raumgestaltung wohnzimmer farbe

raumgestaltung wohnzimmer farbe

in a world of global commerce and competition,outstanding brands distinguish themselves through collaborative enterprise, creativemarketing, and superior products elevating themselves to the prestigious distinctionof being named a superbrand. alpina is a superbrand. alpina is one of the best-known brands ingermany, whose success is due to ongoing innovation, consumer-oriented product positioning, andthe brand’s ability to communicate a sense of direction and security for consumers. alpina is considered the expert source forinterior and exterior paints, lacquers and glazes, in both white and strong colors.

this is the result of the high quality ofits products, such alpina’s unique opacity and color strength, together with the enduringpopularity of the brand across generations. a clear market leader in the classic constructionmarket, alpina is continually reenergizing the market with innovative products and uniquetarget group oriented product concepts. products that bear the name of alpina areeasy, fast and easy to use, even without the expertise required, and guarantee a perfectresult. in 2017, alpina introduced the new gold standardwith “alpinaweiãÿ unsere beste”. this new top product continues to impresswith alpina’s legendary opacity, but is even more productive and up to 100 percentsplash-free due to an innovative spray-protection

formula. alpina has also become germany's most popularbrand for it’s color offerings. in recent years, alpina’s color expertshave complemented the success of alpinaweiãÿ —as europe's best-selling indoor paint—with innovative products in the area of colorful wall paints and varnishes. through ongoing market research and consumerstudies, alpina’s color experts continually target new products for consumer’s specificneeds and develop new potential markets. the weiãÿe katze has been an icon of advertisinghistory since 1995, as both a symbol and sympathy bearer in one.

the tv-spot is now a classic, which took itssuccessor in 2015. "kleiner aufwand. groãÿe wirkung.“ is the conclusion of thenew spot, skilfully staging the duality of aesthetics and performance, which distinguishesall alpina products, and forms the brand promise from alpina’s color experts. alpina remains the indispensable anchor inboth the construction and do-it-yourself markets, and is by far the most well-known and mostpopular brand of paint in germany. superbrands: the international award for sustainableexcellence

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