wohnzimmer dekorieren ikea

wohnzimmer dekorieren ikea

more than few dozens of people agree ikea is an awesome place, and no matter how often we pay a visit, there always seems to be an endless supply of new paragons to discover. this is 5 diy project and ikea storage ideas for those who think otherwise by simphome.com. 1. ikea closet makeover ideas want to see your clothes and shoes organized? ikea mulig clothes bar lets you have separated handing areas for your clothes. with the kallax shelving unit and the pax wardrobe frame, you can arrange your shoes, clothes and scarves all in one place.

install a fintorp rail to neatly hang all your bags and protect them from damage. 2. ikea rolling underbed storage are you into space saving? then this idea is for you. ikea’s brusali under bed storage can conveniently house your shoes, books etc. you can also store your extra pillows and covers to make space for them in the closet. wondering where to put old presents?

this underbed storage can be an option. 3. unique built-in dresser all you need is a brimnes dresser, an old billy book case, and a pax wardrobe frame. with this, you can conveniently create a dresser for the nursery. the unique aspect here is the book case that lets you coordinate with a triangle shaped space, preferably below the staircase. build the base first and then start fitting the cabinets one by one. make sure the screws fit properly.

4. ikea rast hack diy wardrobe you will need 4-6ft boards, 10-2 ft boards and a 7ft board that will sit on the book shelf units to make them appear as a complete wardrobe. depending on where you want your dressers and shelves, assemble all the boards and bolt them. using a melamine board will be easy to assemble each unit similar. to a bookshelf as a part of the wardrobe mimicking the ikea rast dresser. the two ikea rast dressers you have must also go through some changes. assemble one as it is and cut 4 inches off from the two sides of the other unit.

they will sit one on top of the other. if you're opting for the metropolis satin nickel cabinet pull then you need to drill new holes on the dressers. the two bookshelf units can be placed on either side of the dressers. measure the space atop the units to see if any additions can be made. assemble all the boards and screw them together to finish the wardrobe. you can also add closet rods inside and paint the interiors conveniently 5. ikea brimnes bed hack with kallax shelving a brimnes bed and a kallax shelving unit are all you need.

your woes about less bedroom storage space are soon to pass. the brimnes bed with a storage cabinet below can house all your duvets, quilts, covers and pillows thus simplifying the process of making your bed. the kallax shelving unit can serve as a foot board as well as a shelf that houses important souvenirs and books. if you are putting your souvenirs on the kallax shelving unit, you can also wrap around string lights or fairy lights to give your room an enchanting appeal. that's it for now.

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