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ideen offenes wohnzimmer

(rc) welcome everyone,to the 209th knowledge seekers workshop, for thursday, february 1st, 2018. my name is rick crammond,i'll be your host today, as we have yetanother workshop with mr kesheof the keshe foundation. and this workshopwill actually be the beginning of the 5th year of,continuous, weekly workshops in the knowledge seekers workshops series. and ... today we'll have

a reading of the persian languageof the earth council constitution, as well as the announcementsfrom mr keshe of which they'll probably bea few interesting surprises today, as well as the teaching that ...he is now famous for, i would say. so let's begintoday's workshop, i think mr keshe is ready, willing,and able to go at this point. hello mr kesheare you there? (mk) yes. good morning,good day to you, as usual, wherever and wheneveryou listen to these

knowledge seekers is a good day to start. february has always beena lucky day for the foundation. and, to start the february 1st,on a thursday, will show february will be a massive hitfor the keshe foundation worldwide. there are a lot of thingshappening, which, in due course,the foundation will announce. we will delivera new way of... what we call'progressive direct teaching'. and many other things.

this year, our plan is to go intothe lift and motion completely, to show thefirst spaceship programme. and, as i see it, in different directions,we are on target. we should be ableto see the first, ... what we call, 'structures 'that we can move, using the plasma technology. one of the main ... obstacle,not obstacle, in a way, we were not ready for itbecause a lot of our people don't understandthe total control system.

and, at the same time, understanding,that the power supply for attaining lift, and creation of the structurewithout, what we call, ' tangible physical material 'is at the reach of the foundation. in the trials and tests,which we have seen in past few weeks and few months,it seems, that different part of the developmentsfrom the keshe foundation knowledge seekers is,heading to that direction. i can see roughly,to put a date on it or about,which month of this year.

if we get everything right, we shouldbe able to see the first structures. the biggest ... achievement wasto create the plasma at the level, that can maintain, and overcomegravitational field forces of the planet. and this has been achieved.thanks to our knowledge seekers, and, in a way,their understanding. we have entered the phase ofcreation of the spaceship sphere. and, what we call ' lift and motion ' this is a massive step. in a way, the knowledgehas been, all the time with us,

even from the first teachings. if you go back into it,we can show it. but now, the knowledge seekers areattaining the knowledge, the know-how. and they have enteredthe test-entry, what we call, a 'test phase'.they have to build it. once they ... they achieve that, it shouldtake us about 2 to 3 months, hopefully. if the space, what we call'teachings', takes hold. and, in so many ways, we will seea concentration of knowledge in one go. and then, we should be able to achieve,sustain, maintain, and ... see the first,

what you call,'ufo's'. thanks to ourknowledge seekers, we, we crossed the linessometimes late, last year. but, we needed confirmation,and, in a way, repetition, and then now ...some people in the foundation have start workingon the system control. that, the control of the creation ofthe fields become the backbone of being able to maintainthe structure, and lift. ... it's a, what we call,'one nation collaboration'.

as we call it.'multinational'. there are at least 10 different nations,in different part of the keshe foundation, involved in it. some of them are notaware of what they're doing. they're part ofthe bigger structure. and some of them have and aredeliberately targeting to that point. ... it is, what i call, 'multifacetedknowledge seekers programme' and soon, we'll bring all the 10 groups,together in one point. and then, it's just puttingthe jigsaw together.

and seeing, achieving,and delivering the first spaceship,2018 has been our target. and, with what we achieved,late last year, ... this has brought the, the reality inthe total horizon of our knowledge. thanks and i congratulate all those,who are working in the background. all those, who understandand are trying to step up to control through,what we call, a 'school of thoughts'. and what we call,'the soul of the man'. i get a lot of communications that,... a lot of you, are for the first time,

understandingwho start understanding grasping the whole conceptof the soul. and this is nice. this is, what we reallyneed to achieve. and, in so many ways,we are pushing, not only the keshe foundation, but the governmentsto move in the same direction. it is a lot of hard work, it's a lot of,what i call, 'sustainable teaching'. and, at the same time, in a way,start relating one side of the technology, to other,that we can all understand. one of the main pointsof our teaching,

which is this understandingof the soul of the man, has become very importantfor a lot of our people. in the recent teachings, i triedto bring the accumulation of the, what i call,'physical teaching', what we done over years, into the contactand understanding of the soul of the man. and this has touchedmany of you. now you start seeingphysical interactions. you start trustingyour own... what i call, 'instincts', what we call,maybe your 'eyes', maybe your 'emotion'

and knowing, that nothing of ithas ever been accidental. now, we are gaining trust in our own our own capabilities. in our own understandingof the structure of our soul. as i said, i was talking toone of our knowledge seekers, this morning,early this morning. and i explained to her, that,"listen to the teaching today". because she said, she likesthe soul teaching is touching her. she understand it.she knows what i'm talking about. and, in a way, i said,"we'll, i'll try to explain

and take the knowledgeof the soul one step further. and then,we have to touch two other dimensions in the life of man,in the universe. without touching these two dimensions,man will not have the full knowledge to be able to exist, to live, to coexistin all dimensions of the universe. on this planet, in our teaching,we spoke about the man, which is,dual interaction system. which is, we breathe air andwe take sustenance from the, what we call,' matter ... entity of this planet '

then, this is what we call.'ourselves', 'horizontal people' because, a lion is horizontalhis brain always moves in horizontal line. in respectto magnetic field of the earth. if you look atall the animals, be it the lion, be it the fish ...what you call it, 'the snake', or whatever. our brain always movesin direction, in matter level, physical horizonof the planet. and these constant non-dimensional,or one dimensional movement, creates certain amount of intelligence.but, not the collection of it.

when you cometo the vertical people, which is plants. they have rooted themselvesin the ground, with the soul intactin one position. but they have, because they haveput their soul in one position. they have createda vertical, physical structure. or what we call, 'vertical people' but they still livea two dimensional life. which means, they livefrom the gaseous part,

and the matter-state part of it, very much like horizontal people,as the animals. man has gathered knowledgeand is become intelligent, and we see thiswith many of the animals which gather this knowledge,that, they live in 2 dimension. we lie flat on a horizontal level,when we rest, and then we get up,and we go vertical. we get an attributeof 2 dimension, and that's why this movement of lying downand standing up and being able to live,

independently on the same directionin a long cycle of life. and we bend to pick things up, andwe cross the border of the horizon. what we have to understand,is not that, just because we can bendto pick these up and you go backto the position of the up right and then you lay down and you go flat,and everything else. but we are very muchlike the planet earth. that five degree angle,has made the four seasons. this directional motionof the flatness and verticalness horizon.

and horizontalness,and vertical, or being in perpendicular to the planet earth,has created the same condition. this brings maturity to absorptionof many elements of this planet. being on the gaseous, or being on a,what we call ' matter earthoid ' but in the universe,there are two further dimensions. actually, there are another 6,but man can not see those at this momentof their knowledge. but two of them,we are in touch with. and we never in the teachinggone into it,

because the knowledgeof the foundation, knowledge seekers was not thereto expand and explore it. one is the liquid-state. the liquid-state is one of the states thatis very common in the universe. this is the state of the animals, which live,what we call, in the liquid life. we call it, vertical, we call this,liquid animals, fishes. creatures, who can live,not only in the water, we have creatures who live,within the lava of this planet. lava from this planet,is not just molten metals. it's full of life.

extensively full of life,but a life, which can live and survive morein the plasma-state, than in the liquid-stateof soul. then, we understand,we walk into, the fifth state of life. one we had a vertical,we had a horizontal. now we seen the liquid,but the liquid itself, is in a way of water,which is a ethereal state. or it's in the conditionof molten metal. molten condition, composition"metal dimension."

these molten, what i call'environments', are usually controlled, by the gravitational-magneticfield forces of the center. and then, we have a fifth state.which is the state of life in plasma. this is the state of the lifeof the man in the soul. in the dimension of the soul. so,we need to still to learn how to survive. how does a fish survive?if we go back, and see how we have overturned the whole past knowledge,fallacies in the life of the man. how we breath oxygen,and the oxygen’s our, lung. and then our ble,... blood.

then we understand,there is a misunderstanding in the life, within the, what we call,liquid-state life too the, what we call'floating life dimension', where we had a horizontal,and we had a vertical. their floating life in the direction ofmatter-state, which is like water, is very much the same asthe man's life. but, in this dimension it haslimited itself to, two things again. instead of the gaseous,it has dependent itself, on a condition of the liquid,which is created from the composition of the

gravitational-matter-stateof environment plus the lightest. the creation of water in the universe,the way we see it, is very common. the state of life in a liquid way,the way we see it as water, is one of the most commonstates in the universe. solid-state conditions are common,but liquid is one of the most common ways. when man goes into spaceand finds of planets, one of the first thinghe comes across, is liquid-state. sometimes due tothe gases compression when they become matter-statecombination with a gans.

sometimes liquid-state in the combinationof the matter-states field forces, which are entrapped within the condition ofthe environment of the gans of the plasma. if you look at it,how the waters are created in the ocean, due to interaction of the plasmatic-magneticfield of the center of the earth. it has made a cup. and that cup creates a specificgravitational-magnetic field, which allows the amalgamation ofthe strongest gravitational field force of the gases of the planet,plus the weakest, which is oxygen and hydrogen.which leads to creation of the water.

if you look further,we have done this before. the lung of the manrepeats the same thing. the lung of the man,creates the same gans condition, through the breathingof the gases of it. and with it, creates the moisturewithin lung of the man. so, we have seen repetition ofmacro in micro, we see it in the oceans. and we see repetition of the mixture,within the lung of the man. then we see,life has a repetition. if you create a gans environment,or what we call gravitational-magnetic field

in a plasma-state, not in a matter-state.gravitational field-strength. then, the body of the entityanywhere in universe, leads to creation of water,or liquid condition, where the interaction can bein a way sustained, and the life in the dimensionof what i call, 'floating', in a way different than thehorizontal and vertical life can exist. this is the beauty, when you go to,central lined, in a way vertical gravitational-magneticfield forces like the sun. like other planets. these, these kind of planets,usually sustain a huge liquid,

in given condition in certain positionin the solar system. we see these kind of liquid conditionacross the universe. where there is no entity,but you enter an ocean of the universe. we see ocean of liquid of this planet,it's like a drop in the ocean in reality. they are so massive,but they go nowhere. because they are createdout of the condition of the two heavier magnetic fieldscoming from different galaxies for example. and, in condition of interactionof the weakest galaxies. and they create this condition ofliquid-state in the universe.

if we come to the point, that this, thisliquid creates itself a central field force, then it takesshape. it's like you just jump in the swimming pool,it has nowhere to go. this is one of the problems thatour space development has to look for. the next step, after you go to this,it depends, if the material field forces take shape in the strength of the inertia ofthe dimension of the strength of the entity. then you will feelvery much like magmas, liquid-state, it does not necessarilyneed heat to be so hot as a magma, but it creates liquidity,in a condition of the matter-state.

the difference between the water,and the magma is huge. but we look at them both as a is created out of the field forces of the gravitational field forcesof the matter created by thegravitational field itself of the planet. the other one, is when the fieldmatter has reduced enough, that it's taken the state-matter, but can notrelease itself to what we call solidify. solidification of entity,is attribute between the when the gaseous and the matter-stateneeds to interact. it creates a friction point,that it leads to solidification.

we call it the 'surface of the earth'.we call it, 'the continents'. we, we have to understand the true structureof the creation in the universe. then we understand the difference betweenthe liquid as a water, and liquid as a magma, and why magmas, when they comewe call it, volcanic eruptions, take the shapeof the matter-state. this is a huge conversion,and we look at it so easily, but, in space, we have dimensions,which are just like this. and we have to merge in it.we have to be able to submerge in it. we have to be able to live in it.and then, it comes to understanding

of how you can livein these conditions. living in these conditionsare very easy, extremely easy, if the man understands thecondition of the soul of the man. then, it brings you to the5th stage of life in the universe there are other statesand as the man matures, understand then he can expand his existenceacross the universes, in multiple dimensions,in different galaxies, multiple life existencein galaxies. it's more or less, very much oneif the most, favorite ways to live.

if you understand thelife of plasma in the universe, it's motion, it's strength,it's conversion. where operates in one dimension as a soul and it operates in anotherdimension as a physical matter. very much like muchlike the body of the man. we have the soul, which we contain throughthe physicality of the brain if the man. and then we have the physicality,which can be contained in a dimensionof the soul of the man. in the teaching of past few monthsi have brought you

to this point and many of youmight have though about it but, you could not understand,or comprehend what it means. in the teachings,even on tuesday, i try to touch on this to make thingsready for today’s teaching. as i explained, when we die,when we go through process of the aging, when we cometo the point of separation of the physical body ofthe man from the soul of the man, this process, it doesn't happen ona flick of a finger, we call it 'aging'. >from the moment that the bodyreaches a point of strength,

they strike a automatictriggering, which mean, the physicality getsready to separate itself from the physical soul of the man and thisis where we see slowly we age. in certain time in the latter part of out lifewe get aged very rapidly because, the conversionand separation has set in. in so many ways this is one of the pities... pitfalls of the physical life. so, when we get what we call, 'old',to a certain age. as there is a field-strengthpositions a level, then it triggers the separationof the soul from physical life.

and when that trigger pointreaches the balance between the soul strengthand the physical strength, that the lowest common denominator,this is when the death, physical death, separation ofthe soul from physicality, happens. if we, for example,as i explained last teaching, want to extent the lifeto a 1,000 to 10,000 years. is to keep this ratiohigher on the physical side. keep this higher on the soul side,so then you live on a soul level or you liveon a physical level.

drinking and using environments whichis heavily gansed, magnetic field forces. it creates that dimension that theswitch-point does not come into operation. all we are doing is, we drain thetrigger point of the physical separation. this is why in the teachingof the past few weeks, i explain that, in a coming time man will reachto live to reach a 1,000 years or plus. because, now you understand. in being able to absorb balanced fieldsof the need of the physicality, the point of thetriggering of the separation of the physical soul of the manand the soul if the man, just gets delayed.

that's all we are playing. you can delayit into hundreds of thousands of years. does not matter how you look,you can keep that balance because the age, the lookdoes not count anymore. because in space we don't agethe way we age on this planet. because the conditionof aging is they're very much like the structureswe see in... on this planet. if you go to places,which is a continuous study, very short band-width of the temperaturedifference, buildings last centuries. you go to the northern hemisphere,or you go to the highlands hemisphere,

which there is extremitiesin the temperature. you see the buildingsdon't last that long. because high heat of the summerand high cold of the winter creates corrosion, createsbreakup of the structure. so buildings age more,they are going into different cycle. it's the same with the body of man. if we can create the condition,with the ganses and with the field-forceswhich the ganses create, or in the span of universe thatwe can sustain feeding our physical soul,

which with it createsour matter-state of physicality. then the physical conditionof the soul of the man in the matter-state or physical-statewill last for centuries. is us, more or less, in conjunctionwith the field forces of the planet or the environment, to live in,which triggers that switch. it's very much...i call it the, 'central heating point'. you are warm till 19 degrees,you set the temperature as 19. the minute you... you go to 18.9 thetrigger comes in, the boiler starts boiling. it's the same thing in thestrength if the soul of the physicality

which triggers at the point,what we call the, 'separation', between the physical souland the strength of the soul of physicality. and what we call, after a given time,the separation complete, the two entity take shape,separation is complete without pain, without anything,it's just natural. we see, "oh he died in sleep." because, that separation inthe last minute, last hours is literally, is like, when... very much likewhen you have hypothermia. extremities get shut down till the pointwhere the brain and heart has to be kept.

brain which is the center ofthe soul of the man embedded in it, and the heart which is the centerif the soul of physicality, they separate. and the, we seeeach one takes its shape. most of the energy levelswhich are at the soul level have already transferred to the cells...what you call the 'soul level strength'. those who are of the physicalmatter souls stay with the body of the man. that's why when we die wesee the physical entity on the table. we see it there,we say good bye to it. but in fact, the soulhas already left the body,

but still has a connection with it, becauseit was created out if its manifestation, of the creation,interaction of the fields of it. then we understand forthe first time we are, we become, we extended our knowledgeto the point that we can dictate, determine and controlthe point of separation. then we allow the trigger point comes. i said, my time in a 100,000 years and in that time i hopefully have enough,know what to get and what to sustain. that, that allows me toseparate the physical matter

from the point of interactionof the soul of the entity. or be it me. if you understand this, it bringsus to the space technology very rapidly. this is a dimensionof the existence of the soul of the man in non-dimensionor physicality. many of us, we have...i explained this in many teachings. go back and understandthe teachings about als and ms. understand the paper i've writtencalled, 'als is the wish which comes true'. because, i could notexplain this at that time, for you as knowledge seekersto understand.

but if you read that,what is als it means, "i decide the point of the separation.i wished for end of the physicality, interaction in the level of his soul with this soul of the man and i decidedthis is what i want to do." but, because i have cut the ribbonit doesn't mean that the rest has to do, "i'm cutting a relationship. you're still my mother but,i don't want to talk to you. doesn't meanyou don't exist anymore" so, you start cutting the telephone line,no letters no visits and everything else.

it's the same. when you decidein the emotional level that, "i want to separate it. i want nothing to do with my life,physical life, emotion with my soul" then you have triggered the finger,the finger points out. you push the button,we call it 'als'. so, if man has sucha power within it to switch off, man has such a powerto be able to do a further thing, which is i give more onthe physical level to the soul of me,

that my soul encompassesmy physicality, which means, i live within my soul. for 60 years,100 years i've been trapped i've protected the soulto be seen with a physical existence. now i transferso much of my energy, so much of my field-strengthin the strength of the soul. that i expand the soul. this is what weteach and you've seen in dynamic systems. this is the only way i could teach you,now you could see and relate to. if you start seeing dynamic systemsvery soon we'll show you systems that you can see the fields.

you will see that in a dynamicsystem like the soul of the man. if we increase the field-strength,the field-strength allows the expansion of the 10th if the soul which will encompass thephysicality of the body of the man. then we can travelthe depth of the universe, not with a physicalcondition outside, but with the soul of the manwhich is the sun itself. but this time as we havethe command of the emotion in the physical dimension we candictate the position in the universe.

in a way we take the emotion of the man,which we have developed as the emotion of... within the structure ofphysicality to control the strength of the soul and thedimension of soul in the depths of universe. in a way it's like a car, we get in it,we are cocooned in it. we come out the car is on its ownbut we had in it... it's a tent. we decide we put a tent insideor we go inside a tent. then we put a tent in a pack, we call it'physicality' and the we can open through the energy which wegive for the extension of the tent to cover our physicalitywhich we go in it.

there is no other simplerexample to explain. but this sits within th emotionof the man, read the paper. read... understand two of most powerfulpapers i've written. unified field theory and then understanding of the als "my wish is my command." it's the wish which comes true,but man out of fear of not being able to understandthat he can reverse the position of the soul in respect to physicalityhas never crossed that point. some people have.

we know we can do, it's a point verymuch on the extreme level, just beyond the end ofthe spinal cord and in beginning of what we callthe 'small brain'. at that point we an switch,we go through a coma, but if we feel past the field-strengthof physicality, that what coma is . then we can allow the soul of the man toexpand to cover the physicality of the man. this is what all the teaching has beenabout, this is what i say and i've taught, "you can expand your soul to accept other passengers." go back to thevery first teachings part...

part of the teachings,i always explained, you trust the soul of the captainand give your soul to him. now you understandwhat it means. you become passengerof my soul, which is... expands beyond my physicalityand in trusting that "i carry your soul with me.i can give back to you that you carry, you can manifest yourphysicality at any dimension." now you see all, the teachings over pastyears is taking shape in different dimension. so, in fact, every one of us, if understandhow to be able to become detached

from the physicality of the existenceif the soul of the existence, that we can give from the soulat the level of the soul of the man, not at the soul of physicality,we can carry the physicality within the womb of the fields ofthe tent of the the soul of the man. we don't need to demolish it,we don't need to destroy it, we don't need to leave it behind. now, the physicality gets fedfrom the soul of the man, internally. where up to now it wasgetting fed externally. in a way, if you look at it it becomes tothe very similar cores we saw with, before.

where the soul comes into thecenter and the gans goes to the edge. now it vice versa,but in this process, now the soul of the manfeeds the physicality of the man. but this time its controland it's timeless, limitless and becomes the life of the creator. man needs to be able to understand,needs to become a passenger of the universe and thisis where we are going now. because, with the developmentof the new plasma systems we can feed the soul of the manat the strength that the soul of the man

can take wings withinthe space of the universe, according to the strength of thedelivery of the plasma. many of you, many of you never understoodwhen i put the magrav system on the table. you looked at the physical,electrical current, where i looked for you to understand thephysical current of the plasma of the entity. i gave you gold and you dust itto nothing, because you never understood. and as you know, i'm a good actor,i pretend i made a mistake, but there wasnever a mistake in it. it meant my students never understoodthe totality and when you don't understand,

when you force feed a childhe spits it out and you always spit the most beautiful knowledge ofthe universe out because you looked for the current flow in the cheapest weakestever of the matter electron movement. and then you said,"it doesn't work." because, now you understand you haveone of the most precious powerful tools in the universe in your hand. if you understand the work of the plasma,existence of the plasma and the life of plasma in universe. which is another dimension,which is the extension

and the dimensionof the soul of the man. i gave you a system to extendyour souls and you dusted it to nothing, which means you never understood. which means you are not ready for it. and a teacher who's wisenever pushes, waits for the time. but, has the time has come forthe man to understand this beauty. but its for you to understand. you looked to get one kilowatt i gave you a trillion watts of plasma.

it's very much as i always say, "i give you the most beautiful vine in theworld when you are blind how can you ex... even understand the beauty,i give you the most beautiful creature in the world in a magrav system,but you all were too happy, "it doesn't work." none of the magrav systemsthat you ever created, ever failed. it's you who failedin understanding the concept of the technology whichwas given to you as a gift. go back and re study.

go back and understand, you...i gave you the beautiful sun and you looked for the crop. it's not my fault, it meansyou did not understand. and, in agreementswe are making with the governments it pushes us to showthe beauty of the creature. the keshe foundation in a coming time willopen negotiation with world leaders on the delivery of technologyon the existence of the plasma, not on meager electric currentone kilowatt, two kilowatts. because, if its what you youvalue yourself that's what you're worth.

but, if you understand it, then youcan extend it to use the magrav system in conjunctionwith the soul of the man to create a dimensionof the structures which can take man inthe universe within seconds. "i made man in the image of myself." "i made man to be my soul,not to be the physicality of my soul" . then you understand the teachinghas taken on different shape. and, some of the keshe foundation researchersare reaching that point. you are looking for kilowattsand i can show you mega-watts

with the same system. but that's mega electron vibration,the cheapest thing in the universe. i gave you the rolls-royceand you are happy with a donkey. you are quite welcome to it,get on the donkey. i gave you the most... fastest flight systemin the universe, you are happy to beon the back of a donkey or a bicycle. you're quite welcome to it. because you haven't understood, is no use forcing, is no use givingthem a man multi-billion,

because he'll dust it to nothing,because he doesn't... never had the value of it. it's just freeat the back of the line. those who understand will createa condition in deep space to travel. this is what i said 2018 is a timefor man to take into space. because, those of you you understoodthe operation of the magrav system, many of you have alreadyshould have achieved flight system. but, you're looking for a vibration,i gave you the knowledge of the universe andnow you understand why so many times you gotangry with me when i tell you,

"you don't understand." now you know you never understood.maybe now you understand. maybe now you understandthat with understand... the condition of the strength of the knowledge,when you transfer, and you give enough to your soul,that in that process, you manage to encompass the physicality,in the process of the fields of the soul passing the body of the man,the body of the man becomes purified. which means it comesto the point of no disease. perfection from the point of creation.

it's what we put you,very much like dr rodrigos, in these frameworks and you go in it,and you says, "i've made myself a medical system with tubes around itand twenty magrav systems and twenty coils." what do you do? you extend in a waythe tentacles of your souls magnetic fields, to the dimension of these systems,but you don't see it. you look, "what i've put in it."but you don't see, "what i've given for the soul to expandit's strength to me, than the physicality of the body."so now, everything in that environment becomes balanced,and you walk away with the disease.

but still, our medical teachersdo not see, they're still looking for a rotation here,and a gans there. so many times in the teaching,i explained it in a very funny way, but in a very direct way. you drink the gans and you think the gansgoes in there and give me something and i do. and so many times i've told you,when you get the gans, when you drink it,the plasma water, rub some of it on your skin,where the pain is. then the field works, it becomesthe what you drink become the soul of the man,

and what you put on the skinbecomes the physicality of the man. and then you strengthenthe soul of the physicality internally to outside, it creates a balance and that's the reasonyou get rid of the pain. this is how you eradicate a cancer,and what we see with our many doctors,and the physicians who work in this, i put this and i did that, but none of themunderstood the totality of the knowledge. it's time to move, and as i say,we have a beautiful saying in english, it says, "if i can't take you with friendly,i'd kick you and i'd take your hand, you can kiss it as much as you likeand shout as you like,

i take you with me."and to take man into space in 2018, is coming to the point, does not matterhow much you shout and cry, if we have to take you,we take you by hand. and, we don't force feed you,we take you to a place, when you understand the knowledge.which is within the soul of the man. the teaching of today, is so powerful,that if any of you understood, you can change, you can create,you can develop conditions, when you can manifestyour own soul, and see the transformation of the soulwithin the body of the man,

where it takes hold,what we will see on the streets, is shining stars,not the physicality of the man. but man prefers to be physical,get in the rain, frost, hunger and everything else, because,he hasn't learned what he's carrying. i'm a wise teacher,but i've taught you enough, that for youto be able to take the leap, not the leap of faith,but the leap of understanding, the control and existence of your emotion,that with it, you control the dimension of the soul of the man.and then you allow through that process,

which is, i've mentioned many times,"the soul of the man, has the same emotion as the physicality."does not matter if the soul is inside, or physicality is inside. in the physical dimensionof the existence of the man, we have entrapped the soul,in a way we protect the soul, through our physicality.but now the knowledge of the man has reached the point, that we have to entrust,that we can let itself, to show itself. as a soul of the man. the man at that point,become a shining star. then you get to the point of peace,this is the condition,

precondition requisite, to world peace.when, as become a star, we shine, and we enlighten the fact, this is what i was teaching past few days,if those who spoke to me understood. this was the conditionof the prophet of the past. they did not see the soul of the creator.they became the soul themselves and through it understoodthe field-strength of the universe within the depth of the creation in unicos.that's all it is. now you understand. this is when moses passedthe physical condition through his own soul, and interaction of the fieldsof the two suns.

one enriched the other, and became what you callwhen he changed the position, the commandments,what you call as the fire, is in fact the interaction of the soulof the physicality of the moses, which passed the boundaryof his physical existence, and in interactioninteracted with the soul of the creator, because he's at that dimension strength,it's the soul of the man. "i made man in the image of myself,the soul of the man carries the same as me. as the creator." in time, what we call the 'scholars of man',will understand the teaching of today,

and, we weepin how much we have wasted life. so simple. because, we have to cross this line,there is no choice. the time and the place for manto join the universal community is now,and not in a thousand years. the maturity has to come throughthe man, the soul of the man, to understand, it's time to releasethe beauty which is we have felt inside, we have held inside for too long. we send our childrento universities to get educated,

and in the educationthey earn and they learn, they come to show the most magnificent systemsthat they could think of, which came from the, what we callelevation of the knowledge. now we have enough knowledge that we can allowthe elevation of the soul of ourselves. "thy shall not steal." we are stealing from our soul,and as long as we do, we will not see the soul of the manencompassing the physicality of the man. "thy shall not lie."we lie to ourselves because with it, we find safety to staywithin the dimension of physicality,

not to face the facts that,within the structure of the soul of the man is one of the most powerful soulsas i've called the plasmas in the creation. now, it's for us to understand. how much more, and how many of thehuman beings are happy to sit in these cars, and take, work 48 weeks a yearlike a donkey, for four weeks to have a rest,and pleasure of having a rest. or we take to the soul of the man, we haverest every second of the time in the universe. as the time is timeless,this time of 24 hours is man made, and it's the most ridiculous thingswe have ever seen.

if you can get fedfrom the fields of the universe, eighty years of the man life is nothing.but it's you who has put a time limit on it. and man should have understoodfrom the physicians when they tell you, you have als, you have six years,it means he gave you 6 years to separate the body from physicality.but in that process, you have elevated the soulto be separate, but what happens to the physical soulwhen you separate? it still exist in the dimensionof the matter-state of the gans of the planet, till it takes a new shape and a new never dies.

man has enough knowledge now,that, if he finds the true remnants of the creation, of the what we callthe life of billions of years ago, you can create dinosaurs in no time. all it needs to understand,to find the soul of the physicality, "embrace it, feed it, and with it,it'll create, the soul of the creature. this is what we have to elevate,or understanding this, what it's needed to understand,that, for us to become detached, from the dimension of the physicalities.i'll tell you something, many of you now run to make thismagrav-system where we missed.

and i feel pity on you.because the whole is for your soul. not creating energy system. we [inaudible] that in the process ofdevelopment of the knowledge, we have created sensesof trust, and miss trust within ourselves. and that has been the biggest pitfallfor all of us, a physical dimension. i start a life with caroline, she said, "why you are here then?" i said, " we come here because physicalityhas a pleasure that we do not get it in in the other dimensions."

"we can touch it,we can feel it. we can see the lie and deception in it,and we can see beauty of love in it. and then, we know howwe can handle it." now you understand, what andhow you need to progress. two thousand and eighteen hasto be the cycle of time when, the man will take in the,depth of the universe through understanding of his own soul,not through the spaceships. those who take to spaceships it meansthey still need... nourishing. they still need, to be givenconfidence to go to the next step.

is just very much like,staying, in the nursery. refusing to go into school. now you understand,maybe part of the teachings. how and why, in past few weeks and months,we went this way. any questions? (ab) ...hi mr keshe, (mk) hello dr azar. (ab) ... okay, when you talkabout the dimension, the dimension you talk about is the samedimension people talk about, like,

i thought humanityis in third dimension and we're supposed to move to(mk) no (ab) the fourth dimension, and thenwe have another ... (mk) no (ab) six dimension to go.(mk) no. (ab) is my...(mk) no (ab) different. (mk) no. when i was, working as anuclear physicist in ... ... british nuclear fuel,

we were talking in sevenand eight dimension. those are the matter-states.this is condition of existence. in, in the dimensions in physical lifewe talk with the time, the temperature, the pressure andeverything else. in the dimension of the soul,we speak about the strength of the soul. each strength createsits own dimension. if you reduce its strength,becomes the dimension of physicality. read the writing of bahã¡'u'llã¡h,bless his name, the seven valleys, he speaks about seven levels of the,dimensions of the soul of the man.

and even that, it just brings you,into power to understand, the next cycle. it's in the writing of christ,or the people who wrote the, true part, whichis with the jews. you'll understand,he spoke about two dimensions, as he saw withthe soul of the man. muhammad, bless his name,never came wise to it. because he, very rapidly, got in the,in the tangibility of physicality of the beauty of a woman. and then he chose himself forty wivesand four women per night.

(ab) mr keshe,(mk) any other, (ab) when you, when you ... when youwere talking about, i was listening to the magrav teaching, the blueprint week, andthen when you were talking about the magrav ... i suddenly felt like when you talkabout the nanocoated copper, actually, we don't have to have that ...nanocoated copper the way the energy moves fromthe gans state to the nanocoated and they come to the centerof the copper, as a dc or ac, because ourbody is the same way. it can move the same way as it,because we are the gans,

so is almost the same i correct? yes, i taught this before,you're the first one who understood it. in the teachings of the past,i explained many times, when you nanocoat, you en...encompass the physicality, in a way, the soul comes out andsits inside the physicality. where the physicality, up to now,was total holder of the energy. what we do in the gans production andthe nano production is the same as what we just spoke about today. to, embedding the physicality with thefield forces of the, plasma,

what we call, the 'gans', or whatwe call, in the 'matter-state' come, what we call 'intermediary state' ,what we call, 'nano... layers'. it's the fields now embed... the copper, where the copper was the sign,it was the manifestation of physicality of the existence. we do not, we don't seethe copper anymore, which is the real physical life where it was outside andit was holding the fields of the, magnetic field of the elements. now, itself has become, shielded,its become surpassed

in a way, if you look at it, nanocoating of a copper and a copperbefore, is the same as what we talk. we have to understand, how to create na.. nanolayers,what we call, the 'field of the plasma', that becomes... the soul of the man, entrapping the physicality of the man. and then, when you have that field andyou've seen why the nanolayers are so dark which means they canabsorb all the fields. then go back to the very first paperi published called,

the creation of black holein the physicality of the man. which means they canabsorb all the fields, the creation of black hole. where i say, "the black holeeven though is black, is the essence of life, creation,the controller of everything. then the, skin of the copper, is thatblack hole which absorbs everything. but we know, through it, is one ofthe best supplier of energy, when you can release it as a gans, in the dimension of the stateof the field of the environment.

the state of thesoul of the man, and the physicalityof the man, in a simple way, has been shown through the nanocoatingand the structure of the copper. if you trust, to see a copper to becomeblack, and then you create the gans to take its fields, and then, you understand, in the processthat we have shown we can use these fields to create the matterin their interaction, "why don't you trust in your soul,where you can do the same?" it's the fear of greed.

not the fear of existence. what can i do if it is, how much morecan i take, not what i can give, that it can elevate,what we call, 'elevate', the soul of the others. as long as the man always looks,"what i'm getting from it", man will be in thebottom of the pit. when a man goes to thepoint of what i call, 'love' what i can give unconditional,man will not move on. any other question?

(rc) ... mr keshe, there's aquestion from ... krasimir, who says,"mr keshe, elevating your soulto incorporate your physical soul ... is it done with the help of gans, or canit be done with time and understanding?" (mk) understanding thestrength of your soul. that's all. if you need help,you can use the gans, but you have to use... you nounderstand, how to use it. you got busy with making cores and medicalsystems and magrav system for energy. and as a wise teacher,i let them, let them play.

they are not ready for it. as i said, "i gave you gold, and you decided toplay with, what i call, the 'dust of the earth'and that's your problem". not my teaching,means you are not ready. i was talking to, a friend of ours, and hesays, "do you know what has happened?" i said, "what"?, he said, "now, the australian government,the prime minister has announced, that it's entering theproduction of arms,

and, spending billions on australia to becomea military manufacturing technology center". i said, "that's the end of the world". that's the time, when the humanity hasreached to the bottom of the pit. which means, if you look who gives andlook at the history of the background of the nation, you understandwho's behind it. those who use the soul of the manin name of the religion. the devil sits withinthe structure of the, physicality of the man,not within the soul of the man. and maybe that's the timefor man to move within his soul,

that does not allow, what i call, the'misconduct of physicality', to take shape. i have made a wish ... not a wish,in a way, i have made a decision, which, as i say,"my wish is my command" or what i feel, what i knewwhat is needed and we done. we will see the end ofrothschild family very soon. and with it, shall come peace on this planet,and those who connected themselves to it. you see the end of, what we call,'vatican operation', which is another arm of, what we call,'kingship' through the soul, and we see the kingshipthrough the physicality,

which is, runs through,what we call, 'monarchies'. these processes has to be met,that man finds peace, it's a prerequisite, wheneverybody sees each other as equal. those are the abuses of the soul,those are abuses of the finances, and those are abuses of position,all three come to an end. i wonder what they weep, whenthey sit in front and beg for their lives, their ancestors whichthey carry with them. we know the vatican, the popehas said, "he'll be the last pope", and it's true,we shall not see another.

(ab) mr keshe can iask another question? (mk) yes, would you like to read yourpersian version of the ... earth council? yes you can. (ab) okay, so ... youwant me to read this now? (mk) yes please. (ab) okay. (mk) i love farsi,it's the soul of my life. (ab) okay, so know i have the, i have the ... the constitutionon my ... computer but,

i should just do a screen share,and then show my screen? or can it be,oh it's here, okay. (rc) do you want to do that? ...if you, if you want to do that, then. (ab) rick, actually, you did great,because that make my job easier ... (rc) okay, then you'll have to just letme know when to ... go to the next page, and we can goone page at a time. (ab) okay, perfect ...before i, i go in and read this, i just want to say a fewwords in farsi ... before i read it ... (ab) [earth council constitution in farsi]

... next page. next page please. that's it...thank you. (rc) thank you ... azar.very nice. (ab) ... thank you rick. (mk) thank you very much azarjan. ...i'm sure when this... message is read by...different people, in different languages, when it's read in your own mother-tongue,which touches the soul of the man, it creates an emotion inside the man, that,that emotion brings home the need for,

what we've been craving for, for peace,mainly peace in the soul of the man, not in the, what i call,'dimension of physicality'. thank you very much azar,it was beautiful... and it brings back so much,the beauty of the persian language it's a poetry in writing. ... thank you very much for those whohelped in the background to translate. (ab) thank you mr keshe(mk) pleasure. any other question? (jm) mr keshe we are ready. (mk) oh it's good ... you were supposedto go, "hm hmm", then i will understand.

... this part, as part of being able to ...extend and expand the teaching that, it covers most of the languages ...the teaching of the keshe foundation keshe foundation fssi,which is keshe foundation as a institute of organizationof what we call, ... 'itself', and the spaceship institute, which is thedevelopment of the tools of the space ... we have created kfssiwhich is the teaching arm, which means we understandthe knowledge of the foundation and we understand the knowledgeof space and how we connect it. the ... what i call. the 'pleasure ofcarrying this headache', what we call,

the head of the keshe foundation fssi,has been accepted by jim from australia, and, he has brought a lot of changesand one of these changes he's brought, which is very nice,is the new website. and today, we openthe new website of kfssi, which brings the knowledge of the manfrom the soul of the man to the work of the foundation,to the space development technology. most of the teaching of the spacewill come through this channel and, many of you are students and manyof you have joined these teachings, through kfssi, i leave it to jim to explain,who has developed this new website

for the keshe foundation fssi,it's beautiful and thank you very much for your hard work jim.and your team. (jm) thank you mr keshe.... it's been quite a pleasure and ... to create this site, along lisa,myself have worked ... the past, past couple of months with awonderful team in nepal. ... and we've createda wonderful site that we hope a lot of people will get a lotof joy and information out of it. and, the purpose for the, the websitewas to create a destination for people, to create a place wherepeople could come and learn.

you know, all of us knowand including myself, when we try and start to understand thistechnology, there's just so much information. ... there's thousands of videos on youtubeand information and we just don't know, most people don't know,where to start. so what we've created isa bit of a journey for people, where we start ... with the science,so we start understanding, what is plasma ... and howwe can use it in our everyday lives, so what is the benefits for, for mewhen i'm understanding this plasma? ... and then we create a path for you to learn,and so we'll guide you down a path to learn

and show you step by step, what youneed to watch, what you need to learn. and the whole purpose is,we then lead you right into the center, where, essentially the...the science meets the soul. and you begin to understand that ...this technology is leading you ... from the sort of physical science aspectsof it and when you understand the science it leads you down intounderstanding your soul. and at the veryend of the website we, we begin to get downto understanding your soul. and then, when you begin to realize that,that ... the journey leads to your soul,

then we, essentially, ask you to goback to the beginning of this website and start again, so that you canunderstand all the science and technology from the perspective of the soul. ... vince is just going to ... roll throughsome of the pages there, so we look at, what is plasmabecause a lot of people, it's the first questionthat a lot of us gets asked. ... and so we hope people can justexplain, in a very simple way. and as vince scrolls down further,we get down to ... certain animations whichyou're quite familiar with...

... but right at the bottom,is these five ... videos which were broughtout many, many years ago. ... very short 10 minute videos ...but they're so important ... ... and yet they were sort of atthe bottom of a pile, of the youtube pile, of thousands of videos, so, it'simportant that people can just watch and, and just to understand the verybasics through these series of 5 videos. so that's your first page on trying to get anunderstanding of what plasma is all about. when we go to the next page,in terms of it's uses, obviously a lot of us will ask, "okay this is veryvery nice, but how does it benefit me?"

and so we give youa brief introduction... on the benefits of plasma andhow it can affect us in our everyday life. ... we give you a little bitof an introduction there, and those, for those of you thathave enjoyed and built your magravs, you know we are achieving ... sort ofnice electrical reduction in our bills ... and for a lot of us, this isbecome a bit of a side issue, because the main effect is the ... personand interaction that the magrav has changed, a lot of our personalities and ...affected our soul in a deep way. ... we understand thatwe create gans ...

so it's a matter creation throughfield interaction, so we explain there, how we create the gansesjust from the fields all around us. agricultural uses ... these are allnice practical applications that people can do in everyday life andsee how the effect of the plasma is, you know and how it can effect, we've tried to pick on couple of uses where it can appeal to a broad spectrumof people to try and get them interested in this technology. health beinga very important one. we're all interested in how this technologycan affect us from our health perspective,

and with our illnesses and diseases andhow these can ... be processed and so a lot of this site is,is providing that information for you so that you can, actually,educate yourself. transport and motion.same thing, giving us an idea, a little, a little taste of what the futureholds for space travel, ... and motion here on earth,creating our own crafts. ... and ultimately, wherethe science meets the soul. and that's, ultimately, the enddestination for a lot of us, is to understand our soul.

and then, the space technology,that's where a lot of this all leads to. ... so, that page just gives you a very brief... description for people as to how this technologycan affect our everyday lives. when we goto the next page... it's, it's essentially beginningyour journey of enlightenment, and you need to startso you can learn more. ... this is a wonderful interview with mr keshe,also made several years ago, but still very relevant to today ...explaining the science ... ... a lot of you know the, understandingplasma science, twelve parts series.

so, that's there availableas, as sort of your first port of call, ... to start learning the science,with the powerpoint set now are available. so all those are there,you then can once you've done those, you can then go on to yournext leg of journey, which is to watch all the,kids knowledge seeker workshops there. there's twenty two of these workshops ...also made several years ago but they are ... actually made by rickand keyvan with mr keshe, and then the all containhuge amounts of valuable information, so there's powerpoints are certainlya must ... view ... to watch those.

and obviously we'll watching theknowledge seeker workshop every thursday orthursday week morning as well, very important ... to keep up to the la...with the latest information. and you got through the variouschannels that one can watch. ... and so all there, it's all's beenavailable for us all this time, we just put it intoa format and a flow, ... step by step processthat one can follow and ... and make it a lot easierfor all of us. and if you, now this informationis all public and available,

and if you're reallyinterested to learn more, and would like to ...become a knowledge seeker, then one can ... come andregister as a private student, and join our self study,private portal, so which is the next page. so those... this is for information for,people that would really like to, delve deeper into this technology,a very simple process. you know, when youbecome a private student, one gets access to ... all the privateworkshops that has been held since, may 2015 and earlier.

so they're all here availablefor you to watch in your own time. and, we can guide you throughwith those as well ... and you can also contribute,to the teaching of private students. so, there's just a annual donation of 100 euros,gives you access to the past workshops, ... you can form yourown study groups, and work together with,... fellow students, and really go into depthon different topics. simple requirements there as before,so just with your normal forms. we ke...

it's the options to renew andthe different languages that are available, with the 3 semesters. and then we do have a coupleof specialized study programs, for those that are really interested andwill like to join the health teachings, these are, private teachingsthat are held every week. and for the privateagricultureteachings, and the mozhan teachings when thoseprograms will be accepting new people for that program. so, those are all the, programs available,in the, for private students,

when we come down to the public teachings,... we have on the english site, we have a quite few that arein the public at the moment. we've got the, plasma experiencetestimonials...which is once a month. we have the knowledge seeker workshops,every thursday, and these are availableon the different ... channels, anyone can just click on them,go directly to those different channels. you got the ... reactor group,there with host rick crammond. and you have the one nationone planet, for world peace, that's on a tuesdayat four in the afternoon,

and then on, starting from monday5th february we'll be starting, our new series ofexploring plasma science. so, we just hopethat you do join us again, on monday, morningsat, 10:00 cet time and, we'll going into bit moredepth on each subjects there. and then we've cru... to make it easier,we've created a... a nice google calendar here, and, we... one can, downloadyour google calendar, gives you the teachingsfor the year.

we have all re... the different languageteachings. or the differentenglish teachings, and so you can, downloadthis google calendar, and it will just give you a reminder10 minutes before. each one of the teachingshappens every, every day. so... with all this teachingsgoing on around the world, there's over 100, teachings and workshops beendone by, the teachers at the kfssi. so, it can be no time inthe day where you can not join, even if you wanted to join, someof our language teachers they ...

teachings they are manypeople in, in there are bilingual, and so one canhappily join them, and learn from thedifferent language groups as well. on the language page... we've just started withthe languages, because... we are going to be working with each ofthe teams in the next two to three months, so that, we can add alltheir information on page, and that they would liketo add to this website, and all the links and ... connectionsthat they have and that they have created.

so all this information will, sorely beadded out of the next 2 or 3 months... so, please come back and have a look, andas we add to these different languages. and as some more information, ...we have the, electronic papers available, that mr keshe haswritten many years ago. there is also some kindlebooks that are, available. these, original kindle books, arefrom, it creates a brief summary, of the knowledge seeker workshopsfrom number one hundre.. from number one,all the way up to number 77. ...we've also got the,understanding plasma science,

as a kindle book downloadas now as well, and then, for those interestedin... the nature and agriculture, gardeners andgrowers, workshops, are also been created into kindlebooks that one can download and read. so it's just another formatfor people that they can... read, this informationsto the watching videos, and can watch the videosat the same time as well. we've also created a resource page, whichwe will continually add, information to as... informations developedby many people., it's just quicklinks to, the kf wiki ...quick link to theknowledge seeker workshops. also to the blueprints onhow to make your magrav's. ...agricultural teachings there. and then for, those interestedin onsite workshops, you can go and click thereand, go to that site which gives you all thedetails on how to do that. and then we cut a couple of brilliant peoplethat will start work with, that does help us that's the golden age of gans.

and then, some of... other links, that onecan connect to on the site as well. so, it gives you all thatinformation available. and then when we get tothe volunteer page, and... here we just provide a bitof details and how one can... help with the foundation,in different ways. >from been a transcriber that canhelp a couples of hour a week translate and ... those that would likethat have learned enough information would like to teach start teachingin their own language, ...that we don't have represented,

you are welcome and we'll guideyou in, in... getting started. and if there'sany other information bits of informationthat you'd like to volunteer, then you can just put ina bit of information and, we can get back to youand see how we can help. and then we come back downto, science meets the soul, and here we'll also be addinginformation over the time. and, we managed to find,three lovely... passages from, july teachings last it gives people a nice...

they read them gives thema nice understanding, of, what the soul,is all about. so you can scroll further down. and ... these are lovelypassages so it gives people that, you know hopefully would inspirepeople a bit more so that they can, want to learn moreand teach themselves, by reading thesethree short passages, and then ultimately with ...the links so that they can go and watch more of thoseparticular workshops

that started in july last year from the"blueprint for peace for humanity", where mr keshe started on a lotof the basic teachings on the soul. and then ultimately one gets tothe end of the websites realizing that, ... yes, it does come downto all about the soul, and then so, we do encourage youto go back to the beginning again. but now when you are watchingthese videos and understanding them, you don't stop thinking aboutfrom the perspective of your soul and ... you'll then watch cd's and listento these videos in very different light. so, we hope you enjoy this ... tryto make it easier for people to follow,

... so that people can geta quite nice understanding of what thistechnology is all about. and we'll be addingconstantly to the site, so, please come backand continue to learn. so i'd just like to saythank you to sanjib and his team ... for all the work over thelast couple of month's, and then to vince as well the background getting this up and ... ready for us for, thank you. (rc) thank you jim that is incredible,incredible ... piece of work,

this whole website,and i am so happy, so happy to see this, i can see how it's so nicely laid outand easy to search and ... it's beautiful. it is beautiful in many ways,thank you so much, for all the people that haveput the effort in to make this possible. it's ... it... i'm ... i'm just ...i'm speechless, it's really really nice to see. (ab) ... jim where is this website? (ab) rick, do we have ???(rc) it's very, very simple just do it while ... well go aheadjim you can say it yourself. (jm) that's ...

(rc) yes, really easy to remember(ab) thank you. (jm) lisa and i had a lot of fun inthis website so, we really enjoyed it, and, and along with ... sanjib and his team,i think we taught them a lot, and they taught us a lot,so we worked very well together. (rc) i was wanna go back through again,see the whole thing again. (jm) i'll go through itin detail on ... monday when we start withthe exploring plasma science, it's just to give moredetail on people and, so that they can see whatis available for them.

(rc) yes it might be goodto highlight one particular part, for each knowledge seekers workshopand show it in more detail, and what people canexpect here and so on. (jm) yeah that's,can do that as well. (rc) okay mr keshe are you ...(mk) yes i'm here (rc) ready to carryon there, thank you. (mk) we, we've been waiting ...months and years for the birth of this child. and now is so beautiful,thank you very much. this brings a new meaning to the teaching,and this is what we've been waiting for.

it's absolutely fantastic,it still needs ... developing,as more and more of us joins in. part of the work,at the moment sits with all of us to be able totranscribe and translate, ... to the languages whichare not there on the screen. one of the biggest problems will come whenus speak in different languages, do not transcribe theseinto our own languages, that our nation as a language speakingacross this planet, will fall behind, but not understandingwhat is been taught.

so, it's the responsibility of all of usto make sure, even if it's in our own language,never look that my, my translation is no good,i can not translate. when you come totranslate and transcribe, you carry the soul of the knowledge,not the writing of the knowledge, and what you transcribe will be correct,even if you make an mistake, it'll by the one who'll read itwill understand the totality in its own way. fear of failure is the failure itself.fear of making mistakes create mistakes. and this is whatwe have to overcome.

we are always been made so frightened ofourselves making mistakes, and doing something wrongthat we'll be punished with it, that we don't do anything,not to get punished. there is no punishment,there is, even if you translate it the wrong word,the wrong way, it means somebody down the line reading it,will be inspired to create something good. maybe this is the reasonwe make it mistake, in transcribing and transwriting... and what we call translating. it means wehave to reach a soul

which would not have reachedif would have been the correct way. making a mistake makes a man think,and then when thinks he sees different light. translate it in every languagethat the burden will not be on us letting the people who don't understandthe language which is in in english, becomes the cause offalling behind. in any level,cause if there is a mistake, somebody who reads in your languageand sees a mistakes he'll correct it. but not doing it there isnobody else to read it to correct it, that it'll be improvethe life of the others.

please, this is a fantastic pieceand the way the education side we see, now developed a four languages on aweekly basis, it's an opening for us. in the coming weeks we'll announcelive television broadcastings, as we have said hopefully we'll come tosome agreement with this in the coming weeks, that, up to 20 out of weekly teachingwill be organized, as there is a possibilitythat this can be achieved, in the coming months,and then we have to transcribe and translateteaching on televisions. this is what will come in the back of these,once we ... we passed this point.

... vince, please speak to stanley urgently,there is a message there for you, ... and we request you to talk tostanley urgent vince, there is a thing, needs to be sorted in the background.(vr) ... (mk) pardon.(vr) yeah, i'm taking a look at it. (mk) please immediatelytake action on that please. the whole ... structure of the teaching,is to spread the knowledge. that's ... as we said by creating patternthat people can not read, man deprive the others fromelevating their knowledge. now we have done with the patent,the only thing which will deprive another man,

is the translationof the language of the knowledge. and, it's the responsibility of every one of us,to make sure we do not fall behind, as was hidden in patents,be hidden in language. does not matterwhat language you speak, and you are not good in englishor you are good in english. google gives you translation, transcribing,and the others will come and correct it. and this is essentialfor all our work, and thank you very much jim,it is a fantastic job.

and as a member of the board of directorsof the keshe foundation, ... you have understood exactly wherethe weakness in the structure was, and i thank you and lisa as a member ofthe earth council in what you have brought, and the effort you put in the background,in bringing this thing out. and hopefully with it,we'll see the changes in ssi, and keshe foundation websitesin the coming time. we need to understand, there is a lot ofeffort is going in the background, in development of these technologies,these, these kind of sites, these kind of ...transfer of knowledge.

if you look at it,what we just seen explained, i ... jim,he breaks all the rules of present time. patent, control of knowledge,controlling to make money of it. we share it freely,and we let you to do it. if there is something to be made,from the knowledge you gain, in coming weeks we'll support youto commercialize it. there is a structure, international structurewhich has been agreed on verbally, hopefully it'll go on the paperin next few weeks, that, does not matter what you make,where you make in which country and where,

a keshe foundation backed, owned partially,organization is on the horizon. where, what you understandfrom the knowledge and you transfer it, be it a patch, a new way of patch,or the same patch as the others, but in different part of the world. very much a structure of ... what we callamazon, and ... ali baba, is on the horizon,but exclusively and totally, devoted to plasma technology,the magrav-system, for every single man on this planet. ... the agreements has been reached,it's just matter of bringing in the company

which we have, we are talking to,will deliver these technologies so, the keshe foundation in a way,becomes a platform of itself, for all products through a subsidiary,to be given world wide platform. which means if you're making patches at home,or you making crystals with different effects, with using magrav technology or... gans or whatever, you can go and point it and place it,in this international commercial site, and operate through it.and create a life, livelyhood for you. we leave itto individuals, and the company which is set upwith the management of the company,

to create parameters.we'll establish in the long run, what we call the wha... storage facilities,and dispatch centers, and the others. but, it's for you to submit your productsto the line, and, in a way,we'll get a international coverage with it. keshe foundation has movedinto a totally different dimensions, in the coming weeks and monthswe'll explain more and more. and, in that process, we, as of 2018, breakinto the world market in a very heavy way. ... in the coming months,you should be able to purchase shares, holding in the keshe foundationat a certain given value.

and then, the market will offer a publicly.we are working in that direction. but this is about 12 months,2 years down the line. and the initial stages of the workhas started. keshe foundation it'll becomea publicly owned limited organization, with a massive share owning bykeshe foundation majority share holding, and with our partnersin this process. we finance through our work,the freedom of man. creation of peace. and with it we support.our foundation will be based, our work on one nation,one planet, one currency,

will be based on the knowledge,no weapon, no what we call gdp, on how much arms we sell,but how much peace we create. this is the beauty of the new orderof the keshe foundation. we have brought a new orderto the balance of the soul of the man. and this needs a lot of thinking,and we have partners which are joined us, and more will join usto see this through. in due course, you will hearwhat is happening in, in a right way. but everything we've told you,and we are structuring it, we are achieving it.

and in this process,the ultimate aim of the foundation, is what we read, in the manifesto,in the mandate of the earth council. that all of us benefit by it,all of us have something to do, we do it out of pleasure.and, i received a beautiful picture, which i think explains a lot of things,and it brings, when i saw it, it touched me beyond imaginationand i could not believe such a simple picture can make such a effect,and i tell you what it is. ... rick, i send you this picture,and please, put it on, and then i'll explain it exactlywhere we are going, and what it is,

why this picture is so,so amazing for ... all of us. in so many ways ... it's a break through,beyond understanding and imagination. but the way, what it, what it carries,what, what message it brings, it is soul breaking, but,in so many way, changes many things for humanity. in so many ways, this picture,changes life, and i, i enjoyed seeing it. and, rick, i send it to you.(rc) ... wh, how did you send it mr keshe? (mk) you should be ableto get it on your zoom i hope. (rc) okay, let me have a look ...(mk) and, if you want ...

(rc) did you just ??? there recently ...(mk) i'm just sending it to you, it's coming to you. ... i try to send it to you in other form,this, this picture has a lot of meaning, and it has a lot ofunderstanding of what it is. and, in so many ways, i try to send it to youthrough your ... what do you call it? other channel, which is ...(rc) alright, i got you. ... (mk) ... you know,the once i send you things secure, ... i have to find your name,where do you, where are you? how come i can't find you there? ...(rc) too secure.

(mk) ... i think so. no, it's my english,i can't find your name. this is that, that's that makes it worse.let me just see it, it says 'important'. how come you're not there,you're always there? (rc) ... let me see, maybe i cansend something to you, i'll just make a comment here.and you should be able to get that. (mk) it's very strange.(rc) did you receive a short message from me? just now? (mk) no, yes i've found you.yes i found you. send one, ... have you seen it, you got it?

(rc) yes, just give me a minute here.(mk) okay. if you can put this picture out,and this picture is so fantastic, this should go, in a way,on the website of the keshe foundation. and i'll tell you exactly why and how. ... in so many ways, this is,what has been the fear of man. this is one of the keshe foundation sites,which is getting built, ten thousand square meters,or nine thousand square meters of facilities. production, research center, lab center,and everything else. and it shows a black man,digging,

the foundation for the knowledgeof humanity in the future. if he knew what he's doing, if he knew what he's digging thethis planet earth for, to educate the white man in africa,and in europe, and the rest of the world, irrespective of color,and the race. this symbolizes exactlywhat keshe foundation stands for. we're literally building the futureon the back of africa. and, it's symbolical what it comes.knowledge technology, in the west was given freely,we did not appreciate it.

we've made enemies out of in africa as we've seen, we supported, the changes in italy throughthe production of systems in italy. in ... in ghana, back to we see it. this is the new, one of the newkeshe foundation manufacturing, nine thousand square met ... facilities.and it'll be repeated over ten locations across africa withinnext twelve months. it's at a world standard level. it's beyond imagination ofeven american manufacturers. it's a pharmaceutical level production.i thank the keshe foundation team,

who was in the locationin past few weeks with me. and in other places which is going. we are bringing this technologyout of africa to the rest of the world. and, the beauty of it is,the western organizations have to go to africa to see the edge ofthe science and technology coming out of it. and it's a lot of effort,there's a lot of effort going in to it. this is a past picture, very soonyou will see the completed site. and as i said, every time we openone of these facilities across africa and the rest of the world,we invite the world ambassadors

and presidents to attend,because this is a path to the future. and what was looked at if this man knew,what he's doing for his nation, and the humanity,he would have dug much faster. because that's the only keyout of all the misconducts, mis-justicesthat they have done to each other. thank you very muchthe keshe foundation management team, the keshe foundation manufacturing team,the keshe foundation research centers, and chinese centerin making this possible.

one factory per weekis our target. and it'll take us a long timeto complete the whole planet, but in the next few yearswe'll achieve it. the beauty of this,we don't borrow from any banks, it's on the back ofthe keshe foundation financing itself. this is expansion beyond imagination,and everything is computerized,fully remote controlled. >from the time the process starts,till you open the package in your tables, or in your houses, or on the table,to drink it, to use it,

nothing will's so beautifully done, that every nation craves to have one.and that's what we are doing. but our agreement isas it's said, "science technology against peace,"and we are investing heavy in this. and i thank armen, and the wholeof the management team in the background who's working relentlesslyto see this coming through. you rememberwhat the guy said, when he stepped on the moon? a giant leap for humanity,this is one sledge hammer,

with one man, but it will changethe whole course of humanity. the african team of keshe foundationis working relentlessly. we have centers in operation, getting built,and in process of being acquired or acquisition coming into develop. ghana, nigeria, togo,kenya, south africa, mozambique, angola,are on the horizon. we support other african nations. at the same time,all the members of the keshe foundation in the nations,which we operate,

very simply,our priority sits in one direction, and in a very simple way, we will go into through the whole processof what we call the united nation groups. through what we will see,and what we have, and what we can produce. we go to equus, to expand in west africa.we'll make relationship through equus, which is the east,the whole of west coast africa continent. through the operation,to see the west coast of africa, become the leading operational systemthat the whole of africa benefit by it.

the same will gothrough european community. it's easier for us to operatethrough these organizations than trying to handlea nation at the time. we work with a asian organization,to achieve the same in the coming weeks. it's easier to achieve consensuson operation through nation and organizations which already established,than trying to do nation by nation. and this is the beauty of the work.when you become one nation, you do the samewith everyone the same. i thank our support teamand our shenzhen team,

which is working relentlessly to seeall these factories get supplied with what they needwhen they come to operational, at the point of this development. there is a lot of effort is going through,keshe foundation shenzhen which is totally now ownedby the keshe foundation organization as a world wide operation,for, all our facilities worldwide. the head of the keshe foundation in shenzen,mr hu, we thank you for what you've done. and the restof the keshe foundation, china. we are committed to chinese government,and we keep the same path.

(rc) ... there was a question from demetri,will we have a keshe bank this year in 2018? (mk) we have made movein acquisition of a bank, yes. we have madedirection in acquisition of the bank. ... at the momentthe offer on the table is 30%. it's a commercial bank which meansthere is no priorities, that all our staff will be paid throughour conventional arm. we are not opening a,what you call it, 'deposit bank'. that means we can pay our, all our staffthrough a commercial banking branch. we are acquire...we are negotiating for a bigger cut

that we can expand worldwide.but we have identified, we have entered into negotiationwith a commercial bank, and yes, we will have,hopefully it'll be completed within next few months. (mm) hello.can i ask you a question, please? (mk) yes, please.(mm) it's mehrnaz, sir. ... i'm, i'm, i'm, i don't know, i getinfuriated with all these things going on. i think it's a new day. it's a new day and,i don't know how to thank you,

for bringing about inspiring everybody. and i just can't, i, i justdon't find the word. it justjust amazing for all of us and ... then, i'm somehow a anguished person, how could we do that,how could we control that somebody is not coming one daywho thinks he's more intelligent, finds friends,and get the hand over the ... the richnessof countries again like the past? (mk) i think we've become wise enough,that we have become rich enough.

so there is nobody can do that. at the moment the biggest fearof the governments, is how this technology hascreeped in so fast amongst people. keshe foundation worldwidehas over 150 million supporters. it's huge. according to the,what we see on the data in the background, the number of people who work or done,or do things around the foundation or heard about the foundation,and do something about it is huge. we have presidents, we have ambassadors,we have an ambassador

who has moved out of his bedroominto his living room and the kitchen and ... he's literally changed his bedroom his ambassadorial bedroom, intoa research lab, making ganses. he's become a close friend of ours, highly respected, ... and ... we know, many scientists,world scientists who have gone that way. you got to realize, we don't go to universities.the scientists understand

who've been looking for the answerthe technology. they take it up. as, as we said, a lot of workhas been done by a lot of us. and gradually it'll come through.the biggest problem we had and we faced, was the way the european nations decided to... in a way silent this technology, that they in the future,they could rob the world with it. and the way we stood,all of us together, and ... we stand,all of us together, have allowed us to breakthroughout the world. ... world governments of,much more powerful than these meager nations,

have start changing the course. you gotten to understand, when a leader commits his nationto making tools of harm, you already understandwhat we said, "when the first factory is built,when the first bullet shot, and killed a man or an animal, that prime minister, in his soul,has to pay for that bullet." if he understands thisand he has respect for his own existence, he will demolish it.

on the other hand,as to fight is very difficult. it takes too much energy. i walk away fromthese kind of situations. i was with an ambassador onthe dinner table, in past 24 hours, and when i explained to him whatis our objective and what we are doing, and what we want to do... he said, everything within my powerwill be given to support this. because...

we have to teach the soul of the manto elevate the soul, and don't get in touch withthe physicality of the man. ... many world leaders will move towardsthe foundation in the coming time. is not our wish, this is what we,as a whole, have done. i said very recently and thosewho understand will, will... will ... be able to comprehend. we see terrorism... out of the man who carriesone gun in his pocket, maybe something in his backpackand explodes himself to show,

"what is been done wrong to meor the other people." and then we blame the othernations for that pack trying to attack. the way we are structuring thekeshe foundation is that any nation who's involved inarm manufacturing become a terrorist organization. we change the game. if you do notmake the arm, there is no man to use it. then you don't encourage to use it,because you made it, you have to sell it. terrorism moves from the man who shootsa bullet, to the man who makes the bullet. al capone hardly evershot a bullet.

in the later stages, he just madea command and they did in his name. we get rid of those al capone. that there is no bullet to shoot. the terrorism has to move into the nationand those who build it. if we stop it at its root, there is noneed for it to see the effect at the end. and this is whatthe world leaders are becoming wise to. and this is how,we are changing the keshe foundation. we are putting development,financing a nation against peace. we negotiate exactly what we saytechnology against peace.

we finance tens of millions,in different countries, we don't go give in financeif you give us peace we ask, "this is what we want,and we finance that it creates the peace condition." this morning, about 2, 3 o'clock,in the morning, i was talking to benjaminand he said, "do you know what iswhat's happening mr keshe?" i said, "what's happening?"says, "you gonna have a problem." i said, "what is our problem?"

he said, "you know these youngsters we arepaying so much wages in the accra factory?" i said, "yes."he said, "they started spending." i said, "what's theproblem with it?" he said," do you know they're buyingnew cars? and people can see." i said, "that's why we stayed there, to keepthe talents of africa in africa, in ghana. and we pay them, that they paythat encourage the talent to stay in. and then they spend the money forthe nation to come, what's wrong with it?" he said, "nothing but i'm getting frightened,they're getting too much money and they're spending it,everybody can see."

i say, "that's whywe went to ghana." "to respect the man,not the color of the skin of the man." and it's a pleasure ... ... when i go to the factory,a few days ago, they've changed cars, they used to get the buses and be 2 hourswhen they start working in the factory. and now, they drive with themost brand, latest car. because they don't get paid 250,they get 4,000 cd's which is three, four,times higher than. and the new management teammoves into 10,000 cd's which is

unheard of in africa to pay to atwenty-six, twenty-seven-year-old man. but they deserve it. they're changing africa, they're changingghana and beyond it, everybody else. how come we pay a manwith no knowledge in the western world100,000 for his expertise? at age of 25, 30. why don't we respect thesame man in his own nation. this is where the change will come. and this is not the first time i've done,i did this 30 years ago in gambia.

and i've seen how it changes society,it pushes the others to reach your level. when you walk into the canteen of thekeshe foundation in accra, it's as good as going to apple, oryou go to... microsoft headquarters. the level of service andcleanliness is is set, to be the same. the factory, you can eat fromthe floor of the factory in ghana. it's us who has to change andwe have the potential, we have the financialmeans to do it, and thanks to a lot of nations who back uswe'll achieve it in a much faster way. and i don't need to fight.

if i can provide with a manwho builds the center by himself, with a army that you are sitting therein a camp waiting for some day that'll be a war that you protect,i give you a bottle. feed your nation, eradicate cancer,eradicate ... diabetic, eradicate malaria. what you think the soldier will do?he'll sit? the foundation work andthe team of management in the background of the keshe foundation. our aim is one thing.creation of peace. but talk is cheap, we have the knowledge,we have the finance, we have the backing

and we have the trust to do it andwe have the technology which can create the finances. we will be the only national organization,international organization, which our bank will be backed with science,not with bitcoins, false coins, false gold and promises thatwe guarantee what we say. the keshe foundationcentral banking system, every dollar, every cent,every euro, every cd, every rnb, released by the bank, is backedwith its finances of its own. never been done before.

it's not a talk anymore. this is one of thekeshe foundation sites in africa. world leaders go to africa to see whatthey have missed and how much they listened to the lies of one king whowas trying to steal this technology to suppress more africans,now the africa returns back. and this is beautiful because nowwe are all becoming equal, nobody will look down in africa,that it's a 'third world nation'. they become one of the mostadvanced nations in the space technology, that everyone to africagoes to learn.

and it's doneby the africans. and it's done by us,as a human race. there is no time for talk... we are investing in peace. and this is whatthe picture you see. this is a massiveinvestment in peace. (mm) i have another questions... (mk) yes. (mm) ... if the intention of the personwho makes the gans affects

the quality of the gans for others? (mk) what you mean? (mm) if the person has good intention orhe has he just does it for ... money or whatever, does it affect the gans? that he can, he sellsto somebody else? (mk) at the moment, at the moment,we, we, we are making certain direction of development thatwe have to follow. we have to use the present structures, tobe able to infiltrate into their structure that we can dismantle their structure.

we ... at the moment we are talking to... in africa to heads of militaries. not to the governments. because we have to convince themilitary heads of armies that it's time to put the arms down and use the armof the soldier, to feed the nation. not to kill the nation. if we change the use of arm of the man,instead of arm to kill, than the arm to feed, and we can get theheads of military's to understand this, is the first step, and we have already,achieved this point. i have a high respect for militarybecause i worked with the military,

peace can only comethrough military, world peace can only beachieved through military, not through politicians. security comes through government,through national armed forces. and when they realize they can use thearm to change, that's their ethos. they swear to their life,to protect the nation. and the protection of the nation,is not by guns and bullets, is by feeding a nation. and the more and moremilitary people at highest rank,

are becoming to realize this.and they are proud to be part of it. because they are fed up payingsoldiers, not just march the borders. there'll be no soldiers,no borders to march, they'll feed their own,they march into the villages to change. we saw what happenedin louisiana. the most powerful nation shows it'sthe most poorest nation in the world. it can not feed its own nation. all these nuclear weapons worth nothing,when we saw what happens, in that hurricane in america.

if i was a president i would've resigned,how much lie i have told to my citizens. there is something in logicin nuclear industry, and i always said to my people,and people who been around, even, in time when i was a student,and this caused a lot of anger, within the nuclear industryin respect to my position. but, because i was uniquein my understanding, i was respectedand not told much. people, respect nuclear scientistslike me, not out of our knowledge, out of fear.

out of fear of whatwe done in hiroshima. they respect plasma physicist like me,because of the peace and the joy we bring. we're still childrenof nuclear industry. but we have changedthe position of respect. this is where it is and this what it has been.that's why i understand the man of military. this is why i understand what is goingon, and i can speak on their term. armies should be a tool for peace,not for a tool to arm to the teeth, that they create war,they have to do something. i was talking to thisambassador last night,

he just said somethingvery strange to me, he said, "you know something,the president gaddafi was moved, by the decisionof french government". the french president decidedthey want to get rid of him and they organizedthe rest of it. he's a african ambassador. i said, "i think we know".but i said, "do you know what it is, why they now they startedthe second cycle of the problem?" is because the french thought they getrid of gaddafi and they can go with gold.

but the british again beat them to it,they took everything to england, the whole hundredand forty billion dollars of it. he said,"we know that as well". now french is trying to get morefor what they lost in libya. now we gonna getanother cycle of wars. and part of that cycle which goesback to the people who plan, even this, if you understandthe war tactic of today, is military strategic,robbing a bank. and when the thieves plan to rob a bank,then they share the loot.

but last time the lootwent to one place, and the people who created itand executed it got nothing. now they are planning another looting,a bigger scale. but this time making surethey have created what we call, exit of united kingdom out of eu,"cause this time we gonna keep it in eu." people don't understandwhy british been put out of eu. it wasn't a decision,it was made to look that way. because they tookall the loot of gaddafi. "this time we do it,we share it ourselves".

politics is a very dirty job,and you have to understand it. those of you who are british andyou understand british exit from eu, they've been forced to go. because they didn't sharethe loot of gaddafi. it was one hundred and forty billion,it just went to united kingdom direct. nothing has been shared.but this time, we put them out, we do it ourselves,we keep it ourselves, because england,on its own, cannot. now you understand why,brexit has been put into action.

but the british monarchy took enough,it takes another forty wars. they didn't even make that muchin the second world war. so, the politic needs the new knowledge,that makes gold irrelevant, if you don't needto kill to get. when i need gold in spaceto make certain things, do i start a war to get it? or do i understandthe interaction of the fields, that the conversioncreates gold? and then secondly,then, does gold have any value?

when you can make it this way? if we value the soul of the man as gold,then, we have truly achieved to have gold. because the soul of the man is there,to be respected as gold. not the physical goldthat has no value. if you can understandthe work of your own soul, and you can holdyour hand out and create gold, so your soul is the creator of gold.and we are getting to that point. (mm) thank you very much sir, god bless.i wish you all the best in the world for you, your family, your friends.(mk) i wish all the best for humanity.

we have a rough road ahead. (mm) it was rough before, was rough because we were seeing, the things on the tv in africa, in asia,all these things was hurting us. so, we were not really happy,even though we could have, we could have look of a happy people.and all these things gives us the calm, and self respect tohumanity and to us. is like we deserve it somewhere.we deserve it, because all these things, happened, makes me think,somebody deserve it somewhere, we are not that badand all that because you're, you're,

you're, you're so humble, andyou're so patient, it's, it's not human. and it's all your work i think,because few years ago, we were just... i was justshutting up all the tv, radio, not to hear or see all these things.and now, when i see some news, i compare it with what's going on,and will be, and, and, and, and it makes me happy.doesn't worry me anymore about, the things were happening around meand some, sometime would happen to me. thank you very much,because in three years i think, we have gone like, thousand years.fifteen hundred years of, of advancement.

my opinion.(mk) thank you very much. (mm) thank you. (rc) mr keshe, there's a questionfrom sylvain in the livestream, regarding he would like to returnto the notion of judgment. and goes on to say,"when we say or we think, that this man is intelligent,or that this flower is beautiful, its colors are wonderful,we're not just observing with love, we're already making a value judgment,and, in some way, we assume a difference, and even if it's a positive judgment, ina way, we flatter pride", i think he says.

so, he goes on to say,"emotion is present, and it connects the soul of the physicality, the soulof man, and also the soul of plants. how about that? can you explainsomething about that?" (mk) in so many ways, we always judge,ourselves, we judge if we like a plant, if we like a flower, but we arenot supposed to judge the others. but, in a way, we appreciatethe beauty of something. in so many ways,when we say we don't judge, in a way when we see,we have to close our eyes, to the shortcoming of the people.this is a judgment.

to see us being with muchmore fault, and much wrong, and praise the beautyof the others. if they fall in the processof praising their beauty, it means they have not doesn't mean that we have judged. and this is somethingwe have to learn. i get told lies, what we call,'right in my face', and i just say, "yes". but, in the background i elevatethe soul of the person. because it means he hasnot understood what i see. he gives me a physical word,but, in the background, i see the soul.

the... the, if you understoodthe teaching of today, in so many ways, i become inside the soul of the man,that i see the soul of the man. and this, wisdom of seeingthe soul of the man, which covers the physicality of the man,because you don't see the soul, you see the aura of the man,has put fear into many world leaders, in how i see the work,and how i explain the things. and this has caused a lot of shaking,inside many, many governments. because, they are looking for a spiesbut they don't see the spy is their soul. this... "we would like to be peaceful,and underneath we'll sign for arms",

we see the soul which said, "happy."and then you'll find a solution for it. and the solution at this moment of time,is don't judge, just elevate. if you judge a beauty, it meansyou give to it, so you're a lover. if you come to the point that,you judge and demean, it means,you need elevation. so you judge yourself,not the person. it's beautiful, as i said in the past, from... one of the most revered poets of iran. and he says, "when you judge somebody,to be something wrong with them, you understand it, becauseis you, in you, not in them."

so, when we see, when we feel,when we judge somebody wrong, it means there is something wrongwith us, that we recognize it. and so, we don't need, we don't judge,we have to be a giver. and this is how it goes.i don't judge, i understand. and then, i make a moveaccording to that. that the soul accepts its own,what i call, 'misconduct'. his own shortnessof understanding. ... it's, it's very interesting, the morewe come mature, the more we'll see. it's very, very frightening for manyof the world leaders of present time.

how i know, what they're up to,and it puts fears in them. very simply,look at what i explained, in, the last teachings, of the last year,and look at what is happening in the far east. that word about peace,because i open the hand of war. but this is alla mirage, a facade, we have to promote peace,through self conduct. and that's all, and then,the rest will follow. when you sit with the world leaders,when you sit with the ambassadors,

when you sit with the layman,it all has to be the same. it's the physicality,but the soul is the same. and then you see the soul. it's very interesting, i explainedthis recently to one of the scientists. i said, "if you look, we takea picture of the aura of the man, and now with these machinesthey say it takes a picture of aura, put the man in these machines,which you see, like dr rodrigos makes. and see the change and extensionin the aura of the man, and you start seeing the lightof the soul of the man.

in trying to feed the soul of the man,it's much stronger than the physicality of the material we use,in trying to feed it. the soul of the man reachbeyond the physicality of the man, and in the process,if the setting is correct, then you will see the changein the physicality, what we call, 'eradication'of the pain or disease. i was ... asked by one of the... one of the, what i call, 'directors' ofthe top organizations in the government, in a very private talk,very recently, that,

"mr keshe, i have a problem,my father is dying, can you help?" i said, "of course, we, if we can,we can find a way, we'll do the way". and then in the process, it came,to understand that the operation, which has been done to save the man,is the cause of the death of the man. because the doctorsdid not understand the process. then we don't understand the process,and it's the only process left for us. we've had a fewrecent cases like this. this goes back to all our medicalteachings, and you'll understand. i was discussing this,because i referred the case,

to be done by oneof our leading doctors, a member of the earth council,dr rodrigos. and dr rodrigos and i, we weretalking yesterday, and i always said, "when i share knowledge with one,i share with the others, that no one, becomes above the others,having such a knowledge." in the present time, in this caseand one of the cases, is that they have gone throughthe hip replacement. and, the operation was done, and aftera couple of years after operation, the doctors, the patient is dyingof massive deposit of proteins,

in different organsof the body. and the present sciencehas no word for it, because they can't connect itto the hip operation. you never cut a bone,and, if you change the hip, you change the hip,but you don't touch the bone. femur is the sacrosanct partof the life of the man. you touch a femur,you have sentenced the man to death. and no doctorsunderstand this. so what has happened, is that the doctorshave amputated the head of the femur,

replaced it with titanium wire, and thesame time, putting the titanium hip, to help the man to walk. now to us, it's nothing.having a deposit of proteins, has nothing to do with,two years ago operation. but, in fact, it does.if you go and look the way we teach, and understand the totalityof the operation. i was discussing thiswith dr rodrigos yesterday. that, the doctors of todayhas to become wise to this. they have cut the top of the femur,and they replace it with titanium,

something that it can hold to this thing,and they can screw it with. but, do the doctorsunderstand their training? or are they ignorantto the work they do? it's the total ignorant. i give you another example shortly,you'll understand. so what has done,they cut the femur on the top, to be able to put the titanium head,that he can walk. but, it's like cutting an army,and destroying its kitchen. how you gonna feedthe army to a bite?

they cut the femur on the, you have to understand that, the bone structure,as is in our teaching, is absorbing, lymph through itself,to convert it into amino acid, with the addition of the calcium,and different strength, depending on which part of thebone marrow, this amino acid goes to, becomes part of our immune system,become red cells, becomes white cells, becomes everything else.without the femur man is a dead man! because, it's the production,it's the factory.

now, they have cutthe top of the femur. but the bone is stillabsorbing protein. in converting lymph throughthe structure of the bone into protein. the only thing left for it, is togo out somewhere or stop working. but, the whole processof the heart is sucking on it. and the two end of the femur,one is gone, so everything is left, to the other side, to do the jobof the other part which is lost. so the femur is changing, suckingthe protein out of the bone marrow, but this bone marrowhas no capability.

it's just like a flood washing through,you're create a dam in one place, now you open a hole in the other side,so the protein is getting squeezed, squeezed out of the bone marrow,into the end of the femur, on the bottommiddle of the knee, and then, a protein withoutdestination is created. so what the body does? "i have it,i keep it, till one day i use it." deposit in the organ,create the death of the man. kidney failure,liver failure, heart failure because of the saturation of protein

so if you teach the doctoryou don't cut a femur, and then you find a way to supportand don't touch the blood vessels and everything else,on top of the femur. you don't kill the man,two years ago, two days later. actually his death sentencecame when they cut the femur. not for us trying to finda solution for a protein. now we understandfurther down the line. this is for our scientists, for our's the same with the soul of the man. look where the soul has been hurt.understand it and elevate it.

not just go in there, and just tryto cut the flower, that it looks good. it'll gonna die. you take one petalat the time, out of the rose, for it to look good, but howmany more petals can you pull? unless you, unless you sort outthe plants. feed the plant, that it can holdthe rose to show its beauty. and this is what the presentmedicine does not allow us, that now understand the totality, to workbecause now, there's no use for them. i was sitting on the table of discussion,with a person who asked me, "can you help witha stroke case?"

and those of people who listen,understand what i'm talking about. and in talking, i realized, there is nochoice, there is no, the damage is done. and when i start analyzingwhat they tell me, i realized the doctorhas killed the patient, and nothing to dowith the stroke. the person, has been losingtemporarily sight, eyesight. temporarily being,beginning becoming dizzy. the doctors did not understandthere is a blockage, on the side of the veinon the side of the neck,

need cleaning, needs opening. this going on too long has the brain,needs, what you call it, the 'parameters' of the brain, the face,the ears, the muscles of the face, need continuous blood,and in that blood, part of the circulation of the bloodis needed to transfer energy, out of the brain,which allows it to work, to carry on the emotion of the soulof the man, to the physical condition. this is why we have such a heavy blood,flowing to our brain, into our skull. and then, as there is a blockage,the heart is trying to overcome.

and heart has to change its positionof the amount of energy, it takes from the bloodwhich comes from the lung. so it has changedthe condition of the lung. what they tell me, "the man had a flu,and then, it became a heart problem, and then, now he has a stroke.what can we do?" i said, "guys, your doctorhas killed your patient". and now is killing it, he's gonna be deadin every condition you look at. because, he never understood,that there is a blockage in system. the brain hemorrhage has come,because when they took the patient,

to the hospital, he has given himan injection of blood thinner, so he has opened up thinner, all the bloodclot in the vein of the brain, the artery, so bits of the blood whichhave not opened up with the blood thinner, have shot themselves, like a bullet intothe brain, and caused the... paralysis. and all, what we call, as a 'brainhemorrhage' through blood. so, if the doctors are wise,if they understand, they can take a right step. but our present physiciansare not taught the totality. they are always shown the end product,find a solution.

the pharmaceuticalhas the same problem. it's the first time in the lifeof the history of physicians, or doctors,or pharmaceuticals, or medicine, that we changethe source of the problem. not the end productof the problem. when a man have a brain hemorrhage,through stress, all you need to do is to elevatehis soul, the emotion. and then with that, you reconstruct,you allow the body itself, to build its own brain cells to recoverfor what is done to itself,

or by accident. we understand the process, this ishow we changed the life of naomi. brain is a full complete, it doesn't showeven has been in accident anymore. because the technologyis used in its true sense. we have to, it's the samewith the soul of the man. a soul of the man,in pain of acts of its physicality, it radiates,but is blocked by the soul. if you manage to elevatethe soul of the man, in a way to bypass what is,in a way encompass the physicality,

you will not seethe physicality, unless the physicalityis in a perfect condition, that it would like to manifest itselfin a physical dimension. all goes backto the same teaching. do we judge, or do we understandthe judgment which is us? do we elevate, or when we see wrong,it's our problem, not their problem? it's us who has to elevate,it's us because we see it, it means there is a faultwithin us that it sees such a fault. we say in farsi, ø§ú¯ø± ø´ù…ø§ ù†ù…ûœ ø®ùˆø§ù‡ûœø¯ ø¨ø§ø´ûœø¯ø§ûœø³øªø§ø¯ù‡øœ øªø¨ø¯ûœù„ ø¨ù‡ ø¨ø®ø´ûœ ø§ø² ù‡ù…ø§ù†.

it means, "if you don't want to bestanding out, become part of the same." so, if you change yourselfto become part of the same, you understand what the sameis, and what is doing, which is notwhat you want it to be. we passed the point of telling uswe preach or whatever. we go back to the source of understanding,the essence of creation. this is the difference betweenthe keshe foundation, and all the teachingsof the past. the emphasis is on usto understand, our own, us.

when we see a beautiful flower,it means it gives me pleasure to see such a thing,in turn i give back, "i love you, it's gorgeouswhat you are as a flower." which is the only wayi can nurture my emotion. why do the flowers change their colorsand shapes to become so attractive? they are, literally like, westernwomen with all the makeups on. "enjoy me,i'm here for pleasure." and is the color they give us,the nectar they give us, the shape of and the colorcombination of the petals,

and how theyposition themselves. so, it means, understands the flower,that, "i need to give the beauty, to receive the appreciation." so, why do we need to judge?we just appreciate the beauty. it's for them to correct themselves.i see many people around the foundation doing wrong. i sit, i get angry,i get frustrated. and then, at the end of the time, i say,"i have to elevate their souls, that they see their mistakes,their own wrong doing, not for me to judge."

is me who doesn't understand,is me who has seen the fault, because within that fault,there is fault something inside me, that i see i need to elevate my soul, with that elevationi can elevate theirs. it's understanding the pointof all these teachings, are to understand our own soul,and nobody else’s. in how we can become better givers,not just to take. then you can judge. and it's said in the teachings,"thou shalt not judge".

you can judge only yourown soul and conduct, of your own physicality,in respect to your soul. you find out the judgesare the most guilty people in the world. because to judge,you have to understand the crime. and you onlyunderstand the crime, if you done it yourself in correct way,[inaudible] of it. move with the technology, moveto understand the essence of creation. there will be no police force,there will be no judges, we don't have it in the universe,why on this planet?

unless it's for abuse. this is, was very recently,no one stops, and they put their hands upand says, "i heard you're killing people. says, "just for the black people,not for the whites." we are all black and we are all white.and we have to understand, is us who kill us,nobody else does. the blackis the physicality of the man. and it absorbs everything,and does not give much. if he allow his soul to penetrate it,it will shine.

we are not preachers,we understand the totality now. so we can speak clearlyabout the whole thing. any other question? are we reachingthe time, before we close down? (rc) well we are at thethree hour mark, at this point, ... we have estela... (mk) can i, can i, can i askone single question? vince, is the job done? (vr) ... yeah, it's done. (mk) it's done okay.thank you very much indeed.

okay.(rc) yes. we have one more question, perhaps mr keshe, if you'restill up for it there, from estela. she was here, let's see is...are you still there estela? ah, there you are. okay you should be ableto talk there now. (el) hello?(rc) hello, go ahead. (el) good morning to everybody.... mr keshe... (mk) can you tell uswhere you are from please? (el) oh, i'm from argentina,i live in california,

and right now, i'm in argentina traveling,at my parent's house. so, i understand everything you said,but with, i'm still confused to the point like if, if we need to understand everything,why am i doing to myself, like, allow a doctor to kill me,like in example of the man. for being asleep,or not conscious? why my soul would allow, you know. whether we go throughthat experience, or can i reverse? anything the moment, i'm a, i'm awake,or i understand the situation or...? because, why did i do that to myself?

(mk) the problem with physicality,it takes course of interaction, without the physical entities. and, in so many ways,we can, if we decide, to go through the wholeprocess if you like, unless we wantto experience it again. or we allow our physicalityto be judged by doctor or whatever, because we forgotthe use of our own soul. christ, blessed is his name,did that. he, he elevated the soul,and the physicality walked.

so it means, the soulcan repair the physicality, but we don't want to accept is there,because then, in so many ways, we choose the path of separationof the soul from the physical soul, because we don't see any, any end,to what we call, this 'suffering'. any of us, any of us, who understands how to gothrough a transformation of the understandingof elevation of our own soul, in deep space when we come across,an injury, a... a absorption of the field into our physical dimension, where wedecide to manifest out of us, physicality,

when we see the problem,we know what we do. do you know what the first thing,every man of the universe, does? who understands, he's been increasedto this level of understanding? they go back into their's a hiding place. but in this process of going through,a physicality is a matter-state, which has got to go throughlike a scanning system. it receives energy and gives energy,if it's too high in balance with its soul, that it, when it goes inside,is perfect. you don't find an injection,and a virus to be injected,

then send somebody to earth. you use your own soul, the dimensionof the strength of your own soul. to achieve what we call, 'life',for protection of life. so the old man knows what to see the biggest problem, the biggest problem,if you go back into understanding, is creation of religion. religions have brought man to the pointof not even trusting itself, and then thosewho understood the religion, put the science next to it,and now would say, "show me".

"you're ignorant,its your problem not mine." the biggest problem,the biggest example of it, you say,"why can't the man do?" it was the trip of the popeinto your area in past month. if i was there, i say, "excuse me sir,you tell me these guys are lying?" "show me the proof",so it means you are one yourself. the whole structure is thatwe have allowed people to abuse us, and create doubt in ourselves. and this is the problem.

what was said in south americain past four weeks, i will arrestthe guy on the sight, because if you say, "i'm not",you're heading it, you put the guy here. we pay money to you to protect our soul,not abuse our physicality, and he say, "show me", i'm the proof!what you want me to do? check." excuse my french,i better don't say anything. but ... we have to understand.(el) so, wouldn't be... (mk) let me explain to you.even at the point of death, in separation of the physicalityfrom the soul of the man,

you can return yourself. if, if, you understandthere is a need for you to be here, to do something,you haven't finished your job. bã¡b did, bless his name. christ did,when they put him on the cross. so, why can'tthe rest of us do? we can all change,even on the death bed, if you understandhow our soul can change. a lot of people have a cancer, and says,

"oh, i ate the cabbageand the cabbage was..." no, is your soul, which wantedto change the condition, because you understood howyou created the cancer inside yourself. "physical damageswe can't change." even that, with the knowledgewe have nowadays, we can do. but, what we create emotionally,physical life, if, if you're hit in a car,and you're in two hundred pieces, and they just keep you alive,you still can change the soul, and manifest the physicality.

it can be done,it's been done many times. how many people have cancer,and they say, " oh, it just eradicated, i atea cabbage or a tomato, twice a day." no, because you elevated your soul,you understood the mistake, how you created your own demise,you don't want to be there. if our doctors gofor the soul of the man, they don't need any of thesegimmicks, a rotating motors, two cabbages up, and gans of this, and means they haven't understood yet. if i was you, i would just gofor the soul of the man.

but, when i go for the soul of the man,i want to know if that soul is happy to be in the condition,otherwise i force my condition, i've judged the position,i make it available, the totality. so, anybody can walk off an operationtable, without the need for operation. we've done that with naomi. (el) so, one more, if we are here, when in environment, you know, the natural environment,of the country, or the politics, or the violence,that make us see things, and don't see the beauty,i mean.

the challenge is, how to elevatewhen the environment is so difficult, to elevate the soul, maybe that'sthe lesson that we need to, supposed to, experience now,discover all these knowledge, and be able to seethe beauty in a context, this very difficult to see the beauty,because you're emotion, you're emotions go off,because there is so much injustice, or there is so much, you know,difficulty to make a living. because...(mk) yes, but you are correct. but maybe... go a step backwardsor two steps forward.

either way you wantto look at it. partially, we are teachinga science from its root. partially because ofwhat we've been taught, we have prejudices aboutwhat we are receiving new, now we have to let past go.but, in reality, ... we can... if the economy based on gold,if you, those of you who understood, unless you're waiting for a machineto come out of keshe foundation to create gold, you can create enough gold, to walk aroundthe market and buy every rolls royce,

because you can create it. "i'll give yougold, a kilo of gold, would you like it?" "i'll give you ten kilo of goldfor a apple." but, how many of usare prepared to do that? because wehaven't understood. or is that machinethe soul of the man? so, who created this poverty,because they took the trust out of us. now, the sameis with the world of medicine. the same is with our health, the sameis with everything else we have. we're all rich but we don't knowhow to get to the money we stored away,

which is the knowledgeof the soul of the man. it saddens me to see peoplegoing hungry on the streets. but if you look at it,all of us know how to feed ourselves. all you need is to understand,that you can go within your soul, and create there, to absorb the energyfrom the field of the universe. we don't do it,because we lost the knowledge. and with it,came the fears. as i said, "no one needs to go hungryanymore to bed. no child needs to." but ... in the physicalities,we have to show this and to show that,

but if somebody goeswithout any food, say, "oh there is something wrong",but they don't say, "i'm not hungry, i don't want to eat".because we supply it. i look many times on these,cameras on the street, you know the speed cameras,is become very fashionable to penalty youfor a heavy money. if the same system is used on the streetto feed man with the energy, do you know, there'll be no hungerin the western world, in the big cities? because the camera has to send somethingto receive the physicality, to absorb.

why don't we send with it,the energy to feed the man? we abuse the knowledge,and then we blame everybody else for it. if i energize you, if i give youthe energy, what you need, through all these seven millions,ten billion cameras, because it's the same field. if it can absorb,and take a picture of you, which means receives it,it has to send something, when it comesthat it can receive it. why don't we use it to feed?it has to detect you!

we have to change the knowledge,we have to change the process. all these satellites we putas military satellites, that continuously beaming downto take pictures, beaming down to create mayhem,why don't we fit them, with the systemsthat can feed the nations? it's very simple,it's just a little adjustment. this is not a theoryand a wish anymore. i was sent the beautiful tape by azar,very recently and i laughed, i listened to iti usually don't listen.

and it's about this preacher says,"two thousand and eighteen, is end of the world,is gonna be this and this." i said, " the end of the world is here,because we already ended it last year, and the year before." we have to teach how peacecan be appreciated, how worth can be created to be thewealth of the soul, not the physicality. you know... by killing we don't achieve much,by sharing we receive more. because when i share, you share back,but i share with many so i receive more.

is the story of the motherwith four eggs, i've said many times. the mother sits on the table,and says to his children, "children, i had only four eggsand i gave it to you a lot, but is five of us on the table". "oh" they all said, "mom, mom, no,you can have half of ours". the children had half each,the mother had two. it's the generosityof the children. (el) when i...(mk) pardon? (el) when i said...(mk) sorry, carry on.

(el) what i see with, with this work, iswe are building a natural organic field, because the more we... (mk) we're building a naturalplasmatic field, not organic. (el) yes, buena, well it's the wrong wording.what i'm gonna say, is when we work from our soul, andusing the natural physics of the universe, the plasma, how the plasma work,in elevating our soul. we are helping to restoresomething that was... i say like stolen,because we weren't aware, we were using an emotional body,was already hurt,

and forcing ourselves to de-elevate,you know, descend instead to elevate. so maybe, that's what we need to start tosee, that's the beauty of what we doing, instead to see likeis so hard and so difficult. because, that's when i'm struggling...(mk) thank you very much. i couldn't put it better than you.but understanding it, is the problem. and acting it, is a problem. (el) because, i have pain in my soul,from seeing everything so... twisted. and even if i try, i fall into the game,in the old game. and i don't, i feel like i'm not strongenough to maintain it,

twenty-four-seven.(mk) no, no, it's the way, let's look at it the other way. is not that youare not strong enough. it's that you have to find a wayto allow it to shine all the time. none of us fails, it's just we decidehow much to allow it to, to shine. if you understand which goes from theteaching of beginning of the teachings, many time, i say, "the soul of the man islike a sun. and it is a sun, it shines." it's us who puts differentcolor strength blind to block it. we want a little light,we put a lighter shadow blind,

if you want a darkness,we put a very heavy curtain, with another curtain,and everything else in front of it. is us who creates that curtain. the soul never stops shinning. it alwaysshines exactly the same as the sun. (el) you're right. ... i put allthese heaviness on my body with all these emotions we talking about,and i cannot free myself from this. (mk) why do you put it on your body?elevate your soul. work the other way around,and the body becomes part of it. (ek) i wasn't seeing it that way,that's... and... and...

(mk) so, now do, thenyou don't carry any pain. (el) no i know, that's whyi appreciate this interaction, it's, it's andi thank you for that. (mk) you're welcome. try to interact with your soul,not with us or humanity, because thenyou reach everything. in the coming teachings as i said early,this, this teaching today, we start teaching about the lifeof the, what i call, the 'floating' souls. the fish in the liquid world. becausethat's a different type of living,

different type ofway of understanding. when you are in a gaseous level,we live different life than when we are in a liquid,but in principle, it's the same. ... and ... it needs to understand,how then, man understands how, to manifest itself in a physicaldimension, in a liquid-state. it's no use jumping out of the airplane,when it's already landed on the water. you got to know how to swim,it's no use having a parachute. and this is whatwe have at the moment, we have to understand as partof the teaching, as we understand.

do we change our soul in the liquidto become a floating soul? or do we change our soulto be protected by the physicality, and to what exchangewe allow the physicality to interactwith its environment, that it exist withinthe liquid-state of the water, or liquid anywherein the universe. does not matter is a boiling water,is a boiling co2, or something else, in another positionin the universe. (rc) thank you mr. keshe.could you take a question from richard,

before we wrap up here?(mk) yeah. (rc) richard, are you still there?would you like to speak? (ru) yeah, this is richard from holland.... yeah, just earlier on, i ... really connected to your ...the fact that, we need to be responsible. this is how i translate it to myself,how we take responsibility in the energies we create? so, as a soul we are a entity,we have responsibilities as entity, but in this spectrumwhere we are part of this universe, or part in this place where we are, wealways radiate, we radiate our energies.

and in connecting to other people,sharing your energies, you need to take responsibilityin the energies you create. because whatever you're creatingis going outwards, as sort of a givingand unconditionally giving. and i think it's ... for me, as, as, aswhat i've done in the last years, i've really done some soul searching,where i took, i took responsibility for the energiesi was creating as a person. but i was not reallyusing it in the right way, where it was beneficial to myself.and, now taking more responsibility,

and in, in what i radiate as an entity,it really becomes part of me, it integrates part in my life, and it showsyou, it shows me my, my, my, my ability to, intuitively, understand thingsin a different way. we as ... how i translate it,is the spirituality in me or my spirit, is in connection to the universe,and, in some kind of weird way, i, i stare in this soup of energy,and i perceive things, in a level that i'venever been open to. and, intuitively, i see that ...there is more out there to understand. and, the fact that i see that there is adifferent line of, or horizon to reach,

as a, a entity or a person, it shows methat i can really achieve things, that are understandable, and i don'tneed to really go into deep books, i just need to soul search. and by soulsearching i actually understand, that this is, this is really ...going into a direction where we all are ... trying to connectall the dots that are in, sort of a way, really ... important to, to ourselves,but also to our surroundings. so, in taking responsibilityfor myself, i also start seeing that,by making changes in my life. i can also see that, that other people,are having trouble in their lives.

and, intuitively now,i can really pinpoint these things, accurately to themand change their lives. without judgmentfrom my part, no ... it's, it's, it's like sort of unconditionally,connecting to someone, touching them, and showing thema way that there is a different, opportunity where theyare taking more responsibility, in the energythat they are creating. and most of the time, it's, it's energythat they afflicted themselves. or, energy that they put out,and they stress other people,

or, or seek attention. this is something you can address,and find that people get more balanced, and with more balanced soul, youbasically see your own position better. and, with that you seek truth,and truth that resonates with yourself. and not sort of a fictional thingthat should be spiritual, or should be technology,or should be... no, it, it's really somethingthat's connecting to everything. and when it doesn't connect to that,it really is something like a lie. and don't lie to yourself.

this is something that i keeplike a mantra to myself. is like, "don't lie to myself,don't lie to others", and then, that's like, the only partthat's over, it's the truth. so, that's what i wanted to say.thank you. (mk) thank you very much.we haven't heard from you for a long time. and is nice to hear you.(ru) thank you. the, is so much we the, it was shown by jim, as part of the new website,and it's on the keshe foundation website. it says, "where the sciencemeets the soul of the man".

through knowledgenow we understand, through the knowledgeof science of creation, we understand the creationof our own soul from a to z. now we understand how our soulis created from the first step, from inception. and now we understandhow ends, which we never understood. and in this process it's usto determine, what is the, what we call, the 'time gap',between the two. and in that time gap,what we call, 'life of the man', is what we do with it,in the depth of the space,

which matters, not what we achieveon the physicality of this planet. in space there are no factories,to go to work, and we cannot become secretaryand we cannot become whatever. it's, in a way,if we understand more, we have a training for it,but we never understood the training, when we go to sleep,when the soul of the man is free, in the physical dimensionwe rest, that we recuperate from the physical recoveriesor whatever, and one day i explained why even mangoes to sleep, in so many ways,

then, where doesthe soul of the man go? and when we are in space,we travel the depth of the space, for thousands of years,where are we going to? except enjoying and elevatingthe souls of the god creation. and if that is our purpose,become the true man of the space? not just to goand see another site. it's not another niagara fall,or victoria fall, depends which end of the planetyou decide to travel to. (rc) well this brings upa very interesting idea,

that could be a whole topicfor a workshop. the idea that going to spaceis not just a sightseeing tour, but there is actually jobsor positions or things to do, that are, you know,that should be done in space. (mk) exactly, what we gonna do?because now there is timeless. i can't wake up for breakfast,because there is no time for a breakfast, there is no sunlightand sunset. and what is the next?isn't it better for traveling in space, for man to work, ...and understand his own soul?

that we travel with the soul of the man,because physicality becomes boring. how many time can you walk aroundone circle of the spaceship? you will know every nut and crannyand you know every line on the floor, then you become a mental case.(rc) yes, indeed. we call it 'cabin fever' (mk) apparently, yeah. this is... this is,this is the beauty of why we teach, the conversion of the physicalityof the man to the soul of the man. it'll be... becomevery boring in space, if we attach ourselves to the conditionof physicality of the man. but a lot of people will do. you know,when you take this long haul flight,

for ten to twelve hours,okay the first hour it's exciting, they give you food,and then it becomes you know, "i'll just sleep a bit", you wake up,you dinned the food, you had the sleep, and then you walk around, you stretchyour leg, and again you got to wait. now imagine you gonna do this onefor a thousand years? (rc) yes, yes.(mk) uh? ... so, it's easier to travel withthe soul of the man in spans of universe, than with the physicalityof the man. and then timebecome meaningless.

there is no timein the life of the creator, so why should there bein the time of man? and so we, the, the faster weunderstand this, the sooner we act. this is part of theseteaching, as i said, "when i take man into aspace, i take him as equal." and if you want to go as equalyou can not be subordinates. so you can not lack inthe knowledge of the creation. that, any magician becomes moses,or christ, or anybody else. just change the name.

we have to gain trust in our knowledgethat we can create whatever... and the only thing is we do,as just richard said, "understand our own soul"we, we ... the rest will be done. and a lot of peoplehave problem with this. you'll find that a lot ofkeshe foundation followers who come into especiallythe gans and everything else their partnersobject to it, heavily. do you know why? because he's taking from me, it's amistress which is coming to the house,

but it's come throughthis door of science. the wife doesn't look with this "i can become part of himthat i can enjoy more him because now we found somethingthat we can both elevate our souls." this is the problem. we've seen it in manykeshe foundation supporters. the biggest problem for them istheir husband, or their wives, or their partner. because, in a way, you bring a mistressinto the house which they have no control. if it was a womanthey can beat it up.

but understandingthe elevation of the soul and the science is somethingthey can not handle. so then, "you are a mental case.there is something wrong with you." "not in fact there issomething wrong with me because i cannot reach the levelyou have reached, so i'm jealous of you." or you, becauseyou attached to it "you don't bring the moneywhich i used to enjoy." "your hard work was my support,my pleasure, now i have to do." and we seen thismany, many time.

hundreds of keshe foundationfollowers i listen to and i've seen. and when the wife changesto them and it becomes heaven. because now the physicalityof the existence is there but we can still promote each other'ssoul and then it reaches more and more. (ru) well i can relate tothat mr keshe, very much. (mk) i now fully. (ru) i, i, i, i will addressthat a little bit and ... i've been doing this, formore than four years now. following your work and doing research andbecame sort of a mission, not so much of a ...

well, it's sort of amission, let's say that. you see, you see somethingand you don't let it go, because it's simply you, youcatch on to something that's so truthful and you want to seekwhat's behind there. so it, it changes thingsin your life so radically where you start addressing thingsthat are not part of the normal narrative. things like ... technologyaspects where you start ... in medical aspect, starthealing in a different level or you start space traveling, or you starttalking about extraterrestrials where,

where a lot of things are becominga discussion point in your life. where a lot of people in your normalsurroundings are not accustomed to. so you, you, you becomeridiculed very quickly, and, in this, in this environmentwhere yeah simply people allowed to ridicule people thatare talking about radical things. and that makes it, makes it veryhard for partner to stand strong in that, especially, when they donot understand or, or have no ... drive to go into depth at all,they, they simply let go. and what you said about "jealousy,"it's very much jealousy.

it's sort of ... your partner feels that ...there is no connection anymore. the lev... the level is,is in a different level, so they feel that they'reare not on the high level or they feel like, as partneryou're at a different level. and that makes itvery hard in discussions, or in anything you are,you are trying to be a partner with, you wanna be on the same level,or being seen on the same level or at least, like treatedto be on the same level. and ... that's, that'sfor a partner very hard.

and that makes it, for a lotof knowledge seekers, i guess in that level ... prettymuch of a discussion point on the, on the kitchen table. where you can not addressthese things from your heart, and you don't feel heardand partner feels like alienated and it, it, it becomes a habit. i, i simply went through a divorce,changed my life, have a new partner and full support ina whole different level. and that's whateverybody needs to have.

and if that didn't fit before you need to address the thingsthat you are doing wrong in your life. i've done that and i saw things that werenot properly ... constructed in my life and that, that neededradical changing. and that's something i guess thathappens to everybody that goes through, through a spiritual ... awakening ... where you take more responsibility,for your own soul. and that's, that's whatresults sometimes in a divorce. and or trouble inmarriage or in relationship.

so, good luckwith that everybody. thank you. (mk) the ... the ... i understanda lot of times, as many of you know, as much as i teach ori try to share knowledge, caroline does in the private teachingsand some recent public teaching. and, as we travel around the world, itbecomes very interesting to understand how much you areconnected with your partner. and ... sometimes, as she teachesas many of you were not aware that we traveledto china or whatever.

the teaching in europe starts likefour o'clock and we were in china and it was like sevenhours ahead you start about ... something in theregion of ten, eleven. and it goes for three,or four hours, or five hours. and, if we were not connectedand we didn't understand it's for elevation of the humanityand the partner gets upset. "i want to sleepand you are on it." but, in so many ways,when i fall asleep and i hear caroline sharingknowledge with the others, i wake up

and, in my sleep, i hear she says somethingwhich i think it needs to be interfered. i just say, "caroline can i"she say, "i thought you were asleep." i said, "no but i'm asleep physically"but i hear what she's talking. and i, you see manyof her teachings, i come in, or while she's teaching,i cook and we share. and we invite the private studentsto the table to share with us dinner and they say,"have a nice dinner". because, it's not just sitting therebeing formal and just being a partner. is, in a way, we have made partnershipwith all the knowledge seekers,

and the people sharewith us the knowledge. and this is when, when youhave a partner who understands ... the position of why we arehere for, we stand the roughness, the smoothness, the pleasuresand the sharing. then ... then, the lifehas a different meaning and then when, when thensomebody is totally physically oriented there is nothing wrong with it,it's the structure of the life. of day and day, we have to wear clothesand feed us, we say, as the english say, "you have to feed,to feed the mush."

but, at the end of it,what we take with us. i... this, when i explained earlier on aboutthis guy who had a brain hemorrhage . when i was explaining andthe people who were listening to me who were concerned or involved in it,i felt a sense of freedom. i managed to explained through that you have trying, youtrying so hard to hold on to put this bodyof the man in a pain. where he wants to be free, becausehe can not help what is been done to it. with that process maybe ifreed the man from the pain.

maybe i elevated his soul that he reachesno physical pain and people understand. and ... the lot of problem in,in partners is to understand and, in so many ways, the waythe foundation is going we have to understand, in the coming time,all these magrav units and the others will come to become part ofthe elevation of the soul of the man. would we go and buy a waterfor ... let's say, diabetic? or, do we create a conditionthat the soul of man elevates that he can transferitself through, that there is no needto have a system for diabetic?

this is the ultimate goal. ... or, these are intermediate positions wehave to go through that people understand. but the ultimate goal is freedom of the man from physicalityand openness with space. every man, even in the amazon,understands the technology fully, as does a professorwho wants to object with it, because then theprofessorship has no title. i was with richard, i went through the painwith him, when he went through this, and it's nice to hearthat you have found peace.

because your soul is clear,in what you are doing i could understandwhy you went through it. but never interferedbecause is not our job. we just prayed for your soul,to find peace within, and it's nice to hear from youafter a long time. (ru) yes, thank you very much. it was a rough time but it's's getting clear right now. (mk) thank you very much. there are many people in the foundationgo through this process.

(cs) hello mr keshe.this is chaoao. may i ask a question? ... like, so, if at a time whenhuman have their freedom and ... so, i was wondering what's the formof the marriage would be... ... like ... (mk) ... ah-ha! don't, don't go there. i think it's a bit toearly to teach that. (cs) okay.(mk) but i ... the marriage of souls, it'sthe most beautiful marriage.

but, sometime takes, ina position of the strength. ... in a, in a english language we call it,the 'soulmate', but in a universal language when you find your soulof your partner who shares. it's very much likeyou balance or share, you know a metal with a metal magnet,or a wood with a wood magnet, it's the same, it's the strengthof the soul of the partner which you find in space. the easiest way i canexplain is a twin star. you know you, you have always,you never have a single star.

is impossibility to finda single star. does not exist. at the moment of theinception is always two. even a neutron has a twinbut because we don't see it. we see it in one atom,we don't see it in another. so, when you havethe interaction of the fields, if, the interaction of thefields of the earth and the sun leads to creation ofsuch a beauty as a man, you can imagine what does the souls do,when they create from their interaction. it's beyond imagination.

but you need to bring it close enough,that it can do, interact. we see a daylight on one side, whenwe are in the interface with the sun. and it's a darkon the other side. and when you bring two soulstogether who are of the same strength it becomes a marriage of two of you,it will becomes a twinity. and its children of this,are the stars of the future. and it's beyond, i cannot explain,because i know this feeling very well. they carries all the attributes of thephysicality and the dimension of the soul and man has no understanding of.

it creates a lot of jealousybecause they don't understand. and...(el) that's a, that's a beautiful ... knowledge or knowingor appreciation of what does bring to the soul of the manthe elevation of the soul of the man. because, i think everybody is goingthrough that experience of partnership and isolation of feeling lonely. because, you don't havethat sharing aspect, you know, what you're learning orwhat you give you in elevation. and, talking about this, i think is,is a opening a door to every soul,

to like takingresponsibility of liberation, of the limitation ofwhat is giving and receiving, because we are limitingourselves to give ... to, it's like keys, like're opening doors and more flowof plasmas come in. and we've been doingthis limitation to ourselves. and doesn't seen the beauty ofelevating, we seeing the negative side. so seeing the positiveis like, opening more doors and more doors to... thatjoy, bliss of experiencing.

i don't know how toput it better than that because otherwisewhat's the point? (mk) let me explain to yousomething very strange ... when you speak with youraccent, from south america, with latino accent in english ... every time i hear, it bringsso much pleasure and joy. it's just a voice,is nothing more. because, one of the womeni really admire and love in my life is from your part of the world.

and the love of this woman has comethrough the love i have for her husband, who is my cousin. because i admire this guy. he's very spiritual and he's marriedto a lady from south america. and ... my whole family adores her, she's,she's, she's so much spiritually strong. and ... we love somebodywhich we have no connection with but through the person we love,we share the love with. and ... it is amazing how, justa voice, brings that love back. understanding how muchyou can love somebody

just because you lovesomebody through the love. is like very much says,the god says, "i created thee to create childrenthat they may love me." "that through their love i understandthe love i have created you with." and ... so, it's, it's uswho needs to understand, it's us who createsthe limitation. even the limitationof our own soul to, passes the boundaryof the physicality of ourselves. and this is very hardfor a lot of people.

because if i can create the soul of giving,you respond back, then, it becomes one. the, the beauty of itis we can speak this way not in a theologyor speaking about the soul. now we understand, how we can elevateour own soul, through the systems which we developed ourselves,if we cannot do it in a direction of the physicalityof the system of the body of the man ... would it be a time when wepass the shops on the street that we allow you to elevateyour soul to the generosity or we allow your soul to thelevel of the love and the rest of it?

or would any of us aware would jointhese internet matchmaking systems to find a physical partner wherewe can, literally, reach the universe with our soul to find ourpartners in the universe? it's one of theproblems of the space. because we haveseen this between the past and i'm sure it's going torepeat itself with mankind. where we love awoman because, or a man, because of the strengthof the level of the soul created from the dimensionof amino acid of this planet.

and then, we fall in love withanother dimension of the strength with another creaturesof universe which has the same. and then, trying to match thetwo which is one of physicality and one the soulis a horrible time. because none willunderstand the other, unless they both are alignedand educated of the other is not having mistresses,is understanding that you can, the loving is not creating,or as we look it, as a in, interaction,a physical interaction.

is in, be able to give unconditionallyto elevate the other. and this is thebeauty of the creation. and then, the ultimate goal comes forthose who elevate to the ultimate point that when they see, they feel,the fields of the creator they give their entirelyto this, to the creator that it shines betteras part of them. this is the ultimate, not a sacrifice,but the maturity of understanding. and not many creatures in theuniverse have reached this level. they reach so high that they touch,what we say in english, "touch the sky"

which is the understanding thestrength of the soul of the creator. and when you,when you reach that point, there is no need, you becomethe lover of the creator. because, by its creation, has ledto creation of so many things to be loved. and ... man, one day,in thousands of years, or millions of years,understand these words. i've been there and it'sbeautiful to be in that position. i was explainingto armen recently.

there is a certain position,i came across very recently, that by looking at a picture,it brought me back to, so many ways,wanting to be home. and i said to caroline, "i want to go home,i had enough of humanity." because, one picture, physical picture,brought in what i have sacrificed to come here, to suffer so much,to get mankind through. and it's not, it's enough's enough to, when you see andyou remember the past you, you understand,what you have left, to be here to change.

and the image, for a second, is thereand the feeling and emotion is, "i'm not home,i want to go back". but, is worth, because you takethe whole humanity with you. and, end all these sacrificesis for nothing. and then you understand, it's the loveof the creator which allows you to, withstand such a condition. and we have to love and we have tounderstand, that's why i set out to teach from the beginning, frombeginning to the end. now, it's not the end, it's understandingwhen you get to this point,

how you elevate yourself further,because there is more to it. now you have understood, the soul is created from the beginningand you understand, now it's the soul who have to saywhat it created it, at the end. and are you ready to sacrificethat what created you, as a physical matter ledto creation of you as a soul? that, you give from the soul to protect thewhat, which created you. and then you go backto the same question, would you go back,to give to the creator,

that it led to, is, is, is love,led to your own creation that you become part of himthat it can lead to more, loves to be created. these are not theology any more. now,we understand the process of creation is just that how much of our soulwe are prepared to, to open up, to becomepart of the totality? is, us who, as richard said,"lie to ourselves". but we have all theknowledge to become. it takes man one second,to achieve the light of the creator.

if you understand it, and man can travel millions of yearsand never mature. thank you very much,i think is time to call it a day. you're reaching the four hour limit(ab) mr keshe ... (rc) thank you(ab) i, can i make a suggestion please? (mk) yes,(ab) you know, we already st... i mean we, you're teaching from one ninety threeuntil now, about the soul extensively, and also prior, here and there,and also we have the technology. is it possible to use two of the publicteaching, to just have like questions,

because we have alot of questions? (mk) yes, we can do next week?(ab) one, one, one, one for the soul, one for the technology, so, peoplecan go back and understand everything, and everything, everybody,they can have homework, and come and ask any questionthat they have and make it a q&a, public teaching for two,two session. (mk) no problem. i don't think ourmaster minds? do you mind rick? (rc) that would take off if you give it a good format(mk) questions, (rc) i would suggest, there is somethingthat ties in with that, which is the new

... program we have called thequote quest, which i try to promote... every opportunity, and you can go intothe keshe community ..., and, ... there's a quote quest with quotesfrom different workshops. one of them i thinkis the one ninety-fourth. it has a dozen quotes from it, and ... you can click on the linkswhere the quotes are, it will take you directly to that pointin the video, where that quote came from. and then...(mk) have you collected any quotes yet? (rc) yes there is about, i don't know,at least forty at this point.

so ... and they're rapidly increasing, and, more and more people arefinding out about them. i'm really enjoying it, because i... someof the quotes i get drawn right into. they're just so, so beautiful and so,succinct and direct and some, someone said "they cut like a knife right into yourheart like", you know. and, it does,it's very direct ... these quotes,(mk) would you like to read some of them?at least i know what i'm talking about, at least i knowwhat i've said, [chuckles]

(rc) [chuckles] yes, it might bea good reminder for, for you ... ... i can try one, you mean right now or in... (mk) yeah(rc) okay (ab) rick where isthe location, of those? (rc) okay let me, i'll putthe location in the... (vr) i put it in the chat already. (rc) oh, thank you, very much flint.(mk) oh, put it, on the, on the screen that people who don't, disconnectwith the chat, they can read it. (rc) uh-hm ... okay, let me,just get my...

screen up here, and i can actually show the...the way it works, it's really ... it's,it's a great thing... and it actually ties right in with ...with what azar's talking about here. so let me share the screen. ... let me see... okay, so this would be the.... the screen for thequote quest submissions let me go, back to the fo...forums herei'll show you where to, get to it.

this is the main forum. it's in and there's, that's where i put theannouncements for all the workshops and so on,in the forum there. and in the fourth topic downit says, "quote quest". you can provide your favoritequotes from mr keshe. and when we go into that. ... it gives you a choice of thequote quest instructions, and that's basically how to set up yourquotes so it's in the right formats, so that we can it and click on it.

that's the big feature of this. like for example, this is one, this is onethat i liked for, from a long time ago. this, this mr keshe goes backto two thousand, march of 2013. if you can, wind yourmind back that far. and ... it's almost an eonof time, in a way. and this, you see thehighlighted link here, ... actually i don't know if it will come.i actually have to share my desktop window i think in order to,have that come up properly. let's just, let me reshare...

and ... i have to share the soundand see if that works and optimize,i think is the way to go. and, if i click on that link,which i was just showing you, (mk) that, that, that single,if you have a single atom, in a cubic meter, that plasma, will cover,the whole cubic meter. yeah? so... (rc) okay, that was the ...the quote, "that if you have a single atomin a cubic meter, that plasma will coverthe whole cubic meter".

and i thought that was, really, you know,it struck me at that time. because we know, that there's at leasta single atom in every cubic meter of the universe. so, in effect, the plasmas are allconnected in the universe. just in a, you know, strictlyscientific way. and, if you look at itfrom a plasmatic way, it's even ... a greater...understanding than that. but just from the simple, simplepoint of view, it's so profound. ... so i liked that andthat linked to that,

first keshe public teaching workshop,in the public teaching workshops, there's ten of those which came, before,the knowledge seekers workshops. so this was about a year beforethe knowledge seekers workshops started. and, they, i think they came outonce a month at that time. so, that link takes it backto that workshop, and there's actually a lot of informationin that first pubic teaching workshop. it's two hours long and ...when i initially ... uploaded it, it could only be in fifteen minutesegments, at a time, because that'sall that youtube wo...

would allow back intwo thousand and thirteen. so, there's eight, eight parts to thisfirst public teaching workshop, but each one of them has some ofthese really profound statements. and, great information about the reactorsand how they work and the gases and this and that. all the,all the in's and out's of .. how to create with the ... the patentdrawings, you know those kinds of reactors and the gases at that timeand so on. and ... it's great stuff that thepeople can refer back to. but, it's so time consuming togo through all the videos

if they're two, three,four hours long, and so on, especially the knowledge seekersworkshops, it's overwhelming. but through these quotes,through the quote quest, and these little quotes,people have a, a snippet, they can, they can take a sampleand see if they like it, and ... you know, i was scrolling throughand found some that others had posted and i really like them,they were, they were really neat ... let me just go back ...they can scroll through a few here, there's anotherone i had, no...

"there's no full vacuumstate in the universe", and i thoughtthat was a nice one. oh, this is actually onei wanted to bring up, ... this is from mr keshe,"the secret is in your brain", and ... i don't know if your,i'm sure you remember this one mr keshe, i don't know if youremember the exact statement but... (video) (dl) mr keshe.(video) (mk) the secret is in your brain. (video) (dl) you're funny,you're a funny guy. (video) (mk) depends what,so it depends what is secret to you,

and it's aknowledge to me. (video) (dl) ... (rc) and ... thiswas ... 'lady dragon', you remember lady dragon... mr keshe, i'm sure. and ... back in may of 2013.and she had asked a question, and ... you might, you know, if youread, if you go to that comment, ... you might wonder,what's that all about? and ... so if you go backa little bit, and ends up that ... lady dragon is that the exact ...

... somewherearound there i think? lets just listento this back again, because it's interestingwhat, what she's talking... (video) (dl) thank youvery much, yes ... that's ... that's what i thought,that's the way it was with, and so the secret like you saidin ... in your, in your ... in the world peace treaty conference,you, you show your reactor and you said "the secret is inside",so it's the mix of the gases actually, the secret,right, mr keshe?

(video) (mk) the secret is in your brain. (video) (dl) you're funny,you're a funny guy, right. (video) (mk) it's justwhat you are looking for. ... very recently i hada very strange experience, and ... (rc) okay i'll leave that at that and ...if people want to find out more about you explaining that strange experiencewhich, which ... made you say that comment, then they'll have toclick on the link in the ... '', and then they can go directly to thatpart of the video and they can listen to it,

and ... get more of thedetails, now that i've... (mk) now you know the secret,it's the 'soul of the man' (rc) yes, well ...(mk) it took 5 years to explain this. (rc) yeah, it could take 5 life,5000 lifetimes perhaps of work to try to keep explaining it because,it's always at the core of everything. and ... we always needto be reminded it seems, as humans in thisgravitational, atmospheric ... condition thatwe find ourselves in here. and ... it's just ... we get forgetfulthat we have this soul part that is,

... it's the main,the main game. like you mentioned,going to space, it seems to be the mainthing to do in space, is to learn more aboutthe technology of the soul. in other words howto interact with others, and how to get to other levels,other dimensions, how to ... exist, and ... you know, position yourself with othersand all this kind of thing, becomes important, and like you say,if you don't have arms and legs, especially then...what are you going to do?

so ... even if you have arms and legs,and there's only so many laps of the starship you can do before you getkind of bored with the physicality thing. anyway ... (ru) rick, richard here for a moment ...could we get like, a board for good morning? (rc) pardon me,could we get what? (ru) can we like,search for the quote for good morning? (rc) search for a quote, you ???(ru) yeah. (rc) well i'll you briefly that ... (ru) because thegood mornings are, are,

quite interesting,every time when they happen. (rc) well, once you mention that ...there's, we don't have a search function, i mean you can search in,i would suggest that people would ... ... for example, if i had the,you can search for the word keshe, and ... good, ... good morning,and see what comes up. because it will searchthe existing ... transcripts, course it searches for kesha,which is a singer and so on. okay there's a pdf that has ...good day, good morning and good afternoon

... and so on, youcan see a list of various ... good mornings, but i'll show you ...another way to do this. because google is getting better and betterand especially with the more transcripts that we getuploaded and captions, then they all get searchedwith google. whoops i shouldn't havedone that, just a second here i... (ru) yeah, because a good morningwould automatically trigger a rewind then, on the video, because before that it'salways a statement by someone else that... (rc) what was that?(ru) ...if someone else does it.

[audio interference] shut off your audio. sorry about that,we had some feedback here. okay, i thinkwe're okay now. ... just a minute here let me... get my thing back up here. (video) the keshe foundation,an independent non profit, non religious,space-based organization... (rc) getting a, just gotto get this set back up to where i was in the'community channel' here, just a minute.

and. okay, so yeah,just wanted to show ... so, we have the quote questand so on, it is people are submitting their quotesin the quote quest, is the idea. so, if you found something that was ofinterest in the ... in one of the workshops, you could make a, you couldclip it out, out with the timestamp, and put it into the quote questsubmissions in the ... community.keshefoundation,but it's interesting if we were to, ... hang on onesecond while i bring up my,

... bring up the youtubechannel briefly, actually, actually what i can do is justgo to the video and then i'll just stop it. so, what youcan do in, in ... in youtube or when you've got the ...your browser window open, is you can actuallysearch in any particular, ... video thathas the captions, you see the closed captionlittle switch here, and you can select of course, differentlanguages depending on what's up there, there's, happens to be dutchat the top there richard, and ...

so, let's look at that briefly ...let me look at, let's switch to dutch, and you've got your dutch... subtitles. and ... let's go to englishjust for now, and now the feature is that you can,on, at least on my mac, i think it's, i think it's the same on windowsor similar, if you push cmd+f, it brings up a little search windowon the upper right side of the ... ... of the search ...or ... of the browser window, if you can see it upin the upper right hand side there. and then you can searchfor ... various ... keywords.

(fm) sh, show the,the ... transcript first. click on the three dotsthere, after the word share. (rc) yeah, that's ...actually the... (fm) open transcript, and thenyou can search there, with your cmd+f. (rc) yes, it comes up with ... a windowhere, and you have to select the english rather than english auto generatedwhich you need to turn off in thisparticular video still. and that gives you thetranscript of the whole ... video, the whole roughly ...

... yeah, the ...basically the whole video. so, what you can do withthis little search window here, is ... search for keywords, so whatwould you like to search for richard ...? (ru) yeah, good (chuckles)ordinary morn. (rc) let's see if goodmorning shows up? i'm not sure. yes. ... so, what it is, is itype in good morning, and it shows in the transcriptthe first instance of good morning. if i push my return button,it shows the next instance,

and the next one, another one, and ... i think that's,is it going back, okay, i think that's the only, there's4 instances in this particular video. so, that gives youone way to, to search, but you'd have to go through eachvideo, basically one at a time, to ... to... search out good morning to findthose, that quotable, quotable quote that maybe you're looking for, wheremr keshe says good morning, meaning, not good morning, good day,good afternoon, but "good morning hello!?"

(mk) yeah, create the path... (ru) the... the enlightenment one, yeah.(rc) yes, you just woke up, good morning. (ru) yeah. (rc) and to do that is ...there's actually a nice little program that ... can help with that, and it's called'video word search'. and i've been working with thatrecently, been actually working a bit with the developer to help himmake it a bit more streamlined, and so, in here,let's say we put in keshe, and ... good morning... let me see, do i have to put a, i think i might have toput a comma in there,

cause this searches, and it'll search,then i can hit the load video switch, and we'll see ... we'll get somethings that aren't from keshe, but it willhave, there's ... it shows a couple ofknowledge seekers workshops, there's anumber of other ones, there's a whole list of differentkeshe related videos that come up. and then i take out the word keshe,and just search for good morning, and thenclick on the... i don't need that coming up,just hang on a second here,

i'll mute the video,... mute the audio, and i click on it, okay there's in the202nd knowledge seekers workshop, there is ... what, 6 lines, 7 linesthat have good morning in them. so, you couldquickly search through and see if there'sone that seems ... applicable. they all seem, sort of, generalgood morning sort of things, right. so then i'd go to 207 and click on that,and i get another list, and i check through goodmorning, good morning ... (ru) that makes it very easy.

(rc) so, i don't see any great ones there,but you never know. okay here's the ... thisis interesting, this is the... part 1 of the ...public teaching workshop, i'm not surewhat that will be, well it's just another couple ofgood morning ... things as well. but, you can see how you cango through and rapidly search for whatever comes up in transcriptsfor the words ... good morning ... so you're bound to. (mk) i think that makes it very easy forthose who are writing the book of the soul.

(rc) yes,exactly. (mk) it's got to be taught,because as you know we are, i said always when i write thebook of the soul with the final one, and now whatever, because we are teachingand there is not much time to write, i teach the book of the soul, and ourteam in the background are putting all the pieces of it which talk about the soul to,the compilation of it will become "the book of the soul." and ... it's ... it's you see now iunderstand how easily it can be done, it's not easy but it canbe done very easy, fast.

(rc) yeah, this is a verynice ... very nice program, and, there's a possibility that we might beable to make such a program to, to even put on the website for, for searchingall the videos or something like that, that would be very nice to have,but just to have this ... it costs i think about $50for this application, and it just came out recently, it's,the guy's been working on it for a while ... and he has another transcript typeapplication that he also has come up with as well as a ... has done otherwork in the past and this same sorta way. so ... yeah ... just wanted to show that,and then once you have your list,

you can actually save the resultsas a text file, and it comes up and ... ... then you can ... i can show that,you know, there's, its got a full list of all your, all the quotes ...from that line, and the timestamp where it came from,and the video link right in there. so, if some of the transcriberswere searching for particular, you know, like for examplesoul of the physicality is a good thing... (mk) send it to them to show? (rc) and it, there's lots of instancesof soul of the physicality in the, in the various workshops,and that give you, you have a list then

of all of the soul of thephysicality instances. (mk) thank you very much,it's very nice, it's, it's very useful, it makes it easiera lot, for transcribing. sorry about caroline,was laughing in the background, i do apologize,she can't stop laughing. ... shall we call it a day?or do you want to do another quote from somebody elseand then, we can go? (jg) i have a questionmr keshe, and then go. (mk) yes mr jalal.

(jg) good day mr keshe keshe in your teaching, one of the knowledge seekers ask you aboutsomething, about how to tap to the memory, and you said "no, i will notteach it now, i will teach it later", because maybe you, you willnot comprehend it in a good way, you use it ... in different is it time to teach that ? (mk) no, the... the... the ... the teachingof the, going to the memory of the man, needs a lot of strengthin the soul of the man, because why do we go back tothe memories, this is a good one. is it, or do we have enough strengthto face the memory of it,

and thenbe able to handle it? it needs a lot ofstrength in the soul, with it ... i can take you backto the memory of the seeing the christ, if you werepresent at the time. you do it yourself. i can take you back and i promisedpeople will be able to do it, to see the conditionof the soul of the moses, it's very easy,because it's within you. and, this is the, this,then what would be your reaction,

when you see the true essence of the,let's say even the crucifixion of christ, being present there,many people were present. and their geneshas carried the knowledge across. what about if you're a muslim,and you are a true saeed, and then i can take you to see whatmuhammad promised not to be done, how would you feel,are you strong enough to be able to do it? it's a, it's a very, very ... it needs a lot of understandingto understand, the whole totality, and to be able to searchfor the truth within the physicality,

and then,can you stand the memory? (jg) i think mr keshewe already knows, especially the knowledge seekers,who is, is here for years. (mk) ...(jg) in a way, in a way. (mk) i hope so, i hope so.there is a path to the memory, which you go through the soul. it's written, it's, it's there,which we, we, we gather, the physical braindisappears in the dust, and as we understand more and more,the time will come that we'll do.

you will do. whatever i've taught, is, is,within the capability of the man, and his soul, it's just forthe man to be knowledgeable, to be able to do it. (jg) thank you mr keshe.(mk) thank you very much indeed. shall wecall it a day? (rc) okay, one more quote here,just to say that, ... this is one of my favorites,and this is from marie kalve, who's ... put in a series of quotes fromthe 194th knowledge seekers workshop,

and this one ... that i like,i'll just highlight here. it says "the captainis the soul of the man, and the spaceship is the dimensionwhich the soul decides to manifest itself". i just thought that that said so muchin that one sentence that you could almost designand build your spaceship with it. and ... (mk) we choose a spaceshipto be our physical manifestation, we can make any spaceship,as we can do in the space. (rc) exactly, so it just says it alland you can do it in the physicality dimension

if that's what you decide,or you can do it on the other higher dimensions the ... click goes right to that part, (mk) we don't see your screen-share,we only see the kfssi ... 209. (rc) oh, ??? ??? sharing ... correctly ...(mk) shall we call it a day, because i think we passed 4 hours?(rc) okay, ??? ??? yeah. (mk) thank you very as azar asked for, next week we answer, next two weekswe just answer questions and maybe in the questions,we find a lot of solutions for a lot of us, and a lot of ambiguity can be gone.but i have to tell you beforehand,

... dr azar is allowed only three questionin both sessions. otherwise we'll have no time for anything else.(ab) mr keshe, mr keshe can we do, can we do next week and then the oneafter that be in march? ... (mk) oh we'll see, let's,let's see what happens, let's see how we do. (ab) because i, i won't be in the country for ... after that for two weeks. (mk) maybe we do it in two weeks,then at least people get a chance to ask question azar.(ab) okay. (mk) let's see what happens.(rc) we'll build a special... (inaudible) azar's not here.

(mk) yeah, i think we put one ni,one, one session azar question time, let azar interview.... the, the, beauty of the whole work is, ... in coming weeks we'll see a emergenceof the keshe foundation in an international level. we'll see the emergence of the keshe foundationwhich is you, as part of the international work,we are working in that direction. there is a lot of efforts goingin the background, there is a lot of work done, there are those who are sincerely workingday and night to see it happening. those who believe in the work of the foundationand those who understand

the work of the foundation,the changes it can bring. ... we need your support, as we say,to support through the souls those who are bringing this changeto humanity. they are risking a lifein their lifetime and they are taking a lot of risksand a lot of chances. but, they need, in so many ways, ... keshe foundation has reachedbeyond understanding of many of us, but, there is a fear what is going to happen.and there should be no fear it should be pleasurethat we bring peace to humanity.

and as i said, the most,maybe the most memorial pictures are, i'll carry in my lifetime, is that manwith, the hammer. trying to dig the ground,to bring the knowledge from africa which we look so much down to by the,by the others, to become the center of the knowledge,where the man will go. i promise i'll make africathe center shining star of humanity. and i will not move.because that way, we all become equal. thank you very much. (rc) thank you, thank you so much mr keshe.great, great session today.

(mk) do i get paid this time?(rc) you get paid double once again for this one. (mk) thank you very much indeed.(rc) okay, the check is in the mail. (mk) thank you.(rc) ... thank you everybody, for attending the 209thknowledge seekers workshop, for thursday february 1st, 2018.and i think ... flint has ... some music for us to go out on here.and ... we'll complete this session. see you next week. subtitles by the community

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