wohnzimmer bilder privat

wohnzimmer bilder privat

monday is living day! hey and welcome to a new video of me, bastian the wohnprinz that means living prince yesterday i did a blogtv show and rehauge had this funny idea to change the name of monday to living day :-) she did that, cause i said that i dont like mondays but now! we change it! i try to upload a video every monday from now! sometimes a long videos, sometimes a quick one.

sometimes a haul, or a decoration tipp and im looking foward to it! im happy about it! thumbs up if you like that too! living day, how cool is that? ^^ i was shopping today i was searching for some decoration i wanna show you, what i bought today its close to easter so its all about eggs, and i see that some egg is broken

ehhm not its not. xd i like these qails eggs, then i have a nice docoration tipp for you! you can do it in an shabby chic or country, or modern style thats up to you! these are plates with this leg. xd i i did a christmas tipp with these kind of plates and a hood for it and i bought some flowers for it

a tipp for you! when you doing a dinner you can use this for a cupcake or a piece of cake its very cute, i like it alot! then i have some moss. i bought it already for a easter decoration tipp i will give to you next week and some fake flowers! i really love magnolias so when you dont like real flowers,

buy these at "depot" they sell the best fake flowers! i bought these white ones with a bit light pink and some in old pink i wanna show you my idea i love these glas things! you can put some very soft and cute things in it like a muffin, or flowers! i only put the flower in the hood. and it looks very cute!

you can put it on your vanity or kitchen table you can put a bit moss in it too you can decorate it how every you want and like it! i really like it. i hope you like that! i think it looks very shabby do you think? i hope you enjoy that video! let me know, if you want to see more living day videos that was my haul, the easter tipp will come soon!

if you like that video, thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more videos! see you at my next video! greetings, bastian

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