wohnzimmer dekorieren modern

wohnzimmer dekorieren modern

can't wait to decorate there's so much we can make how will it turn out? omg, we're coming over open up. we're here. okay. you're yelling like so loud. hey everyone. hey everyone. it's the new high to wave with both hands this is the new omg. "omg we're coming over" because in "omg we bought a house" we did our own house had so much fun setting it up. so now we are... setting up other people's houses we are at the apartment of katie maloney and tom schwartz. the stars of vanderpump rules

katie's got an incredible blog called pucker & pout. awesome beauty blog fashion blog lots of inspiration there and then [tom] is an actor, model actor so he goes on auditions. they're also both massive on instagram and gordo whose the cutest. they just moved into this new place, and this is their first adult apartment, okay! let's go, okay! don't be mean to me i don't even shower anymore he just licks me can we talk about design ideas we have. since you don't always prove i realized i am the worst person ever when it comes to decorating because you do all the work and i just sit back and critique it

tom basically likes what i like except for the blue dresser. i don't get it. i don't like it first of all, it's not a primary color. it's like a gray. what it is is stock and it belongs in a daycare no, it doesn't. that would be the chicest daycare center ever tom thinks that leaning a picture frame against a wall is artsy i guess i like minimalism for someone that like minimalism, you like alot of clutter yea i do. so the fact that we have these high ceilings

like the space in the dining room and living room its alot of space to fill up. luckily for the both of us i fully trust kate and joey. in kate and joey we trust. i'm so excited to be here doing katie, and tom's space. i love them they're such a fun couple. you've been shopping the stools are new. yeah. i love those everyday theres at least three packages that come to the door katie and tom have a lot going on in their apartment they both work from there, and they also shoot the show from there

its potentially gonna be seen by millions of people so we need to make sure it looks good. what do you want to do in the space? uh thats not really important what do you wanna do? when i sit here and look into the dining room that corner is so high so, i don't wanna like just hang some things and put a table on there and be like cool we have a dinning room you know we never had a dining room. finally our first real adult dining room. but it isn't like too formal we wanna sit down and have breakfast at it or just hang out

we're all about cacooning now in our hermitage and postmates i want a lot of art. arts expensive so you know... definitely need some major awesome art there this wall is also gigantic are we gonna do something with this space too? yeah i think the first thing we should do is we should start painting when i was asking tom if there was anything he liked or didn't like. he said no primary colors. so we're painting the wall green. because its a secondary color green happens to be our compromise color

i have to be honest, i thought the color was a little bold i panicked- i loved it then i had flashbacks to the dresser that she bought how do i dip my roller? uhhh so they got their cool little rollers but i got the real roller you want this roller? i'll do that roller when joey gave me the big pole he couldn't handle it i'm use to handling big poles

i'm just kidding. wait no that sounds am i holding a big pole. not that theres anything wrong handling other big poles. oh god, i've painted many walls you have? oh look at that technique i mean you know i mean yeah, it's a little aggressive. ready? yeah i gotta say i really like painting its really.. no, you can say in any of those words they all work. relaxing. i like it. i like painting. tranquil. you know

this room is kind of oddly shaped. it's an l shape and theres just a huge giant wall, so an accent wall is the perfect thing it almost looks black it does it looks black to me okay, tom you are officially color blind i love it, we are gonna do the wall behind we are not painting that, this is our accent wall we're trying to just give you some drama now over there i have a secret project planned, inspired by your ass

whoa is it really inspired by my ass? what did you decide to permanently put on your ass? bubba look how cute that is this is the evolution of how like the names came about you made this? i think it was babe bubby then it was bub then it was rub then it was rubba then it ended on bubb. too many people

you go get the ladder with me. let them paint we're leaving tom and katie here to let them paint. we're gonna get the ladder got it? i mean.. its just cumbersome i can carry it this ladder man, its epic it goes so high but it is so hard to wrangle how do we make the turn? you go down and then up oh my god are we stuck? no

okay joey pretty good at space plotting but i don't think this ladder is gonna fit up here don't let it rest on the wall kate, can you go get tom? really? you're not helping at all tom, my man, we'll show these ladies what real men do oh this looks amazing hey tom can i borrow you for a second? yeah you and your muscles, your needed in the stairway

i think i'm the real muscle she is the muscle so i'm gonna thread like and you're gonna start taking it down. okay i gotcha whoa its working this is your gym for the day tom when i talked to katie and tom they talked alot about art work. they have huge giant walls so they need huge art

this is the tallest ladder why do we need to go that high? well we wanna do this which is a sketch we made kind of brainstorming. the perfect solution is string art string art. which katie is so into the idea lets see the colors kate pulls out the yarn of colors which i'm really digging i think there's a few primary colors in there for him.

i get scared when i see yarn i'm not a fan of yarn craft, no offense if you are i hope this goes on looking chic and not too crafty the great thing with string art is you get to pick your color palette because you buy any color yarn you want. and you can also make it any size you want. have you ever done string art before? i haven't aww 120 inches would be the space that it takes up vertically

okay i feel that its perfect ah thank you we're gonna do some string art bro so the four of us are plotting out the design i think it's important to have the nails placed evenly in a vertical line so that we have some structure can you let it go? yeah ow tom bubby what?

you just sliced my f***ing finger of course when you're holding the tape measure out 10 feet you should just let it go i'm sorry and just let it coil back. i thought it was plastic dude that thing almost sliced to bone oh my god, did you- oh she really cut herself? sorry bubby. we got our symmetry tom how do you feel? i feel good we're just using the measuring tape pencils to mark where we want the nails.

we're spacing them five inches apart we only use one color of yarn at a time. you can create your design any which way you want. i don't wanna do any right angles with the yarn. everything is diagonally going across and then we're ending each color by find the same nail we started with this is looking so cool so cool looks like a crane kind of i'm feeling it i don't think i want you guys to see the rest of this

tom and katie get out of here we're gonna finish this place. you're gonna come back and you're gonna be like dang what? okay bye guys we'll see you when your room's done as i fall off the ladder katie really likes things that kind of have an industrial look mixed with a classic look so we picked out these two pendant lights that normally hang from the ceiling and instead

by wrapping them onto shelf brackets i know that tom really likes graffiti art so i'm gonna take a que from that, and do a large scale spray paint canvas and i'm using his framed list of bae names as my guide since their walls are white i want the majority of the canvas to be black i'm taking the can of spray paint and going to town doing some freehand letters this place was super weird because there use to be two levels they blasted one of the levels out and made it this giant loft

and they have these sort of two double sided screen doors we're gonna make this work by putting a gigantic florida ceiling curtain repunzel repunzel you got? yeah got it they don't sell curtains that long so it took a trip to downtown fabric district, finding a fabric that worked perfectly with the color palette and then bringing them to tailor with our measurements to get those curtain panels made what do you think? its very hip it's like if you were to walk into a museum or something

it's ugly cool. like it looks like you know it looks. joey! it's in a good way you're ugly cool you don't mean that yea i do in a good way what does it say? i get it, it's their thing. it's how they developed the word bubba they have so many nicknames and we don't have nicknames for eachother. we call each other stupid oh you're so stupid. i already have an annoying voice if i also called you babe

i would be the most annoying person on the planet stop it babe, leave it alone babe. tell me babe is that good? no joey i don't like it can you go and mark the top of it? i don't think i can reach that. get on my shoulder just get on my shoulder get on my shoulders i don't like this kate just get on my shoulders

no no no i don't like it i don't like it. mark it mark it. okay go down these are pendant lights. that you normally like hang from the ceiling but i thought it'd be cool if we used shelf brackets and like wrap these around what this dining room really needs is an amazing chandelier because we gotta fill that space, and what better then a large scale fixture. this chandelier is the perfect mix of rustic wood with crystal oh my god it so pretty with the stringer kate, is that where you want it?

we took the bulbs out for travel. where'd you put them i couldn't find them. i could only find one i don't have the bulbs. you don't bring the bulbs i'm not bulb guy, you're bulb girl. that's where it's going. it's too bad if its not good. it''s good it's great it just has one bulb we have to find more the chandelier looks amazing in this space with that stringer it's the perfect mix of modern art classic art pretty right? mmhmm like you

we have big plans for a dining room table because of course katie and tom need a place to eat finally cuz they're grown ups. but we need to anchor that dining room table with an amazing rug. oh look, it's our favorite thing to do no not again i think joey thinks that he started a new tradition which is pulling me down on a newly rolled rug we worked so hard we need hug and love a little this table is a great combo of rustic with some kind of industrial vibes

with the hairpin legs super easy to put together, we're just screwing the hairpin legs. yeah just put it back like that. you know what's so funny? is this the same exact color as the dresser in the bedroom. yep that tom hates this side board is definitely the same color as dresser that tom hates i found these two soft aqua kinda seafoam color upholstered tuffed chairs. and then surrounding it i love mismatch chairs so we're using these metal french bestor chairs

so katie has this old broken mirror that she actually found in the dumpster. kudas to katie for doing some dumpster diving i think if we just put it on. kate can just do some styling in front of it it'll be perfect if anyone has pets you know how important they are to complete the unit. so we need to give gordo a corner katie has this awesome round shelf which is the perfect area to display some select items from gordo's massive basket of stuffed animals katie and tom have these really cool old school bulbs one says bar one says exit which is perfect cuz they have these two flush lights over their bar

its gonna be very customized looking time is going by so slow, this is like the longest day ever time to go knock on the door. yeah and see our place. yeah let's do it come on in oh my god i wanna build the suspense a little more whoaaaa bubba rubba

ay ahh i can't believe this. you doubted us? i mean just a tiny bit immediately i just tried to take it all at once i mean everything just ties in. it feels like a pinterest board it does. that's exactly how it feels florida ceiling curtains. thats luxe right there its not pretentious. you know what this color is right guy? it's the year of money it's a big year for the mactor and for the blogger the curtains. the florida ceiling curtains like that they belong in that room

look at gordo's play area its so cute. gordo now has his own little corner with his little portrait and the shelf hey do nothing if you love it. kiss me if you like it he must really love it. look at the little bar area. i know and those lights are so perfect omg the lights look so cute and they work with everything omg look at this such a grown up

that is so. isn't that gorgeous? we have a chandelier? yea, what? wood and crystal the perfect combo of like rustic and glamorous you may as well have a 5 million dollar piece of art installed in your wall do you love that hutch? haha you guys wait is that? it kinda looks like it's a flee market find and we brought it in here and joey and i looked at each other we were like

oh it actually looks really good i have some treats for you guys. ohhh what? thank you for pimping our place i personally did not have any doubts at all this place now feels like its gonna help us enter into the next phase of our lives in our relationship we're gonna be able to grow into it as a married couple let's all say one word

um that was your word can i say a few? sure to growing up at our own pace aw it's so fun doing other couples it makes me. it just reminds me how special you are to me and how talented you are. aw thanks joey you're very strong that was so fun i'm so glad that katie and tom loved the space tom and katie were amazing. they're so cute i love them we took what we love about them

and what they love about themselves and expressed it outwardly into their space and i think it's going to be really nurturing check them out on their show vanderpump rules follow them on instagram check out katie's blog pucker and pout you'll see tom on screens near you soon cuz he's macting all over the place he's just macting subscribe to our channel. yeah

thumbs up too and comment. what do you like about the space thank you so much for watching. and hopefully we will get to another omg, we're coming over soon we are doing many more omg we're coming over so subscribe so you don't miss those joey don't be too demanding then they won't want to bye today we are shameless maya's apartment. you know maya, she has an amazing youtube channel so the first project that we're tackling in this space is something that is really important to maya which is disco balls i think this is the last. are we doing one each? yeah

yass we are glittering using some spray adhesive first and then sprinkling the glitter over it.

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