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[ominous cello] ...it's been half a year. so let's do this. let's solve the secretsof fnaf sister location months... ..before the game comes out! [ominous music] hello internet! welcome to game theory, wheretoday the goal is to solve the biggest gaming mystery of 2016 before it evenexists! for once i'm gonna get the jump on you,scott cawthon. here's how i'm gonna do it. we all know know that scott loves droppinglittle teaser hints on his site, but this

time he's tipped his hand a bit too far.enough for me to get a solid theory going on a lot of the key elements we'llsee hidden throughout his newest installment: sister location. and whilesome clues come from the teaser images and trailers themselves, the biggestrevelations this time have come from the source code on scott's website. so getready for a comprehensive preview of what scotty has in store. because by theend, we'll have looked at every - and i mean every element of this franchise;from the original series of games, to the novel, to fnaf world, to the ever-evolvingsource code on scottgames.com in our attempt to expose the facts behind thenext trip to freddy's.

now scott hiding hints in the coding ofthis site is nothing new. it was the source code that started thewhole "bite of '83 vs '87" debate back during fnaf4. but this time it's a bit morethan just a mere hint of what's to come... ...it is a fully fledged story! so let's take this line by line. this firstbig chunk of the beginning starts off like a collection of letters andpunctuation, but upon further inspection you can makeout repeated numbering patterns and letter combinations representing days ofthe week. when pieced together it becomes a schedule looking like this. listing outthe days when certain animatronics are

either available, booked, needed for aprivate party, or mat; either in maintenance or needed for a matinee show.it's unclear which. it's also worth mentioning that four animatronics are specificallycalled out here; b-b-y for baby, b-a-l for ballora, and f-t-f for both funtime freddy, and funtime foxy. now for those of you who don't followevery scrap of information about these games, let me explain. reddit discovered thatscott had gone and copyrighted various names, presumably for these newanimatronics. and here we see it being confirmed. more on some of these guys in a minute.

the thing i want to call out first isthat there's clearly a fifth animatronic in this schedule 0-5-o-o-s; out of service. but who could this be? in the trailer weonly see four animatronics. well, that's where this teaser imagecomes in. a few weeks ago this image was up on scottgames. a mask with glowingeyes and a tangle of wires almost like tentacles accompanied by this text: "there's a little bit of me in every body." notice the grammar here; it'snot "everybody," but "every body."

this is our fifth animatronic - our out ofservice animatronic. i mean, look at it! this guy ain't being booked at any children's parties! [laugh track] [applause, tv show end song] but that's not all we can conclude abouthim. the text indicates that a piece of him - his soul, his mechanisms, whatever - isin every other animatronic body. this could have two possible explanations. either he's possessed the otheranimatronics and is controlling them, which would explain the 'don't hold itagainst us' line from the teaser trailer

we hear over and over again. [eerie child whisper] "don't hold it against us." or, more likely, he's the reason the otheranimatronics have life in the first place. this pile of wires is kind of like thepuppet from the original series; giving gifts, giving life. or maybe this is thepuppet. a new and rebooted version of the puppet. now stay with me here. one thing that we've largely forgottenabout since his first appearance back in fnaf 2 is how the puppet characterjust didn't fit in with the fnaf world. sure, as it kept makingappearances in game after game, we just

kinda accepted its role, but seriously - think about it. fnaf 1 through 4 were all about animatronics with bigbulky bodies and an animal theme, but then insert the puppet. thin and with a humanface. complete with red cheeks, crying eyes, andred lips - features that we haven't seen on anything else until now. fast forwardto sister location and we see humanoid faces everywhere. ballora and baby; rosy cheeks, lipstick. andnow look at 'day of the tentacle' over here. notice that the ears can detach - separateitself from the main mask part of the

face? it's the exact same silhouette that our puppet's face has had sincethe second game. additionally if you look at the trailerfor sister location very, very closely you discover what may be a very cooleaster egg. in the reflection of funtime foxy's cheek we see... something. for all theother animatronics it's a part of their body; for ballora the ballerina we seethe reverse of her arm and earrings; for baby it's her finger and bow; but foxyhere is reflecting something that has a bright red dot beside two colored streaks.aka a bright red cheek and two streaming tear tracks. it's like thattime we covered reflection mapping to

find super smash brothers' hidden location.could that be the puppet's face reflection mapped onto the model of foxy's skull? regardless though, if you ask me wehaven't seen the last of the puppet in whatever form he comes in. and based onthe designs of these characters, sister location might finally be giving us theorigin story we've long been waiting for. now hopping back to the source code thenext section shows us that there seems to be three file directories for variousclients. the first is for a place called "chica's party world", the second forprivate birthday parties, and the third for crmn institute. i can only assumecarmen institute or criminal institute.

this starts to tell us a lot about thesetting and universe of sister location. first, many people have speculated thatthe industrial-feeling settings shown during the trailer for the game is afactory for the robots. i think we can get a bit more specific. considering the availability schedulethat we just covered, and the client folders with various needs for birthdayparty supplies, it feels like this new setting will be a storage facility anddistribution center for the animatronics, responsible for shipping them out tovarious gigs across the fazbear locations. the reference to chica's party world builds out the lore of the universe

showing another spin-off location to therestaurants, but also strikes me as just that: a reference, a fun easter egg. referencing the one animatronic who won't be appearing in this new game. sofar we've seen versions of freddy foxy and a bonnie hand puppet, but chicahas been noticeably absent. and honestly i think it's gonna remain that way.for some reason it just feels like she doesn't fit in this new world. and so themention of chica's party world is a fun wink and a nod to a character that willbe sorely missed. but to me of all this section the mostcrucial client is the last one: the crmn institute. notice when you lookat it that it has a subfolder called

project. this to me is incrediblyimportant since every teaser image scott hasposted on the site related to sister location has been labeled project.jpg.seems like a generic naming convention, right? [rough piano music plays, very scary, much wow.] i went to an internetarchive database and dug through the source code of all the past teaserimages from all of scott's past games only to find that his labeling system hasbeen very consistent. his fnaf world images were all labelled fnafworld.jpg. images about the book were labeled fnafthe novel.jpg. even fnaf 4 teasers shared the titling of simply 4.jpg.

the fact that sister location'simages are all labeled 'project' and that there's a client directory hinting atsome mysterious institute and a secret project going on there says to me thatif we're not headed to a distribution center, then we're going to a place wherethese guys are getting experimented on. which ties in with the trailer quote of, [eerie, quiet voice. the audience is shaking in their custom seal leather boots.] these guys are being experimented on; a project at some mysterious institute.and you can bet that they're not happy about it. but perhaps the most crucialdetail hidden in the source code is the

last line. a line that blows the doorwide open on the story for this new game. service log maintenance c/o, or care of,a-f-t-n robotics. afton robotics. what the heck is that? it's a goodquestion. if you're like ninety-nine percent of the fan base and only knowthe games this might not ring a bell. but if you happen to buy and then makeit through all five hundred pages of the "five nights at freddy's: silver eyes"novel, then that name sets off all sorts of alarms. you see, in the book the fredbear and fazbear restaurants were founded by two men.

the first is named henry; he's the fatherof the main character and the creative half of the company. the one responsiblefor designing and building the robots that we all know and love. the other co-owner was - ready for this? - william afton and he was in charge ofthe business side of the restaurants. paperwork, taxes, things like that. so tosee afton robotics in the source codeteasing sister location is huge because it means that the stories of sisterlocation and silver eyes are linked. but get ready for this.

here's the bigger twist: by the end ofthe book it's revealed that william afton is what we fans of the game wouldknow as the purple guy. yeah! in the book purple guy is revealed.afton is the one who kidnaps and kills children while wearing fredbear themedsuits! his first victim is henry's son sammy, followed by four other kids, whosesouls eventually possess the infamous suits. so, through these source codeteasers, not only has scott confirmed that this new game will be tied to the loreof the book, but will be dealing with a robotics company founded by and namedafter the child killing purple guy. now that's already a huge mind blow, andi'm about to go further, but before i do

let's address the elephant in the room: the canonicity of the book. the internet,by and large, dismissed silver eyes under the assumption that scott said it's notcanon to the first four games, but that's not entirely true. if you read his entire statement - and iunderstand that it's hard for you, internet, since its three wholeparagraphs that aren't summarized with a tl;dr line,(too long; didn't read) - he actually says: "sometimes thelore of something can become so crowded that you can't tell an original storyanymore.

the [first four] games and the booksshould be considered to be separate continuities, even if they do share manyfamiliar elements. the book is canon just as the games are. that doesn't mean thatthey are intended to fit together like two puzzle pieces. the book is a reimagining of the fivenights at freddy's story." and this makes sense right? the first fourgames were crushed under their own convoluted lore and fan base dedicated to making every new toe added to foxy mean something. now i'm not saying that it's a bad thing tohave people enthusiastic about your story, but it does become limiting whenyou make continuity errors or want to do

something new with these characters. and with the five nights at freddy's movie coming ever-closer, it becomes even moreimportant. there needed to be room to insert actual characters into this story. you can't make a movie out of somepre-taped phone tutorials and silent furry monsters. thus, enter silver eyes, which builds outnew characters, new faces, and new stories that can be told in the setting of thesegames. so yeah, the separate canonicity of thebook makes sense, but as scott said, it's a reimagining, and obviously there'sgoing to be a lot of crossover. and based

on that afton clue we just saw,sister location is going to be bridging the line more and more. so does any of this matter? yeah, actuallya whole lot. because if we take the silver eyes - sister location connectionto its logical conclusion, huge pieces start to fall in place. let's start by working backwards. basedon the trailers and teasers, sister location's main animatronic is this clown girl - baby. but the teaser trailer isn't thefirst time she appears. she's introduced at the end of the fnaf world update1.2, something we discovered in our play

through of the game over on the gtlivechannel. once you collect all the characters and beat chica's magic rainbow - - long story, not worth explaining - you'reimmediately taken to a cut scene where a mysterious figure at a desk apologizesto you for creating a robot that cannot be deactivated. the bot's name: baby. we then see a pair of eyes light uptelling everyone to take their seats before cutting back to the room to seethe desk guy lying there dead, presumably killed by baby. now, manypeople assume that desk guy was scott cawthon since he's the creator of theanimatronics and the mini games that you

play in fnaf world. however it'd be weirdfor scott to kill himself. plus, the dialogue from the fnaf inspace minigame - yes, again, fnaf world is a weird game - seems to imply thatscott is a separate entity from this desk guy creator figure. so if desk guy isn't scott cawthon thenwho else could he be? well, now that we know that baby andsister location both have ties to silver eyes, we can actually identify who thismysterious creator of fnaf world is. he's henry, co-founder of fredbear's andpurple guys business partner. how do we know? well, not only is he thecreator of the games and animatronics,

his death also lines up with the way hedies in the book. stricken with grief over the death of his son, henry commitssuicide in the living room by letting one of his animatronics kill him. one that remains nameless in the book,but is clearly not any of the core six of freddy, foxy, chica, bonnie, goldenfreddy, and golden bonnie. in other words, henry the creator iskilled in his home by a mysterious new animatronic, just like we see happen todesk guy in the fnaf world. the events just line up. now, that's allthe stuff that i feel really confident about. but now let's have some fun andtake it even further.

admittedly, i don't think that this iswhere sister location is headed, but there is enough of an evidence thread totake us to some awesome extremes. so let's have a little bit of fun withthis, shall we? first, notice how baby is introduced to us at the end of fnafworld; as two yellow eyes in the dark. and what's the first image we see inthat game? two yellow eyes, in the dark, along with the iconic ending line from afnaf 4, "i will put you back together." it's also the last thing that we see inthe true ending to the game: two yellow eyes, saying "i will put you backtogether." now, i know what you're thinking: "there's no way that those are baby'seyes!

1: why would she say that when shewasn't even in fnaf 4 and 2: we all know that that line and thoseeyes belong to the imaginary friend psychic friend fredbear." ðÿž¶ he's here, he's there, he's everywhere! ðÿž¶ ðÿž¶ who ya gonna call? ðÿž¶ ðÿž¶ psychic friend fred bear!ðÿž¶ [*cue applause*] well don't be so sure. let me remind you of something. in the fnaf 4 cutscenes, each character has aspecific colour for their dialogue. number 787878 for the brother,

ffffff for crying child, 57c0ff forthe brother's friend, etc. psychic friend fredbear's dialogue, for all of his lines,is always the ffff57 shade of yellow. and yet, for the final lines of, "you'rebroken," "we're still your friends," "i will put youback together," it's a different shade of yellow - ffffa0; similar, yes, but definitely different from fredbear. so very intentionally, scott made this adifferent character, but in a strange twist, it's actually a color of dialogue sharedwith one other character we see in fnaf 4: pigtail girl.

[ominous "inception" sound effect. conspiracy confirmed] the one who knows that the animatronicscome to life and get stuffed with dead bodies. coincidence? yeah! or at least we all thought so lastyear. but look at her design! dressed in a skirt, with reddish pigtails, and biggreen eyes. just like the design of baby. you hear that? the collective sound of mindsbeing blown across the internet. but if the glowing eyes, shared dialogue color, similar designs, andrepeated line of, "i will put you back together" didn't convince you, it doesn'tstop there.

remember the biggest lingering questionfrom fnaf 4? the girl's room? no one! no one had an explanation for it! i didn't have an explanation for it! and yet scott felt it was importantenough to the lore of the story to show us. and now we might actually know why! what if the girl is a part of the cryingchild's family? first, it would explain why we would see her color of dialoguereappearing in his final moments: as a family member, she would be there in thehospital with the boy as he tries to recover. and if she shares a connectionwith baby, it would also tie together the random presence of mangle in the room.

one of the other key animatronics we seein sister location trailer is funtime foxy. which we can confidently say is anintact model of what will eventually become mangle. again, we're looking at themajor details. yes, some things may or may not be there.notice the lipstick, the red cheeks, and painted fingernails on funtime foxy. all of which reappear on mangle. so inthe two games, we would have baby and foxy linked. is it a stretch? absolutely! but then again, this is scott we're talking about. to me, though, the coolest part about this connection wouldbe in the name of the game.

this whole time we've been assuming thatsister location was referencing some other spin-off chain of restaurants, or,like i said earlier, a storage and distribution center for the robots. butif the pigtail girl's soul is trapped in baby, and she was indeed the sibling of cryingchild, the phrase "sister location" takes on a whole new meaning. this is her game. a game about one sister'ssoul trapped in the baby animatronic getting revenge for her brother's death. just don't hold it against her; you don'tknow what she's been through.

or maybe now you do. but hey, that's just a theory. a game theory! the ball's in your court, scott. [matpat in an eerie, small voice,] you should subscribe for more episodes of game theory. you should subscribe formore episodes of game theory. you should subscribe for more episodes of game theory. [very eerie matpat. bravo] or cast your vote: are you excited aboutsister location? yes?

or no? click on one to choose. [low, strange cello music plays]

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