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wohnzimmer bilder sprüche

- well hello, everyone!my name is tyler oakley, and i told you guys earlierthis week that i had a little bit of a surprisefor you coming this friday, and it was about a couple changes that are happening in my life, and then all of you guys kind offreaked out, and i was like, "just because changes are happening, "doesn't mean they're bad changes," and this change is a very good change.

as you guys know, abouta year and a half ago, i completely changed this room. i asked the women of "afab life," leah and mary, to come on over,completely redo it, because it was barren and boring and just not me, and they completely redidthis room, and if you wanna see that video, thelink to that is below. i loved it so much that i was like, "girls, you have to come back."

my bedroom has just been kind of bleak and barren andjust a bed in a corner and then a whole bunch of p.o. box stuff from you guys in another corner, and it's just kind of been a room where i sleep, and that was about it. it just didn't feel like part of my home. so now, they have come back, and completely redone my bedroom.

so this is my brand new bedroom! i am obviously in love with it. it is cute, and quirky, andcolorful, and chic, and playful, and everything that i couldever dream of having in a room. over in this corner wehave a light-up hashtag, which i am actually in love with, surrounded by a wholebunch of picture frames. some of them i got froma flea market myself. and then beneath all of that stuff,

we have this bright pink couch that i couldn't even fathom getting myself, but then now seeing itin the room, i am like, "these girls, they knowwhat they're doing." and then on the other side of the room, we have this dresserthat's completely vintage that they found, and they were like, "we need to put this somewhere cute." on top of it we have a fresh plant,

even though i am terribleat watering plants. i'm gonna try my best, i swear. i will try to keep it alive, even though i killed the last planti put in my apartment. and then above that isthis incredible mirror. and then over in the corner we have this adorable chair with a nicelittle throw pillow on it, and then above it, one of myfavorite quiet items in the room. it's not too loud, it'snot too bright, it doesn't

take up that much room, but it's adorable. it's this bright orange clock. i love it. the women of "a fab life" got this navy, zig-zag rug, and then layered on top of it is this bold, emerald fur rug. kinda looks like i killed and skinned oscar the grouch, andi am obsessed with it. it is like the softest thing of all time.

as you guys know, i amcompletely obssessed with deer, and antlers, andreindeer, and things like that, so i have that motif allaround my living room, and i continued it over intomy bedroom with this wall hook. next to that is a bookshelfthat i had in my room before, and i actually brought allthe way from san francisco, and then, before that,all the way from michigan. it's a basic ikea blackbookshelf, and before i just had junk scattered all around it,

and now it's just delicatelyplaced, completely perfect how everything is decorated all over it. i have been collectingfortune cookie fortunes for as long as i canremember, so the women of "a fab life" put it on mybookshelf, just so, right here. it's really cute. we have all of my books down here. we have some mountaintaxidermy butterflies that i actually got at the flea market,

and i was like, "i knowi need to buy these. "i have no clue whati'm gonna do with them." now they're on mybookshelf lookin' all cute. and then, on the topof my bookshelf, i have all of the awards that youguys have ever helped me win. i wanna be reminded ofthat every single day. and then one of theabsolute-most-important parts of anybody's bedroom is their bed. they got me this gold,metallic bed frame and plopped

my mattress in it, andit is the cutest thing. i am actually in love with it. and then above it, they surprised me by wallpapering a canvas itself and mounting it above the bed to givethe effect of wallpaper. but that is my new bedroom. i am in love with it. i could just go hangout there immediately. i used to feel like that about this room.

i would just sit here andlook around and be like, "wow, this room is cute!" and now i feel the exact same way about my bedroom, which i am so happy about. if you like it as much as i do, give this video a thumbs up, and comment below with what your favorite piecein my new bedroom is. i am going to be linkingto everything that you saw and everything that i talked about

in the description below, so check it out. i didn't know what theywere gonna do with the room. i just said, "i trust you. do your thing. "live your dream. make itcute," and they delivered. so if you wanna myreaction to the first time i saw the room itself, click right there. it's the video on their channel. while you're over there,subscribe to them, give them some love,comment that i sent you,

and go watch all their videos, 'cause they redecorate tons of youtubers' rooms. if you wanna hear my latestpodcast, click right there. it is all about celebrityconspiracy theories. it is probably the funniestone we've done yet. so, be sure to go listen to that, subscribe on itunes, and if you wanna be my person of theweek, click right there. i have a brand new iphonecase, so if you wanna

get that, click rightthere before it's gone. i am only printing enough for one batch, so get it before it's gone. and if you wanna be my person of the week, just send me a picture of you being cute with something you can get from districtlines.com/tyleroakley, and you might be right there. but yes, that is all i havefor you guys this week.

i hope you guys have a fabulous life. i hope you don't mind thisbig change in my life, even though it's not a badchange, it's still a big change for me because it's where i live, and now i'm much happier inthe place where i live, so i'm happy about it. if you liked this video,give it a thumbs up, and i will see you guys next time. later!

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