pumps regenerated four point three trilliondollars last year total taxation in this country in 1999 was approximately 3.6 trillion dollarsfederal and local governments so composite government pension fundsgenerated substantially over a total

force taxation in this country now cananyone see with simple administrative action restructuring compositegovernment through consolidation of the surpluses into an annuity pension fundset up for the resident property owners and taxpayers sale adventure andenterprise projects which government now owns but they shouldn't like golfcourses amusement park real estate ventures hotels sell it back to theprivate sector where it belongs that generates a phenomenal amount of revenuefor consolidation and into the annuity pension fund and we're overgrowth tookplace downsizing because they're collecting the money to pay for thatexcessive growth so with downsizing that

revenue becomes available for allocationinto the annuity pension fund set up for the resident proper yeah we're about toget to that the solution is 60 trillion dollars in investments and cream andprivate just keeps rolling they've got seventy percent of the stock market thatis governments state local federal their militarizing the police against istreating us like slaves squeezing a saying they need more when theybasically already owned everything i even your mortgages predominantly on bygovernment interest i like to use one example alex which is very simple verybasic but one hundred percent true if every one of your listeners that a and11 and 12 year old boy they gave me

carte blanche to write their ownallowance check each week and you need twelve hundred dollars a week within notime maybe cutting a check for a thousand dollars a week and he told himyou're coming back to eight hundred dollars a week dick this screen thatholler did use any logic available to them to justify how well an 11-undertwelve-year-old boy could not survive on eight hundred dollars a week there is nodifference here whatsoever you just have bigger ploy boys and sharper players butrecapping for those that are just joining us the did you call this athousand times walter the difference between the budget that we always hearabout the press and this big secret that

comprehensive annual financial report toall the media and everybody else corporations know full well aboutbecause the government is their owners about mine as the budget is strictlyannual operating expenses what they're going to spend $money for the year andwhat they're going to bring in for the air so all of the losses are there theexpenses for operating government and what they're going to cali and tax thepublic to perform these functions and people think the comprehend that thebudget is the whole financial universe of government and private industry butin truth is the comprehensive annual financial report isn't the second set ofbooks it is the book correct the

comprehensive annual financial reportwill show the budget they call the general-purpose pond and it will showeverything else all other income the investments that have built up overdecades and decades the net worth of that government you know if you lostyour job today alex okay how are you going to pay for your budget for yourhouse well i have to work for another radionetwork could get a job you're disabled get an investment fund they built upover the last 20 years equal to a million dollars will see i'm not likethe government these products operations at work together i and i'm not out therewith cops squeezing people for money and

taxing the daylights out of folks andall of this i don't have any money i did i did a little logistical survey uh evenin my own hometown here in prescott i looked at taxes fines and fees leviedagainst the public in traffic fines the populations 20 years ago versus todaysix hundred percent increase per population it's a revenue-generatingventure i mean if you could pull people over andcooking four hundred dollars uh any day of the week he become a millionaireovernight correct alex yeah and you are the comp and will hold on you're out ofthe cop you now they're only hiring cops with low iqs and cement in the news

you are a cop that will go out you pay30 something grand a year generation million you just expand and hire morecops got the people begging for more cops for some reason we got more never needed the number of cops isdouble the last eight years number of prisons is doubled the presentpopulation has doubled people are still begging for more begging for morebegging for more government owns everything they're expanding i go backto you know i covert rough one democratic talking about these empiresthese water district the city council's county commissioners how did thepoliticians of the minions running these

little empires how do they themselvesprofit out of the scan or an example from arizona yavapai county over theborder supervisor guy named feldmeier came into office about the nine yearsago with a closed network about the atf $5,000 he's currently up to over 8million dollars 10 years later he made most of money on land transactions hislatest venture bought about 1,600 acres in prescott valley after he buys theproperty was a ranch land with one access road on one side another accessroad on the other side but nothing connecting and one year later mostbeautiful access road goes right through the property now the county fairgroundsand racetrack which was built hundred

years ago which was too small to handlethe the need for services and move guess we're going to move right next door tohis property this was going up on his property to thenew golf course and condominium complex where is the money coming from thecounty bank run by the boys to pull out 57 million dollars on adventure aloneand that's just one little county out of hundreds of counties in this country andthere are a lot of people complaining about them so there were two groups ofcertain recall petition against them and they were the regular popular public taxprotest groups are slowly getting signatures for a recall he gets his bestfriend's a sort of 3rd recall petition

against himself they mean do we get all the signaturesrequired being at the world network and i complete the signature requirement andthen they go to the superior court judge his best friend elected official i can'thave three recall petitions against me at the same time you're going to have toinvalidate to guess which two they invalidated the citizens recall petition the third one survivedby his friends because what i'm to that got dropped dropped correct the game isabsolute and we're talking millions of dollars it's not the joe sixpack crapgetting five dollars on the football

game i was going on dallas these guys have worked hard to buildtheir little empires you know if you want to a cocaine dealer and said uh iheard you were doing five million dollars cocaine this year is that truehow you're crazy i've never seen touch somebody we know what it looks like youknow they're going to perpetuate their game there's a lot of money involvedhere and you talked about how using the orange county debacle the feds of nowstreamlined and make the counties and cities and school districts and waterdistricts funnel their money through their gates how does that fit into this

well the largest investment pool waspension funds and back in nineteen eighty-one the fed sign of transmittalletter to the local governments and by the way there's 85,000 separatecorporations and local government they sent out transmittal letter saying youand local governments have very odd or peculiar rules regarding the managementof your pension funds which keep your restricted from using such tradingvehicles such as derivatives options advanced for currency transactions putscalls this cost you $money billions of dollars each year calpers which did very well for thecalifornia pension funds i have

reorganized under a national programwhich we recommend you participate with under this program you will not berestricted to not using derivatives features calls put some options and thusyou can benefit so in 1981 they created the mega market-makers accounts forconsolidation of the government pension pots you look at the exponential growthdown 1981 forward you now know why by the government was securing their openinterest and takeover of the marketplace and now they're working on theinternational marketplace how does the united nations senator thatthis with identification treating the republicans accidentally passed forclinton signed it they didn't mean

give the united nations 70-percent let'sgo back and while they gave him seventy percent of the control over seventypercent of the land in our country a hundred percent of it that's publicrecord now folks october 18,000 past i thought it was bad for years ago the untaking over the national parks and monuments uh how does the united nationsfit into this but the same big bankers the same big bankers that set up the unare now giving it control over our country why is that happening let's go back 1945 there was 12 peskylittle documents that existed in the united states which protected thepopulace we have the bill of rights and

the constitution this kept the powermongers from adding absolute control over the people well let's create the united nations1945 corporate headquarters in new york let's pay sixty-five percent of the duesfor all the member nations so they they will participate so we give some kind ofvalidity to this organization we don't care if we give them and i a loan andthey default on it after they pay their dues the imf will pick up the tab sohere we have the united states boys creating at the un now they are givingauthority to the un for judicial administrative military authorityproperty because the un is not subject

to those two pesky little problems thebill of rights and the constitution that the boys controlling the show now have avehicle they can use the un to control the populace of the united states thatis exempt from constitutional law and the bill of rights and on the screenwe're going to put up infowars.com that has the desiccation treating otherdetails and links directly to congress at infowars.com for folks to check thatout i am building a site with walter . information on infowars.com about thecomprehensive annual financial reports that will be up sometime next week andif you just type in ca at our capper on into a search engine you'll getthousands of links to government

websites bragging about how much moneythey have and how much talks bond how many companies they own it is empire building i'm in mind alexthey have perpetuated this empire and they are growing unabated they haveaccomplished their objective the complete financial take over the wealthof this country we camping can use to fundus recapping walter microcosmscounty city-states the feds cappers they only tell us about the budget in texas oh we had a four billion dollar surplusin 99 we had a six point nine billion surplus and a 98 we have this big phonypolitical fight with republicans and the

democrats the same people at the topcenter many people are fighting over how much you've ever said hold on powersurplus going into the year 2000 for ya fighting over how much of a surplus willhave how much they'll give us back in tax cuts when really in 98 that 435million the point is they don't need more money they don't need more taxestaxes could be completely faced out now walter burien give us the solutions ofhow this problem could be fixed here in the next ten minutes while i mention italk to ai weiwei in california and brief them on the proposal of setting upa nudie pension fund for the resident property owners and taxpayers lc levelcounty level and state level whereby the

surplus revenues are deposited into theventure enterprise products with no way government's be owning our soul backinto the private sector golf courses the whole nine errors phenomenal assetswhich they should not be awning and we're overgrowth took place down sizingbe the example of arizona 1000 percent increase in 15 years and revenue takenthose three areas you create a phenomenal investment pool of fundsunder this new tee pension fund for the resident property owners and taxpayersit is written in stone that principle of operation of this fun you have you gettogether with a few financial planners and some of the top investment bankinggroups to write a prospectus for that

city county or state having a guidelinefor phasing out all force taxation and having the local government operatesfrom that fun ok you have the ability of phasing outall taxation in that city county or state and othergood prudent financial management providing a surplus their whereby thelocal residents and property owners get a dividend return on top of no forcetaxation it can be done all across the country what is required at this time is to geta model up on the playing field target one city one county county would bebetter to be passing on the county level

every city within that county becomesubject to following the principle of operation of the restructuring under theauthority of the will the public now walter and he said this is a massivestructure over how you possibly implemented it takes so much time and myresponse was it's already been done now alternate pension funds generated 4.3trillion last year more than all four stacks station in the country no longerbefore we get back into the solution i want to remind people of the fact thatnot everyone in government is even aware of this in a county in a city at thelower level who are the players that have to beaware of the full nature of the

constructive fraud of this organizedcrime syndicate your city manager is going to be aware of the treasurer ofthe state will be aware the auditor general of the state will be aware theinvestment banking groups they're quite aware of the resources are constantlybuilding to get the money to manage the the best place to look at the auditorgeneral's office he gets copies of every single report submitted by localgovernment so the city of austin is refusing to give locals a copy of theircomprehensive annual financial report santa what is the i don't know what thatis i never heard of those call the auditorgeneral's office and will say well i'll

use an example making the name here butuh jim miller produces this for the cpa firm of smith barney and their addressesand their telephone number is $fullphonenum and they prepared thereport for the city of austin for the last five years and exactly who preparesit where to get a copy when you go back to your city and they played ama femaleyou said that a year and a half ago i got a callsomeone in pennsylvania they said i just booked my congressmani'm good friends with women never heard of this before but he's gonna look intoit he said he will definitely take some action on this issue as soon as he findsout about it and yeah i kind of smiled

and i sort of put you on a conferencecall i called the mailroom from the department surgery and pennsylvania toput out the report and i just basically said not now cock this congressman uh itwas like a 45 term congressman how long has been getting report while even hadsent to him for the last eight years where did you send it to we sent to hisoffice except for two years ago he was on vacation in the bahamas we sent thereport him in the bahamas that he wanted to get it while i was on vacation sohere is the congressman saying to his constituents never heard of that beforegoing to look into it and here i confirm to the person a person beginning ofthree years in fact especially requested

the reports be sent to them in bombs nowwe're about to get back to the solution for those that don't know what we'retalking about the budget is one small little thing with government spins inthe services whether it's checkpoints are stealing your children or crammingribbon down their throats or actually paving a road like they're supposed todo and they say if you don't give us all your money you're not going to the roads paidbecause we're broke when in truth here in texas in 98 435 billion-dollar creamsurplus after everything they've spent just sitting there and i don't applywhen they cry poverty saying the road

has to be improved we're gonna have tohave a bond issuance of a hundred and fifty million dollars pay this road andi was thought the public was funding that hundred fifty million dollars istarted looking at the revenue flow they're using their own investment fundsto fund their own bond issuances walking the public and under more debts now what are getting back into solutionsif we had people could take over a county and let's say smaller kinda onlyhad killed 200 million a hundred million in surplus and investments how it workshow would people do it i mean if you are going to get out perspectives and showedfolks hey this is the county's real

surplus let's vote in good people let'sget those fraudulent voting machines out of there with our county clerk here in austin hasbeen caught several times doing it annotated wha let's get control of thecounty how do you because the people need to know this is real but we'retaking the money they're taking the money for themselves how do we get theforce taxation phased out and get dividend checks every months into thepeople with this tens of trillions of dollars they have a surplus let's usethe county that i have a hundred million dollars and surpluses they haveapproximately uh 300 million dollars

adventure and enterprise products whichwe sold back into the private sector ok now we're standing with 400 milliondollars by the government pension funds washington to twenty-three percent lastyear oregon 22-percent were talking on about 50 60 billion dollars so say anice average rate of return 15-percent conservative thicker ok half of whatthey're close to happen what they really get it that's 60 million dollars here on 400million now say for example the county's operating budget right now at 55 miles ok he's generating 60 million you justsatisfied the entire budgetary

requirements which means you can phaseout all force taxation and there's a five-million-dollar surplus that youdivide among the hundred twenty thousand people who live in the county correctand as the fun grows say for example you're coming up with a surplus to keepa certain amount of your surplus let it grow and you can actually get a quitternice little dividend check back if you have proven financial management withinthat local government and perform all of the normal functions of governmentforever with conservative investments and we're standing at a crossroad alexwe have a runaway freight train and if it continues on its current course we'restanding facing a thousand years of

servants ii and subjugation thousandyears yeah these empires arbella risingbuilding prisons county cities the feds here in austin the states they justbuilt in 93 million dollar justice center you can't get into it they thethe stairs are your use there's one elevator lines of people copiedsubmachine guns black uniforms combat boots barbed wire prisons everywhere i armored personnelcarriers cameras microphones hanging out of the trees there militarizing againstus and why are they doing that they're protecting the empire i mean the romanempire did the same every empire that's

ever existed on this planet has done thesame they use the populace the populace revolts or objects then they get morestrong handed with the populace in fact what they do is look if the popularsubjects they will take more revenue from the populace to make the populaceweek so they cannot object and currently right now they're taking i hear peoplescreaming all over the country they're being raped financially losing theirhouses their jobs everything else and being threatened with being put in jailand okay the extortion terror yeah i know people in south austin whoare retired have like maybe thirty thousand dollars in the back to shavethey have nothing they have one old car

that barely works and the irs's hey youalways money will know i don't here's what we don't want receipts give us tenthousand now leave me alone for just taking your house they have a heartattack then they get it all i mean anything they will we gotta youknow pave the roads and i have defense of the course in the road right now theother path as a thousand years of prosperity of the true meaning of theword millennium read across roads we are going to so total subjugation or we gointo total independence for telling you that they didn't have any money theywere telling you there was a small surplus and have this big phone fightover who would get little bits and

pieces out of it i mean ladies and gentlemen they'retaking over they almost the stock market they almost don't everything do a searchon the net for cfr what the government's own sites everywhere what is essentialat this point i'm alex is to get a model up on the plane field once the model isup by example the game is over so get a city or county proverbialcounty to do it she'll people taxation phased out three years show people withsurpluses on top of that shown the fraud that they really on everything and thatwe supposedly on this country and everybody else will follow suit ifnot were enslaved you are the leaders

out there you better take action on thisladies and gentlemen it's up to you thank you for joining us walter marionand then there's the government always telling you turn in your gunseverything's going to be fine everything's going to be wonderful oh we had to take those old retiredpeople's home over there in the working-class neighborhood they didn'tpay their taxes everybody's got to tighten their beltwell here is a former treasury agent joe banister the last two years mr.bannister has gone public on national television in the newspapers you name itabout how the irs is a collection agency

for the private run for profit federalreserve that's well running this whole comprehensive annual financial reportscam that we've just exposed oh yes ladies and gentlemen more andmore americans are fighting this and coming out against the developments timefor you to join the team many hands make light work the irs is a criminal organization 16thamendment was never ratified to give you the income tax you pay your taxes to theprivate banks it's called the new world order and nowthey want to thx 1138 year that is dumb you down 110% well we're here innorthern california and a few weeks ago

on my radio program we talked to joebanister affect his stories start again a lot of attention from an article mediabypass he's been doing a lot of radio interviews with the people they'reinterested in the truth of what's really happening he also has a website that contains theletter that he wrote to the irs commissioner charles resetting and againhis name is joe banister and he was a special treasury agent assigned to theirs to investigate people that were filing a fraudulent tax returns orsimply hiding assets and thanks a lot for spending some time with us mr.bannister god bless our basically just

start out and tell us a little bit about yourselfand how how you stumbled upon the truth well i started out as a cpa and workedin public accounting and i decided that i wanted more excitement and said becomea law enforcement officer federal government yet well the internal revenue services thisjob is to collect income taxes and some excise taxes and the criminalinvestigation division which i was a part investigates criminal violations ofthose tax laws and when did you start to will tell us how it all began what madeyou first want to investigate the

internal revenue code yourself and notjust take the manuals and the codes that you used when i investigating a taxevaders on december of 1996 i was listening to the radio here in the bayarea and i heard a lady named ev kid from on the radio and she started sayingsome very unbelievable things like the income tax is voluntary that the 16thamendment was never ratified and that the the federal income taxes don't gotowards providing revenue for the u.s. government and i thought those claimswere awfully outrageous but she was talking about it on a radio show hostedby a man who i trusted and that maybe want to dig deeper and see what what itwas she was saying and what evidence she

had to back it up absolutely and so in 1996 you startinvestigating how long did you investigate before you came to yourconclusions a little over two years so i basically my investigation ended rightabout the time i was forced to resign can you tell us that story and also getinto some of the things that you uncovered their story well i that's after a good yearyear-and-a-half i basically in my mind came to the realization that she got herclaims were correct that in fact the income tax was voluntary

although it sounds kind of strange to besaying that because we all know that people go to prison it was their homes they have their wagesgarnished but the reason that the irs constantly refers to the income taxesbeing voluntary is because of our us constitution and the severe limitationsthat are placed on the federal government's ability to tax us so thereare only certain forms of constitutional taxation that's correct that our incometaxes do not you know provide revenue as i always believe they did it's more likea cash advance type system where the federal government borrows fiat moneyfrom the federal reserve and then our

income taxes are used as a vehicle topay interest on that debt well they the printing of the moneyanother thing that i found out which totally surprised me was that they theyprint the money and there's no there's no value to it and they in a senseprinted and out of nothing they make it out of nothing simply because they have the power to toforce us to use the currency and it's kind of a random age and we neverquestioned the maize itself never think outside the box and that's why your rare normal people are in government standingup becoming more clear but it's still

rare in the irs mr. bannister forsomebody to actually pull back and see this what was it like it's a year into yourstudies because you sit for about two years we finally made your decision withthe evidence what was it like about a year into itwas very difficult because i took the job thinking that i could use myfinancial skills to fight crime go after the bad guys and i and i did you know moneylaunderers drug smugglers one particular case was even featured on america's mostwanted so i was really enjoying myself

so it really took my belief system toit's very foundations and was really very difficult for me to continue doingthe job and and excelling at it because my i'm my mental state was it wasdifficult you know to go to work every day even though i wasn't daily you knowarresting tax evaders or people that didn't file tax returns i wasn'tpersonally doing that but i still just felt really is very difficult to just gothrough the day-to-day process of the job knowing what i was finding out andnot you found out that you were putting people in jail or something that thevery system itself was doing at least the agency as a whole was doing that andi felt that sooner or later i needed to

start speaking out publicly because ifelt you know clearly attacks can only be voluntary or mandatory and if it isvoluntary than it is wrong and illegal to prosecute her ass seize money frompeople who don't volunteer where does the money go they throw this fiat money out there wetake the money up and caribbean wrong we put labor into it we work to attain itand thus they still are only in a sense that's correct i mean for for quite sometime right here db kid talking about you know the federal reserve and our wereslaves and i didn't really understand what she meant but when you really spenda little time and educate yourself on on

the way the process works it's really very simple economics andi'm i don't have an economics degree or anything like that but you can you caneventually see that when the source of the money supply is a bank and thedestination of the money supply is a bank and thecontroller the money supply is a bank and the interest rate such totalcomplete monopoly some money trust you basically have no you can't get out ofout of the slavers you can't get out of the to constantly increasing supply ofmoney which is another thing i noticed never really thought about is thatalthough they constantly will tell you

that we're trying to keep inflationunder control trying to minimize it minimize theeffects of it if you look at it over a period of decades it's always going upit never goes down or or disappears it's basically on an upward tilt forever andever and ever the economics of it eventually it endsup destroying the economy and and the people in it you have to ask yourselfwhy would this global system will do that she's all about power it's moderncolonialism well again it's its economic slavery and it's such a ditz somethingthat it took me to the age of 35 to go out and do my own personal investigationto understand how it works i never

learned it in at the university didn'tlearn on the cpa exam didn't learn it in the big accounting firm and certainlydidn't learn it at the irs that's right you went to one of the biggest and bestaccounting schools well i worked three years at kpmg peatmarwick but never never was taught i had to go out and learn on my own andluckily dv kid was on a radio station that i gave some credibility to if i hadher just on a street corner or at a meeting somewhere i probably would'vejust kept on walking and i just basically everything you want to say tothe people in austin texas central

catches people to take the show and soonafter friends and families well i guess the only thing i would say is a lie i'veseen evidence of an orchestrated campaign of painting a broad brush overpeople like alex who really are telling you the truth and i was one of thosepeople that thought these were all kooky ideas but i've come to realize that theyare very true and very serious and i'm very afraid for my own family our own$percent of americans ability to make a living to have a country that hasmanufacturing base to have a future our country is close to being destroyedeconomically through the banking and monetary system

and it's about time that people realizethat they're being lied to and they should start listening to people likealex because he is telling you the truth i've checked it out then what happenedwhen you tried to show this year's information whether came a point when irealized that what i had to do was to consolidate all of my evidence and factsinto a central location so i decided to write a report and it's very similar towhat i do in the and the treasury department which was i investigate anallegation i'd go out and interview witnesses gather evidence gathereddocuments all the paper trail and then summarize all that evidence and presenta report to my superiors which would

either recommend products that theperson be prosecuted or recommend that the investigation be discontinuedbecause there was not enough evidence to sustain a prosecution so i put thatevidence together and i submitted it to my immediate superior and i asked thatit be submitted right up the chain to commissioner rizzotti i realized thatwhat i was doing was you know was gonna rock the boat quite a bit but i alsoknew that i had checked every one of these facts out and was a hundred over ahundred percent certain of my findings on februari rate of 1999 is actually theday that i submitted my report and i ask that the commissioner or his designeecommit in writing within 30 days to

review my report it was only i was onlyasking for a commitment i didn't say i want all the answers in 30 days just just commit to me you look look atit i'm a federal law enforcement officer sworn to support and defend theconstitution and i really see some serious constitutional problems with the income federal income tax sothat was februari eight library 11 that went to my boss's boss and fromfebruary's 11 to februari 17 that went all the way to 1111 constitution avenuein washington dc natural settings and that's where rizzotti his offices aswell as the assistant commissioner for

criminal investigation and i was toldthat my report not only went to constitution avenue but at a minimum theassistant commissioner for criminal investigation was aware of of my reportand the basics for what i was believing your report on right to alan greenspanour word of it a briefing did well it turns out that on the pussy we'll see that's the one thing my gardenis the upper levels is the great evil and the one thing they cannot deal withthe things they cannot stop credible people from within their system comingout against now you're doing magazine interviews and radio interviews you'vegot the evidence got your website up

listen what would you say before wefinish the story what would you say to the other irs agents any other lawenforcement after about this i mean you you've taken a real risk here and whatyou've done i'm taking an incredible risk but ibelieve that the risk of doing nothing is is even worse but what federal lawenforcement officers need to realize as well as every state and local officer isthat the laws that the irs agents are enforcing they shouldn't be enforcingand i don't believe that they should be cooperated with if somebody is beingprosecuted for failing to file a tax return and they have done the researchand found that there is no requirement

to file a tax return and i feel it's amorally and legally wrong you know for for those that person to be pursuedinvestigated and prosecuted you're saying its color laws what is what'sbeing used the whole thing run out of ignorance people just don't know theyreally think look at those coops as well as liars until you investigate that's right and i feel i feel bad thati spent time thinking those things but it was out ofignorance and now that i've researched and found that a lot of what a lot ofthose claims are actually true my hope is that law enforcement peoplewill start trusting citizens more than

they have and the citizens hopefullywhen they see more law enforcement officers being honorable about aboutthese issues will start to trust law enforcement again we can get back to acountry where there's a lot of trust between the government and thegovernment because it's only with the consent of the government that thegovernment doesn't exist i'm trying to help but you guys can tune out from thesports and the bedlam in the diversions for just five minutes and realize whatwe're trying to tell you hear what we're trying to wake you up i mean that this is some scary stuff imean i'll pay taxes for this a hundred

times but my gosh let it go to me and myfamily let go to the country let's go defense of this nation let itbe honest and based in a strong good nation but but if it's going to privatebanks and i feed it back into the cycle of slavery and there's no way to get outof this debt pit in fact has an account mr. bannister explain the whole debt pit i mean explain explain how there's noway to dig yourself out of this fiat system i mean you basically said it right thereyou it is a pit and you never get out you pay interest you pay this the sweatof your brow pays barely pays the

interest on the debt it never goes awayit's like indentured servitude it's like interested it's literally asyou work to keep hoping for the day that that debt is paid off and you are freebut it'll never come with the system as it stands i mean i remember agents goingto so-called tax protester meetings says you know to get intelligence and findout with what's going on and i remember them coming back and and laughing at youknow the kooky stuff that they were talking about and you know that was justthe general feeling that have been called inculcatedinto people's minds and it took me a couple years to find out but it in factthat's right you talked about bb kids

and other riders and her pantalets inthe executive orders they listed in the in-laws the case long what happened thatfirst time whenever you went to the law library because utilized on the radio ithought was interesting that i expected to find that it was all baloney thatthey refer to court cases that didn't exist or they took court cases out ofcontext and i found that every court case that she referred to or any of thepeople that she had in her books referred to were correct and they wereright in the library and what type of mean how did it make you feel like youwant to dig deeper yeah because i you know i had been toddor at least led to believe that i would

immediately find the error of theevidence that it wouldn't be there that you actually told you these guys arenothing but liars you can trust him why bother looking there's no sense and evenlooking into it because it's you know a bunch of useless out ofcontext arguments that have been strung together and they don't make any sense mr. manager have you got any calls thatyou've gone public meeting all these radio and magazine interviews have yougot any calls back from the irs no but i have i've i do have a lot ofsupport within the irs there's like i said there's a lot of good people inthere and they are supportive of me and

of course there's some that don'tunderstand but they haven't been i haven't read any of the evidence eitherso you're you're good example again i mean if you realize what you've donehere it's so good if we can convince people in the mechanisms of enforcementthat they're enforcing something that's criminal we can try to get back to theconstitutional form of taxation have strong country well there's no if you're familiar witha gentleman named jacqueline yes consequence the new world order

i'm under i understand that he's veryhe's not well liked by by government officials and i've met him a number oftimes and i find him to be a very gentle man and somebody that just wants theconstitution to be followed without a criminal easy highly decorated vietnamveteran most highly decorated police officer in phoenix arizona history andhe was at the top and they live in the community they were talking about megoing for chief all the rest this stuff and finally found out about drug runningthings and corruption and how to speak about and he got fired and think aboutthink about jack is he's got a little saying that tyranny will come to yourdoor in a uniform and i can't think of a

more true statement and especiallycoming for me who kicked down a lot of doors and did a lot of search warrants and searchthrough a lot of drawers and files and under beds that that's exactly howtyranny will come to your home is in a uniform or with a bulletproof vest on orwith a six-hour 9-millimeter as i carried and again it's up to you guysout there in america the police the swat team commanders don't ask yourselves isthe crack dealer on the corner where is the white-collar criminal that you'reworried about the guy that's selling old ladies junk bonds or or is it just afamily that can put the kids to school

because the federal income tax that goesright to the federal reserve yeah that's true private run for profit you knowwe've we there the actual training videos the irs has four pieces of wherethey admit that it goes right the colours everything more than justadmitting the truth aren't they they're just flagrantly out there flappinginterfaces well like a lot of what i found is actually all of what i found ispublicly available and it i mean the number of times that you see the wordvoluntary in the irs manuals and in their pamphlets and booklets andinstructions i found it to be incredible so the king has new clothes thats that'swhat i found

i think that's what we'll call thispiece king has no clothes joe anything else and god bless you know joe workedhard today make that if the accounting firms working at and we were in northerncalifornia covering operation urban warrior oh my gosh and we call show up and hewas he met right after workers little restaurant show any other points againjust don't don't let people be painted with a broad brush where you're scaredinto not listening to what they have to say dv kid phil benson

bill conklin jack mclamb and many manyothers are fine people and they really have seen some very ugly very uglyunderside of certain portions of our government and i'm not anti-governmenti'm not anti-tax i don't quite alex is not none of the people are they are theyare anti-corruption though and i'm anti-corruption and last set . you sitthere you try to talk about corruption police running drugs we talked aboutelection fraud remember that at the county and then it comes out it's truemonths after we bring out and nothing's done we're not you know being on thecommittee we could call danny government black helicopter people all the rest ofthis stuff and it's only because number

one i got three lot of standing upagainst corruption i think that's the same thrill you guysi mean it feels good i guess it did feel bad to find out that you can let alongthat's the reason i took the job i could use my financial skills to find thefraud to chase after bad guys who don't actually get their fingers dirty withthe crime but the money ends up flowing and you follow the money the puppetmasters that create the habit and then that's you know you find who's runningthe running the show when you follow the money joe's got a website and you can get allthe information that was inside his

brief that he wrote to his superiorspretty much calling for criminal investigation of the system and whatyour website again your website is www . free demarre above fortune . com that'sall one word freedom above fortune . com freedom above fortune . com and since wefirst interviewed mr. bannister again he's been in usa today c-span and aswe're making this tape 60 minutes is getting ready to do a hit piece on e andthree other high-level criminal investigators in the irs have quit andthe numbers are only growing of those that are leaving but not going public the truth is out private banks run thiscountry they're building prison camps

everywhere they're building prisonseverywhere they're trying to push a move in the mainstream media to disarm theamerican people using incremental ism we face total dehumanization you now know thetruth about the comprehensive annual financial reports and the fact thatcounty city state and federal governments are creating giant armedcompound empires against us they owned over seventy percent of the stock marketand they keep sucking the money back out of us that they create with fiatstealing our labor our homes dumbing down our children there's 80 million gunowners in this country they're pushing

right now to disarm us we have to refuseto become disarms serves in this country or the tyranny is going to get reallybad the so-called war on terrorism is really a war on free individuals nomatter whether you're black or white younger old this is a fight against thehumanization ladies and gentlemen make copies of this tape spread thisinformation check it out for yourself or telling you the truth this is a giant battle for our republicthe elite once everything for themselves this is the fight for humanity it's thatserious thank you for watching now take actionmany hands make light work

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