wohnzimmer bilder frauen

wohnzimmer bilder frauen

number 15. obey the walrus this video obtained its’ fame a while back,from the confusing and creepy vibe it radiates. it’s a very old video, and the quality showsthat. it features very creep, and childish music that plays over footage of a transvestitewearing a pink dress and walking around in a distorted manor. towards the end, we geta zoom in of the persons expressionless face, before we are faced with a photo of a walrus.the video originally surfaced, with the same title in a spanish language. people begancreating reaction videos which usually went one of two ways. either they laughed uncontrollablyor they were frozen with fear. the video soon came with a myth that it was created by alatin american cult known as "la morsa", aka

the walrus and it is said that "bad things"would happen after watching the video. again, there has been research put into this videothat found it was actually just footage used from the actors life-documentary, titled “thegoddess bunny”. the actor is named johnny baima, and he suffers from polio. he has spokenabout going through a lot of sexual abuse as a child, and irrelevantly becoming a dragqueen model. chances are that someone just took footage from his film, made it creepy,or funny depending how you see it, and posted it for attention. as for the differing feelingsthat come alongside this video, it’s actually very psychological. the color scheme thatthe video is set in, the tune of the music, and the unknowing-ness of what is happening,tampers with the way our brains process things,

and leads to different people having differentreactions. no matter the truth behind this video, the fear that it pulls out of somepeople is very very real. number 14. i feel fantastic yet another viral and terrifying video thatgraced youtube. this one is a blonde robot in the middle of what is probably a livingroom, singing a strange and high pitched song that includes the lyrics “i feel fantastic”and to top off the creep factor “please leave, run run run”. the robot does changepositions a few times, and towards the end she’s even in a new outfit. it should bementioned that midway through this strange music video, there’s a random shot of thebackyard. the earliest upload of this was

in 2009. many people began saying that therobot was created by a serial killer, as some form of statue bride. the shot to the backyardwas allegedly a shot of where the killer buried his victims, and the things the robot singsare to reflect what the killer wishes his victims would have said while being murdered.this mostly came about because the description on the video tells about the story in greekmythology of pygmalion. a man who made a statue bride because he was so fed up with the impurewomen that surrounded him. however, the true story behind this strange singing robot isactually a lot less creepy. well, it’s still kind of weird. this was all actually a musicproject done by jon bergeron. back in 2004 he built this android which he named tara,and programmed her to sing songs that he wrote

and recorded. he continued to sell the videosonline, so this probably came from someone who was crazy enough to make a purchase. asthere as never been proof of him having a youtube account. this was actually a brilliantidea that just wound up being horribly executed. as for the strange cut-scene to the backyard,it’s still unexplained. but it was most likely just an attempt to add some cinematicbeauty to the video. although the page cannot be found now, there has been proof that themusic videos were sold back in early days of the site. considering there has been noactivity from bergeron since 2004, we can live out the rest of our lives safely, knowingthere will be no more tara videos. number 13. agamemnon counterpart

this video basically starts out as confusing,but you can’t stop watching. even as you stare at the scream in horror and disbelieve,you probably won’t stop it. the video starts out with a crummy, old school vhs warning.which is followed by on screen text that reads; “in the 2571, a video cassette was foundin a pile of rubble on the ruins of a certain blue planet. what you are about to witnesswill not be the contents of the fore mentioned cassette. this is an entirely different recording.”what is shown next is what could be the intro to a very low budget children’s show, asit features cartoon characters, bright colors, and displays the title “let’s make a newfriend”. however, not long into the video, screaming begins. like uncontrollable, someoneis getting murdered type screaming. we see

a few more trippy shots, with tons more screamingand overly happy background music, and the video ends. rumors immediately began spreadingthat the video was actually once footage from a popular japanese rape-murder case. apparently,the cartoon footage covered the video but not the audio. however, when you look at thedescription of the original posting, it’s stated “drawings by jason kovac aka davefrom 2001 (d2k1)”. research leads to d2k1 meaning destination imagination 2001. fromthere we can find that this video was a strange art project that got uploaded in 2006. lookingeven deeper has exposed that the audio and screaming are both from vintage movies. sothe rape-murder theory is completely false. as for the title, or the meaning behind thevideo.. there’s not one. jason kovac has

yet to release any information about it’sconfusing title or it’s complex meaning. just take a look, maybe you’ll be able tofind some deep and powerful meaning within these terrifying screams. number 12. username 666 this popular video is based on an even morepopular creepypasta. it’s probably been seen by many. it involves a youtube channelby the name of username:666. the person controlling the computer finds that the account has beensuspended. then they go on to refresh about 50 times, things start to become redder andredder, and the majority of the text becomes 666. one more refresh leads to the account,with videos of twisting and disturbing babies,

as well as a woman drowning. this video wasobviously created solely for the creepy pasta, and it’s not real whatsoever. if you lookup the channel, though, it does say it has been suspended. this implies that the channeldid exist at one point. while it could have been a demonic, and truly freaky account,there’s no proof for that. that aside however, the thought is still terrifying. plus, thereare several software’s and programs that can be used to replicate this effect for scaringfriends or.. y’know.. whatever you would need that for. take a look. number 11. cursed kleenex commercial the following ad for tissues, is creepierthan it needs to be. as you will see, there

is a small child that seems to have theirbody painted a dark orange. the child is sporting green hair and some sort of magical horn.meanwhile, the woman next to the child, possibly a mother, makes loving gestures toward thechild before letting a tissue fly into the air. all the while this creepy, slow songis playing in the back. kleenex released this commercial in mid-1986, and it immediatelyreceived negative feedback. people claimed that the song in the background was a russiandemonic ritual chant that sang about dying. there were also numerous claims that the commercialwould change depending on what time of day it was shown. for example; in the afternoonit would be overall normal, but if it ever aired past midnight it was distorted and evenmore terrifying. after becoming fed up with

the complaints, kleenex took the commercialdown and it was never aired again. however, that didn’t stop it from eventually beingspread all over the world of youtube. people began uploading and sharing, and even postingvideos of themselves watching the commercial at midnight, to show how distorted it reallybecame. once all of this came about, rumors began that all of those involved in creatingthe commercial, died in some freak way. everyone from the cameramen, to the two actors. itwas even said that anyone who simply watched the commercial would die. none of it was true,though. the actress, keiko matsuzaka has been proven to still be alive, and many of theyoutube videos that were posted past midnight were also proven to have been edited or fakedin some fashion. furthermore, the song in

the background isn’t russian at all. it’sa song in english by jane and barton. although most of these things have been debunked, watchingthis commercial is still pretty creepy. it does give off a weird vibe that makes it prettyeasy to understand why people created such strange rumors. the commercial is sure togive you an unsure feeling, and most people were probably just looking for some way toexplain it. number 10. there is nothing this is possibly one of the most scary videoson the list, depending on your personal tastes. we see some young girl, or possibly doll,sitting at a dining room table. a bowl sits in front of her, and there is a fire behindher through the window. her stare is so strong

and creepy that you almost can’t look ather while she stares straight into your soul. the first time she speaks you can’t reallymake out what she says. the camera zooms out and she drops her face into the bowl. whenshe picks her head back up to speak again, she clearly says “there is nothing”this video was created by filmmaker and artist david b. earle. he said that he created thevery short film in a way that makes it possible to loop the video over and over again, withoutany clue of where it begins and ends. according to earle, “…this piece was inspired bya personal paradoxical desire for empirical proof that there is nothing on the other sideof life.” number 9. performance olivier de sagazan 2008

so this video starts out with a pretty averagelooking guy having a seat in front of a dark gray background. he doesn’t say much atfirst. he just starts taking his clothes off and bathing himself in clay, which he paintsover and layers on, multiple times. he does begin saying things later in the video ina seemingly exhausted voice, he also makes disturbing noises. as he layers on the clayand paint, and cuts eye holes and a mouth opening for himself things become pretty disturbing.as the video goes on things honestly just get worse and worse. there’s almost a senseof panic created as you question what is going on, and what terrible thing is going to happennext. this video was at one point, associated with the creepypasta titled “gateway ofthe mind”, a story that explains how a group

of scientists cut off all of a man’s senses,after which he essentially loses his mind. this video doesn’t really match up wellwith that creepy pasta though, considering the different time periods and a general lackof similarity. the shocking video is actually an art project of the man mentioned in thetitle. either way, coming across something like this will probably cause you not sleepfor several days until you’ve finished extensive research on the matter. number 8. the wyoming incident this is a video collected from november 1987.two news stations had their broadcasts interrupted

by a hacker. the screen displays a messagetitled “special presentation”. it continues on with clips of heads in greyscale and moredisturbing and personal messages. number 7. my dead great grandma’s coffinin my own backyard! there’s not much to be said about this videothat can’t be seen. to summarize things, this man posts a video explaining that hisgreat grandmother’s burial site could no longer keep up with the grounds work for hercasket. this man, being the only living relative, offers to take the casket off their hands.since he doesn’t have anywhere else to put it he just holds the casket in his backyard.everything seems pretty reasonable, and although it’s not something most of us would do,it does seem to make more sense than what

follows. the man goes on to open the casketand give a full view of the corpse. he also leans in to peck his great grandma on thelips. actually, he does more than peck her on the lips. he kisses her old decayed corpsemultiple times. number 6. k-fee car commerical this is probably one of the most popular jump-scarevideos ever. it’s been viewed about 3 million times on most of the channels that have uploadedit. on that same note, it’s been uploaded by numerous channels and to numerous pages.not to mention all the reaction videos that are circulating out there. while the videoitself is pretty terrifying, it’s nothing more than a well-played ad. it features abeautiful scenic view of a car traveling through

a very bountiful setting. everything seemsall nice and calm, until this gruesome and truly nightmare fueled ghost pops out of nowhere,extremely close to the camera and scares the living shit out of whoever is watching. eventhose that have seen the video thousands of times say that it still gets them. after theghost exits the screen, a message displays in german, that translates roughly to “you’venever been so awake” this is to stimulate the effect that is generated from the company’senergy drink. number 5. pretty woman this video is just of a man lip-syncing alongto the popular song pretty woman. although he is pretty creepy, it doesn’t seem thatbad. it’s just a weird old man singing to

a song in a way that makes you pretty uncomfortable.however, the backstory can change the feel of the video entirely. the singers’ realname is edward muscare and he’s actually a real-life registered sex offender. so thatinstinct of being slightly violated while watching this video, was actually very plausible.as a part of his probation muscare was not allowed to use the internet, and after thisvideo he was put back in jail for 5 years. where he died from lung cancer. just a friendlyreminder to always go with your gut feeling about creepy old dudes. number 4. fatal diving accident i’m sure everyone has had the issue of watchinga dramatic, where someone begins to drown,

and you almost feel as if you can’t breatheeither. maybe that’s what makes this video so scary. watching the diver delve deeperand deeper into the ocean, all the while hearing him suffocate, creates a form of sympatheticpanic. this particular diver was doing a “bounce dive”, a form of diving where you sink tothe bottom and use the sea floor to bounce up. this was being done in a place calledthe blue hole in dahab, egypt which is very well known for killing inexperience divers.his death was caused by a series of mistakes. he was diving using air, a form of tankedoxygen that is 78% nitrogen, which becomes intoxicating at low pressures. it should neverbe used below 190 feet because of the oxygen toxicity, and is rarely used below 130 feetanyways. by 90 feet into the water, the diver

was basically drunk. add that informationto the fact that he was only using one tank, he might has well have dived with no tankat all. he was also overweighed with equipment so he had to completely abandon his tank.furthermore, as if all of this wasn’t enough to lead to his death, he was ascending tothe bottom completely alone. meaning no one was there to pull him back up, or stop himfrom falling. so the divers final death wasn’t as mystical as many viewers originally thought,it was actually just irresponsible diving. a combination of nitrogen narcosis, oxygentoxicity, a single tank, improper gas mix, and overweighting killed him. number 3. girl goes psycho during makeup tutorial

one of youtube’s most viewed categories,is tutorials. people from all over the web flock to get information on how to changea light bulb, and especially on how to apply makeup. so when this video popped up in 2014.it’s just a young woman sitting in front of a camera, explaining a makeup process.although the left half of the screen does lead to a few questions, nothing could preparefor when she begins beating her head onto the table. it’s a truly gory scene, andyou’re left wondering what the hell happened. she just seemed to have snapped at some point.buzz began immediately over this video. the description of the tutorial read “this videowas sent to me anonymously. i do not have any information beyond that. it is for youto decide on your own whether it is real or

fake.” after some investigation, and thanksto tweets from the actress, nakia secrest, it wasn’t long before the truth came out.this was a promo video made for a film the uploader was creating. you can check it outat the15experience.com. number 2. paris catacombs lost footage the paris catacombs, is a popular and terrifyingsite found beneath the streets of paris, france that is pretty ancient. it’s an undergroundsystem that is also seen as a cemetery, as it is filled with millions of human remains.the location is allegedly cursed, it is illegal to enter, and the paris government has shutdown every entrance that has been found. this video usually only can be found in the formof an excerpt from a documentary. it is footage

of a man exploring the catacombs, before strangeand horrifying things happen. in the video we see things from a first person point ofview as the man navigates through the catacombs. he shows arrows painted on the ground, symbolsand human-like figures painted on the walls, and entire rooms filled with bones. the manbegins to pick up speed and run faster and faster, with less and less purpose. he seemsto be running from something, with no idea of where is he going. it’s likely, however,he was just in a state of panic. the camera eventually stops abruptly and when it beginsfilming again, it is laying on it’s side, and we just see a splash of water and hearthe man panic. this location is already as scary as it gets, especially for those thatare claustrophobic. not to mention that the

tunnels stretch for about 400 miles, and mostof the passages lead to even lower levels, meaning it’s very easy to get lost. thisman was never found. number 1. shaye saint john – hand thing this truly disturbing video comes from anentire channel dedicated to the main character featured. in this video we are greeted withsomeone at a front door, who appears to be wearing a blonde wig and part of a latex mask.this character asks another “hey are you still doing that and thing?” the camerathen shows a person wearing something very similar, doing some strange hand thing withfake wooden arms. the “hand thing” isn’t entirely freaky on it’s own, but this characterin general is really disturbing and confusing.

plus, the wooden hands being used add an extradash of fear. this is one of many truly frightening videos from a character created named shayesaint john, and there’s even a website in dedication to her. yes, her. the page dedicatedto her is located at shayesaintjohn.net and isn’t really much help to figuring out thegist of everything. however, it does help to build this air of confusion and a mentallyill individual. the page is packed full of unexplainable and terrifying pictures. ifyou never were to take time to look into shaye, you’d probably be scarred for life. evengetting down to the story behind it all, remains baffling. shaye was created by an artisticdirector named eric fournier. the story is that shaye was a model, but she got into adevastating car accident that left her disfigured

and mentally unstable. in mourning of herbeauty, she reconstructed a face and body for herself made out of mannequin parts. andnow she lives in this delusion that she is still beautiful, famous, and rich. despitethe majority of videos being shot in a rather trashy location. the reasoning behind thisentire project was to highlight the artificial essence that can be brought about from fameand wealth. on a more unfortunate note, eric fournier died at the age of 42, from eithera car accident or reasons related to alcoholism. while this is a sad end to a creative takeon art, at least we have seen the last of shaye.

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