wohnzimmer bilder stillleben

wohnzimmer bilder stillleben

i think that's very smart no, but you have to tell me in truthfully though. i think you are wonderful i think you are brave, i think you're talented. i'm here for moral support. joey, that's great but i don't need like instagram memes i need like real life talk i think you're wonderful good good good good. that was a test you passed the test. can't wait to decorate! there's so much we can make! how will it turn out?

omg, we're coming over! open up we're here! okay, you're yelling like so loud hello creative weirdos! welcome! we are coming at you with another omg we're coming over. you guys we are on the porch about ready to go inside mia stammer and kyle hatch's house. ken the dog, don't forget about ken the dog. hey guys! i'm mia stammer and i have a youtube channel called mamamiamakeup hey, i'm kyle hatch i am a videographer in the la area, and i live stream on twitch.

if you're new to our channel from mia's. hello, welcome and please subscribe to our videos. we make all kinds of videos with room makeovers and beyond. i mean like you can binge watch i don't know how many... 15 episodes or something of our series where we do youtuber's homes so click on somewhere where that link is gonna be in that playlist also you can become a creative weirdo. that's what we're called here in this community. yeah, so welcome we celebrate creativity and weirdness because being weird is being you. so let's get creative and weird shall we? let's do it

let's go... bohemian! here we come! your house is so cool. it is really cool! like this is such a funky place. this was probably built in what the fifties? it's kind of like japanese vibes right? but your style isn't really japanese....no it's like let's talk about your style cuz i'm very excited. so my living room is a mess i moved in like five months ago, and it still looks like i just moved in. i'm just wanting some boho vibes i think it would match my personality more and it's also a place where i

work and vlog and just live and sit on the couch all the time. so i just i just need it to be more comfortable and more me. i mean the inspiration pictures that you sent me i love like i describe them as like classic bohemian, kind of like 60s 70s vibes. which you're okay with. i am definitely, okay with it. i'll be honest, i didn't know what boho was before any of this. but when i saw the vision board and when mia talked to me about what she was thinking i was pretty on board with it. i got really excited. well, it's sort of the manliest version of boho because there's a lot of like neutrals and browns and you know those kind of like earthier tones as opposed to like pastels

which i'm so excited because it's so perfect for this space. kind of almost like you have two living rooms. it's intimidating, a little bit. yeah, we never knew what to do with like the second part of the living room so it's kind of just like ken's you know run around area. ken's dance floor this room is huge you guys so this is like the living room, but also the lounge. there's a fireplace in the center kind of dividing two areas that you would think would be two seating areas so that's what we're gonna do in this space yeah, cuz you have your tv area over there with the l-shaped couch which like we're okay with

changing up.... for the sake of your...for his back we currently have a couch situation she likes the couch, but for me it i'm not a huge fan. i'm a bit of a bigger person and it gives me back pain. so i'm really just looking for something bigger a little bit more comfortable that's not gonna make me want to stretch for two hours after i get off. this is cool it's like a funky nice built-in i love this...i don't know what to do with it as you can tell, like i kind of decorated it, but honestly last night, i finally took out the christmas decor.

oh really? in preparation of us coming over? where's ken by the way? ken is kyle and mia's kid. he is vivacious. he loves living up in the hills you wanna do a project?! you wanna do a project ken?! in thinking about this room and the kind of artistic lifestyle that is being a bohemian i was like let's have ken be our like bohemian artist. since ken is such an important part of your family. we need a photo shoot with him, right? yeah, that's a good idea

i was not expecting ken to be part of the craft project, but i'm also so down for that. bohemian is very globally inspired right... so it pulls from like a lot of different styles from around the world so let's give him four different looks. i'll take the photo. i'll be light guy. yea. you can be ken wrangler and your ken's stylist, right? yeah, okay. all right, so i've laid out the props here. we've got flower crowns. we've got a variety of sunglasses so let's see what magic we can create a star! work it! ken ken ken

here ken, hold on to the hotdog. oh yeah that's good. mia look at kyle. kyle look at mia kiss em kiss em no each other, each other kiss each other aww that's really cute. got it? alright, let's paint pay shall we? yeah. okay, so we got the photoshoot with ken done i'm gonna edit those photos get those printed asap. it's time for a paint showdown!

guys let's paint! you like white walls which i know about you and so we're keeping the majority of them white, but this wall is it's a toughy right? so we're doing something different. we're doing like an accent wall but in the bohemian style. what color do you think it's gonna be? go! like a pale yellow? what color do you think it's gonna be? fuchsia do you know what color fuchsia is? i don't honestly, i don't know what fuchsia is.

i'm pretty sure fuchsia is... actually. i don't really know what fuchsia, i think fuchsia is purple. will someone show me fuchsia? fuchsia, is like an electric raspberry it's like if you took purple and red and mix them together and created just this beautiful sumptuous pink color we are not doing that on the wall so kyle don't worry. i love it it's like a terra-cotta. it's like if you made a latte with terra-cotta powder. this will dry just a touch darker than what it looks now and i think it's gonna be beautiful.

i have more planned for this wall, but you guys are gonna just get it started one...two...three i love painting i've painted my bedroom like five times, and i've helped kyle paint. and there's just something really satisfying about it. okay, you can't do that. oh, i can't do that. nope oh my gosh this is so pretty. you gotta show me that dual roller move. guys i do not own exclusive rights to the two roll the two roll is for all of you. so please feel free "two" roll away. there's nothing to it brah the key is you have to shimmy down the wall while you do it. okay....ready?

kyle two rolls!! oh my gosh kyle two rolls yes go kyle go kyle i've never been more attracted to you am i doing like a really bad? you're doing a fantastic job. no the first coat is all about getting coverage, and then we kind of go in and finesse. oh my gosh mia is a great painter she just dove right in which i'm so thankful for. so kyle, what are you doing on twitch? i have a variety show with colourful lights and music and free styles and stories.

so you put on your own laser light show on the internet basically? yeah, pretty much. what is it about the bohemian style that you like? it just seems so comfortable and yeah, and also i'm really into like the muted colors it's perfect for this house because it's like you want to celebrate the nature, that's surrounding the house. so having these more like earthy tones in here creates more like an indoor/outdoor feeling. that's perfect description it's like i might just do this every day of my life. oh my god you guys!

first coat done it looks so great. do you love this color mia? i am obsessed. what about you kyle? i think it's one of the only colors that would work in here. kyle is such...he is such a easy easy guy you made such a good choice thanks yeah, you guy both....aw he's blushing! it's so cute! it's the paint i have more plans for this wall and obviously the rest of the room

we have to pull together so i have a big plan for this wall but i don't want mia and kyle to see, so bye guys. good.....yeah....first coat joey loves the hi-five here i'll do this low...switching it up alright go! bye! hey guys today's episode is sponsored by simplisafe. it's actually a perfect partnership because a, kyle and mia love technology and love having a smart home, and they need an alarm system

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and you can use cameras to see what's happening right from your phone and its built-in with all kinds of safeguards so even if you lose your internet or phone line or power or even if someone attacks the system, it keeps working whoa it's an awesome system yeah, and it's reasonably priced it starts at $14.99 with no contract so i'm telling you guys if you want an easy to install feature pac system check out simplisafe. it really is home security done right. okay, joey you could talk about this forever, but let's get back to the decorating shall we? let's do it. all right let's think through this we're going to let this dry then it's gonna get a second coat and then you're gonna do the thing on top of the still. yeah ok so this is our that what we're calling this

they're gone right? yeah, okay. so this is our diy mud cloth wall. so the next step is to create kind of a fabric look to the wall because mud cloth obviously is a cloth and it's usually done on what ends up looking kind of like a canvas. it's sort of a coarse weave of fabric. i have a darker like a slightly darker shade of this color that i think i want to mix with some glaze. glaze is just a medium like a latex paint that thins the paint so essentially it makes whatever color you want slightly more translucent and so i'm just mixing this glaze in. i'm using this big brush with coarse bristles letting the bristles kind of run out of paint as i go down the wall or go up the wall and by doing it just in one direction it's kind of creating the look of a weave.

oh man, this looks so cool. i know right it turned out really well does it look kind of like canvas, so i want it to look hand done and hand drawn but i also don't want it to be so tilted that it like skews weird, so i'm gonna keep this laser line going vertically as i go down the rows. so now that we got the mud cloth base on where the wall actually looks like a fabric kate's gonna go on and trace what would normally be the bleach marks it's gonna be where she's gonna paint in the funky patterns and while she does that i'm gonna get some lights on the wall. so we got these really cool lights and we're gonna hang those and swag those over where

the little coffee table area is gonna be so i'm just gonna get those up while kate works on her mud cloth project. african mud cloth is a time-honored tradition it's handmade. it's hand done. which is perfect for us because i'm gonna just do it by hand i'm going to use the laser level as kind of my guide as i go along to make sure i'm not making the rose too slanted joey! what? goodwill goodwill thrift store finds wow

right? like so cute, and boho this shelving unit you guys is kind of shelfie styling gold slash nightmare because if you do it wrong it could just look kind of sad. all right so opposite of this awesome accent wall we are putting a gigantic couch. how awesome is this couch?!? this is kyle's couch! i mean it's very bohemian it's so comfy....it is so comfy and big

how good is that lighting? okay it looks great, but i'm not really loving the like loop it like it's a little loch ness monster. you guys know what i'm talking about like the double hump of the loch ness and all those photos like i know we're globally inspired and maybe we could have a little bit of scotland in here, but it's not the look i'm going for. maybe we do some kind of cool knot or something in it like kind of like a

bigger loop knot less lock nessie more humpy less humpy less lock nessie more naughty i no idea, what's happening here. we need to bring in the rug. okay! let's go rug cuddle! here we come! loch ness swag less loch ness lumpy dumpy whoa swag swag swag swag alright! why did we bring in the couch first? i know

when will we ever learn? okay, so no bohemian room is complete without a rug and this one is for this side we have more going over there, so you ready for some epic rug cuddles? no, no no, not yet let's unroll the rug first this rug is awesome, it's like a jute mix, but it has a pattern on it it's a very warm room with all of the wood that's going on in the ceiling and on the floor so the red is perfect to kind of complement that warmth.

bring it in bring it in just load it on top i have to put my...wait hold up saggy superman! saggy superman! joey, help me with this look at this beautiful woven coffee table right we're mixing wood tones. this is also a nice long narrow coffee table. i played with a lot of shapes in this room because we have so many seating areas kind of in a line they have to differ in shape from each other. i think i'm like not gonna be able get out of this couch. wait, look at how gorgeous

these chairs are right? yeah, beautiful. these accent chairs are so badass, oh my gosh look at that and there's another one. you guys know i love a credenza nice and long under the tv my rule is to always make sure that the piece of furniture going under your tv is wider than your actual tv. we're gonna actually mount the tv on the wall just to really make everything clean here. all right while joey's mounting the tv i am going to do the dog treat bar. i'm so excited about this idea!

so you guys know a lot of times people have bars right? in their house they have a bar cart or something where they have their glasses, and you know their little accoutrements for making cocktails well we are going to take this and do it doggy style. bohemian dreams are coming true one floor pillow at a time floor pillows are key if you want that moroccan feel so we have this beautiful tray table in the middle it's round and then on top of the furry rug i'm placing these floor pillows now floor pillows are floor pillows you want to make sure that you're getting floor pillows instead of cushions because they are thicker. above the fireplace i'm placing this really cool kind of linear mirror thing, it has a kind of a mod look to it again we're playing with different textures, and i'm hanging it with the command strips which is perfect

so we don't have to damage the stone. on the fireplace i also styled a stack of birch logs, which is just a really nice cozy look. so now this is gonna be a layered rug situation look at this one. very boho layered rugs. if you want a bohemian look, layer rugs this works felt softer blankets, but.... why are you holding my hand like that? why are you holding my hand like that? what am i.....your finger goes there..... no what? no, you're usually holding winston's hands. okay. this was great. this was the warmest rug cuddle i've ever had. okay, okay

let me know when we can leave which side is this going on? okay, so this is going over here. because we're maintaining a walkway to their dining room, right? oh, yeah, yeah because their dining room is here. hello dining room how you doing? yeah, so diningroom is here and then this is like their seating area adjacent to their dining room because over there the couch is facing the wall for the tv this one we're having it face out to see this beautiful view. guys, this is where we're celebrating the view right we're really appreciating nature

we're bringing the colors of nature into the room so we also need a nice viewing spot to view the view. that is great i've been wanting to use a daybed for so long and this one is awesome because it doesn't have a back so it it's a daybed slash bench the reason why it's not a bench is because it's wider so it's like a daybed depth but it doesn't have the back which is perfect because we are gonna be placing chairs opposite to it and so that way there's no back conflicting with the viewing of the nature out the window. they match your shirt i might have planned that throw pillows are so important so on the couch

i'm styling a leopard throw pillow with a killam throw pillow with a furry one again really playing with texture but with the textiles it's like you want it to feel like you've collected them over your travels across the globe. so i'm playing a lot with levels with the plant so in the other corner opposite the big tree i have some hanging plants we've got big leaves smaller leaves and then some plant stands coming up from the bottom plants are also a big part of styling the shelf the portrait of the family of course has to be on the shelf, they look so cute together. i love this candid pic of them. i brought in a lot of frames i removed some of the shelves so that we have some bigger openings, and then i'm also placing a ton of thrifted items i went to the thrift store

and i just combed the aisles and got a bunch of different metallics and just things that tell the story of kind of a global look. over by the fireplace and placing more plants. i've got this gorgeous, palm tree. i mean we just have greenery going on everywhere in this room and i'm loving it guys how cute are these pictures?!? and a poof, of course i can't, guys hashtag we love poofs i think we're done here. i think it is time for me and kyle to check out their space all right, joey you got kyle, i got mia go ahead train it okay. yep grab on to me. the blind folds make it like so much more nervous really i know i get nervous too

how long is this hallway? i'm walking down my own hall in my own home, and i don't know where i am. are we in the dining room? so i've never been blindfolded before and this makes things so much more nerve-wracking. i don't know about you i've got a stomach full of butterflies right now. okay on the count of three i'm shaking ready? one.....two...three oh my...oh my gosh this is insane...the photo of ken!

right now i'm thinking am i gonna cry? and i think i am crying a little bit wait this looks crazy are you kidding me? yes! so this is where you can enjoy the view take it in. so this is... this is your dog treat bar and those are those are little mats those are his yoga mats doggie yoga mats rolled up in there. how epic is in the wall? that's perfect. so it was inspired by mud cloth so african mud cloth you guys can have your boho japanese dinners on the floor

and then kyle here's your new it looks so comfortable yeah take a seat it's super cushy, it's so good. it's like it feels so much bigger oh yeah...oh nice that looks so good! bohemian, it's like so your inspiration photos right? the lights cool right? we talked about that, i was like i wonder if they're gonna come up with some creative lighting thing yeah and those obviously we don't have them on right but those turn on those lights.

this hutch is awesome. all of the different textures in here. yay! i love this room i had so much fun designing this room so thank you. this is like the way beyond anything i could have dreamed. it was a big room i mean what's so great about it is you kind of constantly have pretty views. like no matter where your sitting it's like every you look....i can film anywhere. exactly, backdrop. yeah. well we should bring ken in. ken, unleash the ken! don't pee on the rugs! what does ken want? ken would you like...

we have some larger cookies here, or there's one smaller nibbles over there. they actually smelled really good when i was putting it in there. can i try this? you can have some human snacks...you can eat dog bisquits can you do a trick? i wonder if he'll do a trick... sit. aw... good boy! so you guys loved it give us hugs we're leaving now! thank you so much! it's been a long day. kyle, your awesome. i can't wait to check you out on twitch

this was so much fun. bye, enjoy! you guys stay peaceful and beautiful and in love. boho vibes bye! thank you! i think this is my new favorite episode. oh, yeah definitely easily. oh my god, i cannot believe how good that turned out. i know it looks so beautiful i just love that we're celebrating like the history of the house outside the bohemian lifestyle they're artists. and i think kyle was psyched about it which i was nervous about. i know he loves the couch ken loves it i mean his photos. i mean it's obviously very mia aesthetic so that's perfect. guys make sure and check out mia's channel subscribe to mia if you haven't get on it, she's amazing and also go check out kyle's content too he does really cool stuff.

yeah, go watch him twitch. yeah go watch him twitch and also go follow ken on instagram. oh follow ken oninstagram while you're at it why don't you go follow us on instagram? and how about a big thumbs up for kate and that mud cloth wall, is there anything she can't do? yeah. what? fly a plane? uh eat shishito peppers. yeah, i don't like shishito peppers. i always get the hot ones...you're so talented stay creative, stay weird, stay you we'll see you later. we love you bye it's like so roman...you know the romans use to lay down. do you know this trick kate?

hang on. i'll bring you to something to nibble on while i finished the rope. i'm a roman empress! no no first photos aren't washed those aren't peeled no sending back! sending it back servant!

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