wohnzimmer bilder türkei

wohnzimmer bilder türkei

ho ho ho ho well dear children, do you were behaved this year? i have nice pre... (hit) what's going on, did you really think i look like this? as if i would go out with this costume i even look better myself when i get up! than these fake santas i see a lot of! the sled stays in the stall, today i take the ferrari polar bear safari, face-hairiness-guardian of a white beard peccary!

my leather jacket is expensive like a violin from stradivari! check! my adonis body, i often tribes the dumbbell but always hide my muscles under my coat after work, i park the ferrari in front of the hut the color fits my armani pointed cap i am a trendsetter because i wore my rough beard long before the hipsterbeard came into fashion! my elf bros pack the gifts in my gift bag of louis vuitton! packets in petto, cookies from netto (german discount store), only once a year i leave my ghetto! do not tell shit, tell the truth i know you were not nice, check my tattoo! you were not nice. do you think this is fun? i have the rod ready to batter your ass!

so don't act like badass, only who keeps calm won't get the rod and that is okay for me! refrain (sung): santa is the boss! lives in a castle even the elfs are scared that he punches them santa is the boss! rides in a red horse! even rudolph and the girls are afraid that he punches them (rap): i chill with punch at the bar! with the nicest chicks! so much for uncle santa comes just once a year! driving with the maybach, i'm a star in every small town.

dude, i drive home and watch the polarlights from the jacuzzi! if you are still single, ladies, just look for me on tinder! have every day off except that one day in winter! the rest of my time i spend in the whirlpool and drink mulled wine somewhere at the north pole due to my fame! i'm not a burglar but i sneak into your house at night! i go in through the chimney and out through the door! i only work at night and avoid the traffic, before i leave i eat until your fridge is empty! biscuits and milk? i want whiskey and steak!

or money for fuel, i have to drive around the world! earlier, i used to have reindeers as companions. rudolph is now replaced by 700 horsepower in the evening i'm coming scrambled with my convertible over the snowy lawn! turn the radio loud like the sound of my car. silent night through my open driving canopy! you fall asleep! i'm coming in! then the gifts get hidden - hah! and the kids are happy now about my gifts because yours are whhaaakkk!

even the elfs are scared that he punches them! santa is the boss! drives in a red horse! even rudolph and the girls are afraid that he punches them! (rapped by chrispyrob): for everyone who doesn't know me: i am rudolph the reindeer, was just terminated from my job, and yes, i am missing it! santa claus has replaced me with a new nice car. he simply does not want to ride the sled at minus degrees anymore. if i don't get home soon, i will probably die, if not by the cold then by alcohol consumption! my life gets worse, i sleep alone on the road, the only thing that is still going well is my red nose! (cry) and when i'm bored i let it snow, who else is able to do that? there is no other than me! very simple, i'm in charge here, there is nothing to scrutinize for thousands of years!

i am unique, have the best reputation in the world, no matter what i give you, i know you will like it you can buy me as a chocolate man, yeah i am famous and i'm a good rapper too, happy new year! lives in a castle! santa is the boss!

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