wohnzimmer bilder hirsch

wohnzimmer bilder hirsch

yes, anette, i know her. she is really interested in my plate-collection. this here, is the collection. and yes, i think plates with pictures are fascinating, because they are plates, but also pictures. well, one is wondering: "should i hang them on the wall or should i eat of them?" because -

if you put food on the plates you can not see the pictures anymore. but there are also plates with pictures of food on it. but you also can not see it if you put real food on it. except you eat all the food, then you can see the picture again. and some plates have deers on,

some have trees on, some have water on, some have fishes on, some have stars on, some have trains on, some have football players on, some have famous people on, some have plates on, some have plates with pictures of trains on,

some have trains with pictures of plates on, some have tennis balls on. yes ... that's all.

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