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i guess presents are miss brooksstarting hot harvest crops schoolteachers thesedisadvantages and that's about it that it works is pretty enthusiasticabout it worked so in fact in rome where about teaching isn't the most profitablecareer in the world you must admit the hours are appalling but there's always my secret i probvista boynton he's the biology teacher at school and us we had more intelligentscientists never brushed off an english teacher toplay footsie with a frog

but he'll come around even biology teacher must sooner orlater get a little biological meanwhile i couldn't dream gavel yes connie books henry even not in the middle of the sweetestremovable the one that comes right before sevena_m_ hold me closest opponent napkins how does that make you feel ts

says what it says to me too it's space his helps you keep this kiss me against aboard yes perhaps you have to go to school this i don't have to go to school oh they don't know anything well that is my favorite landlady

good morning missus davis what do you have reviewed school bus well nothing much does the school i was giving an englishlesson definitely getting votes but i think ithought you would take to get people sing pick it up here today said it was supposed to find outabout that newt job if you get the opens department for a new principal allthat's right missus davis for three

years i've been waiting for that job three years of scraping and scraping toget along now it's all going to be different with his raise i'll be able to run downto miami once in awhile at that had the job a lot of might evengo abroad review dear it's in the spring casino at monte carlo yes telmex monique is this new chapterexpert

six dollars a month you better watch your step but not carlo money goes pretty fast on the air moneygoes fast anywhere i have been able to catch any for years now thirty tastier i haven't looked lisa price for yourbriefcase another one of your surprise recipes missus davis i hope it's not planned figures again uses

well asked citizenship i wont pancakes babysitting p what else could they do local smeal it side eight-foot it britain's collar salo goldsmith

talia backup peaceful don't pay attention to this id ho ho date is now on just one by thirty-four i think that vicious i want to hurt your feelings missusdavis but if i would not responsible for thisconcoction i would hang myself by my own beard

you don't mind i'll have to pass up thepancakes at least looks except trying to fill out these movie what's the crime carrying concealedweapons you've got to hold something face today studies you have to see me too nap time some better come clout on myway to work it's funny watered and isn't here yet heknows i want to gets a little early this morning and meet the new principal what they can do want to have a plan toget people's guide you around yes by

chevy still in the shop i have a little accident saturday i raninto a park stupid i hope you'll be part of the to thepolice i didn't have to they were sitting inthe car that's good i'll get it almost brought some unwanted they'llpoliticking how you've shot up since i saw you know

you saw me yesterday missus statements and i have time flies and i'm glad i got to get down adiganuprincipal takes over today but sees me being and mister cochran asthe problem crow's foot i had no whoopi we think it's going to get their reallymisses davis what kind of a man is the anyway the ad that you have been used to callyou stilll feast

because he never got uh... farm shouldn't sing idea came to my left one parent will beperhaps ice-t_ he was practicing hispanics whathappened hyperplane sake sounds about as friendly as a subpoena i have correct any non says this newschool pop up or my name is a possible contact

it's all about that lack of principleand disciplined i looked at no one is going to be with my makingpiles of money away around school if anyone gets in my body stuff haha like so many acts squashstuff exit nine stores comedy d kappa somewhere too staples as i say haha

i'm short of the faculty at madison high it's troubling comparable possibility amassive its take a little watered it'll go away no wonder stranded non-cooperation now what do you know what a difficultjob i'm faced with hospital akin to talk about parking honestly sometimes i think print is theonly one who can really understand two prints dot of bags from at least octopi

looking them over there back to the world well it's getting late now as my hat compound last cierto o bro bach bat absolutely practically he went to schooldon't tell me how to drive dot com dea it's just that after all the work youpretty impossible downsizing that he to

see stopped worrying why did the workthat night uh... look at our out there nothing takes approx polish lack of blacks who didn't come to askthat you can get started you don't want to listen to that exampleputting into goes show that i think that's cool strawberry all shot prince le haha before we get to school districts

there's something i'd like to talk toyou about it's a girl naturally who is at this time of a but she's thebakers daughter banality miller when i kissed her for the first time theother night i knew she was different what are you kissed a lot of girls notso different about developing miller she tastes like cheryl lacy uh... man

she's probably built like a bumper neko at what i've got a lot on my mind they work with trying to make goodimpression on the new principal i want you to do is help rydell lettermanstraps he should have something planned mental enough i can't understand it and i figured low-yielding an english teacher as wellas a woman

well you know how to make her think iwas spring in all intelligent haiti trade that just might cheer animal magnetism denying well you are a little beastly in spotswilder blame yourself let me just doesn't appreciate yet thata man and as a thing to be tragic one while she appreciates when she gets to be my

wycombe wait that long miss brooks ron i'm sorry miss brooks i guess i'm not very mentally she'll help me out luncheon alcohol andmissus davis is tonight will write a letter together what he said well i don't know what i haha placa signed contract or implied not quite as big a supply

idiots until last friday my friend lives my striving for and that's how i havebooked out there thought about them and send is that god christmas charlie trie plants rock while you were going well she takes chota make an accidentnot suffice by just happens i i was only going to acting miles an hour

he should've been going thirty would'vemister by a block already etc so i dot it was probably allmy fault why don't you learn how to drive thatpopped up her studio arts hot peppers valorous in here young woman i try to control my temper product youwant a playoff i tried to get i've dropped what i'vegot to run along i'll need you to straighten out barking boy by pauline that's the second time today i thoughtit was the barking

young woman height who is your friend plates well classes and start again let me saypick up my mail for a stand and allow mister bond boom strokes coincidence that we're in the samemailbox dubbed overwhelming coincidence you see your last name begins with asimilar to mine does

now at the start you have such a minus dividing orders filled present that we can tax it too much do you think you need more recreation that you know what i mean well carrying on my biology experimentsfor the creation of a you don't know what i mean

foresight also collect stamps now that soundsexciting has no end to the possibilities there have you ever tried to handed beadwork nor flat-out front front but it makes you just take a lotof work we must spend a few together sometime and basket weaving can be thrilling ten really yes if they are both in the samebaskets

so much for the world of sports description not limited to a subject are you going to be busy tonight mister buckley night couldn't beyondbusy in right eclectic overestimate we can be a little alone will beabsolutely isolated i hope you don't think i'm too forwardmister bond that identity paper this moment for quite awhile today about five years ago when i firstcame to that is in high rounded

returning the card and bumps mcentee quote yes i was teaching chemistry them you put quite adept my bunsen burner value now that was the day i firstsuspected that we'd be more to each other than just fellow faculty members when we are suspicions confirmed thescripts by now they are next date when you took me to lunch two years later

that you were a fast worker lady for killing the scripts and i guessi'm not much of a whirlwind dramatically most scientific people aren't the study of evolution alone tends toslow down any of the meerut intemperate reflexes you must realize the tremendous periodof time was involved in for the single cell divided itself in the city of adaptitself to the land of the air milk the centuries past a full forms of lifeassume their new shapes generations before the member family producing afamily and before the eight family

produce the goldman family what have you been waiting for me to doso that that i'm not sure well at what time do you think you'll beable to come over tonight on august appointed macbooks because dr me your your principal mr companiesgeorge at the moment we're very sorry to see you promised yes having a wonderfulprincipal mr dot well why did the board of education decidethat you transferred follows more to reason why arthotec teach have done deciphered the selected states it

if you've got to go you go to court dot iam january so it's a littlemedicine i prepared with teachers and teachers come to fort sentiment we can't afford anything as the great progress i'm signed soaptly phrased it very very good you know i still hope i can land a jobas head of the english department we hope that we depend upon the impressionmakeup mister clinton

and taking a look at what inspections oryou're right we folks your classic a fast one these peoplethat first class is it for dash missed by defined repressedcomp and i have to hurry and get things in order i got to go in the race the children seethat the back door dot priced at fault full description of what that looks atyou looks sort of thankyou comparable joinedintroduced at yourself although you won't miss the pardon tough because youhappen to catch me at a week moment by not letting you put your arms around me

my father told me about men like you and while you're putting your ownshrubbery my mother told me about men like you to or or or or let me have your attention uh... as many do you know i on your principal mr us good cochran takes over his duties today

so it is a copy of your anytime that noreason for any of us to be mary beth fell projeto ahead of the englishdepartment how do you have just gone in a normalmanner now do pick up where we left off yesterday apartment group button com right offthat would be passing by might come back in just about wheredisplay quote unquote we succumb to end this is all of thesegroups how do you know misprint that to make it work

either america uh... thanks mister coogan glad to makeyour upgrade amendment two with net restarted ran into each otherthis morning dot notices that young lady in theaccident i told you about are all burger did mister cochran i have no idea whydon't you speak english and copied on the other dino just who his folksy i'm articulately interested in watchingthe conductor products go awry dollar ms brooks all right mister cochran

now classic and that's the reason i'mstilll which i'd like you do i mean that i'd like you do well i want to tell me home know whom i got the game of the author of thefollowing stuff surroundings countrymen ngo is i come to bear a company not too crazy

is too bad a season he you about that than you know kasi the without that i can always get paid winona who wrote those lines without them have cost

and i might apply for captain just giveme a cigarette kind coverage for how is everything well frankly mister black alittle tired how does lost two out of three fallsdomestic problem you weapon you could score that what youlike looks like he was we inkatha vinegar popsicle

i can stop by to see what time you'recoming over tonight yes one of my students and stopping byfor a few minutes i'd a promise to write an intellectual editor for into agirlfriend is trying to impress that'll be ignored development yes she case like l_a_ seeds if you could just let me know what timeyou're coming over or or about the motive all right now quite worried about violence

violent yes that like mussah isn't somakes premise steady work here to split a hotel for a minute mystifiedthat you know i don't like deal with her stomach mister barnes company alarmist about you told me this moneywas books at that time i didn't know about parts condition you understand i have to right now youhave to set up with a lump in my house since with it may be a

what it is i think i could have a look at her cagecalled it would hit kit profit right stop it style and that's not talking about biology don't-ask-don't-tell elective atbreakfast origin you got it

but by pilots subclass hotdogs on the biologylaboratory matters and i hope we can pick up and i'm sure so my view berriesshow up com mr dot will out echoed by alex up uh... knowledge has brought or things scared to death military sexy sweet

is inviolate a beauty he's ravishing nags head is on the house was divine you make a lovely couple principal's office pos with compensated who strongly believe it missus davis by mediators or yes they got used to go ice skatingwith how

are chile marble apple bug you want me to come over to dinner well i'm afraid i'm a lalo let's say there's a teacher living withyou but you want me to meet at least brooks disrupts now talking about i've already met at redhat

uncontrollable margaret as i think you need anything this goabroad i have reason to suspect that nightlight water a few put it this institution well into the taxes that one of the offemail teaches blots yes he told me that he had a date with awoman tonight at her home uh... and he had this note catastrophic became oldthat nearly that please magnet

at the last i've got four or red hair and a tough sturdy body right there gordon act at the conference might though alex taylor ended today they're or orare now no i haven't been too much but he's back i have reconsidered actually did like itdot the cv with you and go ahead

miss brooks cut i'll give you just heard i'll have tofind out who my boy if traipsing around the services that i want properlyhotmail ha extreme strategies like it didn't veryinteresting this is davis i've never tasted this kind of meatbefore just what is it

it's our usual monday night supper ceoburgers species into two sentences about thecompany and cokie well scandal directly fruitless ole miss brooks let's get right to thepoint i don't why don't you think of a teacher whowould allow a student to become infatuated with a and in the iraq writing she was pretty tired of allmister cochran

who's the teacher rarely have it in apositive proof a boys name with orbit denton well ithink they both ought to be a rest walton within two business groups you can do that you would earlier in the car with young kids ofthis morning but he was just getting a lot it turns out my car is fixed i'd neversee the boy any other time are you sure about that miss brooks i'm positive busted my laundry

your laundry etc eight p_m_ right here with a allocated only comeout at night excuse me mister cochran i'll be back ina minute all right mister aspects i keep you waiting yes but notlong enough look what would you come back some othertime let's get into the living alone to know what i'm anxious to get that letterstarted so well bull mister conklin is in the dark who principal isn't it trying to hit nycwell but art dot copy sleeping pill pre-qualified decline has triggered bythe window can explain against a berth

requested rank only it was just a wrongnumber missus davis armadillo avail i mean the wrong house number you've seen quite needed fifty alanmollohan engaged in a copy of the calm you down thank you teamspeak itself and it dot you know hobby flat on my back in a minute and iwish i was in bulgaria while you're traveling likely leavemisrepresent your all of what's left is now the one you don'tyou think dvds into alleged to have a good

would you mind putting but most peoplethink opening between although not the kind of trouble at all i think only toohappy to open the window now the only too happy to jump out of it it or where you see what's become of him what's become ofthe loop bobby green enid use the same

come on over to the cubs pandya steeloverrun well thank you all right eight right down here although i hate to appeal you know it'll keep rosenberg oldest helps hahahahaha well pendanski cast as i recall

this box well you've got i thought i'd run down of the belgiancongo for the weekend almost brooks what were you doing in that window seatyou'll only get chance mister conklin i can explain the watch what you were doing in there well said tell them just why you camehere tonight my came here to see miss brooks

i thought we'd be alone well what or are most used only by email write aletter to my girlfriend state and i think you explained this spaceprobes here rate this page from what is that what is this last night dot what i want break it air and water taps terry b bobby

today writing here look at the other side c_s_ my biologynotes from yesterday i asked mister boeing along at piece ofpaper into burlington wrote niece extent you guilty retainer each of you he spanking aboutbased upon just what he wanted south and sturdy body and strong

charlie your not pleased with brooks andi'm not i mean i'm not police force or mister gordon watchers we're going to be a lot of his books fewstone i think you're right i've been madequeen friday i'd like to know what you wrote this ornot researcher site routed exposed what about diet what's wrong with that anyway she hasstrong and i could work hard to get on

mister baden please not in front ofeveryone twenty three generations of trust me youget a read-back must like that attacked my house malice his broker i'm afraid i've done you a graveinjustice you most certainly haven't gotten euthanasia or a meeting on unfortunatelyincident but i a you've accused me of misconduct with noproof whatsoever and you back in general

i couldn't narrow bigoted on bedrestloudness prototype and i never want to see or talk to you again as long as idid not even about the job instead of the gingrich department it got there not that you are greatinjustice found on the left the talk this thingover and where we'll take it up first thing in the morning with brooks that it will not how about all that will take the bus together

uh... we don't have to take the busmister cochran about my car outside ghar ka after operation this morning all after ileft you a lot yet another card everything snap in the place copyright midnight while dad could livewith the content of it now except that the other things to buyme missus davis knew and i

it's beautiful night look at that moonlight streaming throughthe windows one would take a hint that just be toaddress june eleventh month output edit one would take a minute picked up speed to others here we are just the two of us good abadaka rather flag x missus davis three across but

i'd rather have lost that mister barton he said in nineteen leave my little biology boy gunshot i'm sure you'll soon realized that thegreatest thing you'll ever learn these than the loved in return i'd and read a lot of automobile accidentchances are you think of accidents like that was always happening to someoneelse

if you could count on that would benothing for you to worry about but chances are also the pillsbury peopleyou read about had the same feeling until something actually did happen tothem all it takes of that one brief moment ofcampus what it can cause a lifetime of angry in almost every automobile accidentthere are one or more violations of the law at those laws are made specifically forthe purpose of preventing accidents arm is broke starting a botanistproduced and directed by larry bird

tonight script was written by our waswith music by willebrand next week at the same time but i'll beable to go and we have another adventure in the far from lots of life of arm isbroke starring yvonne bob stevenson's became this insigniascolumbia dot edu on aren't armor aren't martin on for quite com dinner but only one-third was during thatperiod did you have to worry about the internal prime and that not usually not mine

ended the eternal player pattern and ididn't think green about two weeks ago when mister fung began dating a youngpropriety beauty name do you think their child i got angry we had an argument and ifinally out of the month of june between that do you want a beautiful young provide aguy with a million dollars on heavily implied english teacher withthe nineteen twenty nine twenty years oddly enough he chose me and to make myhappiness complete i do not print component the conflict between the twoof the defendant had weekend mechanic

would complement their cabin creek delay friday morning my landlady with my roomwith me helping me pa when she finally began to getsentimental connie them realize this is the first time we'vebeen stipulated in almost a year all i am going to meet you there one reason you write and reading but you didn't tell you that i'm onlygoing to be gone two days i have been humbled by the first levelrepu how my when we can bump him on the media people etc

that if they are a lot of my life elevenallen let you read it to me while i'm packing peptide may have i'd tell you what a wonderful timehaving with the divine i don't think i'm still here he can't do that because of the amountof pledge to you do you're not kidding and i think that the glove and playedthe pimp bound by putting him out of that open elevator shaft you've beenplaying radio moving out demanded and then the weekend with thebond and i believe in the end of the

kaplan planning kono chap texas can't do that admits inviting really given up dr sallygo call absolutely fifty-minute through with the credit for that class i think he realizes now that we don'thave that they're doing a great event and wondered what happened today from and probably get around nineteeneighteen uncontrolled thing reminds me of the book that we now demand right now

only common in the words and behind the regulate even open nobodyaround heat-driven newmarket develop people do not need to take you elbow benjamin netanhayu almond mcintyre's meeting companies willbenefit that may have an imagination harmony fantastic not on icd-9-cm and collectibles against any and plastic bag

let me the date of information with themind we have never even admin that i think that he he have to get the homepage so that part of that meeting cool open david lead not only do a lot about whatthey've been dumping on every year the end of it for me and i would not letcecile anu problem on on my own comparablegroundwork probably

demand model how damaging explainclayton piper tech lead off after that we candistract him well that um... had by sweet and away from uh... book american mind didn'tcontribute to learn english language hallmark hall and mister coming here twenty one mt day you're not living witha combination of john wayne heroes have longmont opti command incumbent schoolbulletin board produced and then because blacks

knowledge isolated while they're lookingfor the first time i mean that i would like ours demanding onto one of the weak and the euphemism i know i together not lonelyplanet i'm brother ninety-nine nineteen-year not hiding dr desperate or not like a long happenedshaky about hand are you the independent

hello and welcome i'm contractedpneumonia and about lab by a defect in delayed but i think they would be deniedthat they have the complemented him find attach a file atlanta mr barbour saidwell i'm glad of that not get forget i'm ok alarming and reading that book forthe past three weeks ho the noon and then go home and trackingdefense department economy no connection between the two contact no connectionbetween cunanan walking manhunt event and do not connection

now implementing it into a lot of thewhole idea of going up to the cabin with the department not with the bond ibn i don't expect you wanna make up theirlanguages aparthotel no comparison between the two nd jiju baby and i'm sorry if i may gymnastics isrecommended now becoming louder unclean among the measurement andrethinking the underway right now and i'm already i'm not expecting you know about andrelevant people

good morning i'm live band minded bodies out there if you adapt and renewed heavy metaleven moana repeat mister now only a few weeksago typically having with them mother thinks he can dominique and theother problem please contact going on in the new blooddistillate pump body over the weekend well in the divine alag hee hee companyand pregnant

manage garam content should be gratefulif you love you conway together and are relativelycommon room before the reagan malcolm nobody around tomorrow setting up a bit handbell you've not doing well i want to have you and find it anotheramerican tragedy you know certainly not only to be prepared to dothat

if anything happened that even theprominent the pentagon actor father now open theattachment and ideals investment might not be it his that i'm not going to be a have outsomething that panther i cannot get identified in the eventthat indian tribe i have many voting never mentioned that neverland now what about the extent thatmommy is black

daughter and i do at the compound and return them opportunities i want to do with thenew bfl populate a head bob bork unique breakdown convertible pregnant using my column on the move mom i'd goto the yesterday just before lunch equipment is brought down needed yes and it gave me lunch money i made it clear

kavita the night of the most important biography on when above the bathroom total panic andfear just you go ahead about competently soldier enjoy nahi grad have you ever heard in

inspirational not been thank you for that did now on monday and norman depend and on the mcgrathpower conveniently questions about it laundry to do another is about to help panic and fearand gap

p_p_i_ head like a good dampen the air well make room for the hot-button day the that would be happy to know him you know have something becuase could have done removed from manipulated we're going to have good company book value new momentum compiling downtown act ireally don't know better than that

like didn't have to have not my fellowtoday and here in america eleven megan without further delay could be plenty of opportunity to be alone wouldmister barone you've always wanted that have been and but not quite that way it should be nine thank them for thefuture of the above about them but something new may prevent incompatible something active here european me

do not have a good ground mobile and strongly about it he acted out related activity right after he asked mehow deep movement how deep the middle of the night leader looks like the bone plant the garden the permanently

well you mentioned the i'm only joking unpredictable michael hideous that i'm not i'm pregnant and activityfountain amputee here in the book mongolian down in the pool of language roadblocks delivered nothing wrong letting it out at night night bumping into you untill and thatis

next weekend i'm technique what are you talking about you havegotten out trip this weekend at him i dont know i remember the weekend and acrippling encrypt the light and coventry came home this weekend withnew preoccupied with a goal i've probably been at the bottom of it that women have been looking forward toit you know they have been looking forwardto

the mood than planned role on the romantic time didn't knowwhat i mean and then that active need them have their own mandate that i've been felt that way are your plans at the time night after dinner jump to them comes out in a big blue sky with a lot of mister cochran's robles

deduct one bit powerball est gone and even if you do ball into the lake i can when the you're looking at me that one and all i don't think i know what by theend of giving them a divided them i actually given is that undoubted no rageafter twenty three live will remember growing up in the wake ofthe gather first-hand information summon

up the ladder to the speckled brought itup handed them a highly confident to returnto work with a biological paper money going up there an f_b_i_ we have everything you wantedto not let me know about equipment provided that they're going to do itbefore with you philippine american values independently maybe i'd be a long time talking about i bedding and themanhattan uh... well i've got a pat on the books

now that you're the guest house at fouro'clock sharp under part one alone you come out priceshould be out black bag and then if i'm not bad monahan wait for a few minutes late yahoo hybrid evidently arrived at the cabinreality that we have been behaving needed him hobo thinking the viewpoint of gone completely butuh...

everything doesn't go far communicationsand command of the newsgroup nine not good eat dot hiding under that rock harmon letting him know the room martin more than happy to meet with the helpand the which involved one land-grant underneath obligation by bending over the connell and you uh... here

hand-drawn brutally i don't think that one of the camp ingoma we're going to bring probable believed that that probably come downhere now real denied you know how he does not expect a blackman would be and you shall not be found wanting does make room without the brave fromjohn q_-two hundred and you have to open debate

go back back on it for twenty i'd black i've done a lot of them idon't know panoply get out of that time bowing well-being one of the bride and trying to hide inthe back of poland clothing including the fundamental i'mnot not being done by burned more than justplanning on the mission known

mcquay's going and ending that dependson the banks and excitement well there was no doubt that the companymind that the one who is going to a new home in chicago with the books by usingthe patna provisions succesful at the lake himself palmer nineteen p arriving at the lake mintednine

and i hope i dot e without a impact surprise me passengers during that time column campaign i might have been fine i feltlike i was putting on a man from lehman brothers donor following that probably the made in congress comparable might make it

without them i'd like to the problembook time trying to develop one of my album paint some other time at the time wellman maybe i couldn't move both ofyou company where you live i'll come to you mechanical this book appreciated video movie off highland you will home and by doing that the company

one of the tarpaulin we might go throughit felt like a man who may have other means down one of my doing woman died in battle you will find out that the metformin one are you doing on the other laterthis week from now rolling around studying the nocturnalhabits recycle manpower no i do if i put it that way whoconfessed

you're going to baghdad and now then english or completed yeah habit dot yet coming back on denied venue well you know but they didn't make them i'm i'm not tryingto danny not trying to drown him project i would like to have to be a occurredwell definitely a plea bargain

mcdonnell but uh... that have nothingwill happen in the photograph without the company here that got the problem it very well if you want to go back outof the in prague pattern booklet how r will never find in the dark uh... bone marrow

we have been heaven can wait on thebright we've been cutting back on earth they've got a lot of homeland by now we gonna get back without power currently under review there's no one else on the break no don't worry i'll hear and why are weall go to moved into the period of concord but mentally ill have all of the companybought i hope your path weighed in

buying faded might carry it might bebullied intolerant you'd there's nothing to eat in the book with me more than the fact that we down in the meantime injectable entire undertook the way it should beleft with more than you load up on people talk about the book online immature unfulfilled small bridge with the public and private room

via the boat manually warnock god my god the fact that them pointing at devoted to uh... the uh... draper uh... try to get organized on time sitting at the ticket back to you know what we do need withinthe private fail immediately

needs and not quite you won't get the big screen later one hydrogen reviewed your head back in the mountains and that hangingon to carry even faster jakob denied but tabulated the morningpolicies have a lot of on it drabbed them contract or even the clinton delivered a verywrote

another one of the aisle although i have been pregnant though but the the bible and residing when he got back out there wasbrought to you can't swim time and time i got pregnant though mhm denied being pressured bump thinkingsinking only all your life veterinary committee vague

one coming in operating hundreds of broken lamp i've never beena lot of birmingham maybe not under nafta treaty and green acres united community even invited balinese yet dogpatch all right

ready eleven not louganis somethingcoming up on the back but i'm about to help and they can pay much avalon family and know what haha havoc with the fact of the feel badly about it and then the newcolumbia are you putting more i did not do anything ups why put on your network to wait it out

you do is at the wedding we now i'm kevin compound amendment one out there waveguide brendan untidy known minglingcompeting with a preview vibrato whether bent at the guidedeveryone that i would corrupted but that would motivate him to developand implement with myself

fight but that doesn't prevent anything that uh... the but he didn't know next time you're an accountant bad you cannot live redirect parramatta the government led by gail going artist teaches english at right she buried bond over pupils and they'revery fond of her

she's also a very ponder biology teacherwell-appointed and he's very fond of his frogs in guinea pig birth absorption and his laboratory islargely due to mr point natural shot well that is the state of shot in theworld of reality partners wrote pillar point in his everywhere regardingrepetitive enabled the here so long

so desire i feel like it live in the wings of a projects on the computer like theparadise contact but i must pause for a moment my brother you know why the station identification

i want to look at this weekend orchestra if you notice anything strange my eyesglazed it start well treated and delayed let's get goingon plays that wonderful cut adjust yourdialog bar dream house yes it is good anyone come colleague refused record orbad sorry wrong number but chaotic

women that affected him on and that remarkedthat got me a cabinet or the got me money today i i've got you a little bitfifty i'll pick up the price that beyond and now that's a private i'm still trying to get used to the labclimate hydrated boiling breadcrumb hadn't anything out paddy it age

but nobody can the star very skinny puppy you just take a poundof frozen freedom side copy and rising p you call it lab at daycare acrylic that everyone can enjoytechnically speaking

how do you stand on this for unique county i really don't knowthat they that i've never still dominate at midnight with you to bring a trainmight really be data i'd rather have checked it out here in the bag thatreview thank you bernie at you and i think i think that the newyork and i know you can try that pat and i didn't period uh... yesterday

neapolitan let the special about today i'd say thing tonight yesterday was paid a today must be readytoday require repudiated i'm not worried about being total howwould you like this little girl bring it up by about a good evening it but i don't think he had promisedeating originally planned

all right is it that i'd like you havefive dollars usually broke this week and i won't make it the people i owe the payment on my carmy commitment that i'll take it back later i had my eye on the begging justindepartment store and i just wanted to throw caution to the winds and byprotecting them when you tell me about green arvida scheme that because i'll have to postpone a lot ofmy prime payments carmichael watch i but buying

it's worth it bag because they do what about your predicate but you can i'll write more polite latitude but usually i'll think of something i'm an english teacher and i a down

and i'm not it did not get your hearts get on thatday alaihe do you think it's a board he likes prague who lived in paintalking about dot to be make up a family like the alligator bag could be a finalewith mister billington however that they wanted and needed inthe elliptical father he's your car in the repair shopit didn't happen

yet the dr said they don't have to getone of our part to the carbon black but project all a motor dakine a lot of time and patience tracks i guess came in to tell you to be sureto bring accomplishing this morning it's calling the school teachers hired some strategic tax instruction herewarmly do you know that you can't buy me up onthe way too cool i'll go get a car acting unit atlantic talking candidate

geniuses people warter and that you can do we'd have to make arrangements for thisdeprived hockey which you know what your birthdaywhenever we get back at you she said that without it competes a well in aparty operative much bigger did you find out what she wants me tohelp people get ecad green bottle gasping she's taken to diet firsthand that's no good i don't know

so like pratap we all bottles many summer she will be even to buy do you can give it to appropriate i'll call the country have been particularly about somethingconstructive to do with his group she still stop i think you'll never turnanybody down as long as there's a hard-luck story with it

help with the binary borrow something on our way to schooldenise account comparable to the teaching i'm going to be completingconspiring okay missus davis gone right by the proper on entitlementsrex that's a nice fellow when did you buy that within the next eighteen months kejriwal that i couldn't have two morecelebrity david beckwith i'd like to get a bite on our way

don't worry he will do pummeling soap is getting away prizesworth sixty seven thousand dollars a grand prize of twenty five thousanddollars in one lump sum or one hundred dollars a month for light and that's not all or brittle bones andprizes and probably big writer cast combat or today westinghouse laundromat problems overpop star course last but not and a_t_t_ to enter

complete the last line of this jingleoutbreaks right here looking it something i would like to bring i'll get primary help today that back dot writer left lying on aplane to favor or you have an official entry by givingcomplete ruled obtainable mature dealers include your or the remainder direct and a little bit more about my way from the front of the rapper of oneregular and one backlight geico probably

soap to probably box ninety two new york eight now it is the jingle once more right here looking in it dumping i would like to bring probably help it that bad mail your entry to palmolive but ninetytwo

dept probably absorb blood lovelier complexion renumber doctors cruel probablyvisibility results and yet you know jab an agreement and regional bennett yet that doug wilder i kind of a car wanted into nineteen thirty eight had seen taking out to get over the past tenyears

so all of you mispronounce don'tcomplain you with a car and thing but well you are still some cute nature's cheated you extremely well why do you have it even got any crow'sfeet make you probably know that i can'tafford shoes for them but d don't like to keep bothering you with mypersonal problems miss brooks but i once more good you want or what walter

argue with a personal problem it's about a plan and children what kind of a financial matter alone directing your telling me telling you and then telling you how long have you been in school teacher series

just gonna get some money somewhere doesn't like it was for myself i would even ask if it was for myself or it's for a friend of mine she's a nice man and his horse fell down the other dayernie's laid up in the by now and my friend havebeen able to sell any rights how much too bad welder never know when the horsewill be any speed again has just had a baby arise

policeman dissuade him doing and they have a ton of money to buy milkheated a little on the other seven children inthe family plus outs but express edit banking committee on a promised you one of our water five hours it help a lot ok here you are stinks are you sure you won't miss it

and i don't think that were already people told me this company methodpropaganda later painstaking and you know what this money you'll be infor these people and you'll get it back just as soon as my friends but yieldsyour friends but i thought it was the worst who bailed source pushing creek but didn't i tell you whenthe worst helped my friend tried to lift him up and sprained his own ankle duane

bringing picard sprained ankle and having a baby europeended the day of the advice man i ever knew but right near signal gosh i got so wind up talking aboutright i got to stop and let you get somepractice glad too that there are a lot of ideal do reading anything but heydhanalakshmi bacteria problem is back now here liane

bank water bravenet harry kaufman going up at that imaginary on you better hurry she's anxious to talk to you and you can open the bag redneck psychic about something killing at leastwraps i thought that the united right-hand flooring

and programming company can't affordfood dot i've been very anxious to talk to walter reed thank you pat but i do want to talk to me that maturity talk during but polytechnic don't happen not repeat the pain now we've got pretty pelli chattingback-to-back henna big trouble we're not really problem

got to get network of people blood-brain harry what the little boy who very poor family nor did he help people insuring she with after school people there not to help you get it or did he do put up the money do

intact took the other day fell down and dirty approval dot can't even get downtownanymore i liked getting late downtown if hedoesn't mind writing up elena marrs but now i dont either but how much do youwant a bar all right after you predictable aboutwhat happened and a bill that would be metadata penny private room down eighty eight dollar paddle thankyou

it work no i don't miss it people i know the payment on my watchmagnets cupcake here that later anyway i thought about that the pick upthat bag jeff at the end green alligator job but i've had my eyeon for weeks i'll well before you go to your room daddy would likely stopping it

uh... what about them what you think it did target because bank a predictable andonly today but he'd be a predator now may be a right handed god he worked up and about the moment thatbroke technically correct eddie dot ok

as you know i was a major in the lastwar at almost four years in charge of thepost exchange account barbara bowen on yet although i've been returned to theomg my loved ones for over two years now like that i must confess there are aspects ofmilitary-like which therein beckett other come rotary esprit decorps to agree with wrote

remote pat buchanan uh... you could take your medicine hyperover five years expected to come back at that time i've had a lot of esprit decorps about that you're a i think the left mike but i doubt it daily life in some time but after all it universalplate these days one which cannot be remedied overnight

meanwhile you get by very nice now than when you were intokyo larrabee incorrectly that only way to speak now if you don't mind a couple perhaps a bit assistance prepared to buydistrict another one one of my g_i_ assistance during the war just a corporal but i recommended inberlin or departments like eight

you never saw anyone bill a coke machinelike this but pat force backing but what you got married and started torepair peppers three year the copa luck unpaid at this point we lost ones these went from bad to you mean he became a teacher he's just let me put it like it's goingto have another baby in three years

now eliza setup peerless he can't even afford a hospital room areport i know what is a semi private room thatyou don't mind dogs cut how much would you like about mistercochran well i've asked many of my friends for five or ten dollars actually well i get there was such anold friend this brookside

ego but i can ask you or fifty trying to get that you know that yet your your miss it yaha missus eagle eye or if they had a lot of my carmy commitment that i'll take care that later business excuse me mister strictly i sit at thistable review of the school cafeterias to crowds down for that mystifying

you'll forgive me if i go ahead with mylunch of course i want to be is salad while it's still warm yes mister darden i've heard so many people help generous in one part of you are underyour premiere of seeming sophistication have always done that your trouble hundred-percent human being deep downbelow the surface my mystifying you've been peeking at my extra days ahead sears

i know that i can appeal to yourpersistence without fear of embarrassment and i know when you hear my story or well what's your story i have this friend who's also abiologist from a poor family who although his family's very wealthyas a matter of fact but he's married and has seven childrenand one on the way noises single-chip

but he's got a bad sickness not a reason to think of condition now wait a minute i know he's a littlepuppy broke its leg play as many poor people is great dane just what a blueribbon ron again but give that lady about the red hot concert tickets fornext week please circuit divide alva chapman courses so laney canbe delighted to work my pendrive scabbard so if you would just let me finishobvious brief as possible gcs leaving town he's got about thirty wipe myselfout to be wants to give me also

estate i'm not at all that wonderfulspecials but there are things please miss brooks what i'm trying toteddy was it i lied about twenty dollars for theadded equipment of the required to house them i'll well why didn't you say so him is to blame his eighteen dollarsthat's all i have left that a couple of the mice double up case which i certainly appreciate thiswith are you sure you what missus now i don't miss it

the people i have the payments on my carwatching coat magnet that the i'll take care that later and only one thing that's not going tobe put off mister barton or what's a agreeing alligator bag i've got my deepdown under d little warm heart set on microscopic castillo beating his bankthat lends money uh... had to quietly not on earth it was your idea to have a surpriseparty for this book suppose you outlined by article

earth we all following up with brookspeople complaining that functional missus davis tonight at five dollarseach family i've nailed it hurts uh... operated and she loved me eighteen dollars wouldbe a little bit poem rate is not good enough mister cutler she told me at lunch is going to thebank in borrowed money for the back home dollyt well every

no why don't we call the store and tellthem under no circumstances to some of telemar whereby excellent walter it's a wonder that that add your mind ofyours doesn't function quite so education has been the schoolroom sister kaplan powering down to the store update afterthat i don't take it home not forget his books in the world i havewhy we're a proper about five o'clock and bring it over to your house at sixfive synchronize watches everybody

at a confidential allen department thisis a bit at bradley i've read your ad but i'dstill like to be assured that any business we can check will be strictlyconfidential you may be quite defects dot actually retrieved online transactionswith the approx secrecy hitting at me and on the file about thirty five dollars above usually occupation

spanish school teacher how long have you been teaching that'scool idealistic and somehow values and when you got laryngitis every comical huh naturally but increased altitude it that i wanted to it these you don't believe in the lively

all you have to do which had a fewpapers christianity and forty tonight applebee's and there you are right out here machine again enhancement yes mountains out onthe second page but and he but he

power happy madam aid nate mistress i'd like to be an itemyour department has been featuring in your window display admit that it's a green alligator and he added i feel that your windowevery day for weeks now have you ever heard of alcoholicsanonymous now do you don't know what i'm talking about

not on that but you are you're not likeyou're talking about like u packet let's start all over again at a pace maker agreeing alligator skinthat's being your window all of that how are you on all of that a per year it wouldn't have to i've got a job but

het think about that not all right outlet are about your web and eight happen at great report you getone just like it if i h cochran i don't know dean nine maybe if i get another batch of tradewith the green line now she waved a lot of green sajeevalligator shoes too i might not go over to our house and seewhat i can do anyway

means eavesdrop on your monologue let's talk about the whole her while shesaid she had a lot of shopping to do and that she cried and that your antoine and i'll go to our house and wait thank you and good day j_ edgar hoover past are some of his cabinet handle might not beof teeth out during the last minuteshopping papa

it's arbitrary i mean and look at these getting shortergala time it seems like about five o'clock it is five o'clock acronym is gone broke her life called mother colliculus brutality content mother didharriet get back dot yes products did a little ole

only seemed like five o'clock five oh one eliminating amenities though if it after that i like to talk to a year would you excuse the previousprocurement some pictures of him i don't want to competent to testifypursued the confidential lately baltimore uses catholic alice tap

when we have smileys makers confettistreamers welcome in the living room and will start decorating the plexiglas andlook let's hear what you're doing is perhaps five other now will take thestreamers almost like an extraordinarily animal plainly ta retire to this one ninety helms trial tonight has just over twosteps house which say laws and although i don't come into the living room

noticeable at my silences cutler waterhow nice to finally alarmist restaurants as i started saying it's got a lot of astatus to pick up its worksheet destruction well i'm terribly relate i wish i knewpaul wants what crafty harriet out here has a davis and and until she got the godmother diedperhaps dot just heard property mild beforehand or reviewed by the amount ofthe day that harriet hello much well there's nothing else we can do dinnerplate

carla's kipnis books once more i'm going tochange my name to lucy pumper nicole but the pets out of the bag i would not havebuilt up his but look at religion on a review ofit my birthday how do you like that i forgot it again distracts as it took an artist defection may be present you with thismail kiya

me throughout fifty something he wanted to let youknow i'm tony kahn how did bring delegated so that's why everybody borrowed moneyfrom a two-day expected much again for yourself segment of the nineties having anybodyever but many with without my mind and do you get this what you want to missbrock the coupon clippers our work this five ten twenty it's also

airstrikes tracks economically although it's your birthday supplied you tell us how old job that heyday day be and and now once again here's artist wrote so you see i want needed thirty five dollar by borrowedfrom you people yesterday here it is the increased is practically no

outlet knife may i have a seat pleasecall just signed here and here in train life span you concede is coming true revealed by a lobster cream shampoo you'll see your hair lovelier yourwaiver curls softer more glamorous easy

to do quickly even in the hardest water monster creamshampoo leaves her three ways lovelier frequently clean easier to manage brilliant with xin don't wait use luster cream shampoo nada so not a liquid

but they didn't magical cream discover apply it's by far the top flavored cream shampoo get the big job one dollar smaller sizes either to george ours you can be a during reunion reduction we were wrong

doorman lawrence mission i myself your beauty hope and mustardgreens and filled with off glamorous dreamed of hair bring you apartment brought starring evearden harness roads teaches english at madisonhigh but one of our favorite subjects school is biology one of the completely honest about it

biology teacher from appointed he's fall dark handsome painfully tensed but connie brooks is still hopeful enrolled words i'm still hopeful that he looked up fromhis experiment one day and decide that i compare favorably with some of theentire type problem i feel that if i could just be alongwith him a few hours he wouldn't mind my not being worked green

it looks like last saturday was going tobe the day i was thinking about my plans when mylandlady mrs margaret davis abatement inspections to wake me at eight thirtyokay t upcoming missus davis uncanny how did you see pretty wellmissus davis how about you elaborately and it's a little bit now that u_s_means soundly effect me in the world easy for the past few nights have goneto bed at nine thirty and civic right through the mail what's wrong with that ang lee's thesleeping pill i'm supposed to take a

pill i guess at the outright cindy connie whydid you leave me enough to brief you back into your alarm clock how it metwith an accident yesterday morning pretending right through the bestevidence temperament picking me up though i've got to be doneat connie's repair shop it's him that's when they promised my car wouldbe ready for goodness it's about time along with it are being that they canchaperone often on about twelve weeks dominate your time

i hope it holds together today i'mdriving miss the board into the football game with places the high legacy didn'teven last year he now this is the first time a safe place it is not a nice littletown at sixty miles from here and the fam fifty-five as the crow flies you want me to be in a couple of theholiday season now i'd better allow three my car makesabout the same time a pro that on the ground

do you get a discount i've got asurprise that the people you have breakfast i hope it's not a surprising in the lastwednesday this blubber burgers pride in the field pat uh... that you aren't i'm afraid i have inside the breakfasttoday out of have a blessed me oh mail don't you really wanted no part of thepresidency itself unknown thank you has stated by you getthe mile fifty find although a discipline is still in the form on themole

they do in a world of good well i have to be running on them asthey did not have to get my car pickup mr bohren mem in it uh... to place city will be allowed to get out for fiftyfive all my life learned about that idle madison ben dot that being schoolneed to but i'm more concerned about scoring with mister bronfman happy with the sprouts i guess what ithought he suspended

that instead guys mike already go your car let's seewhat to bring it in for lands one of the headlights needed a new bulbalways seventy option that would in if cheat on them propensity to split should be right here in the day was at a national spokesman tothirty-five convertible de-escalate thirty-five about the convertible until i tried togo through a railroad crossing with the

bars down by access here we are you say one of the headlights needed anew bulb that's what you told me funny on the carrot found quite a bit ofother work to do in the car what other work well you're spark plugs were shot so wereplace them in the points were practically gone way too you're about to be driving in the wheelswere way out of line four set could have been called for thewalk back so

practically no barbarian action left inhis pocket cibil again transmission differential had tobe fairly revamped how did i get the car down here on myback history that was way off so we haveattacked that but that wasn't too much trouble and then it was down everythingoff the old brake lining anyway voltage regulator we put in should helpthat short the wiring considerably and an oil filter will keep him politicallynot just a minute joe you didn't say a word to me about any of those thingsthat i left the car here costner disproved

i have no way of knowing about them intoa mechanic check the cutthroat anymore than i could have told you aboutthe cops raining what about the platform that's that's been you abid it was shredded and they're probably affected the rearend situation rearranged it was a really great our noddie wanted a total of pure billwith the new radiated this coming week just charge you for the son of a jobtemporary

like i say gee i wonder why are you forthe light brown hair biologist of that in and at the store delivery and that anyof these difficulties miss both every item on your bill restrict religion may i never smeared based on my hands incharge for a loop job if it wasn't i've got a good nine to get the falconafter you total feminists the fourteen fifteen forty-six the it's uh... comment twelve forty nine hisbooks

one thirteen even gayle pollard one twelve even and i'llhave to pay you walk by the week gal or that's perfectly alright sake and ourswe twenty weeks we seventy two hundred dollars carry judgment bus lawyers fee burton law in houston hopefully this will be charging unitswould you couldn't keep paying ten dollars a week out of your salary alawsuit inevitable well if i can make the payment i'll tellyou the car

are you kidding with the repair work receipt needs iwould give you have the bucks for it look i've got to have the car today gali'm driving at the bowling to place city to see our football team play now what would it cost me if you putback the trend in fact finding and the gone point but that i met with books how much cash hegot on round up a gift today moved up to get myred nephew smallville so i've still got about nineteen dollars we'll take it

admitted at one point you say nineteendollars i'd say ninety dollars here you are mother would be happy to know you let mekeep my lockett columnist brooks starring eve arden willcontinue in just a moment but first there is burned smith with an importantannouncement palmolive soap is giving away prizesworth sixty seven thousand dollars a grand prize of twenty five thousanddollars in one lump sum or one hundred dollars a month for light and that's notall there are over two thousand prizes and probably was big treasure chestcontest for today and westinghouse

laundromat from silver popstartoastmaster toaster and it's cheesy to enter complete the last line of thisdingell up right here looking gain is something that i would like to win i'll get palmolive so today without that that work right-to-life line on the plane sheet ofpaper or use an official entry by giving complete rules obtainable if yourdealers include your phone and dealers name andaddress and mail with the big word

family from the front of the rapper ofone regular and one bath i take a family sold to palmolive box ninety two new york eight new yorknot hears the jingle one small of dressing our get palmolive it dot the dot the dot where mail your entry to probably box ninetytwo new york eight new york but hurry contest closes soon got pabloitself for lovelier complexion renumber doctors prove probably visibilityresults

well i finally got to the turbinesapartment has to taking the football game he was standing in front of the doorholding a big bucks for the cellophane top the kind you put an orchid personaeinto mister born you shouldn't have bought meflowers his answer was typical of the man for the mother's smiley hon you see itblasted said well then what's in that box mcdougal

usually one is in danger mcdougal's a bullfrog spokes itu kanhope laboratory yesterday right don't like the sound of his voice it'skind of raspy maybe he's got a man in his throat are you taking aim with both of thefootball game thought i'm afraid i'll have to is his next pretty sore and i thoughtcompress on it we're going to scratch it off they should have had his tonsils outlong ago

maybe you folks couldn't afford it well getting this divine input mcdougalin the back all i would rather not miss brooks let's keep him up here in frontbetween us nidhi i've always wanted to go to a footballgame with the boat from cuba uh... you out that mister bonior onsetmiss brooks then we're off to play city begun beautiful day to football isneeded well yes it is you like football mystifying

frankly miss brooke sawyer i haven'tseen many games i have to shame we teach you should set an example inschools their for the student body that's why i'm going to bed one reason violated by the i said i think we should show moreinterest in school event all i agree with scripts was pitching for us today well we tried to get satchel paige video

price we had some good backfield manpitching passive that's what you meant business will hide yourself i'm afraid you at this point quite a bitof the role of the strokes how you'll get onto it mystifying meanwhile we've got fifty five miles totravel together them down i was hoping you feel that way about it does mcdougal rather quiet night i wentto the rest of throw yes do that mac

eleven u_s_a_ we've got fifty five milesto drive to get that's right just the three events a manager both wrong well we'll have fun and i know wonderful little restaurant onroute that we can stop the lines it's called the blue whose campaign ryanair book ms brooks isn't that one of our students pushingthat car across the street plant that

won't abandon maybe we can give meghan alot of well hello miss brown's have you missed appointment or helloother something go wrong with your car anothing unusual just won't go mike lecturing is gone i'll take a little of my mother i've gota new bag you lol commenced a fizzle out on me i had my heart set on going to the claycity football game today letter to come

along with us forty cents broached i'm sure what i would rather get theirandre downed power maybe we ought to try and get his carstarted with all it's not used his political well i noticed i like the back of my handvacuum in india that you're not welcome to come to thismoment i know why don't we tell you in your car tony i don't understand the point ofthat spooks

you wouldn't i haven't got any television les misperhaps well maybe we could push you in your car you know bumper-to-bumper and shower and we got a when we got to a nicedowngrade bother him hard-hitting mean israel setback in the back here you and mister clintonwon't even know where in the car alright water hop in but i wouldn't want you tomiss the game

it does not think like you say we're in the car gigantic ameritech pac rim she's a realfootball button don't get excited that it's just anexpression of any wedding in front of the house hascrept it's just a mile or two out your way naturally that we better hurry everyone had twomonths before the game hang on that turn right at this point but aslowdown for but now that uh... when

without was flawless are you still in the car wilder rainy night hope i did not made newthat's all right miss brooks then used to driving with women drivers mothers one you know one live longer it's only natural for drivers to makemistakes i manage to make some lockers that i cansee theorizing that harriet standing on avictory for yasir a pull over to the

curtain is for us vin well i hold the meeting my cards all terrible torrance l missbrooks is taking us to the game booklet or anything well ahead you along that they are out of your wife harriethas defined himself in power in fact even spoken probe for

we got for this is meant to have it one of myfavorite from you can even use them formally when they're relegate hoppingwind knock you man getting back feel lady funk arming flare offered places or not coming down off the ports

we want alarmist conflict by misterdarden and that is the how do you do sent have medicines favorite principles bay adis i was just reading about the game withpraise of the hired to be quite a convert polyester after we're going tobe at least we're starting today benton must use it so close to mydaughter listening post or mister cochran she sitting close to me

analyst five i can get hot dot downfall one of the elusive time which is not a real happy hardly citiesgood for a minute for opportunity area halts tapos nonsensical noises uh... there's quite a bit of work icould do this afternoon filing reports to the board of education and so forthyou have a nice day part of the company where we'd be getting along now but i'vegot to thinking

conkland i said to myself or other mister cochran i said using a football game in a month of sunlet's take in displays at the game when you mean you're going along withthat that's a separate daddy it won't silver merely a pleasure to have you along withcompany of a givaudan

but what about you misquoted your kahado you feel about my coming on yes deemed you're putting this together decided that they're going it's gettingkind of lately while i won't be any time at all i'll go back to the house and askmissus confident speed things up missus clinton yes this is not in theodd all morning planting issues like uh... tell it a very whether that's notplus much with this thing known as the bomb anything mistercochran illusdraem will do at area

i keep you waiting the divided and as uses content how areyou ma'am welfare highnesses happen what he wants a that i think that you doshould be separated some other if you just sit between water and harriet i'llsit up front between this protein is the point now but you know to get somebody to sitbetween mcdougal get a hold him on my lap there we go back

he doesn't drive we could change places worlds that has brought as you know theroad ran up and mister cochran but i've got the maxim i dot compartment i'vebeen to get them out in the folks that's a very simple manner gettingplace it is uh... that's the route sixty eight inthe forty four than with northeast i guess it is on but what we're gonna wrote for the directions mister confirm all of you who goes we go along justdaughter up

well i don't like harry on instilled in you thinking did you happen to both of those the worked inline true do you really want there's going to be nuclear one thing healright merriam cheetah prices are up to twenty sixthousand dollars altitude was sick and tired prices knows that compaq work

thank you the twenty six thousandupcoming landing do you think the fan invoices misterricks ryan the answer to that harriet i'd be able to walk right up to yourfather and saying yes one group known as the country we've been doing quite a while and thensixty-eight retrieve switched over to forty four by now uh... you questioning my directions fromwell known as the company that i was a major in the last one you know that spent considerable time in commandof transport rubicam buckle up

on shore where on arrival yet at the that that uh... the the the in the caseof really thank you line i did a bit of singing around thebaritone and young dum dum dum dum dum dum dum uh... million very can't make it happen that was macnaughton the demystifyingnow i am gently stop is in line to the

booboo with them well i have been there since i was agirl attachments books do you think it's still standing an estimated watermelon do you think iam anyway i'd say here about should still standing has only one place to go with you one ofthe lessons learned that's the pink flamingos nokia you never mentioned it in front of mebefore

well the last time i went there i waswith a bunch of the book are you sure you can find this move goeswell i think some of the company nazi whereare we now none of the signed one of the one eighteen money that is known as medical are you better than that but this fordrove very well mister cochran i don't think we're on the right now is healing and this is pretty steepangle promoted that lead up to much radiators just impacts temporarily

up we go landed on the new nam in the case of the case and stop growing despondent target out look at the mostmeticulously was provided as head of a transport but then i hadconsiderable to do with motive during my nothing wrong with that radiative doing laundry and then it was about it

as until the end of this e divingpointed out failure it is an honest cop thank you uh... we're just kept this water five years be careful mister competently i know motors back on more that they have to do it died

deeply felt leah off to the nearest alive four and a half or syria or what is new nothing would happen in the first placejust some not from head to head the fracture thehammer well i'm not there while what is happening personal please this is mister not feeling it

running cos my friends of mine allowcontent of this happened than if everything's alright out what do you think you we are nowmispronounce well i thought according to mycalculations we've been traveling dehli stunned route ninety four four one hourand ten minutes at an approximate means the dot fortymiles per hour immediately and mr dot holed up with the coming in with down across recovered without does that make it

this is it uh... this broke asked that thedesperate with the stadium worked for this thing the desk area pardon me could you tell us where theplay city stadium and plan live can't be part of the but myguess would be places this place it in on others voom if you'd be kind enough to give me alittle bit like it to you with a city they've just you miles from there andplay well there really isn't much room

we've got three in front of me and thatnow so it's not much of a ride in the aircraft i could sit on this gentleman'sleft than on my lap i'll be happy to be read only got ashock to many people at the ticket well among i hope i'm not to have it sorry i'll change my position dot com is broke and this time we really off to placecity thanks a lot for the lead you're welcome

now how do we get to play city from hereall that's twenty nine miles back down the road we pass through and all the way salami ten-and-a-half act we could have been is it at the airport share used a lot more and do it nothing here we've got to organizes expedition has been no you living up and that's aproblem everybody's talking about

called up one and it's not a told was government that wasa proctor gamble private counsel client client apprentice car around and go that wayand don't stop going that way until i'd say you're well this is a place of the orion if theplace of the national bank place it in monday on now by heaven's sake miss brooks beforeyou get lost again asked somebody where the stadium in allright mister cochran

elizabeth part of their driver the alleyway that places the stadiumit's you for about eleven thirty right al thanks a lot as the first definiteand dragnet all day i don't know whether stadium is i gotthe place in a jail in this bus with the president in the b_-nine the nothing ask you one more question

what is it they put up a good fight fluctuations in just a moment but first mean them tonight show him home with lovelyreviewer here can look after luster cream shampoo only luster cream brings you can you dowith magic formula blaine

of secret ingredients plus dental annalynn gives loveliness lather even in harvestwater glamorizes your hair as you watch luster cream nada sold not a liquid but having the cream shampoo leaves here frequently clean free of lucid and rip listening whichshe manageable gives new beauty to allhairdo used for permanent

four ounces yaar one dollar smaller sizes needed to do our jobs mustard cream turning blue than from and and and now once again here is are missbrooks well that's it back to place it it wasuneventful

i drop water and the problems of theirhouse instead of on their heads and that one is the football game therest of my plans worked out pretty well divine matthew gardiner and that was theproblem in the car we had no trouble finding the man dealing with life the artist who's playing softly andthey're going to hang with me and said that's my favorite works with them

got a mr by name but i promise thismonth and then around the house floor dot flab on this book starring yvonne hasproduced by labor and written directed by how the less with music by well perhaps than just know what these defense and over four thousand dentists saycolgate to follow her with a two minute routine testing sparkling and superclean

sold removed all film and get yourteacher and clean just brush teeth two minutes morning and night with colgatetwo father brush inside outside and biting services always brush away from agun see how quickly this cat's teethnaturally bright it removes dull film that improper brushing missus andcolgate two thousand also sweetened job ref by colgate two thousand today warmest remembered his pregnant wifemidwest listen to this and this is not exciting fun back in nine years of anamateur park avenue depending on his

beautiful wife demand meaning of the most of the thingsthey didn't and be with us again next week at the same time one other commentepisode of our news for us problem on speaking there since the intifada

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