wohnzimmer dekorieren

wohnzimmer dekorieren

how to redecorate your living room using relatively simple ways? here are 5 diy projects that will update your living room to a new level by your loyal list maker simphome.com. 1. add modern lighting the first tip for updating your living room using relatively simple and easy ways is by adding modern lighting to the room. you can use lighting items made of metal or glass materials. the lighting designs are the best choice due to the effect given. metal and glass materials are considered as leading materials in modern design. you can use abstract patterns for the lightings

to create personal touch that can reflect your taste and personality. 2. giving natural style to your living room the next tip to redecorate your living room and bring its design to a new level is by giving it natural style. you can do it by installing hardwood floors to the room. if it is possible, you can also install wood paneled walls to strengthen the impression of natural style. you can choose wood paneled walls that come with natural stain design so the grain of the wood will look shiny 3. add install paneling updating living room can also be done by adding butt – board install paneling around the room.

this trick can really help you to beautify your living room. you are suggested to use white or the other natural colors to paint the butt – board install paneling. it is aimed to give color tones to the room and to make sure that the paneling can unite and create harmony with the whole natural design of the living room. 4. updating the living room’s ceilings one of the living room parts that you should put into your consideration is ceiling. updating living room will not effectively work

if you are not updating the ceilings as well. you can install coverage to the ceilings to create elegance atmosphere all around the room. this is also the best way to create harmony with the modern lightings applied. the ceilings that combined with modern lighting can give ambient impression to the room. 5. applying lay tile the next tip for updating living room is by applying lay tile. you can choose terra – cotta flooring for the living room instead of wood floorings. the terra – cotta warm colors can create comfortable atmosphere all around the room.

this also can bring mediterranean look to your room and makes you feel that you are in tropical areas with lots of sunshine. applying terra – cotta floorings will turn your living room becomes more elegance and stylish. done. come back again next time with more home, kitchen makeover and decorating ideas. like this video, comment it, or better yet share it with everyone in your social circle. don't forget to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you. see you again later and thanks for watching

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