wohnzimmer bilder bestellen

wohnzimmer bilder bestellen

buongiorno. today it's raining, overcast, but warm. today is the 2nd of april. house rent. lake lago maggiore. so we got to our lodgings, lake lago maggiore. we rented a house. here is a very beautiful garden. and now i will show what is inside. here used to live a family with children.

and now this house is rented. here we have a corridor. very interesting antique furniture. the walls are simply tinted. hang family portraits. the paintings are very interesting. landscape of the castle. it feels like they came to visit the italians. everything is very authentic.

there is a dining room, a fireplace. living room. here they have a large library. in this place they gather in the evenings. they are discussing something, watching television. a lot of books. the main pearl of this place is the view from the window. there is a terrace. and from here you have a magnificent view of lake maggiore. it is visible in all its glory.

snowy peaks can be seen in the distance. this is the alps and switzerland is seen far away. there is also a kitchen and 3 rooms. kitchen area. everything is simple enough. functional kitchen. folding table for four people. microwave. there is access to the terrace.

where the gate is, it's the entrance to the territory. a convenient place for parking. let's go further. master bedroom. a spacious room with a very beautiful view of the lake. you can go out on the balcony in the morning and enjoy the scenery. children's. and one more room for one person. shower.

there is a toilet, bidet, sink, washing machine. all that is necessary for life. this is how we rented a house. tomorrow we wait for three more guests. and such a fun company we will spend time here. now we are on isola bella island. in the castle, which is located here. this is the pearl of the island. its central part.

there are very beautiful interiors that have been beautifully preserved. and you can carefully consider all the details, all the decoration and furniture. live emotions. have you ever seen white peacocks? here's what. what a beautiful. we left the beautiful castle in the park. and here there is such a beautiful vision, like white peacocks. they walk freely, they are not afraid of visitors.

here is a very beautiful park. there are magnolias, various flowers, trees. very picturesque landscapes. walking is a pleasure.

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