wohnzimmer dekoration grün

wohnzimmer dekoration grün

fans it is finally happening today i am creating my much-awaited house tour and i'm really excited to take you guys into myspace if you are new to my channel and this is your very first time coming to my channel please subscribe subscribe button pop up right here and i would love to have you as a subscriber i have with new contact every single week and

if you make this house tour and your super excited for this video i uploaded give this video a thumbs up it is super easy to give a thumbs up and it means the world to me home when you guys do that i hope you guys enjoy and let me show you my home welcome to my home this is the engines to my home right when you walk in and

you see this over-sized campus that i actually painted for jim a couple years ago and then the next from the uc is a little sitting area we use this as a loud area where we can sit and read books and watch the kids play [music] next we make our way into my kitchen i love the way we kind of created our

kitchen space to be very very clean and as contrary with day if it doesn't spark joy get rid of it so we found out that we really preferred a minimalistic approach and we have a lot of clean countertops and it just makes me smile next we make our way into beekeeping face i love this area this table has such a sentimental value to me

we got it on craigslist for less than a hundred dollars but it was the last time that i got an opportunity to hang out my grandpa so we decided to keep this people and the kinder refurnish it and just make it that are speak and next you will make your way right into the living room we have lots of really big windows that bring just beautiful sunlight into

the room and for a living room was a very simple approach and for our deck or we really focused on the cream and blues and corresponds to the rug in the pillows and i feel like it ties in it gives a really nice meal we have lots of little shelves and our home is this cute little knickknacks that i love and then once you go out of

the living room you will see our little dog space and then we have a corner i think this is supposed to be our mudroom but we really dedicated to our vacuum and for our dog treats and now kinda silly next few make your way into the bathroom thank you james for helping me film this and i really like a lot of white screen

bathroom it reminds me of a hotel bathroom when there's a lot of white and not a lot of clutter i wanted to keep it very very simple next we will head into my husband's office where he gets all of his work done this is a really quiet area in our house so it's nice little place working get

away and get all the things that need to get done and accomplished for the entire week 00 now we'll head upstairs i love these stairs it brings a lot of sunlight i feel like this entire house is really designed around bringing natural light and and

once you get upstairs the first thing easy is the kids play around and we tried we recently have minimalized the toys more than other so that it's an easier space for the kids to play and there's not a kind of accumulated clutter next we will go into the girls room i love the girls room it is so so simple

so when it comes to creamy it's really easy and i love the fact that we've incorporated a lot of weight and pop of pink and gold and you'll see this big pink yellow and purple canvas in the room and i made this for the girls when they were super little just a teeny tiny little things next we will head out to the hallway and

kind of go into our bathroom i'm not kind of isn't satisfied with the space i feel like i could be created something different but i did find this little basket hook-and-eye kind of hold things on top and then the school is actually an heirloom in our family so i was excited to kind of be passed down it put it into my kiddos bathroom and we

have a couple little decor items to give it a small pop next we will head into the homeschool room which is a space that we don't let any littles and unless you're actually studying that's why we have a baby on there and for this space it wasn't necessarily about being a minimalistic it was really about using all of the space that we can within the

real making sure that we are incorporating things that are very practical buy it let's kill displaying their beautiful artwork and the ensure that we have a lot of workable space because my favorite chair and the entire house i got it at a secondhand store for less than five dollars and it's just a little more comfortable and then i kind

of have everything organized that i need to grab quickly right above my desk and then you have a couple little things replicate those projects that they're working on and then i just try my best to keep my space in the classroom as organizers they possibly can we'll head out of the homeschool room and immediately you will see a closet to

kind of keep our towels and blankets and our linens and then you have our lines around this is probably my favorite larger room i've ever had it's nothing massive but it had to be the window like natural light and love it and i try to keep this place as clutter free as possible i also put in a really pretty picture just to kind of

make it look a little bit nicer and not necessarily feel like a laundry room oh next we had on the boys room i love this room i'm definitely not done with this piece have some really cool ideas in the future and this is definitely decorated and designed for when bradley was much younger so we are

going to be making a zoom a little bit more mature but for now it serves the purpose and it's very clean and minimalistic and if you're not familiar we have a little bland child i'm going to be bringing home around to kimber timeframe so this this room will have double beds and just be totally redone but for now it's a great work will be

it's very very green and for our last stop on the house tour is my master bedroom i really like this space we have a baby gate entering into our master bedroom to kind of keep the littles out so they're not getting into any important papers or they're not getting underneath the cupboard where our bathroom is and

they're getting into hair products and eating member something like that this is my little bookshelf where i keep all my books and my planners and magazines and it's also the place if you're familiar with my channel or sometimes i'll sit in front of its kind of my filming area but i like it we could get very simple if you want to we

can add some more decorations depending on what video i'm filming this room around four o'clock gets no much sunlight sometimes it gets so much sunlight that we actually have to close the curtains but i'm not complaining i absolutely love this space we have completely white bedding like i said i really like the hotel field very simple

and very clean and it makes us very happy i will admit the name is hard to keep it clean with little and then in the side about my room i have a tree that is not doing very well today hope it'll be better in the future and menu head-on into our master bathroom it is very simple nothing extravagant but it's very nice and i really like it

super practical the nice big tub and the shower and it's just very clean and minimal and thing i try to keep a lot of clutter off of the countertop visit the space is workable and i usually try to keep up and clean up after myself after i'm done doing my makeup or getting ready for the day thank you guys so much for watching my

house for and hope you guys way today and if you don't like dealing in the comments below on your favorite part about the house or if you had a room that you're like i really like that or if you have a room that you're like do you know what he could do to give it a little bit more pizzazz a little bit of pop let me know in the comments below

and hope you all have amazing weekend coffee and accent hi guys

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