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- on this episode i talkyik yak, historical figures, and what my kids have taught me. (crowd applauses) you ask questions, and i answer them. this is the #askgaryvee show. hey everybody, this is gary vay-ner-chuk and you're watching the #askgaryvee show

episode number 64. before we get into the questions today, i'm excited, we did one yesterday, right? oh no the snow day. the "fake" snow day in new york city, thatreally pissed me off. but, got some time with the kids which made it pretty awesome. appreciate everybody, isee that alex de simone

where is alex? sitting at his desk? that's alright, you canleave him, staphon. give him big daps last night his hustle was strong more people were segueing to asking questions on instagram. let's link that up if you wantto ask questions on the show. i'm enjoying this.

instagram game is reallyfascinating to me. betting hard on it. all of you entrepreneurs should. it is the number one social network as the "attention graph" goes. by the way, i need to desperatelymake an attention graph like, we've got to get into that. 'cause that's what i care about. let's get into the show.

- [voiceover] austin asks, "gary, in episode 63 you say youwatch and can tell if people are hustling. how do you tell? engagement, frequency, or gut?" - austin, that's a great question. i love that recall tothat long, long, long time ago episode number 63. yeah, this is how i do it and it's funny

i'm in love with this answer by the way, i'm giving youa pre-alert that i think the answers on this showare going to be really good. i feel up for today's answer. i'm going to go even deeper. i remember why i startedthis show, which was can i go deeper on allmy quotes for my fans. i'm going to challengemyself in this episode to go deeper both in the tacticalaspects and the theoretical

aspects. and what i mean by that, clouds and dirt by the way, what i mean by that ishow do i figure that out is very simple. it starts with the factthat i put in work. so, when i go look at your twitter account and your instagram account, i will actually click your posts.

i will actually look at all your posts. i go to everybody's, if you go to a twitter account,you can hit their profile and then you can say'view all with replies'. so, if you go to my account,twitter.com/garyvee, you'll see all my non-replytweets and be like, oh gary's pushing a lot of these up but if you click on 'withreplies' all of a sudden, you get a much deeper picturein to what i'm actually

doing on twitter, which isi'm engaging at scale with my community. so, when i get pissed at all of you, one of the things i'mlooking at is i'm like, oh look at all these 15 peoplethat i just spent the last 35 minutes looking at when iclick their twitter account 'cause they just engaged with me, i'm double-checking so ijust click very quickly usually i have my phone.

ok, cool, you say hello. let's do one right now. real-time, baby. let's do one right now, very simple. this is going to be interesting. somebody's about to get really called out. so, you open a twitter app, right? and, i go to my notifications i'll look and i'll belike, social media twit

social media twtr, this dude, i asked, how long haveyou been following me, a lot of you answered,thank you by the way. so, i'll click in and i'lllook at him and i'll say, ok, 1080 and then i'll lookat what he's actually doing and i'll see he does a lot of retweeting, ok that's interesting to me. he's doing a ton of retweeting'cause that's his account. so, that gives me asense of what he's doing

i'm going to skip ahead'cause he's playing that game. now, christin will say,great point by gary vee. thanks christin. and, i'll go into here, i'llsee she has 7,000 followers that'll give me some information and then i start looking atwhat she's doing and she's engaging, she's engaging, she's engaging, here she's retweeting,she's hitting that person up i love this, saying tosomeone they love the new

profile picture. this is starting to giveme a sense and actually christin let's give her some daps, can you zoom in the top right corner? are you able to dosomething there to give her some daps so she gets some peep love? so, she's doing a good,solid amount of engaging, she's doing some nice, solid retweeting, she's actually really engaging.

if you look now, overhere, drock, this is very faint. all the way in the rightwhere it says one hour, one hour, two hours, can yousee that on the right here? it's very small. but, what i'm seeing is that she's this is all happening inthe last two hours, a lot. heavy engagement. she's crushing the engagement there. so, then the next thing i'll do,

this is work. like, if anyone understandshow do i know? 'cause i'm putting in the work. next thing i do is i hit herurl on her twitter account which is radical.social and then this pops upand i'm looking at this. is this her blog, is this where she works? i don't know yet, buthere we're about to look. now, i'm looking and tryingto figure out what is this

and if i don't figureit out quickly, i'm like i don't know what this is, i'm out. looks like her blog. so, these are the things i'm doing. i'm analysing. i'm looking at the other things you do. if i was looking at my instagram,i'd look at the pictures what does that person put out. what i'm seeing my friendsand the reason i called out

so many people is; one, i'mseeing the far majority of people only in the right hook business. thanks to christin here, i'min a good mood 'cause she's jabbing the shit out of it. so, that's great. but then there's other things. is she throwing right hooks? is she trying to drive people? 'cause the right hook ispart of the jab, jab, jab,

right hook, which is the overall thesis. put out great content,create value up front convert it into businessand so, when i see people and i see a lot of you askingthe same questions about your coffee business, yourcatering business, all this, i'm trying to see ifyou're doing that mix. are you only right hooking,are you only jabbing, are you driving people successfully, is your website responsive'cause it's a mobile

world? i do this. as you can see, that alone i'm not even done with christin auditing. that alone is 5, 7, 9 minutes. that's insanity in aworld where i'm so busy but that is the reasonso many of you follow me. i truly believe that. i believe in this karma, zen aspect to it

that i'm capable of givinggreat answers on this show 'cause i know you waybetter than you think in a world where everyone of my contemporaries that's at my level whateverthat is, thinks that the last three minutes of thisshow, the things that i do with my time in a world where in my inbox, let's break this down. let's understand what i'm talking about.

in a world where i've gotall these emails right now, some of my clients are goingto get upset here i think, here's a very importantemail from john the lead developer at wine libraryabout a new program that we're about to launch, fromfriday not answered yet. because i'm looking atchristin's twitter account. nobody, no business personthinks that's the right move. none. and, so i think if you want to pop,

if you want to be an anomaly, you've got to act like one. - [voiceover] andre asks, "gary, i'm interestedin your thoughts about marketing opportunities on yik yak!" - andre, so this is a great question. back to the attention graphthat i just told india that we need to drill on. the biggest reason i'mtalking about yik yak so much

is, it does have theoverwhelming attention at scale of this kind of 18-22 yearold demo that's on college campuses. the truth is, i'm not reallyprepared to answer this question that's why i took it. the truth is, i haven't putin enough work on yik yak, it's here, but look where yik yak is, this is important, this isanother insight, this is why i grab so many people's phones.

look where yik yak is. as you can see socialis really jamming here. but, yik yak's in this littlefolder that says social. and, it's not even onthe first one, it's here so clearly... are you laughing becauseyou're not getting a good zoom? - [drock] no, it's hiding.- oh, it's hiding. that's right, drock it is hiding. (laughter)

so even though i'm talkinga big game about my belief in yik yak, my actionsaren't following my words right now. i'm doing a bad job, i'mnot being the best expert at yik yak. i haven't spent a lot of time in there. obviously, the kind ofanonymous commenting how do you get away withpromoting your burger joint or a pizza shop or wine library,

to 21 and 22 year oldsyik yak users, what do you do? do you ask a questionabout your own business? or do you make a statementabout your own business? that's a little spammy. the problem with yik yakas a marketing platform right now is that it's likethe old forums back in the day when everybody was anonymousin the 90's and i would go to wine spectators, winebulletin board and be like

wine library is an amazing store in town. you don't know how to do it right. i guess in theory, youcan make a comment of, i hear that the johnnyburgers own cook is really hot hahaha 'cause it's me. i guess there's a way ifyou're very authentic you can win that game. and there's clearly ways to market. unfortunately, the thing imake fun of so many of you of

and so many people of, whichis you're not a practitioner, you're reading headlines,i unfortunately in this situation am a lack of apractitioner and i need to do a little bit more of my own work. as you can tell i haveenough dangerous knowledge of giving you an exampleof some of the things you can do, but the question would become what would yik yak allowbrands to do if anything, but clearly,

if you havea restaurant or hang-out in the college demo right nowand you're not desperately trying to figure out yik yak every minute, you're making a huge mistake. - [voiceover] coach asks, "gary, we spend all of our timepouring our creativity into projects for our clients, sothat when it's time to shift gears and focus on ourbrand, we're exhausted. how do you keep it burning for both?"

- coach, the simpleanswer here is very simply that you need to you need to work harder and faster. there's really nothing else. im exhausted every day,but i'm making enormous amounts of things happen in my 18 hours. not only am i working 18 hours, but i'm working fast ashell in those 18 hours and i'm prioritising what'simportant and what's not.

so, i guess the answerto your question is, we're all different. if you need to be a-typeand rigour and organised i would just schedulenon-negotiable time for your personal brand if that's important to you from 6-7pm because youhave that whole day to check the box that youwant to and you've just got that time, it's just allocated. maybe that time is 10-midnight.

but, really there's no magic answer here. the answer is more time andfaster within that time. i think the faster partconfuses a lot of people. i always talk about stopwatching lost, sleep less. but there's another variable. be much faster in the hoursthat you're actually in. these guys can tell you, thereis not a second that's down. i work with people who arelike, 'i work ten hours a day' and then when i audit them,there was like 15 minutes

here where they watched a youtube video. we fight for minutes here,we fight for seconds here, i wish there was other camerasshowing you how hard the bobble heads are of the crew here every minute. and so my gut is, becausei, when i thought i was the biggest workaholic that everlived from 22-30 in running wine library but i hadenough time to bullshit about baseball with branden for9 minutes or talk to my dad

about something for 15 thatmade no sense and didn't matter or went to espn.com tojust check jets scores. i had time, i had time. i'm dramatically fasterat 39 than i was at 29. and, i'm working more hours. that's how it's happening. i know the answer, i lived it. i am making fun of 29year old gary vee for all the spewing that i do,

that dude wasn't as fastand didn't go for as long every day, and that'sjust how i've done it. - [voiceover] ben asks, "gary, what have your childrentaught you about life and business?" - first of all that was a great video i think the instagramvideos have huge potential as well. the creativity's comingthrough more than the

youtube videos where it'sjust that person's face. so, that's a lot of fun. you know, it's funny. i took this question as wellbecause i think my answer is going to be super unpopular. i think a lot of people are going to be, everyone's looking forthe romantic answer, you know the truth is, i love my kids insanely, but i love mywife and i love my parents

so insanely that, i love them more but, drock's always scared wheni go politically incorrect, it's the truth and i promisedto be very honest in this. do i love my kids more than my parents? it's a really interesting debate for me. it's much closer than thenormal politically correct answer that i hear from others, so it's not like that taught me how to love.

people say that all the time. i was fucking loving everything before. i guess at the end of theday, the things that really really, you know whatthis is the true answer. the thing that my kidshave taught me about life, and i guess i believethis very much in business and so many of you thathave been jamming with me for a long time know. they've taught me from theother side, how powerful

dna really is. watching my kids do thesame exact things i do, like misha when sheperforms in our living room, she's spending more timetrying to paying attention if we're paying attention thanon her actually performance. that's what i do. when i give talks, i'm likelooking in the crowd to make sure they're not on their phone. you know xander's looks of 'i got you',

it's just crazy. so, they've taught me how powerful dna is, and maybe they've taught me to a more extreme level of respect for lizzy. she's just an incrediblemother and just watching how she's executing inher role with them is has taught me a lot about her. but, for me, they haven'ttaught me jack crap about business and otherthan the reason i bet on

people is based on myintuition around their dna and then i watch theirdna come full throttle i'm just a big dna guy. - [voiceover] lex asks, "gary, i've got a question for you. who is the historicalfigure you would have lunch with if you could? and why?" - lex, great question. first and foremost, two things.

one, lex i really think youshould put a url in your instagram account so it links out and two, the vaynernation you shouldcheck out is instagram it's a tremendous, tremendouseffort, great pictures. we're rolling with heavytruth in episode 64. the answer to this question is nobody. and i really, really, reallyhate giving it because if i'm on the other sideof this camera, i'm looking at that and saying, youthink you're so great

that there's nobody you want to meet and weirdly there'sprobably a truth to that. it is actually fundamentally,completely insane how little energy i have ofmeeting anybody all the time. there's plenty of people ifind ridiculously fascinating. winston churchill, issuper high and interesting. randy the macho man savageis a big one for me. pete rozelle, the formernfl commissioner i just read his book, i don't read a lot of books,

when me and lizzy went away in november. i'm up to 9 or whatever. walt disney is interesting, story telling. there's people interesting but it's crazy. if you said, you could havedinner with any historical figure, we're talkingabraham lincoln, walt disney, or the jets could be, not playing in the superbowl,that's not where i'm going. you could be in august rightnow and watching the jets

first pre-season game, i'drather do the jets' pre-season game. think about how insane that is. pre-season i said. there's something reallybroken with me and i think it comes from ego dna. i do. or it just speaks to a themethat a lot of you know which is i'm like this. i'd rather look at christin'stwitter account for 19 minutes

and bring that value to thepeople that have bestowed in me the interest inpaying attention to me than for me to go and spenda nice meal and drink some nice wine with joseph stalinso i can tell him he's a piece of crap. i don't feel it, i've neverfelt it, i have no interest. just super not interesting for me. question of the day. which historic figure wouldyou like to have dinner with?

you keep asking me questions,i'll keep answering them.

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