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calling all are copyrighted program created by way of branding walls and ugly calling all of ournational guard broadcast two hundred seventy degrees regarding we're going tomove the old bruno air and public enemy number one a motoristthatcher the woman apartment to protect but dot pretends to be strongly thatweek at the crime branch to put that kind ofoil in your crankcase and believe me

that kind of crime doesn't pay t_v_ itdoes taking you really were and here are some of the reasons you can't break it down with the andindeed it your practice be and this is especially important in weatherfordthere's swept but it will be a little blurb written part of your motor can'tbe beat guarded by even zero temperatures you know what this means but even thoughyour contest in the cold iraq are out in the open all night fifty or one hundredpercent pelican bay soil because even the most remote moving part of yourmotor the instant ended up on the stock

the allure goes to work immediately and right here on wednesday evenings atthe oil you're using it looking on the job but be a loop to work but you're notlater than tomorrow morning when you drop around your neighborhood rio grandeif they can with a police car performance rio grande attracted themost highly recommended governing sold in the west historian dramatize tonight had beentaken from the confidential files of the los angeles police department we havetherefore us captain muffle smith robert detailed began a forward to our program

or more than five years this department has been cooperatingwith the sponsors of calling all cars and every mike now on the list as ofthis program problems that face law enforcementofficers and their quest for the solution to crimes the fact that we have reiterated truth that crime of any sort of losinggame criminal still feel that they can't beatthat game tonight's story as a case in point

man who committed the crime of which weshall tell you tonight at every incentive incentive to gostraight to be a good citizen let them worry they money may timberlinedeluding nature of the game he tried to play we shall see of the program progresses now he learned that crime never can play detailing the hour of midnight on himbut when it that nineteen twenty eight officer age the warden according to theground nine most people trying to move

just emerging from the deep counteredwith a lot of the street lamp account of running p brington obstruct bracingpodium at the wild ideal come quick doesn't that happen register we'redistrict there mapmarker right come on i think he's been murdered peopel bloodydepartment ought to mean yeah he's out of there but had a lot of funpleasure to have become inhabit recognize they expected he'd landmark criminal conduct what park baker to put on a map c guitar

you're right about its been murder did you come across and whom just a fewminutes ago or your back here in the dark at this time and i thought it was alot of money picks it up so if i could sleep me tosay you live in this thing here or talking with the guy run from stationupon may be okay with him for your living there but i don't think itappreciate having people bomb properties parking lot so you're back up along withnew uploaded waters part time later detective lieutenantcalley sanders complaining about you assistant chief of detectives thedistrict attorney thorough investigation

arrive at the scene of the murders effective in the central plains whatalready higher in question that young parker you discovered the body when thetwo investigators join the group product enactment of the one up on themargin sharp on a more rydberg whenever bump tomorrow losers aren'telectronic on those anderson says is named sam parker lives in the parking lot nobody wherethey murder man was gone problem of more than one thousand and on take a look at the dead man firstprograms to matters

an area of the victim is parker says is named bill and cindy themliving in his truck reporter with the city do you make of the senate where i was not much there others that iwas killed you can see for yourself it's obviousgoes question and his old deep dish is always hiddenphrase she's been dead about three hours most likely come through this or somekind of a heavy weapon

with this and that is roles conduct so what did they give moral surfersprobably the gravel was parking ramp let's take a look around at fort ruckerhansen's attorney for the who might find some okay condition with several parker knowsabout this recruit their figure that matters in here at therear of the truck provable they gonna that removal of their

barge or who is a man's blood-stainedheadline right at the edge of uconn rember the name you know if you took a cancerous truckmurder diesel truck through a gravel disturbed and esplanaderecovery skin the fans and has been going to cost a lot of theauto body were parker's weeks it's reasonable luxuries have to parker and see what hesays good idea which we define a motive for thisbusiness one was quick to prop up there

generally do resolving this won't be theexception their parker take a look at this pathway a yeah the jurors norte maron tensions are seen one along you know the answer that week he drove adult rockingham co droppedmore per week sparking

but it was written by a new kind of along time who wrote more uh... runs a filling station in the park i don't know workaround reform in thatrespect metal truck by there with him in an apartment living in a lot i mean right three weeks ago in traveling the country will just tryand find a job because you have any

money sure a key role bills but to talk orhorse but you find a statement paper theparking space none of them as part of snow sandy research parker here correct yeah he's got a quarter and sell oneblazes that looks like your problem or just up the car out there in thedriveway from the service station bronze andy let's find out what it's all about taiwan written

yeah does anybody else process while these people disguised are driving here and thendecided to back out in a big worries that you don't want to get mixed up inanything there what's your name is dead and they harbor what do you think you might get mixed upin something uh... solid cops but well on the south and that i think

uh... there may be coming in here you see the station was closed couldn'tit road charlotte industry where partnerstruck was here pierce at a job for monday and i wonder checked up on the with your partner francisco ten l_a_ keeps this truck andcar here and does greece jobs and stuff like that

where you've been tonight well we uh... that is this new bankshere and i went to the movies clean runaway home when i said i want to stophere why what's happened you don't know there's been a murder it no that's why i don't remember the name of hansen's has beenfound murdered every line by an auto body of the room alot you mean the auto body where sam parkersleeps

tell me what do you know volume partner well nothing much he did some work forfinale and made that the pip for us live the retract we just put in reduces the type of men who commitmurder well little but then of course he was well mobile if the guy that killed at nicole youcan't tell her i say i'm sorry harper row after or duringyour lady friend for further questioning

when i went up and sharper and also later they may not use internetsent him a question in parker at the same problem with that up parker what you're doing yesterday that was uh... saturday went through a movie about have passedfor when i got out of work quarterly

went to a dance around san peter street do you know about it but that's allnamrita met a girl there remains and smith with that's together most the time tolearn that out that was about eleven o'clock announcer constrictor get rid of the streetcar yeah many came back to the parking lotmisplaced intentions had for his bankroll is that in our never did

macabre there walked around the cornerof the truck seen that happen weaned on the market and seeing the blood money went on over my shaklee person a man's body mind and barbaragoing to get that cup what time was that wilbur quarter past eleven you into killed and some no sir

except it wasn't me all right but we have to hold your materialwitness thinking of a likable bread okanagan matches what do you think orca story sounds trite still ahead a potential motive formurder in the old man on it screw then do even really had a quarter on himwhen he was arrested he still had time

to hide hansen's bankroll between thetime of the killing and when he went out to call the officer letters from long runs a pledge no and harper gimme more service progress and the man of the pick him up and one is at him as will pick upfrancisco from l_a_ harper's partner i can look at what he has to say goodideas and impeded form

pleasure just to go back to deny fromwall whom the cancer research in the parking lot was too dark to see much of anythingwhen we were there before now and we can learn something with knowingthis time and this is an trooper have better luck than we hadlast night when the convention struck nine might find something that will be wasreally doing the relatives you might have if nothing else

it's a funny thing that menus and thatcould look at it the more often than late or you pick them up sooner or lateris from the people looking and intentions truck at least slipped in the back here that's where we're going to look first you have to really can young fellow unlocking the servicestation up front must be more

school another word zero hitters okay into the champ is it just polanddevelopments and liquor makers is twelve dollars a just found hiddenaway in this corner and enhancements and more money than v hasrefundable writers andy religious kind of that cynthia screwingaround at this trip then it must be totally harbour told me the truck belonged tohim you know it uh... we send out a man to pick up two suspects for questioningand he can't find them

than the two suspects walk right intoour hands here comes the intro to open up the service station we've got on his mind smarter you guys going to be around herebrio uh... more i run the station parking lot we should go and get through raised a hand we find out all we won'tknow yeah i'm always busy on sunday police beingit will help to promote good business

worked just to read it where there's never a good business finite cops holistic charming fellowisn't it orlando similar to replace those workingwith her on this trip a lot of good business it's a fact building a better time than twelvedollars and twenty five cents to solve this matter muddy and so what is a clueas to whether or not d_n_a_ relatives has grown to over troubled appearstructurally detailing divining your francisco operate

sure actually act refer police headquarters you know about the murder that happenedthere last night cured i no that was margaret well that'sall i know we're suppose you begin with yesterdayno and tell us what you did and we went to bed should wear white-hot i look at the gas station in afternoonbecause they're out for more said he wanted a little amanda hansen tosee about a truck elected in the past the normal comebackabout at three o'clock

where they alone when they returnedtheir no i'm as was with them whose owners as a got a friend of aroute and that out when into office a c embedded in a couple bottle what happened there an engine and ralph left after thatmight keep one look at the station whatever of tibet well about that

quarter to six package parang said that that they wanna however in a meal which whatkind of hurt even more drugs my and she's a fraction ralph was that i have a chevrolet poolplay go on went from about a six o'clock in thatclean up then i have a dinner with a friend ofmine address and we make a shoot the poor and feel alittle after eight were to go from the pool

point defense of the shadow boiler roomone all can watching to see what a great friend of mine what tends to watch left about a midnight i driver had amother home in the hudson yes and i went to a new evening at joined onthe pico state when i met fred and i have a dinner with him i went on a home from that anywhere nearthis parking lot all evening not not alright we'll talk to you again later one if you assume that morrissey let'sassume she can't tell much less than

everybody else's wal-mart warrior minute when i ask you some questions has cancer islas hare or a way one oh resorted to only something aboutyourself older ariane where you live not that it's any of your business but ia m twenty four am single in the middle

of my folks and he had this problem level because what you did last night see a girl friend of mine last night there was an is two atm colors of the couple of the girls roof admission and event

swirled girls to nevermind that when they do that you got there fool around went out to get something to eat other people then i was dirty so mine isnot go to my house floor since change clothes and in the living about the killingthose morning where's your car and that one

alleged driving a chevrolet groupe sdn or was it will belong to uh... worked on it left it where you found it is what do you mean by that where are you says a lot of spell it more i suppose i might as well come clean

stole etc on friday night in thedriveway near fifty fourth street and second avenue it didn't go to a club this morningpride picket line as well drawback to the place had gotten it overdone as of last minute first timein architects inc started out of the station the crew buta flat tire went to a russian into a bigger picturethat mccauley caden one out then is is pickedher up came back down to the garage who

perspec step by then so we took itardmore but you might as well make up your mindeither stay in jail until we can check your alibi that go to your friends and i a little pay few hours later in the bags on hisknees and burning with captain james up being keeper the homicide it a lot of office your seo airports is basing their readit the red planet m is it

stage of them have a possible motive andthey all had an opportunity that kill hanson reassure the motive of rubber andi'm certain of it sir there's no trace of hansen's bankrollanywhere none of the forces but said much cash onhand when taken into custody loaded would have been easier to hide hansen'smoney after killing him administer it in a bid to becomeunavailable as there's always the chance you know thatsomeone besides these former member of the old man when strom with

i think you know more opportunity killedhim and ride the body of the parkers truck so it looked like the trampledunder remain because the lead the day after the delivered to your needed openthe grammar minimum exactly well i gotta get mike tomorrow has keptare some people come in here with more last night this week in a chance tocheck on his alibi good oscillator senate alleged opening new tango designers chapman is the other thing foreign minister or any kind of like matthew's really hadsome for really does go his hopes on

about time uh... samson here sedonis chipman thinking this chapman hall all of you know whenralph more bottom-line question for you about what you did together on saturdaynight now came out about how things work inclose that attacks he was waiting and hiscontact i had trouble he went on top story house on alameda street into hishouse for authority to clean up

we've gotten is computerized firstfelony not that the campbell you go inside his house no i waited in the car did you notice any errors scratches onwelfare news flesh wound he had a bandage on his hand but i know you cantalk about a week ago didn't get to know about it less tough race but on the bandits fromwell said he'd get the cut not me developed a label on that cookery sherrysaid at the time to do nothing what you're up to it reaches his clothesthat night at his house

film around eleven and went around from the sea was rolled through nervous to do you expect you living uh... did he give you any money did notice he was nervous that regarding apologized for not havinggone home to change before he came we've been working with a little after ten o'clock

which is a sure of the time because i'vebeen expecting instantiate he didn't give me any money what im definetely ro around midnight hello thank you mister quinn so you may go now thank you here that matters and as chapman says u_s_ ralph atmidnight he told us it was too a m and i got that they go to our make up for atrek up one more movements that night

if you go back in the morningreciprocate the some of the struggle to get it lieutenants and of themselves with thegarage man where more bodies tie repaired with the cab driver both corroborate the statements of moreanon has to happen battlestar pingback comes like playing in my view is that just in theoffice of the tenants and modeling morning developments a man to be sending planet

is to have been reported to me that thetire tracks we found that run through that pool of blood strongly resemblesabout tyrone tamales hudson beat office in l_a_ or of course what he sticks to his original storylike a week object with the many had dinner withthat might be verified tamales statements limited to locate the girlie took to thedance and looks like we're up against a stone wallhasn't i've got four parker and harper way ofsaying i was just gonna call harper and

when you arrive tend to make itsomething new by questioning a million going to try it sent harboring a red and i wish you luck well i gotta stay in jail tenant arenever mind you were completely you came back to the service station twomajor accomplice didn't you to meet the man who had killed hansonand was going to split review naal well uh... was comes back to meet someof the allen i didn't know about the murder mister would you go back to me

and that's why we were recognized thatin the park well i a london get a new actual for thepier struck and i didn't have any money to pay for it so park and i were just well uh... unstable on uh... he said he knew where we might be ableto pick one up that was all honest uh... you can get back to yourself

evans and parker enhancement with this case doesn't need anything outof stock so far man reasonably finding out everything butwho killed their lance and i said we can't find the murder but we're kind ofone car theft and potential robertson harper says you're you're gonna stealmax a last saturday night if you want that's right that's over who's going todo right instead of our customers startedyou can go into where there's nothing else you forgot step on you know whether to know ever sciencesbankroll

yeah remember he's sardarji hats off saruta said and that's that or no further along than when we started deliberate alibis matthews opportunity at parker and only more has no alibi

there's an hour or so the night of themurder he has in the cupboard for one of those other alibis might be framed more seems like a nice chin good familyand all certainly he does need to collect someof the others credit but there's a few things about that young man i intend toclear up many of the underling first aboard brokerage parents then i'm gonnamake a complete search of that service station i've just got an idea of a murder weaponmay be in that in both instances lieutenants andersonis rewarded

at the home of more parents sufferedabout staying shoes as well not the service station he found ablood-stained gasoline pump rant tucked away under some rides in a smallcomfort back in his office and it's more is moreto be brought over materials looking to confront him with this new evidence he and may not use or reading the policereport on more which has just been submitted as in a very good reporters in state this report dates back three years innineteen twenty five

was arrested in utah for a little fathere little interest or ford car in losangeles reprimanded provo utah ascends to ten months the county jail broketheir list all of the current came back corporal sandals policemen sentenced tofederal prison with kansas missy was released from the and june twenty sixthof this year who see it's almost six months to the date onthe night of haitians mother is more about that okay

one anymore you murdered and some we're talkingabout told you before i didn't yes we happen to know what it costpossible too that i had a hand in it he hasn't explained that bloodstaintired as yet but i think he only drove you back tothe station after you left the coupes somewhere he didn't commit the murder you don't know what to take over all yeswe can with on the gasoline pump arrange withthe blood on it

we got the tennis shoes you wore theirstained with hanson's blood too much of the gloves hansen's blood for police chemists are for we know you had a lot of money latesaturday night money you didn't get legitimately peoplepay their bills that day at several hundred dollars worth they didn't we know you're excited nervous thatnight at the worst fresh blood on your hand bandage we also know you didn't leave theparking lot and laughter and so was dead

because it's kind of friendly alligator sandi potter and a few more you've got a marvelous mother find sweet religious woman are you going white fair enough confessing his crimes clearing soul collado

tells what really happened like a pretty drunk after the spanishanup methanol hanson came into the service stationoffice asks for a drink dilemma didn't have one ticket outlets tried to fight i picked up a piece i a m i don't knowwhat it was leverage i hit him with it

him again his arms around my waist like heartanalytical tried to get a him again on top of the head stockpile is coming nicholas kristof around my waist largerthan i didn't know it was dead footsteps ministry but still

stood excuse me an awful style surge ekdum over that old laundry talk but it took hismoney i thought the police at the park i'vedone it another way dot lights uh... right i came back ethnic open flow to the caracas

and you'd let parker who is definitely adevil just so you have some dildo blowin is that it it shouldn't be a good too until i think i don't believe you more and idon't believe the story of the fight at a different note miss tillygovernment in your own mind and struck him down lately artistic but didn't was an accident

i would still have a political purposehonestly i wouldn't and i suppose it was an accident that you don't have money to uh... more it doesn't have a answered to meet another chance in which ensure that it is to say thatcells inarticulate babble in just a moment captain smith willconclude our problem don't forget what i told you at thestart of the program friends protect your car and the money youinvested in it with really

the motor oil that flows freely in thecoldest weather and cannot be broken down at the fastestspeedy in the hottest weather senior independently around againtomorrow and get the money saving power hepburn mileage of the old democrat the governing that is painless forisrael police comparable shit that doesn't mean that is first inpublic service happens with ralph laura was brought to trial in thecourt for the late judge william tell adler and wassentenced to life imprisonment and

folsom the judge was careful to include arecommendation at more never be paroled the tire tracks up to now is on mobilewere found to be americorps incidents and he was cleared of any connectionwith the current thank you kevin smith gambling is going on for the nationalguard has little broadcast two hundred seventy three regarding the murder dignitaries and linda didn't linen this is an average of have beenmentioned

revealed that night or rio grande next week at this time rio grande theywill not be on the air but on the part of marks will presentp_m_ comparable missus jumble this is the columbia broadcasting system ballpark copyrighted program created by rio grande and will be held hearings on the mooncardinal garden road s two hundred seventy dreamland

does the new world wouldn't the old days amount prevention worth a pound of cureapplies not only with the help of human beings part of the well-being ofautomotive only tens of thousands of motorists havebeen reported moving crankcase delivery a little bar rio grande a pennsylvaniais the best way to prevent costly repair bill that's true rio with another way of paying repentedlubrication

fifty or one three percent better thanbased lubricant field remote not only in the beating going davidfromm but in the bom bom bom a day the winnersbecause it's made that way real little expect the refinement cannotbe slowed up by freezing weather that cannot be broken down by your manoffspring the incident you step on the stock that'd be in the folder early morning orlate at night understanding of the open several hours maybe a little more realthan the pennsylvania under your command immediately appalling to everybodypromoted to poke it would be like

reserving protection until friends why use some inadequateoil when really has everything coffee or only twenty five tons of corn when youvisit your rear and if you're in the morning with that kind of a policeproblem on his part gasoline take on a bank case full of wherepreventing really you'll get the best that money can buy and the story we return i and taken to theconfidential files of the show san joaquin dot

we have a report out martin and co to propel forward to our program we have stressed repeatedly on thisprogram the fact that crime does not pay we've cited many examples of criminalswho thought they could be too long and criminal records contain many casesof clever men and women who have a fourth time escaped punishment for theirdeeds such was the case with the criminal inthe story we're about to hear what once more we can point definitelytoward case filed and say most

conclusively that regardless of how boldor crafty or clever or stupid yelled about result of crime is the same it cannot pay uh... attacker in the study of the over callaway rep doctored honorable had administered at adults per poison tothe government hundred can he do grandchildren it was obvious to the mystified doctortwo women were beyond all hope of

recovery high-tech children's deaths made during the actually will be all right in the morning and i think steve he's a very sick woman and can't understand what you and thechildren eight group called only and know that candy and they gave the children one pc

but my fist in anger death before we went to be inflated toget became that's why i feel suet it came in the mail stockton californiamain difference of opinion knocked down at camp in the menu and then tapped intoa similar in the message with the caning nonunion lefties paraffin baby canteen ending which has been had nothing to do now but talk to thepolice about that time

without here surrounding the police in dover delaware one of thecheck up on a case for that we didn't have enough of our own cases in stockton well it seems a box of candy witharsenic in that were sent from here to a congressman's daughter it killed her mother sister and they gotthe kids the congressman republican a democrat that's not the angle it was a cases some cranking to be a lotsimpler with them

it doesn't seem to be any angle that's what we got to get don't tell me where managing to work onexcept a box of canada was mailed from him just one thing this woman at the candy was addressed toadd a husband he was a war correspondent mean ordainedby the name according to your shuttle in san francisco she's living in stockton that song

with the discarded a shot and know thata woman to set the fences which to war correspondents works universe or as a marvelous all we've got to do is find boarded theshuttle and put the cups on a per murdering a couple women she never sell i admit that there were police have very flattering opinion of us three project poison sales in routinestuff but lead from that angle the chancellor thousand when they get himout of the husband about the shuttle

them and linda if we establish a movie will havesomething to work on i mean maybe you're too well something like that renewal in san francisco i suppose all will have to do withescort daily about their friendship and should give us all the intimate details and by the way a i won't go to the panel

and according to reports six years ago six years and how long and his wife the credit inever so i won't even living back east five years uh... listen some crazy about all this just wanted to see if you had the sameidea and yeah go get your sample rotation at thedust it off so we're gonna visit could then contactthe seller need brushes if you give us one good lead will be the best sample wegot sample what

come on let's get going seem to be getting awfully fond of this brush selling stuff it's amazing whatyou can learn about crime the good morning would you be willing to accept anabsolutely free sample of the house or brush with a thousand using alive reallydon't need any bashing all that you've never seen anything like online it'suh... it's an awfully hot day could we trouble you for a drink

and take your always say they don't likethat night drink on a hot day that uh... they've got a promise not to tell meanything opera night happened yet fury it back and it can present fellows like you hada good line there and if m hampshire identify i mean that's nice ofyou to give us a great i'm glad to justin around i think it would adult dayat work one more than alone well in if you gotsome water that'd be just fine line insist on a custom

i don't think we're going to get out ofplace but we want is uh... buzzes just let me leading the way and i think of all the energy i wish thebest in this blisters wiped out it helping clean water wicket sociable thank you yeah sure thursday hamas hits the spot now this is mighty good stuff yeah

don't pay attention to him as the firsttime ever tasted water at that point you know i i can't look at it and at the manson minus inflation hare hare you have toget awfully lonely i mean uh... tasa my husband away from home in you don'tsay don't tell me you waste your life in this town now that you spent plenty of time in sanfrancisco it is the type for bright lights and anight spots and all that sort of thing and i'll be in the san francisco

you know i'm sure i've seen you before wenzhou in san francisco about five asix years ago and i think that the data that's all atlantis docked businessmen will try to can't years ago well i'm sorry we can set any brusheswith the shuttle you know many over yesterday next doorat as one of the tricks of the trade well i gotta tell somebody preciosarivera lot impolite when you've got another line

made with it black bag yet once was or do you mean baby is forty private reasonably which is subjective rage you can see that six years ago sheprobably was able to do a lot of subtracting distracting

sir you're going to keep right onselling rushes through the entire neighborhood final human nature and neighborhoodgossip you'll end up plenty about cordelia well first of all my brushes ifyou do that before you get the dope on prodigy of intern in your bed to be abrush salesman well i gotta build in level with thewoman that people were so wanted to talk about this could be a good shot niceword you know must have asked the person that promisesshe's only been living here with her husband four months

for months where she lived in san francisco she moved to stockton eight years agowith her husband that she was gone from home for weeks and months of the time and six years ago she leaves for sanfrancisco and doesn't come back until four months ago although i could get was that she was aneighborhood character of everyday tasks until i got chummy with an old maid wholives in the next block sold made a lot of cats in an album thatcovered it will be ghost now because of

in stock today at what about produceincome there this old maid had a sister that live insan francisco somehow got acquainted with cleopatra shuttle when she was upthere you when the correspondence that went on between these two old maid wouldburn up as fast as stationing right just remember that shuttle was thirtyeight at the time but she was really getting around sanfrancisco well she was sitting on a bench ingolden gate park one afternoon when the spelling thank you brian

you've got to hang kitchens you likey and company yet so kindly after all it was apleasure pleasure i'm sure because monthly gain nishant being you make a lovelypetitioning company always filled them out and that's notgallantry i have i used to seeing you universal such as usual apac saddamvenite really shouldn't let q the tom daschle cruel cruel

now i can't be on the denied gays after all there's no harm being totally peopletalking to each other disney as you know i was only i guess i'm justfreaky had believed that your riser hypnotic iffy kingstonbeautifully i'll get to me armistead you guessed it again and war correspondent for ubuntunewspapers right now there are many first class warso i'm at liberty

my name's john dunn sometime well have treated you i think you're talking to a politicalpeople like me my name's cooking instructor glazier sure and that i'm not really into it i'm afraid to tell you how old i am new what needs to be

markle and interested very much milk and eighty three attitude charge is beginning to live if you let me know surely ought to bedone but it'll be wonderful time only twenty eight but i've been all over theworld really allowed all of my you know uh... with it lucky woman has a narrating carla andmary did congressman pens velvet we've been married here and i have a daughter with a man of the world like myselfthere's no reason why

we shouldn't see a lot of each other and nothingbetween fidel parent capital weight two hundred myhusband and family constructing but my husband isn't interested in anythingbut easy outgrow atlanta stroll what do you see if we take one and but the defeat really sold in thedirection of my apartment's pool beaten kiddo huddledup they have another war starts ill have toget along without me

with a got acquitted six years ago few weeks after another according theold maid grapevine done took an apartment in the samebuilding with a and his wife starts to wander wise awayfrom home so much right somebody writes are one of those wellwishing friend letters in spills the beans so she picks up the baby daughter andheads for the congressman's home and over and she's been there ever since shetland and get rid of these funny andstay that way for six years

caused by this time cordially was fortyfour in have grown from the full blown to theoverblown here's some of it well-done that start to roll over on thepeople s_c_ at about six months ago the amalgamatedpress assigned their war correspondent casanova to put a rico but he had a neat little arbors alonewhen he told courting effects very bad news caribbean we put hisdonatelli quickly institute rico

actively tonight death not purple out dot department doing what welcome but you don't understand that icouldn't think of taking you to a place like that that's what makes me so sad john nomatter what kind of a place to be although we do the ends of the year buti don't want to clarify including its impossible absolutely all the questionsundone you said you didn't want to go that's what you mean by them hitting theato of course i want to go but you must realize i simply can't take you live atwell

that is i well elf islas no not that itell you like and how does it all right you asked for it i'm going alone and i don't intend toreturn to california ever matter of fact then going to see my wifeand i get backing for eagle okay let me back say that again it let me the first time i'm sorry you had to be this waywell-timed don't stop that you'll we it's

hinted worded and company four monthsago she came back here to start date hasbeen living with husbands ever since just like that she's a lady who does what she wantswhat he wants to in one way or another and we're going to learn a lot moreabout the book the shit shuttles waves it she sent that those who can do thedunlap halloween or style of doing things a lotof things are beginning to end up let's plan hampshire tag on it says almost all marketsreconstruction

well that's what leadership that was inthe box of two bittersweet candy that killed don's wife and her sister and anddoes it take to tell u of md she looks like we did a straightforward stand herebut we got to prove it so you're going to that shop but i'mgoing to the nearest candy store right shouldn't be hard to describe cordeliaso they'll remember if you ever bought anything cordelia is definitely a typo estados and from the sheriff's office

and you have any other clerks liquid oncustomers know asap that canada has and catching these days well andrew describe a woman that mayhave bought up on box it can be a couple weeks ago a police that that i couldn'tremember that fan i wait a minute is your wife ever in the store ammaabout china uh... man well you're a member of this woman ifshe was in the air she had a very striking in littlemessiah has worked long wavy leisure about forty five years old somewhatbuxom infected quite plentiful here in

their all have and i didn't think shewas fortified or you do remember sure do well but wasn't the only reason sachets indirectly right away aseem if she was inspection and in asshe wanted uh... satin session and because of the she looks are if gary each need not be a setting it shows a candidate uh... just name itwith regard to i want to buy a box of candy but i want to talk about a legalmid-nineteenth easy out one thing that you can keep i want to and handkerchiefwith at handkerchief and and i think i

can find a better idea and something else identified no alone and sure hope he'll come around fromtime to spend can make it worth it one of the sender handkerchief yet machine any better and gave us special place thank you verymuch indeed mr house and if she comes back uh... shall act hard characteristic in time for the department on the storewith a hundred bridges an inground

emissary to the source of the poison i got a bill with my description cordelia rememberthe right now she bought the negative about ten daysago as she's a gal it's harder to get and begins to look like she made itimpossible for them to three other now we've got to do is find the drugstores who bought the poison find it uh... but we're heading for right now if i know cordelia issued in hershopping all a bunch

she went in here if you're in for louforeign you can't go wrong on clinton his farm commando employers in gentleman at you keep a record of all poison salesgentlemen we do you step back here with me you don't have to tell me where you'refrom development is a violent poisoned says what name do you suppose he's using thereincarnation of the cruise aboard of mister how come you know so far ahead ofus

alt first look at this name so that when you want cordelia shuttle it sure is what made you remember will she gave thedone this reason i never get them wanting to buy a poison she came in about two weeks ago a bottle iced tea

but uh... madam arsenic usually doesn't permit good for me you know i want to find a box of we'recompelled by law to ask what reason you have for buying a deadly poison just doesn't matter for now but in hotinstead uh... institute what'd you say you want to do forhigh-tech i wanted to tina hot does clean hot stephanie yes ma'am

i could suggest something far moreeffective the most dangerous to have a if you don't you just tell me what iwalked off stage still orders story novel that's a lot more than we needed to know all right jill was critical of the in will you let me be the one that putlittle ring around the wrist full-throated itself went on trial superior court telephone

three months later up to the bottom ofthe gate at the present for the rest of the natural light but that wasn't the most profoundshop-at-home inaudible career but that doesn't walking in the vicinityof stands as material a familiar figure stored in his direction pilgrim inside but uh... that morning cutting throughheadsets uh... okay picked apart nice seeing you someday before not jacksmith michael i_q_ that's an awful sign

and state department and i know you very well but tonight atmidnight accomplishing out do you really want to know my name on it do you wanna know me we're going to be dignified with meevery wait a minute i know who you are your car do your shopping should howcould you please let me come on and what are you doing out here on the streetlike chinatown cool and calm

you'll need your going home and only theonly home line have now enjoyment you sent me their you said i a sentence you to the penitentiary forthe rest of your natural high at fun you know when i walk along with uh...young woman nothing would give me more pleasure and nonpartisan surprisingly investigating the charges that the judgeand be able to build trust fund isn't

the best unity i enraged because geogone oh five claudia so what's the down the street that infinitely easily to use at peacejeep the gravity of the situation is working at this prison ever do everything in my power to be theline for smooth ought to know one thing duo headquarters chaplain desperate i've got a i meanshe's incarcerated here with you please select the fantasies concoction ofcourse i'll show you a shes convent but it's not a sale

complying offset ladies there's such a thing as being ahumanitarian even when you're a warden of the persian khadijah has assumed that would witherand die unassailable and will be doing what i thought that you bought even outof the fifty fifty miles and issue boston x holding what it is not only islady danish ever has never let this person the judges and man image sings kenya sulking around the streets

such a thing would be impossible our freedom ceased amenities epicenterlife in prison i give him a way it is a symbol of thisgreat state at heart important i didn't know if you need company at hand it's going to dot com and a very busyright now in the seventies talked to at least that's images dot md at theseladies came here to uh... what i wanted to do it would you mind and talking to the plantcost that and what is it you want to talk

about girl weight nothing elsecolliculus usually eminent panel i was sentenced to this jail for lifewas nine unisex well i'm here your feeney here we are all here like a loti'll tell you about malawi lots do you want to see how does it well nowgirls there is such a thing as a person's pipeline how would you feel if i ask you how youlive welcome do you need to stand and isuggest that perhaps you would better conductthe ladies together

quart used and i'm sure the ladies will understandi'm selling understand something nightstick instead come this way you know we women just have to puttogether you think that we can the prosecuting attorney made me looklike a very bad woman but i'm not really that leotard i've got a lot i love for my fellow man yet what here we are not what you callpretentious but uh... tomake yes

connects fans about the finishing touch her that oneof the ice bucket in here for a job she said he liked to have anyhow you know how doctor they don't but i can take you dispatch i don't even know what lived like thismaybe just maybe now looking at their own hale investigated i wanna meet on thateverybody i think live com

get excited about now one of the guys is going to bringriding up in a few minutes semi auto dinner for trees i think we'vegot to go i don't think there's anything else we can to blaming girl displayed exposure invisible cordelia shuttle continued tolive in a jury of surrounding during a succession of appeal and then came the year nineteen oh sixand without the san francisco at play an act of god effort even cordelia hadno defense

delegate was read steinbeck became thehome of missus rabin an eminent i've told you before iaddress me as makes me i'm just gonna feel what you've seen in the fall offunderstand couples i don't understand i don't a lot of people blog list and twentyseven a thirty second not just the numbers deck that i want to see the locknighttime audio seemed alot technique award in his field he doesn'twant to talk to you understand he you can't do this to me i can't tell you how have you trained insolitary confinement you don't keep

quiet responsible for everything i've done btwkemp did i tell you going to keep quiet i'll never keep quiet i can't talk toyou you don't understand it i want to talk to them it one more chance but that one his at a woman canceled no yes i can see what it's doing to me and going to give you one more chill

i'm usually let me out i think i'm goingto get one more chance to keep quiet live your own journey cal i want to put val and i thought all thatshit packet catch yes and uh... yemi i can talk to you nine if you just

just a moment we shall present theconclusion facts regarding our problem before accepting the offer mixed up inflames made for this or that motor fuel friends give this fair consideration but those who drive the most who knowthe most about gasoline preferrably around the track more police cars and insist fire enginesand other emergency equipment are powered with real brenda crackedwherever it is so than any other brands and quiet yourself

and from then on youtube would insist ongetting police car performance in your car in the graham walls of sandbags andhillerman spoke with the initial they'll have nothing against the unsympatheticattitude of the incumbent wont prism hardships proved too much more and four years later she died her story is another example of how theunalterable fact that crime does not pay general king county sheriff joemcconnell card's been stolen card

cancellation broadcast two hundredseventy three regarding the murder this magnitude reasons as and when mezzo roomwith a new year word doesn't have a good begins it in your good night coriolan next week at this time rio grande theywill present the case by the lesson in lieu this is the columbia broadcasting system crawling all part of the copyrightedprogram

remotely stonewalled by the nationalguard rugged wounding him in england writing in the in the world we were and laugh you compile radio log binder programthat nearly paul the problem is getting on the other hand hypnotherapyrepublican going to be discussed by a recognized authority knows what he'stalking about will give him your undivided attention that's why for many motorists leapt intothe private the police cars i mean and

fired and another emerging yet but whenthey talk about governing these men who by the mold mold the moldabout kathleen there the foremost authority automotivepeople should be algebra belong until it really mean something whenthese experts recommend real run the crack as big guy coming that we'd have thecast of every american in any kind of weather it really means something notonly the most up to you but the real branded powers morepolicemen played a part of the murders equipment reverie this old than anyother brands

that endorsement of this bettergovernment led tens of thousands to make their own past has brought them to youngpeople benefit the police car proponent in their own cars if you have not donethough i'd invite you to driving around the crime tested from every angle andwhen you've finished you'll be as enthusiastic as the rest of us over itsquicker stockings mood of acceleration maximum speed greater power and wheeledmoney saving money at that time over the morning friends you'll understand why weare going to crack is the most highly recommended gasoline sold in the world the fact upon which the story we areabout to hear all of these

have been taken from the confidentialfiles of one of them most widely known detectives in the west we have that were out mister nick harris open up open thank you doctor lenses good evening ladies and gentlemen it's a pleasure to take my place amongthe law enforcement officers of the west who've appeared on this program

and to endorse the ideals for which itstands i've probably learned one thing more completely remind manyyears investigative work than any other facts that crime of any sort cannot say dollars are not the greatest costapproved a crime despite the fact that billions are paidout a newly towards that suppression and to its cramped

the supreme price to be able created bycriminals of our land is found in the parts when the souls of those affecteddirectly or indirectly bike ride story where about to hear exemplifies mostcompletely that state which has become almost a truce crime of any sort

approaching the waiting room of a largedepartment store and more finalist detective nicholas was wondering by hisoperative had insisted he personally take charge of what appeared to be aroutine shoplifting arrests that it's really an unusual case for events what's unusual about a sharp wit would have any trouble taking care ofone before if the girl sitting over there on the bench there

she's nothing but a child not more than fourteen right now that's why the owner of the store ifuses to prosecutors order to take have acted folks talking you can't not take that to me trigger talk to you in this country maytry again and when they get away with a few timesit becomes a habit you've always told me preventing crimes was more importantthan solving

okay on talk to her should be less frightened if you're notaround i'll get back to work but you did the right thing and calling me himselfworks out resonating what's all this about i don't knowhonest i don't you don't know good that you did take the stockingstinge of black took over why i did it honest i don't come we both know that you wanted them

and either couldn't or didn't want topay for them who didn't want the stockings and jim iget settled i don't know panel uh... delivered-to tra minded downside and appropriate or sake we've got thinkthis thing out the only people who get into trouble arethe ones who don't think straight or the ones who refuse to think of theconsequences embodied all that kind of thing phone at home in every play

i can't do anything i want to do it you want us to you until that moment i i'd never do itagain when you on everything again about well believe me for and i'm not tryingto be a part of our but i know how to use evite is too and let's talk about something else some about your home what do you want to know about it

book your father or mother in water andrusso well my mother's a widow she has to work in london with terriblypoor url of check up on what you tell me tell youthe truth honest i a m might have to wait until i married but ithink they have to take care of the baby and me my fitted only a little bit out of theland program going to ask you something youknow what to tell you the truth won't help you and the only way i canask you to have complete confidence in

me i have cuban-americans it wouldn't be afraid one of youranswers programmer taken anything like thisbefore no before you answer let me explain why i asked you say you don't know why you did it some people do it because they justcan't help it they just little sick in their minds and they can be cured easily if we knowthat's why they take a me to be giving

up on my phone like if i didn't know and you're never going to hear salvageable hopefully police arrived i don't knowanything about this come to realize how lucky you aren'tbeing taken hold most of the respect and love them and not collecting holland said have 'em i think if

popenoe how do you know ac did not come into the dark please don'ttell of any longer let margaret in the talking what happened when you think something might havehappened to grow back i don't know i have not anything likethat instead of margaret i'm not even going to ask you afor a was done shoplifting before anti-crime had

she was caught doing it by one of mystore detectives when she had money with and a stocking cheaper cost more thanshe had with a uh... you come in the house doctor blake tomar gets home you'll geta look and you'll never forget wait a minute i've done everything i can in talking toher and bring them home but win or no and the next time we capture it'll be along time before she comes home timeshare problem ever do it again

and thank you very much for notarresting at this time this time on that and never do it again your returns for a happy life if you keep that promise bartlestein was kindergarten in the mazeof police duties many of them with a less promisingoutcome several months later detective out ofthe cold war history department store within went to his operatives mrslillian brooks and moving this case here's been taking moneysometime

i'm going with the situation whenthere's gonna be a few girls demands venture biotechnol that's why theycalled us and that they can't find anything like checking sales she must besmart union location and dates mortal combat searches you to stay here where she can see ont_v_ why hello perot how are you doing here checking up onapart just shopping for and that's the rub without working

i like the job go i did not get the lastfive i'd and i think if they're getting it for me i think they might not be stack up andadmit that i have hopes for you burnt right now you can get the gephardt aboutme and i'll never forget anyone else uh... oh but this is me and my shopping than adecade i hope i never think of the deck crashes dot hero by walking chemical reaction that was perlstein does she have arecord but not yet but i'm afraid i

won't be long now i can tell from here lillian tomorrow morning you're going tohave a jobless israeli here we're going to be on the spot where you can watchevery move perot makes london if i'm not going to bed at night writing allison isthe wrong to work with that because of the employees entrance from the storecloses and stay with perot voters tucked into bed we onto my personal madam getting too old to be tonight like i amnot ideas didn't buy the dan thinks that this for some truck driver that beergarden a walk along here don't count is

going to be one of those far into thenight epithelium becomes promo well with the clean air jamaica pakistantoday without the kit certificate paper and he makes a stick at its peak rightnow whalers he has a date and it had tendays tender don't you know that that he's talking to no he'd like todepartment stores on the lookout for young girls just out of court let'sdon't get anything you know we can touch without evidence and that's not ourassignment sorry i just don't like the hesitate with his tight

there they go what about them up another notch hisonly got work to do all my highness he qualified down ithink that we can have it dependent now recognizes antarctica technoparknext to him pickup that and i think that's bad to get my inhibin and thatsaying ended that you knew that the court that and can you repeat like pet hotwhiteside linda anything yesterday despite lifestyle last plane

animal ride eric laugh him quite a bitof earlier headcount here his help died in what icall camp you know on what he wanted to add thathad entitled italian you know i have to worry aboutthat when you me it's laughing growing anything europe and here he less cars and light now cut would you like them a model of thepeople in the texas had the notices has been in bed partner past

phase of life and death probably toodumb to get out of the camp they regard but now nothing until tomorrow night i phone in the report tomorrow but idon't get out of bed to doing padang night he and i'll bet proto that that the storein the morning it's pressure that day do you mean frances out while lilac bernstein had moved the protection ofour homework now living homeland or several nine on then one morning alreadybooked still in the role of the old lady

on detective have is that he had ampleevidence one arrest network broad abroad willing to help you you will be in town ec carl thanprotecting tearing up thanks i did not like you to do with the moneyi got a clear and that was to get the makeup box right on the campaign staffmoney and that was partisan house and i think so no i don't like martin makeupbox matthew fink issue head for the rest room to get the money out of so i'll bein hand never once again red order former manager of the story properly heavily because not too much isit nothing up save money and camp are

from your lipstick i can't seem to findmy studio has a beautiful makeup docs can look at it of that predicted saying i'd like to get online adultfundamentalistic sir tequilla back that and when you get backnow activity as did i get back up a gary kapil thankful i wanted to get tough sothat i think the pocket it dont ethnic carolyn dot at the field thought i couldcome acting on the east coast lead up to

exactly what you have mac makeup are noteven a stocking up and that's pretty compro an old friend of yours outsidewhen defeat excellent wine with dinner no tears this temporal are like probablygoing to do about it and sorry to say i'm not going to do anything management foolishly refuses toprosecute you because you're you're butte on china into you wouldn't be the last uh... atthe break you're going to be discharged without references

do you much more good report where you'dhave to realize you can't get away with this forever out yes you're getting another chance you don'tdeserve well why don't you go straight anythingyou'll never get anything on the egg and copper will be anything to get on your yes youdo not despite perlstein that dude she was unheard of over the years then reports of thefts from departmentstores probing thousands of dollars

they'd store offered one minute pearlhave graduated into big-time shoplifting among them cooling bolander when a man the engines one of the largest store monticello quickly we may have to workat it though that the passage of a although itis but that's profile ahead she's with thepallet one on jeeva record dot not like it and all up we've been wondering about him

and for the death department i see workpoint on the water style is now but she knows me so although the lake by thedoor against it should have something i'll give you the business and you nevershould've aa if she goes in the dressing room gettell me what the bike it'll be easy to and practically in his lap right now even though it dot com five hundreddollars it stated that you get mama manic street tread on me that i think i'll be a geteven get out of the india can help you god

it don't take me a minute i know i'm going to like it it but you know that you excuse me i havein attica atmosphere soaking could you tell me which made against himdot com above it i was told to meet someone that i don'tthink i'm come along later thank you

very kind and imagine yellow perhaps now on this department unique that you gonine leading down select is getting stop contracting pictures alma which comes out address any elected in the decking them gifting waiting for somebody

i think that game but that testing and i have to be at thestudio what happened now at weekend like and and five dollars on it the names parents down mama vividly all on that ought to be in continuing i don't want to talk to an activists nowere in a hurry just a minute for approx

who have meat ab zero began a fifth annual based on that you have not been on the layoutliam like to get married planning at the newgag on the hill of the conducting on i've picked up off dot michel familylife and she went in there fit so dead that in the back on the bear useful kate you must to be accident tell come on

perlstein pleaded guilty and wassentenced to six months and for the day r_u_ acting therapy upon police she was watched every timesome of the story url was not master lifter spots becomingan expert criminal you'd this downtown i'm going to comealong and help i got me started help stop justice then you're going to getthat kind of health every time you don't hear anything that can be picked up at tell me i can't delegate tax talk aboutwhat you got autonomy i'm just curious

about the number of times ugandanstories nine conde home right by god i can't get back on track but i have gota say i drink in the stuff now last night he remember that one excellent when dotout copper you let out hot enough

stand your ground here but not only and unlike a funnyplace and pol like what they did might not be it so the first place you have before yougot out of jail a second term is addressed about three months and it's not like you anyway don'tbelieve you know me at the girl it to upto

where you get mister i don't know whatyou're talking about i work in the store work here worked on the way we're heading for thepersonal address earlier on thunder buyers office with it my mistake for if you go out that dole address you knowhow long will go up for this time politicos hazel few so i should let meknow what you don't let's forget abt allied case-based guitarist i've got adono i don't

after serving her third prison term perlstein was not seen over a year and operating two men who have beensystematically robbing public telephone playstations detective harassment to anapartment on south main street in search of a man who had been making master keysto the client boxes within one to detective lieutenants it's nobody's home whose two bridge justin's keyword look around iniki making machinery in this room willinstantly immediately

simply ministry well b pearlstein were you doing here but i don't know had handout prego sc waterfront that when the pro-clintonpatrick

or you haven't had her shot yet thismorning andrea you know that you might it was a set of announcing acrossoverture throughout no no cannot do that don't add up to me or i can support youtell us what this is all about not mean that he would by his wife go on i didn't riding out the window like a district in gulfport i've got toget me a break you're talking about hyped up about sixty doesn't have tokeep out the window you're next up on the record no no i didn't have anythingto do with it

and if you look at his life odeon hysterical about it for that thegovernment items that mapped out i got to get a break i wanna pathetictell me what was it hypodermic needles bar hypodermic needles so your pet lindo weall know i'm not like the cotton technical do cap was it

first i wanna know about farley in thesekeys you're not mixed up in that budgetagreement uh... come on talk kids might have beennice to me i was kind of attack thought they were voting for a probe i'll give you a break and return to workfor a makes his keys nor i can get him highlight now let me know i've alwaysbeen on the square where you have a mac being out yeah i guess so

and go ahead and spill it well i don't make it easy a diving and didn't end with nixon i'mgetting his address what was for later on world u_s_ talented young punksbetrayed by dollars apiece peter i felt it was a part of that recruited before we come back here yet to be here habitat let me get a break first right we'll get you sooner or later if youkeep on going on that stuff and do it

more high promises effort your promisesbefore it just happens that i couldn't have setyou up for that any other dare i would have miami i'd have to get you may have to peddlingever captured with at all yet you made me who recommended why do you get what positive helen onthat i told you you go in for the sooner orlater and i'm probably saving farley and his wife from becoming addicts

if they're not already here yeah guess you're right i'm going to go weeks mister harris i'mgonna try to get a new start where level for a miracle grow but i think you gave yourself your lastchance when you decided to leave your own life you've been living it i don't think you're going to muchlonger perlstein didn't need more time

but instead of going east when you startin life she went to sentences she found new companions the only changehe made was to switch from our team to cocaine but director corrected more responsive to our governor in a large building a doctor treatingnew patients and then please sit right there back i don't feel stupid

sometimes i think i'm dying and its willon and what's the matter with me i've never had to cut power young womanwhat's the real reason that made you come to me i don't know i don't know you know as well as i did piano alberta got to do something for me a sanitarium is the only place that cando anything for anyone in your candidate

you know i don't know dot everybody dot dot dot certainly solution your problem while frankly i can't guarantee the results ofthat wrong albright and start activist if u even want to try to do somethingfor yourself yeah yet

he's instruments are shiny what he called the swine that's uh...scalpels please put it down at its dot i'd like to get tell somebody has to dowith would you please put that down no i won't you know what i'm going to do with iti'd like to high-tech companies targeted those crazy packet carnegie olivia attitude that dramatic excessive yes ofcourse i'll

anything at all about it you're going to give eclipse and then ican see one wed it allowed object child i want over the place a promise promised i_d_ all fixed up a new jersey now just go out my waiting room the discount that's fine

i'll be right with you as soon as irecall the special air support uh... act hanging up past months i didn't it i'm in the police department dr dot but just a moment mister mcallister to probe

the number of friends all automobiles look-alike in the dealer showrooms it's what goes into the gas tank in thecrank case that makes a difference and to make certain that the differencesin your favor see to it at your gas tank that's real police car performance leo bandit cracked at your crime case gets real too oreo brand of pennsylvania

the motor oils that can't be broken downby engine heat or slowed up by the coldest kind of weather now mister harris invests perlstein ended her career ofcrime ours was a life that was completelywasted story proves again that crime is alosing proposition thank you mister harris wars and leasehold horizontal colored

cancellation broadcast two hundredseventy-five regarding his vision persians suspect in this case committedsuicide menzel religion earlene this is an average of about ten mins the new goodnight or rio grande shit next week at this time rio grande theywill present the case of the twenty dollar bill

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