wohnzimmer bilder gold

wohnzimmer bilder gold

can't wait to decorate there's so much we can make how will it turn out? omg, we're coming over! open up. we're here. okay. you're yelling like so loud. oh my gosh guys guys, this is so huge! very exciting! you will never guess where we are or maybe you will, i'm so excited

wait, joey, is that you? uh, i mean, it's not me. did you not turn your phone off? guys, it's me. hold it there. ugh. okay, all right cool gonna. gotta do this intro. liza koshy! oh my gosh, you guys... if you guys wondering what we sit in our bed and watch at night. yeah, it's her videos. hey guys, i'm liza koshy, and i am a digital

person i make youtube videos and i post pictures online and i try to make it aesthetically pleasing and i try to make it as humorous as possible so i am so excited for mr. kate to come over today they're so freaking good so i can't wait to see what they do with my blank canvas of a place we're doing her guest bedroom and then next video you guys are gonna see us do her office. subscribe make sure and thumbs up this video a million times because liza koshy's in it, so hopefully we're already at a million views cause, uh...

if someone could get one of our videos to a million thumbs up, it would be liza koshy. let's go. oh my gosh, let's go! we're here. it's happening. i know look at this piece of art. that's for you. i made some art for you oh it's your to do list! i like it it was a diy, i did myself. great you're not the only one!

so liza moved into this new place the layouts a lot like lilly singh where she has like her living room in the middle then you go up and there's the bedroom so these two rooms that are side by side are the rooms that we are going to tackle today okay, so i haven't had like a space that i actually shoot in constantly i just moved out of a one-bedroom apartment so i was always shooting in my kitchen, or i was shooting in the living room so i want this to be like an office where i can edit but also where i can shoot and like host a video

you do everything, right? like you shoot and edit yourself. i shoot, i light, i edit, yeah that's crazy. that's so great from watching people like you, okay aw, you're sweet.this is inspiration. right, this is what happens. can you, uh, loan us a couple of subscribers?i got you! i gotchu, we're doing it right now! here's the views. woop! so this office space is absolutely miniscule. it's white just like the rest of my house and my boyfriend so i don't really know what to do with it

we've got to create a beautiful backdrop for her vlog videos, but also giving her space that she can come and get work done let's be honest like look, this is a pretty small room, six feet oh yeah, joey's six feet. that's like a joey. that's rude. you're just showing off your height, but if i were to come over hereoh, yeah wait, let's see the shmall. how tall are you? four-three?joey! these are four-three! we forgot our tape measurers, so okay great, 11 feet i'm six feet. you're four feet. it's...i would like to think i'm all leg is this gum?it's probably. i guess there has to be something weird at liza's house

brand-new hardwood floors, which is like gum stains. so glad you came over. let's go to the other room.okay! yeah, this is the other room. tada! it's a tiny bit bigger. so for this space we want to create a beautiful serene room because these two rooms are right opposite her master bedroom so as she wakes up in the morning and comes out. she is going to see both of those rooms in tandem so they have to represent liza, make her excited for her day and also complement each other, so nbd my style is definitely very like bohemian mid-century, very like natural-looking

it's literally just like my ethnic background and i'm half indian, half white so a little boho, a little like ethnic culture, and then a little like you, from america so like but just like the mixture of that, but like in a room yeah, this is gonna be like a guest room, and i just wanted to have it like in case family comes over yeah. um, or, you know, i make some friends this would be the perfect room for them. we'll be, we'll be your friends! yeah? you can come over! omg, we're coming over all the time now! every day! that's like the remix. very like, metal, and all the time. all the time!

all weekend, create jeez the girls are like already best friends so i can tell i'm gonna have to like move this ship along today this is like way cleaner than... what are you trying to say? where'd you put all the stuff, girl? the first time we came over here to look at the space it was like packed full of stuff in that room. how'd you clean up so fast? let me show you where i shoved all my dirty panties, so

no basically, it's all, like i'm having trouble opening the closet oh my gosh, stop. wait, wait, wait! she shoved it all in the closet, like this closet is like actually kind of scary wow, oh, oh my god, i'm starstruck! this is when jack got a haircut. so like one time he was feeling a little frisky and he got one of these guys.right now, he has a mullet which looks also really good. thank you. yeah, literally. everything's in here. so just left it all in there. like, omg, they're coming over! i can't wait to see what the closet looks like, forget the bedroom. just please clean my closet, haha, thanks. ah, just close it shut.

okay, so we're doing a accent wall. yes a what? accent wall, you have to paint in with an accent oh, oh, okay. so, uh i love painting this wall oh, are you russian? a little bit, just a tiny, yes very subtle, nothing too intense so,

this is gonna be our anchoring wall now. we like this white?yeah me too.you're keeping it in the rest of your place, right? yeah, yeahso we'll do something contrasting so please like okay, stab! i have no idea. apparently you don't stab a paint can nope, that's not how you do it. you know how to do it no, i legit. hold on. i've never done manual labor in my life do you want some help? no! nope

oh my god. huh! it's open! hiyah! oh okay, i'm like it's not working is this really how you open a can of paint?yup yeah.wow, i feel real crafty right now if it's just a can of white paint, i'm gonna bust out laughing i'll help ya.you do it. oh! yes! that's so pretty! we had this little mixed baby of a paint in front of me, and it's beautiful... stir the soupstir the soup! it turns blue...what does it taste like? pour using this oh, okay. oh wait. how do you pour using that?

this is awesome. smells good! everybody, this is my accent wall! so right now. i'm doing the accent wall, and it looks absolutely phenomenal i will tell you that i have never done this before in my life, but i think i was born to do this lovely!oh, it's so lovely. it's so beautifulit's so beautiful who are you? by the way, joey sucks at accents. i'm the paint salesman. did you need some paint?

from where? oh, where am i from? yes! i'm from the south side where?! you're a bully try this time uh, you gotta name it croatian well, i'm from david dubrovnik in dubrovnik croatia

it's a great place. you're an american tourists there? we're painting the accent wall the accent wall you know it's like the accent wall you gotta have some accents in life to make it fun i think that's kind of like my south african how about irish? me pot of gold irish they go up at the end of their sentences, and they kind of pulled it off just a little bit they also don't pronounce kate's actually..she's actually really good at accents i'm sorry what was that?

everyone thinks i got bad accents, but i think actually they're just jealous. sorry guys. this is what real accents sound like i'm sorry joey i'm giving you a tough time. you know what? go do something else we have the other room to start because then we're gonna send you away do accents by yourself, okay good bye. it's a joey two rolls it's a joey two rolls it's a bloody joey two rolls. ok so you, and i have had a text conversation journey yes when liza and i were talking about inspiration she mentioned the idea of a mural because she's from houston

texas and she's very proud and now she's in la and she's loving it and she had this idea of doing a mural that combined both the cities i basically always imagined like having the buildings of houston flowing into the buildings of la and like seeing the hollywood sign but also seeing like a houston map and like you know not forgetting where you come from kind of things. stay humble sit down. but i never knew where to put it in my house. i never knew how to execute it properly we have here houston street map with the skyline of la. this is option two, so this is la and then this is houston so i have both of these files loaded onto this alright. alright so here it is

move. the room is small depth wise. yeah so we had to divide it in half in order to be able to position it i want to in keeping with the minimal theme go with a more pale like taupe color so its like a more delicate mural. is taupe brown? oh well funny you should ask, i have so many options i need a paint opener joey yes, will you bring me a paint opener. i'm charging you guys for dental work yeah, i don't think i need it alright fine. i'll take it. i'll take it. huh i'm like out of breath like huh oh that's pretty. isn't that pretty?

so i'm a taupe color? yea you're totally taupe i'm totally taupe. i think when it comes to murals. i love the one where you have the houston map, and it's like integrating into la map, okay, that was my favorite yeah, i didn't want to you know i didn't wanna imprint is joey around? oh i love it. it's gonna be so good oh that's pretty. very medium. that's really pretty. i'll do like... oh wow, i straight-up thought that was white. this is like me and my different shades in the summer. wait it's a what

oh my god these are too many options what did you really have to turn off the cameras for this one save some battery on these bad boys because i don't know she has three options in front of me, and i'm not able to choose. you're having paralysis oh, no, you can't make a wrong choice. this is gonna be the most vintage looking one i think yeah cuz that's gonna need the most like faded looking which is gonna be really pretty that's totally your secret choice still like these are great this one subtle vintage. you're gonna love it. choose it dude yeah this is it. right?

this can't go wrong. it's it's so freakin pretty i'm so excited to see it come to life. so now we know the mural we know the color. yeah this is where i kick you out all right, so kate told me to get out of the room so she can do her thing whatever do your painting. i'm gonna miss you. yeah, sure whatever no, i am. i have a boyfriend mentally imagine this room before. because when you see it next it's gonna be vintagey and subtle and sophisticated liza i can see you. no you can't can you really? how about now? i mean it's hard, but yeah. i guess i'm just gonna sit here and talk to the camera

i can't sit, i can't be here either? what don't you understand about kicking out? get out of the video. i can just stay right here i don't need to. no no get outta here! hey, guys sorry about that ah, oh my god so the plan is because we're doing this mural kind of a third of the way up the wall we need a dividing line, so while kate finishing the mural. it's looking amazing i'm gonna go ahead and build a shelf that we're gonna put wall-to-wall

we're gonna use some slightly more advanced techniques and get some floating shelves in there. we're gonna build everything out of apple ply which is a multi-layered birch wood with a maple front. it's a finished material which is really great because we don't have time to do like raw wood and stain and all that kate, come check this out oh..that looks soo good exactly how i imagined this is a great dividing line right there joey wam bam install someone order a rug cuddle? this natural fiber rug is gorgeous

it's kind of a bleached tone so rather than being a yellowy jute it has more of a white tone to it beautiful oh this rug has obviously been through alot this is like whose line is it anyway? oh yea where they like give you a weird thing? that's what i was gonna do! i grew up watching whose line is it anyways? i would do that like a prop game where everyone just has to make up stuff with the props so its rug improvisation instead of a cuddle

no, oh no what do you think of my one curly lock? it's like a you know it's like a curly i have curly hair. it's like a rat tail. come on eh eh eh joey this is where you get so sweaty. join up my pool lounger oh it's a pool noodle i just love a good cuddle with kate on someone else's rug. all right. let's build this bed think we need to take the bed out or lift it up. i'll go up you keep it from slamming into the wall, okay

so we build the bed sideways, and now we have to turn it around. this room is so small. i don't know turning this bed around is gonna be interesting. you got to lift it a little bit so you can come towards me here we go wait joey i'm actually getting flattened. i'm feeling myself flattenning no joey this is like a marilyn manson video the beautiful people. copyright move out from behind the bed kate. i can't lift it up so on the side of the beds we're giving her these cool mid-century modern nightstands kate thinks she's in like an action movie right now with the saran wrap even though like it's really not that much saran wrap

alright, so on top of these nightstands. we're gonna do some industrial looking swing-arm sconces. we're not gonna hardwire we're gonna let the cables be exposed because that's sort of the vibe that we're going for all right, so let's go back in the office and talk through the plan for that room kate, come over here. let's talk about the plan so here's your sketch, then here's a scale version of it so basically we're gonna install the countertop on top of these and we're gonna do a full built-in system around it. yeah, so these shelves extending up all on this wall so we can create kind of a built-in look, right? but have them be like natural wood shelves and then two pieces of art and two shelving areas here, but like hung the wall you know? right you got these knobs somewhere else. yeah, i didn't like the knobs that came on them. so we're customizing.

okay, customizing and throwing! do you have a you have screws for these? isn't there a screw in there? yeah, but i don't know if this size screw works. i know what you're gonna say next knob race, that's not what i was gonna say but i'm down. ready set go no but i don't like the competition side of things you brought it up, okay? well without making the biggest mess ever and also singing in perfect pitch owwww number two knob is on damnit. see as soon as it's competitive i just fall apart i got 6 knobs done and you only did 2

okay, so back in the bedroom. let's finish that room up. on the side tables i'm going clean i'm just doing a nice marble clock then on the other side, i'm doing an air plant, a little coaster tray... i quickly did some watercolor line art you guys know that i love easy and forgiving art and there's a very peaceful look to it and they're gonna look great inside the mats inside these rose gold frames i also love these frames. they're basically just two pieces of glass that clasp together but of course i can't sandwich any real leaves or anything in there, so i am going outside to trim some of her faux plants. so this bedding is high-quality. beautiful linens, i wanted to do something striped because that has a really vintage look

but i chose a smaller stripe for the sheets, and then a larger border stripe for the duvet cover and then i'm gonna layer a quilt down over the foot a little extra moment of coziness. a lot of people think that because i am a colorful person that i would want like a rainbow house when in actuality because i'm around so much color all the time i want to come home and have my space be really peaceful and kind of neutral. and liza's the same way! as you can tell also by her instagram her taste is very in the neutral color zone. those grays and browns and whites and blacks on top of the shelf i want to keep the styling really minimal i texted her i was like do you want real or fake plants and she said fake i can't be responsible for a living thing copy that got her off fake plants, and then i love this mirror

it's just hanging from a chain it has this little tiny fold down tray in the corner, there's really only room for a small chair i wanted to bring in another mid-century moment to complement the side tables so this rocking chair is perfect and then next to it this braided basket it's really soft and then inside this awesome macrame blanket all right, we're ready to show liza. liza get up here. oh my god i'm gonna put you into position and we're gonna count before you're gonna look okay? i'm sweating profusely i feel the need to pee pee there may actually be a tiny bit of pee pee in my pants cuz i'm bout to see the room. so room one of two- so just so imagine what it was like before

one, two, three! ah! i can't! and she refuses to open her eyes i can't look i got nervous! do it again, do it again, do it again, do it again! one-two- three my eyes are still not open are you serious? yeah they're like glued shut i'm so nervous go go do it again ok..one.two..three

ahhhhh.......oh my god o-m-g they came! i literally have no english like no english cannot speak right now i'm sorry oh my god. this is beautiful that looks so good. right? we chose that color the mural the mural came to life and can see the houston into the hollywood sign such good taste, i haven't moved from this spot. walk walk. oh my god. i'm litterally i know i know. im shaking look at these, they're so beautiful can i touch em? is it mine?

look, i can do whatever i want to any of this it's so pretty. are these real? no it isn't, i cut some of your plants outside yeah, well thank god i don't have to water these so, i didn't want to over style the shelf cuz we so much you know going on with the mural but you can totally just open your closet take all that stuff and just put it on the shelf oh you guys redid my closet too? you know what's fun now? what? we get to go check out the other room is this a segway? this is a segway lets go! i'm already shaking

we're gonna just fall apart k, don't open your eyes. i'm gonna vomit, i'm gonna vomit we're gonna position you into place. oh no i can't do this again one...two..three oh my god, i dropped my gum again to be continued.... this is a segway oh my god! are you okay? are you okay?

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