wohnzimmer bilder meer

wohnzimmer bilder meer

ohhh ah ohhhh aaahhh you know you love me, i know you care just shout whenever and ill be there you are my love,you are my heart and we will neverever ever be apart are we an item

girl quit playin we're just friends what are you sayin said theres anotherand looked right in my eyes my first love broke my heartfor the first time and i was like baby baby baby ooooh like baby baby baby nooo like baby baby baby ooooh

i thought you'd always bemine, mine babybaby baby oooh oh for you i wouldhave done whatever and i just cant believewe aint together and i want to play it cool, but im loosing you ill buy you anything, ill buy you any ring and i mean please say,

baby fix me and just shake me till you wakeme from this bad dream im goin down down down down and i just cant believe my firstlove wont be around and im like baby baby baby ooooh baby baby baby oooh luda. when i was 13,i had my first love there was nobody thatcompared to my baby and

nobody came between us orcould ever come above she had me goin crazy, oh i wasstar struck she woke me up daily, don't need no starbucksshe made my heart pound, and skip a beat when i seeher in the street and, at schoolon the playground, but i really wanna see her onthe weekend she know she got me dazing, cause shewas so amazin and now my heart is breakin,but i keep on sayin thought you'd always bemine, mine

im gone(yea yea yea) (yea yea yea) (repeat 3x) now im all gone(yea yea yea) (yea yea yea) gone. gone im gone.

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