passende bilder für wohnzimmer

passende bilder für wohnzimmer

where were we?... ahhh yes! the front is nearly done! a cool thing, i want to show you is: a cable canal! i want to see as little as possible of my speakers, so i need cable canals again, and i newer thought that i build a 9.1 setup, i thought so, that i will need a cable canal thats nearly invisible!

thats the canal where the cables get in. thats a strip wich will end with the ceiling, let`s get it in here... ...possible for the cam... so that this strip goes to the corner and ends up (on both sides) at the corner. then i will take acrylic for the sides and paint it with the colour of my wall.

and so i hope there is nothing i can see from the canal. sooo take of the old ones, and build the new ones! the front was nearly ready and so we took the back area. there is one construction aaaand the other one! something was missing, so we build subjects for the back.

i could not look so fast and already was the first decoration in it. for a bit eyecandy we took led stribes. the ir sensor had to be seen from the remote control. and i didn`t wanted to buy philips hue, cause i don`t like to use my phone for that.

and so the thing with the rigips (plaster) goes on... and then the plaster,- and grinding for the front and back. in between, i was fortunately still on that i need cable canals for the walls. thats was a mess guys! the finery was so was all over the place... was a real fun to

clean that up.. after two or three times sanding and cleaning it took slowly form and i painted it white. a breath of: it will be done!.... some little cleaning... and then prime and painting. a few cables needed to be set and speakers to attached.

the led stribes were tested on the first evening and it looked great! for my luck i had a few of the old plinths on my loft. for safety's sake i filled up the cavities with good insulating wool, because cavities are mostly bad for a decent acoustic. now quickly measured the frame

and attached. once again we did not have the right tool to adjust the frame so that nothing can be seen from the leaning edges. for safety's sake i painted the frames black, so that there is no frame to see behind the fabric and subsequently attached the acoustics the old fashioned way.

next day i thought: ahhh this isn`t what i wanted, the accustic material and the frames with the edges didn`t match. so i build a frame out of styrofoam. and here also the big compromise: afterwards we cannot edit cables or speakers he have to tear it off. but i thought, come on it has to look perfect and styrofoam, i can buy it again.

and as you can see as an optical highlight and as an image enhancement for the canvas i painted a contrast line on the top. and also here our plannings were nearly knocked over, because that it looks like the screen hides the speaker, but no! we measured and aligned and the speaker and he just shines over (besides) of course, we could have solved this better.

also i had more hope for the cable canal. i had put a lot of acrylic in it and also a lot of colour, but the walls are so crooked that unfortunately you can still see the canals... for the lowboard we got a "soundboard" from maja moebel with accustic material. there are also ones from "spectral" but they cost double.

here you can see whats in the lowboard, in fact: there is an xbox one, a ps4, the denon a mede8er6003d as mediplayer, a steamlink and a nintendo switch. and now the hole thing with lighting! and like in the first part, here a little film sequence but please consider that it can not be compared with the sound

on the spot at all yes, as i said, through a recording microphone you cannot match the quality here on spot. but i can say: it is insanity! i was already satisfied but high speakers give you so much more!!! finally done! we are finally through it!

please consider that this is an absolute amateur project. there are so many things you have to take care... maybe it will not be an enthusiasts home cinema, but you have to take compromises but i think we have done quite well. so if you liked the video, maybe you give a thumbs up...... and baam! i lost my stuff because my pc said goodbye

the only thing i this: :d

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