wohnzimmer dekoration ikea

wohnzimmer dekoration ikea

to make your children love you more, you can turn a living room as a new family room. more about that later. next, you'll learned 5 clever ikea products for your home decorating needs by simphome.com 1. ikea's bedroom makeover idea choose the most comfortable bed that you want to have.

buying bed does not require high cost and you can choose the most affordable one for perfect bed. if you have an ikea membership, you can buy the gjora bed frame by spending $199.20 only. then you can customize the style of the bed frame. besides, it is also durable and warm. cover your pillow with ikea puderviva duvet cover and pillowcase.

the price is $89.99. furthermore, ikea nordli modular 2-drawer chest can be placed in the bedroom as the relaxing spot in the bedroom. it costs $80.00. 2. children’s bedroom doing makeover for children’s bedroom is a fun thing to do.

ikea offers a busunge extendable bed that is very suitable for children because it can be pulled out as the children grow. you just need to spend around $199.00. then, complete the room with ikea hemmahos rug so that the children can play on the floor. it costs $29.99 only. don’t forget to put storage because children want to keep a lot of stuffs.

you can choose ikea stuva storage bench because it is simple and the cheapest among others. it is priced $64.99. 3. work room you can place wall-mounted drop-leaf table in the work room. in ikea, the price of wall-mounted drop-leaf table is $39.00.

it is covered with melamine so that it is durable and easy to be cleaned. then, add the knuff magazine file to keep your magazine so that you can enjoy it during your free time. it costs $9.99. moreover, complete your work room with ikea svirvel floor lamp with 2 shades that costs $39.99.

4. family room actually, you can have a living room as the family room too. you can spend time with your children here. so, put some toys or bunk bed frame. bunk bed frame is a bed that has two levels (upper and lower) that children like. the price is $119.00.

the options of the toys are lillabo toy car ($3.99), lillabo toy figure ($4.99/ 5 pack), busa children’s tent ($9.99), and many more. you can buy those things in ikea. 5. have a room for yourself people have different hobbies. some like music, some others like painting, etc. thus, you can add an additional room for spending

your time doing your hobbies. if you like reading, you can put shelving unit to keep your entire book. ikea ivar shelving unit is priced $69.00. place ikea vedbo chair to make it more comfortable by spending $199.00 for it. then, place wall shelf if it is necessary. ikea ekby osten wall shelf is only priced $13.99. done,

you just learned how to use ikea products to upgrade your home interior design to a new level. come back again next time with more home, apartment makeover, and decorating ideas. like this video, comment it, or better yet share it with everyone in your social circle. don't forget to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you. see you again later and thanks for watching.

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