wohnzimmer dekoration wände

wohnzimmer dekoration wände

rearranging your furniture is one of the cheapest and the easiest ways to update your living room. but that's not all. this is 5 cheap living room makeover ideas you can try after watching this video by simphome.com 1. make flower pots from jars do you have unused mason jars? these jars are known to be recyclable into many decorations. one of the decorations is flower jar.

simply prepare a wooden board and some hose clamps. then, install clamps on the boards and tighten the jars. finally, you can pour clean water along with the flowers into the jar. make 3 of these and hang them on your living room to give relaxing atmosphere to it. 2. paint the wall take yourself to a new living room by painting your living room wall looking at the same wall every day would surely make you feel a little bored. if you want to update your living room, the wall is the biggest thing you need to do makeover on.

simply use leftover paint from your previous paintjob; the painting doesn’t have to be applied on the entire wall. make lines to make border so you can paint half of the wall instead. 3. add small yet strong decoration small yet strong decoration is able to update your living room; it is even able to brighten the look of your living room just by simply being put on a coffee table. the decoration meant here is bulb plant pot. have you ever seen a bulb but there is a plant and water inside it?

to make one you just need to have a bulb which inside has been taken off. then, make the holder from wire. finally, put water and plant inside it. you can also make it into a terrarium by putting moss, dirt, and small plants. 4. pallet coffee table you need a new coffee table but you are on the budget? well, using your old pallet wood will cost you less. first of all, take 2 pallets. then, take off the wood from one pallet and install it on the other

so the gaps between pallets won’t be too wide. then, sand the wood and cut the ends of the first pallet and use it as risers. paint the pallet table and wait until it’s dried. install some caster wheels and put it in your living room. 5. rearrange the placements what you need to do is simply measuring the size of each furniture piece, making a plan of the arrangement and starting to move your furniture. the placements don’t have to follow feng sui,

but make sure the furniture fits every angle so there will still be space for moving. that's all for now, thanks for learning view cheap living room makeover ideas i have compiled from most trusted sources i can find. come back again next time with more home, kitchen makeover and decorating ideas. like this video, comment it, or better yet share it with everyone in your social circle. don't forget to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you. see you again later and thanks for watching

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