wohnzimmer bilder glas

wohnzimmer bilder glas

growing herbs in your kitchen will make your kitchen looks more exotic. but, don't buy my words until you finished watching this video. this is 5 diy ideas how to grow herbs in a kitchen by simphome.com 1. hanging herbs growing herbs in a kitchen is totally simple. the main thing you need to consider is the position to grow herbs. hanging herbs in best spot in your kitchen is recommended for you. remember that herbs or plants need light to grow well. you can use hanging pot to grow herbs,

and then hang it on spot that receives enough light. finally, your herbs can grow well and add exotic look in your kitchen. you can also hang more than one hanging herbs to make your kitchen looks fresh. 2. pvc planter when you want to grow herbs, you may be confused by a type of planter for growing your herbs. don’t worry because of it. do you have pvc pipe? it is recommended planter to grow your herbs. by using it, you can grow herbs in your kitchen.

make sure you choose best spot for placing pvc planter. for example, you can use area in front of kitchen windows because it is area that receives enough light. 3. glass jar planter actually, there are so many ideas about material you can use for growing your herbs. how about glass jar? have you ever thought about it? glass jar can be used as planter to grow your herbs in your kitchen. by using small glass jars, you can grow various types of herbs. don’t forget to place every jar in best spot.

for your recommendation, you can place glass jars on small rack or mounted shelves that receives enough light. it will make your herbs grow well because get enough light. 4. tin can planters if you don’t have small glass jars, you can use tin can to grow your herbs. you may have various tin cans because often buy products with tin can, such as canned food. don’t throw tin can to your bin rubbish

because it can be used for other purposes. for example, you can clean your tin can and covers it using good wrapper. finally, you can use tin can for growing your herbs. 5. plastic bottle herbs not only tin can, you can also use plastic bottle for growing your herbs. you may have so many plastic bottles. cut a half of bottle, and then use it for growing various herbs. by mounting plastic bottle herbs,

your kitchen will look more interesting. especially, you use some plastic bottles to grow various herbs. there are still many ideas about growing herbs in your kitchen. hopefully, some information above will help you to grown herbs in your kitchen perfectly. come back again next time with more home, kitchen makeover and decorating ideas. like this video, comment it, or better yet share it with everyone in your social circle. don't forget to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you. see you again later and thanks for watching

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