wohnzimmer dekorieren gold

wohnzimmer dekorieren gold

hello my dear needlewomens and other viewers! i think that you already missing for complex tutorials and today i make a video with a luxurious golden hair vine. do not forget to subscribe to the channel and you won`t miss new videos. i have already started to create the first detail. you need the wire for beadwork 0.4 mm in diameter and 2 meters in length for this.

fold it in half, and put the wire into the leaf two times twist the wires exactly 10 times. a little lower twist another branch with a leaf. twist two branches 10 times again. on the other side, i have twisted another branch, and now i add a large bead at the bottom. here i also make an equal amount of twists to arrange all elements in a harmonious order.

in the subsequent work all the intervals between the branches will be equal toten twists. then put twice a golden sequin in the form of a leaf into the wire from the opposite side and tighten tightly to fix element on the branch. a little lower twist the branch with a small pear repeat previous steps, gradually increasing the length of the branches, as shown in the video...

i also made exactly the same branch and now i connect them with two gold beads. put all the ends of the wires into beads and tighten firmly... after that, wind round a branch with wires from both sides. but don`t cut remaining ends of the wires and leave them to decorate the center of accessory. i take one more piece of wire

to create an additional branch. i reel up 1.5 meters of wire straight several times in the center, between the two beads put elements on one wire in the following sequence: 12 small beads, one large and the same 12 small beads again. pull out the wire and twist a bead in the center... after that, make a petal by twisting the wires right under the small beads

in addition, i decorate the middle of the petal with a gold bead. then i twist two side branches with gold beads ... continue to twist the elements, as shown in the video... and now return to the remaining wires again. put three gold beads on one of them. pull the elements a little diagonally. twist them to fill the void between the large main branches. ð¡ut the wires and then bend the tip of the wire with tools.

continue to twist the elements using the short ends of the wires... make one more branch, using remaining long wire ... the wire that we have used is over and now i reel the last piece of wire up to our branch that is 1 meter long. i twist small mini-branches in center of the accessory. it will gives us a very beautiful volume effect. decorate the center of the vine with a tender plastic rose...

hide all the cut wires under rose to work was neat and did not cling to the hair at the end, bend each branch arranging all the branches as you like best. i hope that this tutorial was useful for you and you will be able to create your own hair accessory for any significant event, for a wedding, graduation party or birthday. have a nice day, do not forget to watch other videos!


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