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wohnzimmer bilder grau

this episode of omg we're coming over is sponsored by our friends at google store can't wait to decorate there's so much we can make how will it turn out omg we're coming over! open up we're here! okay, you're yelling like so loud. hey guys. we're back we're back. we're literally back because we're back in a place that we've already been! this looks familiar oh my god this looks very familiar we're in chloe's apartment, but it's also adelaine's

adelaine morin guys, we are attacking her bedroom today. attacking? so guys make sure and thumbs up the video! yellow, let's go you'll get it this feels familiar familiar door, hi familiar face! what's up chloe? what's going on? how are you? what's happening? yeah, she's not here? no, she's in canada

what okay, adelaine's not home. chloe had no idea we're coming. this is a first in omg w.a.c.o history. omg we're coming over to an empty apartment. okay. alright. broken in. so joey and i are basically doing the room tour without adelaine. yeah, we're just gonna knock it out without her i guess we'll see if adelaine shows up. all right, so this is a decent-sized bedroom. it's got a big window lots of natural light. okay so she loves yellow we know the color palette, i don't have to guess she likes yellow boom done! we're gonna give you a yellow room we have hints of it in here, but we're not gonna do hints. like if you've seen her instagram

you know how sunshiny she is. yeah and her obsession is yellow, so we're gonna have the room be mostly yellow, but then have a little bit of pink for blue i have a very special thing planned for blue as part of the design she is adeline's baby, and you know just like adeline blue knows what color she likes and adeline loves yellow and then adeline told me that blue the dog named blue loves pink her dog's name is blue the dog accent color is pink it's i know. okay ready get it in adelaine ghost hand. blues paw. we're gonna clear everybody out, were gonna paint the room.

adelaine still isn't here supposedly. she's like on the way. i guess i don't know with paint dry time sorry, adelaine. we're making those first strokes ourselves the one wall is painted that sort of darker grey so we are going to cover that grey and the rest of the walls for that matter with adelaine's favorite color oh my god, yellow. i love yellow, it's my favorite color what! how'd you guys get in here. you break into my home hi, i'm adelaine morin i do like makeup videos weird random videos that don't really make sense on the internet

so i'm 19 years old. i'm from good old, canada and i moved over here after high school to pursue my youtube job. my room is so important for my videos like i film almost majority of my videos there, and that's like my job so i was like this is so important mr. kate i trust her with my life she will do amazing, and i'm really excited for this transformation it's starting! put your stuff down you're late! where did you come from were in canada were you in london i was pretty pretty clear that i was going to land at 9 in the morning in

la and i was going to open the door for kate for her and her team to come in to do my room. but do you know what i did? i missed my flight. do you have a dog? are you from canada? i didn't bring my dog your dogs in canada okay, she'll have to wait to see the reveal give me a hug what do you think of the color? so i have a deep connection with the underappreciated color yellow i'm also obsessed with like disney like fairytale like i'm literally like a 13 year old girl at heart

so hows blue? she's good, so i have a child i'm a teen mom of a dog and she had her first walk in canada she had her first walk in canada? technically, i wasn't really allowed to walk her cuz she could get like all these diseases like rabies and right from the sidewalk yeah, and other dogs. oh, yeah, i'm more cycling. that's a lot of paint on that roller that's hilarious. joey. what? enough talk and start rolling. i don't have a roller you have to get the top look at that technique, the energy! it is time to let joey two rolls take it over because we have a

very important project to work on in the beautiful dining room. who decorated this dining room? bye-bye alright, so yeah, this is the time where i finish everything okay, so your bed is where you sit and shoot some of your videos right like intros whatever like majority, and you also have those rolls of paper which is great i want to do some kind of like art installation behind your bed. i mean obviously yellow, duh and i love the idea of like doing a whole flower wall she really is larger than life

so making these beautiful gigantic paper flowers are gonna look so cool you know you're just like a big personality, so we're not gonna do any dinky flowers. we're gonna make some like big keeper sculptural flowers and have it be a whole thing. oh my gosh you like? yes, okay, so we're just tracing the template and then cutting them out and then once you cut them out you want to cut a slit up the middle of each petal about one to three inches depending on the size of your petal and then you just kind of tuck them together and glue that into place once you have your petals nicely pleated then you can attach them all together and then on the inside we're just creating these little fringy pieces of paper and those are gonna be the

stamen of the inside. oh you look like so teletubbies sun oh yeah the teletubbies sun or like the oh yeah, oh wow it's very a showgirl dun dun danana and then you can be like a cute little here's your little ears i'll be the snapchat filter oh that's sooo good. oh my gosh look at you improvisation creativity i love it keep cutting

alright, adelaine you're doing amazing. you're a wonderful student, so please continue making these flowers because i have to go help joey with a pegboard ohh you already got the yellow in? yasss and what? now you're pegboarding? yeah so lets go over the plan real quick i'm very excited about this big feature project we're doing in this room adelaines super into like the workshop sort of techie wall of stuff vibe, so we're gonna do a play on that we are going to do an entire pegboard wall. all of the gear and everything is exposed so rather than having it behind cabinets. it's on shelves it's on hooks. it's really celebrated so she loves the look of that. we have four peg boards

these go in so like the pegboard can't be put directly on the wall, so that's what these are for, so we're gonna basically go boom, boom, up get them in the studs watch the paint so you hold this over here left left left left left work oh great. you're just gonna be bossing me around all the time? yep so the trick with the pegboard wall is you need room for the pegs to go through the board so you can't mount it flush on the law you actually have to sort of float it a little bit so what we do is we got some furring strips

which are just some thin pieces of wood that we were going to then use to attach the pegboard to the studs joey are you done? this looks soo good, the pegboard i'm so excited to start styling this pegboard wall and the first thing i'm bringing in is a box of goodies from google store, so i am unboxing google wi-fi that's gonna fit on the shelf so seamlessly. in conjunction with that we're also hooking her up with the google home which is the perfect device to just ask questions get stuff done schedule tasks and you can get different color faces for it

i got a beautiful white color of course to kind of seamlessly go with the pegboard wall welcome to google home to get started download the google home app on a phone or tablet whoaaa you can do literally anything with this thing it uses google assistance, so you basically are just like okay, google tell me something i need to know and to round that tech component out we're giving her the pixel which is the google 4k phone. which is super slick takes amazing footage okay, so another thing we're doing in here is we are replacing her curtains with lines boom huh joey's not hanging curtains, joeys not hanging curtains. no. he's hanging blinds all right guys it's time to roll out the rug

yellowwww. woahhh if adelaine already wasn't like a magical enough person she now has a literal magic carpet underneath her made of raz of gold alright alright alright. let's move on we got a lot of things to do. we got to build the bed. oh my gosh soooo.... this is one of the more complicated furniture pieces. this is going to be a project i think what we just need to do is do the lay things out. these are all top pieces. i got an h times 2, wait where c and c1. we'll need these yet. i don't know which ones c nd c1 this is c and c1 or c ok i'm getting the phone thing on here. i like this job

this is a disaster yeah, now we need to install the headboard so we have these that can build up and then do these fit the full whip? this is a queen-size bed these are gonna go up the above the bed side tables too, yeah, that's kind of that more extended modern look so you basically mount these tracks to the wall, and then you can use any amount of these cushion panels to create the height and width of a headboard that you want so i chose this for adelaine because i wanted to really mix in that kind of modern meets like whimsical look in her space because i knew that the pegboard was gonna look very structured. alright so you're gonna finish the pegboard like putting all the stuff

we're building this awesome modular headboard system it's really simply you attach these railings to the wall making sure you're starting your first one exactly where you know the center of your bed is i'm just going to screw out on the wall pop on the various upholstered pieces and magical giant headboard so a pegboard is actually a beautiful way to organize your stuff like who knew we're using this one that comes white already and it's looking just really fantastic very pinterest throw the up i do say so myself

i'm also creating some custom artwork for adelaine because i want to showcase art as well on the pegboard so it isn't just all gear, and so i'm looking up a very cute photo of blue and sketching it with pencil first and then i'm gonna go over it with these watercolor pencils, which are really cool you just kind of like scribble, and then you can use a paintbrush with water to just activate the watercolor side of it and i'm also doing a cactus, which is just a fun little moment and then i'm doing a set of lips she's a beauty guru after all with a little drippy a la kylie i guess but original to adelaine because of course adelaine would have yellow drool dripping from her mouth its not drool its lipgloss and then i'm also writing

yellow hashtag aesthetic because she uses that word aesthetic all the time, which i love and so now it's stuff on her wall ohh look at all these flowers we made alright so now that we've got the headboard on the bed place i can know exactly where i'm going to place the flowers on the wall where do you want the big one? just like slap her down and probably like right. yeah, like right there and blend it so this is really easy to do what we're just using some wall mounting tapes and just pressing them up on the wall making sure to wait a few seconds so that they're nice and secure i'm doing a sort of haphazard

array of the flowers i didn't want it to look like it was a bouquet i wanted it to look almost scattered in the wind. oh my gosh blue's dog city is so cute and of course we have to have flowers above blues bed as well but in her accent color duh adelaine loves taking the little instant photos, so i'm gonna create a nice fat column of them what could be more perfect for someone who loves yellow, then lamps that look like a bucket of yellow paint being poured out the duvet cover and european shams are these beautiful like ruched

white flowers it just looks so magical and very like in kind of bohemian civ like we're taking some design liberties, and i am okay with it extremely okay with i love it. at the end of the bed i'm using this beautiful woven row blanket. it's got some fringe there's this awesome drum table i found that of course i couldn't resist because it was all bright yellow she has these amazing platform shoes, which are rainbow, and i saw them in her closet and i was like these have to be on display also hello the little thing that i think is probably meant for like screwdrivers is the perfect size for makeup brushes oh my gosh you guys dog toys okay you guys. i think this room is very complete. we have crammed a lot of

personality into this room so now it is time to get the biggest personality of them all adelaine morin. get a text adelaine can you come over the apartment at three o clock? and i'm like of course i can come to the apartment at 3 o'clock. i'm heading over. i'm like speeding. it's like a 35 miles per hour i'm going like 36, and then i see kate. i see joey and then they're like adelaine, i hope you're excited of course i'm excited!! oh my god! i'm shaking on the count of three open your eyes. this is happening so fast. okay google count to three. okay. 1....2....3. they got a crane took out my room and then put in a new one i'm sweating it's just so much to take in we've never had that happen. we've never had someone fall over

do you love it? her knees just gave out i get it girl. you can view from the floor, but it might be. let's just pick her up oh my god what is that? you guys are amazing, i'm like falling all over the place and how about this tech wall man i was like why not do like a beauty guru version? and it has all of the makeup and stuff i hope you like yellow how do you even find that many yellow things?

by the way, oh, yeah storage bed. so this is a platform. whoa wait i didn't even notice the headboard at first whoa. and it's like florescent i can shoot there i can shoot here. i can shoot with blue in the bed these are all of your pictures that you had in that stash so obviously you can go up and around or it would be really cool if you also starred it on this wall but i think in like a grid more like you know structured like how this is structured i don't think i've ever seen a bedroom with a pegboard wall before

i know but its so perfect but only certain people can pull it off i feel like you're one of those people right? you have like yellow. you have like yellow buckets hanging from the wall yeah of course i had to spray paint everything yellow really because it didn't come with yellows yea because yellows like random so now you have a living room designed by mr.kate a bedroom designed by mr.kate a blue section designed by mr.kate, yes flowers made by you. i know you just did our whole apartment this. we're never moving out that's actually a unique thing because we haven't done that yet, you're never. i think you like it, right? yeaaaaaa. high five

i love it! thank you, kate and joey so so much i'll surprise you guys maybe you guys will fall on the floor hope you like yellow. you have to invite us when blues back. i want to see her in her thrown. she'll be on her throne good job good job you you did so good with the pegboard you did so good with all the stuff you did like the flowers and the decorating guys you did a great job. because you just thumbed up the video and left us a really loving comment wow

thank you and subscribe if you haven't yet subscribed and go and subscribe to adelaine's channel because obviously she's like just the coolest cutest funniest just most humorous storyteller fairytale lady ever so please go subscribe. thumbs up for yellow thumbs up, yellow yellow we'll be back with another omg w.a.c.o very soon so. of course.hit that subscribe button talk to soon yeah, and just other videos too we do we do other do other things. yes, i think sometimes i think we do other things. right now we're gonna go do other things like sleep. okay we always... give me some of that red oh gosh joey!

thank you that is not the way to take a woman's lipstick. let me just plant it on you not smear okay plant it on me noo...you already took it off hope all great things happen to you. i hope that you never step your toe ever again i hope you find a dollar on the floor. i hope that people offer you free food i hope that when you only have $15, and you're chipotle's like fifteen dollars and 29 cents the workers like it's fine

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