schöner wohnen wohnzimmer boden

schöner wohnen wohnzimmer boden

well good morning guys. it is -30 below here in canada and i can feelthe insides of my nostrils freezing. i feel like icicles are forming and my lipsare freezing so i can't even speak properly. but anyways today we are going to give youguys a cottage tour as you already know we are planning to go to florida for our wintervacation but that fell through and my family decided to rent a log cabin. a beautiful log cabin so we spending eightnights here out in the forest. we are like 30 minutes north of kingston andseeley's bay. we are by a lake.

beautiful area my dog is here. i'm getting mauled by the dog. hey togo. hey baby togo. the german shepherd. so anyways this video is going to be the cabintour because it is a beautiful home. so let's go inside before we freeze, takeour layers off and we'll begin the tour. come along. togo.

come here. come togo. okay so now that we're inside of the housethawing out we're finally going to begin the tour so we're going to start with the groundlevel. right now we're in the mud room so we've gotthis collection of boots and winter clothing sprawled all over the place. check out that guys. all of the boots. so yeah and let's start with the living areabecause i feel like that is the best part

of the house. that is the best part of the house. come on over. we've got my parents hanging out. they are escaping. sorry we were going. they are running away out the living room. now they're running away. haha.

yeah, but this is the living area. this is where we've been hanging out everysingle day. we have this massive fireplace that heatsup the whole space. so i would say this is probably my favoritepart of the house. just right here. we've all just been hanging out includingthe dog. seriously. like the dog is the smartest one in the house. it ends up sleeping here at night.

yeah, it just curls up on the blanket rightin front of the fireplace. yeah, it just is mesmerized by the fire moreor less. yeah, so this is the living area. we have like these three big leather couches,lots of pillows. we also brought lots of like fuzzy blanketsfrom home so we can just hangout here. and yeah, if you look up at you can reallysee this is a log cabin. yeah. like you have these massive tree trunks thatkind of act as your walls. i've got to show you guys this.

check out this guys. it is pretty insane. and they've also decorated it like the olympics. the 2010 olympics which were hosted in canada. so they have like a lot of cool little detailslike the banners and there is also sports equipment like snowshoes. skiis. sleds. and in the basement they have even more sportsequipment.

they have more posters they have like a foosballtable. mmmhmm. an air hockey table. like yeah but we'll get to the basement soonenough. they are sports lovers for sure. they are. so lets continue here. so then we have this um like open kitchenand dining area. yep.

so we have this massive table like with banquets. we've been seven people. we're going to be eight people later thisweek and it has been perfectly fine. there is plenty of space for us all. um and then this massive kitchen. like this is the first time i have seen akitchen that has two sinks. two sinks. and they are not small either. so here is the first one and if i move overhere.

here is the second one. we've got some dirty dishes in there. oh yeah. we've got dirty dishes and it looks like we'regoing to have some nice meat dish tonight. we're going to be making empanadas. check out the views guys. this is where the car is. it has been snowing and the temperature hasbeen you know below -30. it is almost we've been going out we've beenembracing it yes but man we can't go out for

too long at that temperature. hahaha. no. also as you can see we've brought enough foodto feel to feed a small army. and we are a small army. we are. we all like our food in this family. and so um yeah we've been eating really wellhere. lots of family meals.

lots of snacks. lots of hot chocolate. lots of coffee. yeah, so why don't you go show the bedroomson the floor. actually one more thing. i need to show you the wine. what is it called? the wine rack? the wine rack.

so this looks like an old canoe that has beenturned into a wine rack. yeah, check that out. and a funny story we went to the lcbo beforecoming out here and we bought enough wine for what we thought would be 8 days. so i think we brought like 10 bottles withus. ten or eleven. that is going to be enough and today is whatday four. and there is one left. one lonely bottle left.

and there is one on the table. and that is it. yeah, so i think we underestimated but thegood thing about that is that both of my sisters had to go back to toronto. for work. so they're going to come back with more wine. they're coming back with more wine. um yeah. okay so let's continue.

let's show the bedrooms here. okay. the bedrooms. my beautiful dog. pouch. hey pouch. and look he has got his nice little sweateron. with his name. there is his name.

he won't let me show his name. let me show the name. togo togo togo. okay, so bedrooms. we have 2 bedrooms on this floor. and we have double beds in every single room. so yeah as you can see basically the wholehouse is just these massive logs as their walls. it is amazing.

it feels so cozy and toasty in here. it sure does. and we have a giant telescope. giant telescope. and then check out the views from here. look at how much snow we've got. woah! we haven't spent a whole lot of time on thebalcony. sam tried shoveling on our first night here.

i did. but it needs some more. look at those icicles. man. this is like quintessential canadian winterweather. in the heart of winter. even these are so canadian. yeah, like check this out. and i'll show you the bedroom right next door.

watch out. baby togo. and the dog has been a great vacation forthe dog too. the dog is loving it. he's loving it here. yeah, so this room is also quite similar. also another double bed. and like it is all kind of like country livingdecorated. yellows and reds and greens.

so yeah it is really nice. um, and then we have a bathroom here on theground floor. so we'll show you that quickly before we headon upstairs. yeah, this is 3 levels. there is a basement and there is also an upstairstoo. come togo show us the bathroom. show us the bathroom. so yeah we have a big shower. toilets.

sink. this is the shower here. here is the bathroom. and the sink. also they left us reading material in thebathroom. we have a whole bunch of national geographics. they must have known i was coming. because i like to read in the bathroom. oh man.

they knew i was coming. okay let's go upstairs now. so now we head on upstairs and the stairsare pretty amazing. like check this out guys. these are the stairs that freak me out a littlebit because there is gaps in between each step. and i feel like if your socks are slipperyyou could really get your foot caught in there. but anyways. well look at this.

i'm filming without even touching the railingright now. if that is not freaky i don't know what is. yeah, so this is the second floor. and once you get up here we're going to getyou to turn around so you can show the views. yeah, check out this guys. check that out. woah. it is basically forest. i'm going to zoom in.

and a lake out there. the lake is frozen over. zooming in for you guys. look at that. wow. amaze-balls. amazeballs. absolutely amazeballs. so let's start with the game room.

there must be some lights here. there we go. so yeah we've been spending a bit of timeup here actually because this place is stalked with board games. we have a collection of like yeah puzzles,monopoly, trivial pursuit. so we've been playing games at night. and heat rises so we've been coming here forstrategic reasons. but yeah this has been where we've been playingmost of the games right here. yeah, there is like a nice big sectional.

we have a tv. this is pretty cool. this makes me think of the disney movie sleepingbeauty. but yeah that is the game room so now let'scontinue in the opposite direction and we have more bedrooms to show you. yeah, we do. i forget how many bedrooms there are but itcan sleep 10 people. we can fit 10 people. 10 people and that is not like sleeping onthe couch or anything like some of these.

no you've got your own room your own bed. okay, i'm just turning on the light here forus. yeah, so both of my sisters have been sleepingup here so this is one of the bedrooms again double beds. very cool canadian details. yeah, the details. the ducks. the loons. yeah and i also like how they have antiqueslike that looks like an old little crib i

think for a baby. it looks like a crib. i think it is. it rocks. it rocks like a crib. so you can rock to sleep. so right next door we have the other bedroom. we'll show you that quickly. i know this is probably starting to gettingto look very similar and repetitive because

it is basically just like double beds in everysingle room. but they have made effort to have differentyou know there is different pictures, there is different kinds of decorations in everyroom. so they've put some effort into making everyroom. this one has a rocking chair. i hadn't even noticed this. i haven't really been in here. yeah, we also have lots of farming equipmentyes decorating this house. like up there.

i don't even know what that is called? but i know it is farming equipment. okay and with that we're going to concludethe tour of the second level. now we're going to head down into the basement. oh we didn't show the bathroom. oh right. oh so the bathroom. there is a huge bathtub in here. ooh.

this is the envy. i envy the people on this top floor. i haven't even been in here. can you imagine having a bubble bath withlike a glass of wine in here. nice bath, shower, toilet. cool. okay now we are going to conclude the tourof the second floor and take you to the basement aka the man cave where i'm also hanging out. so i think yeah you've been invited into theman cave.

that is where we are staying in at night. okay let's go. okay guys so we've shown you the ground level,we've given you a tour of the upstairs. now we're going to the dungeon. the cellar where we're staying. let's go down to the basement. i actually love it down here. we have the most space out of anyone stayinghere but the only downfall is that it is the coldest place by far in the whole apartment.

not apartment. house. mansion. yeah, this is like a mansion cabin. this is not an apartment. okay so as we go into here i've been doinga little work at this table. this has been a great little table to have. we've got three chairs and couches. all nearby the uh wood burning stove.

we have a much smaller version. this actually reminds me a lot of the onei used to have in vancouver island in gold river. it was probably about this size. and we've been keeping that going like allday and all night except for when it doesn't. like sometime in the middle of the night i'llbe like oh my gosh it is so cold at like 4 in the morning. what is wrong i come out here and like ithas stopped working. but you know what?

it is only cold if you like stick your armout from underneath the blankets. otherwise it is nice and toasty. yeah, they've given us really nice blankets. and we also brought some of our own fleeceblankets. yes. so and we've bundled up before we go to bed. we put on like our sweatpants, we put on ourlong underwear. in true canadian style. true canadian style for sure.

okay, so let's move on. um, so i'll show you guys the game room first. this is a really really cool place. so over here we have the foosball table. i don't know if you guys are good at foosball. i'm pretty bad. i remember being in a tournament not thatlong ago oh my gosh. i was losing badly. and this is cool if we turn around here thisis like one of the old fashioned school desks.

oh my gosh. this is where you'd keep your school supplies. you know what? i used to have those when i went to schooloh yeah. in montreal. yeah, i'm old enough to have used one of thosedesks too. they are definitely not new. and then over here this is cool because weended up going to kingston for a year and this is the local hockey team the kingstonfrontenacs.

we saw them play a few times. we did. i dragged you to a few games. yep, you sure did. yep and then over here we got an air hockeytable and if you guys don't know this is one of the more famous um canadian hockey playersfrom quebec. beliveau. jean beliveau he like won so many stanleycups. like yeah he was one of the best players ofall-time.

and over here it looks like there is a karaokemachine we haven't even tried that out yet. and just like a couch. and a tv. of course we never watch tv. so even the rest of the family hasn't beenwatching tv. we do netflix and we all have our own likecomputers and phones and devices for doing our own thing. okay, so i will show you guys the bathroombefore we go to the bedroom. so our bathroom is smaller but again it hasa really nice sized shower.

like amazing water pressure here. like absolutely amazing water pressure. nice hot water. so it is actually you would think like whenit is this cold you would think like taking a shower would be torturous but it is actuallya joy. a joy. it is a joy. it is really really nice being in there withthe hot water. and then again it is nicely decorated.

you can see over here there is stones andfeathers. looks like there is shells. and then antlers. and yeah just aside from that it is a basic. it is your basic standard washroom. and by far guys this is the largest placewe've ever done a tour of. so yeah i know. not even close. this feels like it is taking forever.

the bedroom. come on in here. so this is our bedroom. this is our bedroom. this is where we've been sleeping. and it is nice and cozy. um man they've picked out really good qualitymattresses. you can see look at the layers of sheets wehave so we have oh yeah. those two furry blankets i've brought fromhome.

next one. next fleece. i sleep in between them like a sandwich. and then of course we have the bedsheets sowe've got basically three layers going on plus all of the warm clothes that we've puton. so yeah we're going to sleep and it is niceand warm. um, yeah basically that really concludes thewhat is inside of the place. but what we can do is take you out to thebalcony and show you some more of the views. okay, time to bundle up.

time to bundle up. again. we're going back out. so last spot to show you guys is the balconywhich probably has two feet of snow. we haven't really been shoveling here. and a dog right in front of us. and the dog. and so yeah we'll show you the views. we've got the lake right there.

this must be beautiful in the summertime. we also have a barbecue. we're not going to be barbecuing this timeof year. so we'll leave you with views, icicles anda few shots of me shoveling the snow. how is that. and my dog playing in the snow. and the dog playing too. come here togo. come.

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