ideen licht wohnzimmer

ideen licht wohnzimmer

if a "normal" rgb led strip is just not colourfull enough for you, this one might fit your needs. welcome to my review of the ws2812 rbg-led strip and compatible diamex controller starting with the packaging, which is nother to brag about the led strip comes on a plastic roll inside an antistatic bag which is labeled with the product name and some warnings the contoller and remote are just vacuum-packed on a piece of cartboard but everything arrived savely, so i'm not going to complain any more. the setup process might be a littlebit difficult if you are unprepared

1. a power adaptor is not included, that means supplying power is up to you luckily supplying power via usb works for a certain amount of leds, but a usb cable is also notincluded the wire connecting the led strip to the controller is included so crewing it in and strating should be easy if the wire ends were unisolated for more than 2mm so i went for a diy solution of this problem when 5v dc and led strip are connected, you can choose the number of connected leds via the setup mod. you can also set them up as a simplestrip or as a matrix. how to enter the setup mode is written in the not included manual,

which can be found on the internet (hopefully where you bought the controller) once those challenges are overcome, the reward can be seen: since every led is contolled individually the posibilities are almost endless. 100 effects are pre-safed onto the controller- if that's not enough for you, use the controller as an interface and control everything in real time since nobody's going to want an hour-long video, i'm going to focus on the stand-alone functionality. 100 effects are available, but the steady coulours are included in those 100. these effects can be manipulated in speed and with.

please make sure the connected power supply is beefy enough and connect both sides of the strip if possible to avoid voltage drop and colour degradation the example shown is the worst case scenario: 4m/led strip on full brightness and only connected to the usb port of my pc which suplies more than the 1.5 a it's rated for but the manual suggests 14.4a power supply minimum for this well...oops the pre-loaded effects include things like solid colours, night rider and even rainbows

so you should be able to find something you like, or program something yourself which describes the target group pretty well anyone who just wants to light up his room in a colour of his liking can achive this for a third of the price anyone who plans to build a giant super bright display out of this might be disappointed: the controller is only capable of controlling 512 leds e.g 32x16 is the max resolution still: if you don't mind the challange that is the setup process so that you can get creative programming lighting effects this is the product for you

the quality is good, leds shine bright and even so i would recommend this - if you don't mind the price tag and hassle. links for buying these products are in the description of course there are more controllers available and i've just shown you on of the dearest but if you spend this much money on a led strip, the price of the controller shouldn't be an issue. have fun!and please like ;)

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