wohnzimmer dekorieren frühling

wohnzimmer dekorieren frühling

if you think that your living room looks too empty and bland, consider decorating the empty area above your sofa using next following 5 creative decorating ideas above a sofa by simphome.com. 1.mirrors mirror is the simplest decorative element that you can put above your sofa. mirror may appear plain, but its reflective characteristic evokes a sense of space and elegance.

a large plain mirror above your sofa will work, but you can also add smaller mirrors with unique shapes to give more accents to your living room. mirror may or may not have frame, but if you decide to add frame, be sure that its design is in accordance with the overall theme of your living room’s design. 2.lighting fixture lighting fixture can be an elegant decorative element for the empty space above your sofa.

you can use fancy ceiling lighting fixture if the sofa is located far from the wall or a wall fixture if the sofa is next to the wall. if you want to be creative, you can add some handmade accessories to the fixture or simply conceal the light behind a canvas depicting your painting. when you turn on the light, the painting will glow and emit its beauty. 3.painting it is no doubt that hanging a fancy painting

above your sofa will greatly enhance the artistic look of your living room. every creative individual can make painting, but what if you are not a good artist? modern paintings mostly depict abstract images that almost everyone can make. simply swing your brush on the canvas without thinking about anything and you will produce an abstract painting that is so beautiful that only a seasoned curator can affirm that it is a fake.

4.floating bookshelf you can install floating bookshelf above your sofa. the bookshelf can be either diy-made or purchased, but as long as it looks great on your wall, it will be an excellent decorative element. if you prefer to build the bookshelf on your own, you can salvage any unused wood items and create an eco-friendly decoration for your living room. be sure to fix the bookshelf securely to the wall because

it may cause injury and damage if it accidentally falls. 5.window if you cannot think about anything useful to decorate the empty space above your sofa, why don’t you simply put the sofa under the window and make the window decoration for the sofa? window frame is so attractive that it can actually function as a decorative element. if you think that decorating using window frame is great

but you cannot put the sofa under one of your windows, simply order or build a window frame and pair it with mirror instead of clear glass. the fake window will look great above your sofa. that's it, you just takeaway 5 creative decorating ideas above the sofa. come back again next time with more home, apartment makeover, and decorating ideas like this video, comment it, or better yet,

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