wohnzimmer dekoration kaufen

wohnzimmer dekoration kaufen

oh god yea, that's gonna end real bad. joey on the new rug no pole vaulting. i never thought i'd say that, but. oh no!!! can't wait to decorate! there's so much we can make! how will it turn out? omg we're coming over! open up we're here okay you're yellinglike so loud welcome, to omg we're coming over you guys have been dying for more episodes and we've been dying to bring you them!

they are really involved and hard for us to do. so let's go. tati westbrook, glamlifeguru. oh, my gosh. she uploads five days a week, so we are really honored to be doing her beauty studio room where she's going to shoot, she's gonna take meetings, she's gonna edit her videos. like, she's literally gonna spend so many hours. so many things to do. it's so important. we gotta go. so let's go! we have so much to do. hey guys! i'm tati, my youtube channel is glamlifeguru it's pretty self-explanatory, i do a lot of makeup tutorials, beauty reviews, i try on products, do first-impressions.

that's kind of my thing! and i've been making videos for six years. we recently bought a home, it's my first home. it's like the pride and joy of my life. and i wanted to make my beauty office, beauty studio just the whole room be really really special i'm truly honored that tati asked joey and i to come cause, a this is her first home. b, she is a beauty guru who uploads five days a week. so, it better be good! i got my unicorn rows in. and i am ready to be a creative weirdo, in this giant empty space. this room has to be glamorous

quintessential things about glamour isobviously not going to overboard with a color palette it's one big giant roomshe needs to shoot videos in their office space to be able to edit hervideos she runs her business with james her husband just like joey and i worktogether. it was just a shell of a room there were no built-ins there wasnothing it was just our collective imagination to put the room together. wespoke to them about the importance of makeup storage you guys remember patrick starr's beauty room and how we put in that big closet system it was a modularcloset system. since they bought this house we all thought that it meanssense to do a custom built-in using a

custom closet company to really make thebuilt-in work perfectly to the size of the space give tati the depth of drawersso she can fit as much makeup as possible. we went to the showroom wepicked out the finishes, we picked out how things were going to be lit it was awhole process. we made it to the showroom i definitely want white yeah. this oneright? this one is the smoother and yeah it's like a baked on almost like enamel feel. sort of like you but this is the overhead right so this is the cornershoot shoot. yeah we have this nailed down the dimensions the design we know we'regonna do those custom slim drawers and we're gonna do a ton of them here on themakeup side i'm so happy with all of

things that we picked the beautiful whitefinish the glass shells the super thin drawers it's gonna be so chic. it's gonnabe like the most custom piece ever. we just now have to get what is on paper intothe room the room on the wall. the built-ins are done they lookgorgeous but the room is empty it's in need of a lot of tlc. wow this is like the most goals thing ever. so many drawers. so many drawers. are you happy with it? i'm so happy i've been waiting for thisi feel like my whole life. you officially have the most epic totally beautystorage system i think i've ever seen because not only is it gonna be beautystorage but it's gonna be like fashion storage too which is so cool it's like you have aboutique in your house. i know.

the function of this space is mainly beauty.i wanna hang out here i want to you know bring people to my girl cave and likehave this be a special kind of you know chill-out zone where i spend a lot of mytime yeah get inspired. and like some working happening back here or someediting maybe stuff like that. i need a little space to kind of you know getthose five-day-a-week videos up. that's crazy i know. how long have you been releasingfive days a week? three years you missed any days? like over holidaysi've missed here and there but we've been pretty smooth sailing but i'mhoping to be more organized that's been a really big goal because right now iliterally have makeup and boxes and bins

and i try to stay really inspired andjust feel like i could be so much more creative and i could raise the bar if ihad everything in the right spot where it made sense. all right well obviouslythis was a massive undertaking getting this closet in. i mean having a custombuilt in in a home that you own like make so much sense. you know i wanted it to not just be a temporary thing this is our first home. by the waycongratulations on your marriage. thank you so much! that's amazing. i know i know.it's been a big year so this is like the icing on the cake, no no pressure. so here's what i've been getting that done this was theundertaking right we got it in now we

have a day to do all this. yeah. this is a big space. which is why we brought the big truck. the big truck. what are we doing first? i'm the big truck. i don't really know how to do this kind of stuff so i'm trustingthem i mean i i definitely wanted some experts to make the space just right. sowhat are we doing first? you got the plans? you are suppose to have this planned up. sort of bringing the vibes of the project is to come in this roomwe're gonna jump off with a really cool diy. come over here tati are you ready?i'm ready. oh yeah girl drop it like it's hotthe first time ever in omg we're coming over history we are not painting a wall.i know you can fall on over like you

fell over fall on over, i don't know okay.i love the white it blends in really nicely with the built-in. i totally thinki know what we're doing. we're gonna do really artistic like body painting. wehave to do an art project of course because i want tati to get her handsdirty put her stamp on this space well this room is really big but you don'tactually have like huge blank walls you just have this one and this one there sowe want to create areas right and art is a great way to kind of designate spacesand obviously bring the eye up you know i love my diys. unique to you, i reallywanted to do something obviously that speaks to her profession as a makeupartist as a makeup guru and the brushes

that she uses are very important.oh my god. it is. this is the coolest. isn't it cute? so it's a make up applicationbrushes blueprint. i love it. we just hand sketched the brushes scan them in usedillustrator laid them out on like a graph paper setup hand wrote the names ofthe brushes and i put in like little measurement and then you just go to likea fedex or any copy shop and just print on the blue print printers so we printedthe biggest size possible in the blue ink the piece that we are going todecoupage on a canvas so this is our decoupage glue it's likea white glue but i have some water in this tray. before we put a bunch of glue on it, can you measure the frame really quickly?

three feet, so probably three feet.glue on i'm gonna mark the wood so you know where to cut. we're gonna use a woodcanvas instead of a canvas because it's more sturdy and i really want thisartwork to hold up frame it out with a custom wood frame that joey is buildingwe're just painting a layer of decoupage glue on to the wood and then laying downthe piece over top it will wrinkle a little bit and it makes it look a littlemore aged. are you ready for tati to help you cut because we're done with ourfirst layer of glue yeah sure i'm ready for the saw. yeah! so your cutis going to be three three quarters of an inch. boring!

you don't get off that easy tati you gota saw i kind of got like an old saw it's not that good sorry i hope you'reready to work your biceps. this is a whole brand new thing for me and ididn't chip a nail so let's see how these fit together now. areyou done? no we're done with the first joint. yay should we stain these? i'll cutyou can stay. i feel so tall. so i brought some different stain colors to choose fromand tati chose the ebony color which i'm really glad that she didbecause i think black and white together is just quintessentially glamorous superclassic combinations that will never go out of style i'm definitely playing witha lot of black and white in this room

joey are you do we have a fourth piece?that better be a really important email it's not he's playing candy crush what are you staining the inside of the wood for? we're not this is the side of the wood you definitely need to stain the sideof the wood sir. tati i'm sorry you have to be a part of this argument. tati's like can't wait let me come here i come here come here nope not with the opener i use that on this so four pieces done. great thenwe'll let this dry joey will just nail them together. i'm over this!well it's good your over it, this may be all that you're gonna do with us. i'mbeing banished? you've donned glove held

a saw now it's time to get out. oh waitno but before we banish you i want to give you a sneak peek of what i'm gonnabe up to while you're up doing something with your brushes right. ta-da! make up brush set. that's amazing. look at it actually is like a fan brush. you could do like foundationreally fast it's like one that's on the things. okay well we have so much to doso much to do so one two three. how about we get off the floor? fingers crossed she's gonna do something great but i've been kicked out so igotta like hand the trust over and just go do my own thing and wait for the bigreveal no peaking!alright so now that tati is gone we have

a lot to do we have basically threeseparate areas we have to decorate. i wanted to give tati a feature wall, thebuilt-in is really symmetrical and beautiful and angular. i wanted somethingthat had a little more movement to it so i love the idea of using thesepaintbrushes that are shaped like makeup brushes so these are brush blots we're gonnacall it a brush blot wall and i'm using a really dark charcoal grey which willread like black but not be like so harsh against the white so i'm painting the brush blot wall joeyis hanging the curtains. so we got these

awesome blackout curtains that are alight color on the inside but they also will totally block out the light so thatway when they need to shoot they're not competing with the sunlight. and they'rebeautiful gray silk curtains because silk curtains are so glamorous. very luxei mean this whole giant window slash door thing they have going on here isvery cool so we're just highlighting that by putting up a high curtain roddraping that down so in this big area we are going to put down a giant rug first i'mgonna put the rug pad down which basically will stop the rug from slidingaround then we'll roll out the rug. joey what do you think my wall? oh it's so cute thereare paint splotches. brush what?

it's so cute. thank you! while thisfunction is sound absorbers when you're shooting in a big room you don't want itto echo so a rug is really important same with any textile in the room tokind of have the space. you think this rug is going to make it all the wayto the end? oh yeah that's doesn't work. we're just gonna have to trim down the rug pat. joey done it a million times oh it's a farttube joey. let go of it i'm trying to this is such a big room i have totalk to you through a tube. i cannot do that, joeyyou're gonna pass out. it's so big we can like spread out and hold hands. like a kingsize rug. my flowers, my brain is filled with

nothing. when i was in middle school ihad like tiny didgeridoo i would just sit in my room and practice circularbreathing i don't think i ever actually got it down the concept is you keep airin your mouth so while you're blowing out you can breathe into your nose likethe hard part is refilling your mouth but you get it. you know what else is filledwith nothing? these shelves! joey enough with the rug cuddle we got tostyle the shelves. this is the most epic styling i've ever done you guys iliterally would wake up at night before this project being like do i have enoughstuff to put in those shelves we are bringing in shoes, purses we arebringing in clothes sunglasses jewelry

makeup displays coffee table books whichthey're not going on the coffee table they are beautiful hardcover art booksof hair and makeup and fashion and all the things that will inspire tatiand just really speak to her sophistication because books aresophisticated and i hope they never go awayshout out to books. blue and white china i love using it in interior design. i don'tget to use it that often because it is a very distinct look the blue and whitewhich you see in the blueprint art and in the china accents is just soft andsophisticated so in order to give her an area to filmon we are bringing in this amazing desk

that joey put together this is going tobe her filming tables how gorgeous is this chair? how gorgeous is this? it has abeautiful light wood top and the wood is a very similar tone to the floors thatare already in the space then the legs are these just very simple but reallygorgeous brass solid looking legs that just kind of fit into the tabletop likeit looks like a puzzle piece. the bench we're bringing in for tati to siton while filming is this awesome furry bench i love free things it has a veryglamorous look to it and it has acrylic legs which are really really nice nextto the solid brass legs of the desk so just playing with ding ding ding juxtaposition.so sit here with the light streaming in

here. yeah. do her tutorials and then shedoesn't have a back yeah in the shot you know yep and then when she has collabsyeah right people sitting next to her yeah great thinking kate so ingeniouskate. custom artwork you know i love and the same with custom photography it'sreally nice to have things that are your own unique pieces i didn't want to justgo and buy black-and-white photography for tati i took it upon myself i'm not aphotographer no no i'm a novice but i was like you know what i've got a bunch ofnail polish and mirrors and fume bottles and stuff let me just try takingpictures of these against a white background. i'm using a nice camera witha 50 millimeter lens and let's just see

how it goes.joey is going to arrange these in a cluster and hang them because he'sreally good at both of those things. the living-room area i mean i'm callingit the living room area it's basically the meeting room area because they havea living room. we're being in a rug. rug number two wedon't need a rug plat for this because we're putting so much furniture over itit's gonna be weighted down. look how pretty! wow wow textured! this is about as cozy as it gets. no no joeywe're not doing the rug cuddle here no. in the seating area we're gonna bring ina very cool chesterfield tufted couch. i love this couch it's nice and deep so ifwe can get it through the door we're good

oh! good job! i think that maybe wasthe hardest thing i've ever done in my life kate that's why we've been doing squats at the gym, so you can get better at lifting couches with me. there'snothing more classic and glamorous than a chesterfield couches that have likethe flat back and the flat arms and are tufted on the back. chesterfield. wow!looks very cozy isn't it pretty? very pretty. becauselike this is like her studio so she might want to come in here and just havelike a peaceful moment read a book watch some other people's youtube videos. gonna rock you. no joey! this coffee table is so amazing coffee table it's sort of apatchwork of different marble colors

different stone colors complimentary tothe rugs but also is its own art piece. for my next trick i will produce afiddly fig. we're putting a fiddly fig in the corner this tree has to look goodall the time i'm going for a faux plant next to the couch i'm placing a roundmarble accent table with a pretty brass lamp again it's very architectural kindof simple because this wall has so much pizazz we didn't need a crazy lamp justsomething to accent. tati is very feminine and women but ilove the grounding color of black it's very glamorous and these chairs are justamazing and they have brass legs. in between these two chairs i'm placinganother blue and white china moment a

drum stoolfor bringing the blue and white theme that's happening over on the shelve overto the living room area. some furry pillows complete these blackchairs i love black tone on tone of the black chair fabric being a littlemore shiny and then the furry cozy pillows. okay so on this wall we got these two crazy sturdy awesome desks right becauseshe's going to have her assistant any whoever might be working with her on aproject she might have people in for meetings we need a place for them to beable to sit in here. pull up a chair. but but but i have stuff on it

where you going? no wonder i drive. oh i just got dizzy.these chairs you guys oh my gosh. she's glam life guru i am not getting her just aregular old desk chair no no they're gold deskchairs! okay well we did this backwards.we have to put the brush diagram. oh no i got to finish baking that. yes,baking in the sun right now blueprint is gonna go centered over this yeah can youlike at least stifle yawn that was like the opposite of a stifle. build off theframe i'm gonna put that right above and center it over those two desks andthat's gonna just be a really cool feature art piece that you're gonna seewhen you come in on the wall. next to the

blueprint art we are hanging wall lampswhich i love wall lamps because it gives you the flexibility of getting a sconcelook without having wiring in the walls the kitchenette area is really coolwe've got retro fridge on the countertop when we were first here talk to youmentioned that you wanted a candy bar and that's stuck in my head. the wordfizz just reminds me of like old school soda pop and so does a candy bar so ijust love that that's our little like retro vintage corner so apothecary jarswith some candy completes a candy bar. on the desk i'm just dialing some deskcalendars some more blue and white and a tray and a little cup which i'musing as a pen cup and then just some

other things like an amazing cement tapedispenser scissors a gold stapler etc for the styling on her filming table i'mkeeping it very minimal because of course it is going to fill up with allof her products that she's using. guys i think the room is done i'm excited let'sbring her in and james gotta see it he's gonna work in there and befilming adjusting focus and all that stuff you better like it too. kate'sleading me and my eyes are trying to just focus on the ground because i don'twant to sneak peek anything and literally like walking into this room myheart was going so fast because all i was thinking is how when i started mychannel i had no tripod the crappiest

camera ever no lighting and i literallysat on the corner of my bed and i had like basically a caboodle of makeup.this is all very exciting they just got married they just moved into this house andnow we're going to show them their new beauty studio. okay, one....two....three! oh my god oh my god oh god and turn around it's the glamest of glam rooms ever. oh my god this is better than i even thought it would be. you guys theseare the first like full-on tears we've seen in omg w.a.c.o. tati's like kind ofcrying i think james is crying inside. you missed it but she made that. yeah wemade that. i'm very talented. i love it so much!

you are our first on first full teary eye.i knew that kate would do like certain things i just had a feeling and i knewit would be so reflective of who i am and a little more sophisticated but justwith some fun flair and she got me so good that i literally teared up and wasshaking. here's just filming area james get in here! and like youknow collabs you can sit with. it's so soft and cozy.james that light man that mirror. thank you. who else has this as their makeup room? like i think you maybe it's custom theybetter not. this may be the most glam room ever. aw he's giving us the slow applause. the slow clap

we can all play a joke on kate high five! joey this joke is so old i'm gonna punch you in the balls next time you do that! alright well we've been here for way toolong we gotta get out of here yeah we'll come hang out by like one12-hour day done so congratulations on your marriage. yes! congratulations on this house! this is awesome yeah thanks for being here and doing allof this this is magic we love it. bye. high fives goodbyes high five

oh my gosh that was like our first like full-ontear she she she was a crier i'm so glad that she loves it so much and he lovesit so much i mean i wish them all the best cuz they're a very very cool coupleand this is a really cool house. go check out her channel. yes glamlifeguru youcan see not yet but in the future you're gonna see her do all these awesome videos inthis room so we're very excited to have been able to do this with them and we'rethankful or thankful for you guys. thank you so much subscribe to ourchannel give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video let us know in thecomments what you thought. we'll see you on the next omg we're coming over up we have othercool things too but we'll see you around

gosh i think you're gonna have to pullall these roses out of my hair you ready? oh gosh, what's happening?my hair's crazy right now. joey what's for dinner? she loves it james loves it i love it ilove joey we love each other i love you i love you ah i already said it

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