wohnzimmer bilder mit rahmen

wohnzimmer bilder mit rahmen

oh what, what are you looking at you're like looking at like right here when you're coming at me, joey follow my finger. oh my god can't wait to decorate there's so much we can make, how will it turn out? omg, we're coming over open up. we're here. okay. you're yelling like so loud. oh my gosh. oh my gosh. we are at the beach this is such a cool episode of omg we're coming over you guys because we are at mylifeaseva's beach house oh i'm really excited this because ava's style is like minimalist and she wants to bring in the beach vibe, and she's a surfer she's just like a really cool girl, and we're gonna give her a rad room. yeah, we're doing a really amazing custom piece today

oh, yeah, she likes wood. so we might just build her bed oh kind of gave it away. guys make sure to subscribe to her channel subscribe ava's channel mylifeaseva yes, and if you are new watching this video, and you're from ava's channel. hello welcome subscribe to our channel. we do a bunch of cool things so if you're into cool things, diy interior design and we have a challenge going where if you subscribe and when we reach 1 million subscribers we will pick one of you to do a ten thousand dollar room transformation so join our family and enter to win. let's go see what it's like in a life as ava

oh, yeah, it's a great life. let's go. i need to learn how to surf. hey guys. my name is ava and i am a youtube comedy and lifestyle blogger on youtube i grew up in orange county with a bunch of friends we all would always go down to the beach every night and have bonfires and when i moved to la to be closer to work i missed that so much, so i moved back to the beach as close as i possibly could into a beach house and i think i did a good job with the living room, but my bedroom is a little bit lacking i've never been able to get my bedroom correct so i'm so glad that kate and joey are here because i literally would have never been able to do this without them this is my room

wow it's blue it's blue and it's disorganized. oh, you said it, right yeah, i was intelligent in english. did you paint it this color. absolutely not i would have never done that. it is like a very bright pale blue. yeah, if there is such a thing it's just confusing that is an epic wall of mirrors. i've only lost over 80 don't get me wrong i love a good mirror you know you got to get that full outfit in the morning but there are way too many mirrors in my room and it's scary at night when i go to bed, and i see reflections. but you're renting this place. yeah. so we can't like take those down, and you have a desk which i see and have a big screen

i feel like it next to your bed kind of makes it feel a little more like a dorm kind of setup i've never been able to figure out my room at all i think i just like freak out cuz i want it to be so perfect i just like don't know where to start right. that's why we're here. yeah finally it's happening. i know i'm so excited. yeah, we'll totally pull this room together i mean obviously you have the beautiful beach outside to inspire. my style is very boho beach surfer girl minimalistic it's very like grayscale and whites and colors and like textures

i just like everything to be really clean and like simple and white cuz i like to diy a lot so i like to add in like seasonal pieces that i make right so it makes more sense to just have it like clean so i can like splash in colors when the seasons changing. totally that makes sense. so we'll give you like a neutral palette that you can jazz up. well it's 7:30 and we have to be done today, and sun goes down early. so maybe we should start clearing this stuff out of here. oh, and you like we like old wood too oh i love wood like wood the ocean breeze, surfing and beachy. i know you're so cool. i wanna be you. okay, here we go, ready set. we're moving? clear the room

first thing we got to do is get paint on the walls right now the room is this sort of baby blue i'm sure someone was going for like beach vibes, but i think that kind of missed the mark a little bit it is actually competing with the blue of the sky and the ocean outside. alright are you i'm done over here you done? i'm done ready ready ready ready? okay i love painting, especially like painting walls oh my gosh, you're our ideal person but i'm like i'm not on the beach right you paint every time i paint in a bedroom everyone always like has to tape everything off perfectly and like i just don't care. i'm like i trust my like my line precision. is that a comment on our taping did you think we tape too much? i think you taped

not enough you ready to see what color we're gonna paint. yes, they just hit me with this color that is so bold i don't know if i can handle it honestly i don't know what they were thinking taking this big of a risk honestly at this point. i'm freaking out i don't know what this color is gonna possibly go with it's white whoa so bold so daring we're playing with subtleties here. i'm really excited that she likes minimalism

it's something that we haven't really got to play with that much. it's really fun to sometimes play with minimalism negative space letting things just kind of breathe and have their moments wanna stir it? oh, yes, i was hoping that you'd let me stir it gonna pour it yeah, yeah yeah, girl okay thats good i like paint ok? go for it! your enthusiasm is contagious. i love it. we're gonna roll now. okay, do it do i get a little off the sides.

how do i here just kind of go well. let's just get that. oh well ask the experts all right, just go slow so it doesn't splatter back yeah go slow every time i do things slow like this. i just think of like angel music i am really excited to paint my bedroom. i'm so ready to get rid of that blue and i also love painting walls especially with the roller if youtube doesn't work out hire me to paint your home what stuff have you painted? so you just like painted your rooms like growing up? yeah one time i painted my room purple oh my gosh, ava lovespainting. i mean she's just like an enthusiastic person. it's contagious

it's making me excited to paint and i paint all the time. when i was 11 i had a crush on a boy that was a surfer. i think that's when i was like i love surfing and so i changed all my like passwords and everything to have like surfer in them i fell in love with it i was like this is the coolest thing ever i did stuff for boys but then ended up liking them more than i liked the boys, and then i was like, thanks for showing me this boys. i'm gonna keep doing it but like you're out. yeah, okay. well we have done some great coverage already. ah ah she said she wants to paint yeah, but i have actually i have an art project that involves painting as well

i like to paint walls see? so i should go to the art project by myself? no, you'll really like it i mean you can come back and help joey finish. okay. this is how we get it done when you guys go, do your stuff ohhhhhh joey thinks he's like such a badass like you know some guys ride like dirt bikes and like other guys like you know go to like the game. oh, no joey's got two paint rollers super manly. kate's pulling me out to do some sort of project

i want to keep painting but i'm sure what she asked me to do is pretty cool so alright. i'll put the paintbrush down oh my gosh, okay so surf board. i''m so excited so i thought it would be cool in your bedroom to do like a marble surfboard. oh that'd be cool almost like a sculptural element and then maybe use it as a surface to display some photos oh that'd be awesome. like you know like kind of tape them up with either like masking tape or just like glue dots.that's so cute. so we had this old surfboard it was totally broken and it was just like a hand-me-down, and we spray painted it in the studio just prepped it for this project with just a nice white spray paint.

we get to paint it marble marbles also one of my favorite things my laptop case is marble i had a marble phone case until i spilled chili on it so here's just some different colors of grey and the black. we won't use like that much. that looks so cool! it looks kind of tasty. i'm actually gonna tear it so we can each have a piece let's go into the lighter one the actual texture of the sponge is what sort of giving it that stone like look. we'll build it up marble project, okay, i know marble is like so in right now and i am so okay with it because it is just gorgeous creating this faux marble is actually really easy you just take a sea sponge and you get it damp so that it's mushy, and you're just kind of creating

what is sort of the shadow of the vein. oh yes with the curve already hopefully i'm doing this right. it looks great i've never marbled anything before but i love marble things cool it's looking good okay, so now let's dive in with the feathers using the feathers basically just allows it to be like a really gentle kind of like vein like look so this is just like the eyeliner. so to speak we apply the shadow oh god, i'm terrible at wing liner that's just kind of giving it like the littlest contour exactly so after we let this dry

we call it art so i think that joey should have another surprise set up elsewhere shall we go check? okay when you say it like that, okay, you dry alright, so joey should be here. he has something to show you joey oh but it's over here. this is your bed. oh my god reclaimed wood exactly yes, i know what these pieces are for i know what this is gonna look like it is giving me barn vibes. i am happy. oh my gosh. you love it already easy. reclaimed wood. look at this

oh my god, oh my god it looks perfect you love it. yes i want to hang like polaroids and stuff on it so this is from like a hundred year old greenhouse. that's awesome. because when you were talking about how you love wood and obviously there's all these like wood beds out there. yeah, i was like, we should just make one it's so cool. [100-year] old wood with a story behind it. i hope it's not haunted. no i feel like it feels good. yeah, it feels safe. oh my god. this is so exciting i've always wanted to make a wood bed like i used to look up how to make one but then i didn't have any friends that would help me so. alright well maybe if you've always dreamt of putting together a wood bed you should help us assemble it before we kick you out, okay yeah, of course

this is heavy normally, we would kick ava out by now but a she's way too much fun to hang out with and b she is enjoying all these projects so much, so she is helping us put together the bed is it in? how great is this gonna be? huh? my favorite part about today's project is this custom bed we're building her here is that because that flash over there, so we just build the rectangle make it all lock together and then we just take some little slats and put those over the middle and the mattresses are just gonna sit right on top yeah here ava here here. go ahead do the honors. oh god that is one big hole. i stick this in right? ready? yup

oh oh my god did i do it? yep, should i do it anymore? nope. that was good i feel like we're now far enough along that it might be time for ava to peace out i don't wanna peace out, but we want it to be somewhat of a surprise. okay okay, i guess i'll leave you two alone um. do you have something to do? i'm sure i could find something to do she's like the busiest person ever. i could photoshop dolphins into a photo definitely priority. photoshop dolphins into a photo for about two hours okay, if i photoshop dolphins jumping out of a purple cloud in two hours you guys will be done yeah, deal i still wanted to help out, but they didn't let me so i get i get kicked out

i guess this is what i get after all we've been through together. we marbled together i carried some of the bed upstairs, and you just kick me out. this is gonna be real nice though hello, you guys why do we do this to ourselves all the time we were so excited to put the bed together with ava we forgot that we have the area rug to put down this natural wood makes me feel very relaxed with the ocean sounds you don't even look comfortable you're like holding your neck up joey. why? hmm there already is a rug down this could be our area. oh yeah back massage. oh yeah, that feels good

yeah yeah yeah thank you thank you thank you, okay ow okay, okay enough. don't. oh now i know how to get you off the ground! i mean, it's nice that she had such a cute area rug already. yeah great well, we already roll around in the carpet, so i might just do little jig hey, jiggy. what you don't like my jig? you're on the rug. i'm trying to move it. the rug is inspiring joey and i to do a hippie boho beach dance. kates really getting into the vibe. she wants to bohemian dance. i don't even know what that means

i'm just gonna channel rusted root concert wait actually really stop it's good music here the jim bass playing in my ears and dance the night away all right, this is total waste of time. let's go, okay, bed put it together what are you doing? make the desk, okay good. i want this to be like an l-shape vibe with this she already has these sort of built-in bookshelves we're gonna extend one of those levels into the room so that she has a place to work on her computer. let me see how big your brain is

oh about two conference joey circumference, what does that tell you? circumference is bigger than the radius or the diameter 23 inches yeah pretty small brain. as compared to what ? oh my god, you're head is 23 inches you have the exact same size head. good minds think alike yeah, but my mind thinks better because my head is bigger ratio wise to my body size your brain is like a little less good, so i'm gonna go build the cushion for here

it's gonna be like a window seat area because if we make this upholstered, it'll be so much more inviting. big mouth especially when such a jerk bye we have to make that a padded window seat, and it's actually really easy we got a piece of foam cut perfectly to size and also a nice slim piece of particle board we sprayed adhesive over the particle board and lay the foam down batting oh my gosh then wrap the foam in batting and then just stapling down all the access

and then once you're done with the batting you will do the same process with a fabric and la-dee-da we're done excuse me look. wow holy crap. that's awesome. wow oh it fits perfectly reading yeah reading ocean yeah reading. what's going on with that shelf? it's happening. i mean slowly. let's go no no no she already has these sort of built-in bookshelves we're gonna extend one of those levels into the room so that she has a place to work on her computer the only awkward thing about this bed placement. is that there are two recessed lights directly over the bed. hello? there is a solution for this guys they make pendant lights that fit into recessed lights. these are the coolest thing. these really are cool. since sliced bread so basically this just goes into the light bulb. right for people who have

big gigantic recessed lights like this from the 80s it's so cool. light pendant light chandeliers everything. you don't have to tell me i was with you i googled. i pressed order. that's true you press order, but i googled like you don't even need an electrician you just unscrew the bulb and you screw in and this bulb contraption that's attached to the pendant light and then it comes with a ceiling medallion that just fits over the can itself and just covers the can and you would be none the wiser okay, so we'll just have the two pendants coming straight down and then the surfer photograph in the middle. so like right here is good? so i think so. yeah, it's cool. it's like minimalist. super funky. i love that copper. okay great

okay cool. i just i'm obsessed you guys whoever is out there with recess light that you hate get some of these right now and have pendant lights that you love. alright good i'm gonna get the bedding and the side tables you know what? could you get the bedding and the side tables please?while i do this, thanks so power-hungry another thing we're going to do in here is we're gonna take her very simple ceiling fan that just looks like any ceiling fan you'd see in any rental and we were going to replace it with a really cool wood ceiling fan to bring in more of that wood vibe, very excited about the ceiling fan.

alright, i'm very excited about this room. it is giving me great vibes. alright, so like where? well i want her to be able to like sit she's a little bit taller than i am these are really cool cuz it gives you the look of a sconce without having to have the electrical box for it. like right there? maybe a little bit higher? i mean, this is so cool cuz it's plug in so you could add this anywhere. here can you hold it? i've got an idea that's so crooked that's so crooked

i'm putting in the first screw. do you see how crooked that is. kate, hello. it looks so crooked yeah, oh no, that's still really high up right there on that time, okay? you know what there's got to be something else you could be doing right now. alright pay attention to the measure, i'm gonna get the side tables. you know what you could do? oh my god get the side tables. with the bedside table i didn't want to go matchy-matchy because the bed is so symmetrical to the room and we have two symmetrical pendants over top, it just wouldn't give it that bohemian minimalist look so picked a round marble pedestal side table for one side and then on the other side a cube like mid-century style two drawer side table, and they look so cool. they're complementary, era

but not at all matching. how cute i love mismatched side tables. look at these how good does this look? awesome! oh my gosh so we have to tackle these mirrors you guys we cannot just leave those exposed since it's a rental a curtain is definitely the best option. that's like a game changer. this makes such a difference in here's a nice black rod to contrast with the white curtains, and i'm thrilled with how it looks. oh my gosh, the mattress fits perfectly on this platform bed, and what better to dress this bed with then linen bedding, so when you're doing minimalist design you really want to play up those textures and subtleties of tones

so we're bringing in white linen sheets with a beautiful fog like light gray colored duvet cover and then one yeah, i said one. do you believe it? one throw pillow on the bed. next to the marble pedestal table i'm placing this really cool antique wood stool. it's just really simple, but again it's reclaimed wood the window seat is an epic moment you guys. i mean hello she lives in a beach house but has a window seat like of course we need to make that such a welcoming place for her to sit read paris the little cutie kitty is gonna sit up there and look out onto the beach and see all the birds flying around and do that thing that cats do when they see birds

so the two pendant lights look amazing. now we just need something right smack dab in the center, and what better than a beautiful surfing photo then a wishbone chair one of my favorite styles of chairs is the perfect desk chair on the desk i'm placing this wooden ball that has crystals embedded in it and then a black and white box just bringing the black and white over to that side of the room above the desk we are placing this beautiful a regular hexagon mirror. it has a brass frame it's minimalist styling these built-in bookshelves is really easy because they're built in and they're white, and they're you know i'm just placing some accessories i also love placing frames in bookshelves you can experiment with taking out one of the shelves and actually hanging a piece of art or a

photograph the surfboard looks so cool you guys oh my gosh like that may be one of my favorite projects like we've ever done i wanted to make sure she had a place where she could showcase some of her beautiful photos i'm just styling some printed photos and also one of the mr.kate quotes wild and free which you can get on mrkate.com and it's just like the perfect vibe for this room this room is ready you guys it is zen. we gotta step back, the trick with minimalism is knowing when to stop and we need to stop and show ava this beautiful room we're leading up to me seeing the bedroom and i am nervous, but i know it's going to be amazing. alright i am leading you i'm leading you. you're about to hit carpet. smells like fresh paint

so i can't wait to see how the whole room turns out ready one....two....three how did you do this? it's an minimal bed. how did you turn this space into this? how did you do this? the room looks like it has increased in size by like 20 times omg i love it i'm glad you do yay i didn't even know that this could exist. i know right? it's so like zen it's so welcoming. wow i felt like i was in a pinterest picture

kate made that by hand that big cushion. what! yeah, feel it. you can sit there oh my god. it's like so nice. and the lights oh my gosh, the lights were so like gross before. i know these now look so good. god yay, and look waves that i can easily surf and i'm not terrified of i am just like loving this so much the room looks better than i could have ever expected wow so this is like away from the bed this is your little office area. i definitely needed that so much how did you even come up with this? i had no idea that that was even possible yay

100 percent custom made bed i know dang. dang like i've always wanted a bed like this. omg and the marble table! right? this is so cute it's minimalist i was so excited that you like minimalism cuz we haven't gotten to do that yet and how much different does the room feel with these curtains up now like it's totally changed the vibe. it feels so much cozier i know. the mirrors scare me at night. the marble surfboard has its own focus point in this corner there's nothing blocking it, so it's like its own little art piece which good. i'm so happy. i love it. where's paris. should we bring her out? aw paris come look at your new room

you match the room oh my gosh she's the color palette we were inspired by paris i am so happy i brought in kate and joey to redo my bedroom. i can't wait to show my friends! i can't wait to show people that come over when i entertain them. well. i've had a pretty long day of trying to teach myself extreme video editing software is that what you were doing? yeah, do you have your purple cloud? i do. yeah i do. oh my gosh oh yes, you did it

okay, so look. that's amazing. photoshop this with dolphins leaping out of purple clouds and birds. okay well, i'm gonna go take a nap. alright well great. yay now you're a photoshop champion who needs a nap. yeah. i think i need a little nap. we both crushed it. you crushed that we crushed this. yes! yes! feel so sporty! yeah! should we body slam. oh my god how do you do that? see you later. bye. bye. oh you look beautiful she loves it! good job! good job too!

good jobs. yeah hang loose. is that hang loose? oh my gosh she loves it and she looks, so hilariously, awkwardly cute taking a nap on her new bed. yeah she's a blast. she's so cool. so cool. she's so simple chic. so simple chic i mean, this was a really fun design and i think it worked so well in this space. make sure you guys go subscribe to her channel mylifeasava and check out on her channel the video that's all about her patio that i did with her we we did with her so go check that out. before you do anything though, if you haven't subscribe to our channel and comment too because we love to chat with you in the comments and give

us a thumbs up if you liked this video. and one lucky subscriber when we hit a million subscribers, which we're so close to is gonna get a $10,000 room transformation now we're gonna go jump in the ocean okay, i maybe i will push you. no, no. yeah, i'm gonna push you in and you'll tell me how it is. yeah wow, it's cold. oh it's cold

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