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welcome to our new house! a few packing boxes are still here so don't be surprised, since we moved here recently right here this room will probably be a bedroom so a bed gets in here, a few lights, a few plants and at this side we positioned our awards the heaviest is unfortunately not there at the moment

it will probably hang right here so... let's continue! right here, annika will sit, it's her space ...temporarily, it may change someday now we get to the highlight the livingroom! actually, you have to do a 360-shot here. what i really find awesome is this wall this wall is one of the three elements under monument protection which were built around the house

and... well! right here is a fireplace as you can see the house isn't finished yet; a sofa is missing, some carpets, the lights, plants and, of course, the tv will be set on the wall ok, now we get to the second highlight of this house which is... the winter garden! i don't really know what'll be put in here but we will have ourselves surprised by our own... ideas?

i dont know ok, now we are getting to maybe the best part of this house, which is; the garden lets talk about our garden right here we can relax a little when work is a bit too stressful come with me! over here we have our own, little hut i thought we could be creative here

when we just sit in there the hut even has a roof which means that we can technically sit there while its raining ...watch a few youtube-videos and the best part of it is we even have our own internet connection here so... we arent missing anything here let's go on! right here we have lots of wood for our fireplace

and here is a door nothing in here- no, really. nothing's in there. lets go on! guys, come with me, because there are a few more rooms which are pretty awesome! and at the end of the video i will talk about the reasons why we moved anyway and why exactly this house and... well, there are many things- oh, and here is a fountain

pretty cool, beautiful fountain maybe you already saw it, anyway, follow me attention! it's a bit low thats our kitchen, right here, the dinner table is missing so we can hopefully eat together someday i dont know, maybe this tells you something right here we are cooking an operation manual let's keep going upstairs!

alright, that's all nice and all but now we go to the place where the magic happens! let's see what the others are doing and i think for that i'll take the camera myself hey guys! how are you? this is where they sit and here is where i sit. here is our collection, we've got some fitted shelves, that's pretty handy for us and the good old water dispenser came with us, obviously let's talk about the second room, it looks a little miserable in here

but, as you can already tell, this'll be the little youtube room you should recognize some pieces of furniture here's another bathroom, even with bathtub let's get to another spiral staircase it's looking at least as worse as before... that's because of our vicent lee... who is setting up his studio it is going to look pretty cool, i think primarily the sound is good, thats important

so now i'll tell you how it has come to all this. you just have seen a new era has begun, not only for me but for my whole team. a team that, no matter where, would follow me because they belive and trust what we are also mainly with you working on. a team which consists of people who i am calling my best friends today. and friends who you go through thick and thin with.

cohesion, team spirit, to pull on a string together is, for me and them the main spirit about youtube. for us it's always important, to evolve, to improve and a house is not making another person out of me it is like a new camera lens; an optimization to be able to pursue one 's passion more efficiently. everyone has got more space, everyone can live their own dream without coming together with our elbows.

doesn't matter what effects this house will have to us, for me the most important thing about a person is that everything goes well. okay, thats not funny anymore, right? shit... the most important thing about a person is, that he stays on the ground, no matter how much he owns i forget much too often to say "thank you" and get lost in work like the other ones.

at the same time a honest "thank you" is the least i can give you. and thats what i'd like to do with this. thank you! as the most of you know maybe also from the "roast yourself video" we worked and also lived on closest room in the last years. rob slept on the floor, while jimmy built himself a table for his pc out of a laundry rack and while rob then snored all night through, vincent produced music in the other room

and the neighbours didn't freak out just once. the rooms didn't just change but from time to time where we lived here with the most different people even john lived there and cheng was even flatmate. when realized projects like "chain reactions" it was almost impossible to enter a room without destroying something. and even at that time we tried to use almost every corner as a sleeping place. rob and me, we lived together almost a year on a couch

to be exact on this couch right here and there was even a window form the kitchen into our room. we basically never had privacy which means you were always seen naked yes... first i had a regular job and every time i came home the flat was a total chaos because there were just filming so many scenes

all the film utensils were laying around no one had time to clean up it was just chaos the last years the most stressfull thing somehow was when i arrived the first time, you must imagine.. and when night fell, and we had to sleep somewhere it was like; when a computer stood there, it felt like there slept 500 other people here in the flat in one room!

you basically did, in all those weeks you spent here, only ping-pong inbetween the bedroom and the workspace and never left. most of our projects needed an unbelievable amount of concentration which was impossible in our old flat when roxy in the room over was

"drilling" some clothes, and jimmy and ____ maris?__ where debating effects, vince suddenly started creating music, and anika was on the phone,.... it was impossibe one just didn't have any peace. by living with so many people, for every 10 times we used the elevator it got stuck 17 times. and once that elevator was stuck

we had to take the stairs from the 15th floor. ok, it was only the 4th floor, but it was hard enough. especially with all that equipement, 10 tons of heavy led trunks, tripods everything! although in the films everything looked nice and bright we didn't have a decent light in the last few years. that was really sad. i am sad.

that is really sad. we even had such little space that we couldn't take the camera and film, because it was so messy that we actually always had to clean up before, for every single shot. all of which, i'd say, you didn't even realize. because we only wanted to give you a cool project.

this house is giving us many opportunities for many better projects for me it was important that my team gets to live in a nice environment. in which they can develop. for me it is not important to drive a big car to wear nice clothes or enjoy holidays often or spend large amounts in clubs. for me it is much more important to indulge in my passion. and to evolve as a human. ferrary here or dogde there,

they are just stylistic devices for our films so, at this point, a huge thank you to you guys. staying with us during our developement and change.

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